Chapter 4.5

Chapter 4.5

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- and I where to find you?

Shocked to find myself saying, Fan far recovered, stared in disbelief, and even forget the struggle.

Tian Wen could not bite him also stopped the action man, wearing a smile looked at him for a moment, then slowly release the detained his arms, slowly back.

Fan away in horror hand, they want to pay close attention to him, but accidentally fell from the Throne, knee pain, no, the whole body hurts, especially in the chest, seems to have been heavily hammered a bit, and the pain he almost wanted to tears.

"Where are you going, Rui Yan, you are not angry? Why can you, is that I was never angry ah!"

Fan Far anger towards him shouted, but the man did not stop, so step by step firmly away from their sight.

This back is very familiar, clearly has in the past for so long, he thought he had already forgotten, the original did not.

That evening, the sky Canxia like fire warm. He tried to make her look light, to say the humble prayer.

"Gao Yu, I got sick, the doctor said it might be incurable, I'm afraid, are you willing to accompany me to go to Germany with me?"

Man frowned, not familiar affection, nor soft words of comfort, even perfunctory are not, there is only cold words, and instantly all his expectations shattered.

He said: "Do not come after me."

And exactly the same lines of the script, the perfect curtain call.

He should be happy. Need not continue to pretend in front of same-sex affection, do not force yourself to do things that disgust, do not hurt the innocent girl, despite knowing she was not hurt, he still felt uncomfortable.

Everything is fine, everything is in a good direction.

But why cry it? He wiped his eyes drop to ask himself, he is not the original owner, why so sad?

Xiao Wu praised his acting more and more sophisticated, and only he himself clearly, what is the superb acting, or ......... really sad.

This man, once again leave him.

What in the end looking forward to it, he is not a doomed past and future of people, even the entities are not, only with someone else's body to survive in the world. The former do not feel anything, even extremely grateful, at this moment has become a heavy yoke.

He is not eligible to pursue happiness.

Everything around became chaotic nothingness, Fan away suddenly do not mind, he sat motionless in the cloud of mist, let yourself be wrapped, to be swallowed.

So be it, so decadent down, do not have delusions of the things do not deserve.

Xiao Wu found that the situation wrong, calling in his mind Fan far, but has not responded, about to detect various indicators Fan far, was surprised to find he suddenly spit a mouthful of blood, apparently stuck in the mind magic.

Although the story into demons is necessary, the original owners Mind tough survived, so far it is thought that with Fan upbeat personality, even provoke demons can get rid of quickly, no one thought would happen.

No owner's permission, the system can not be redeemed any props in the mall, it is anxious not know what to do.

Seeing his face grew pale,Ear, nose and bloodshot eyes began to overflow, Xiao Wu decided to help the person in charge, assessment but then important than life.

But am indifferent at this from the outside rushed in.

Fifth almost could not believe this man is a child of destiny, under the owners since being rescued from the hill in front, when he had so embarrassed, not to mention chill Henli expression ooc, it is simply another person in general.

A suspect suddenly emerge, this person does is Yan Rui? !

Xu indifferent glance locked away where to place the Fan, to see him still bloody ugly face of the earth, almost canthus do crack, he quickly pinched a law decision, a glowing black light barrier instantly enveloped the whole Sunset Cliffs , he drew Flanagan bamboo flute from his waist, but the moment he wipes out Fan far two seals.

- Need cents Bi Yu Xiao Advent in the world!

He will be Bi Yu Xiao placed at the front of the eye, the barrier begins to overflow golden glory, black masked, shrouded in the sunset cliff like a Buddha auspicious.

Need cents clinical world, were felt throughout the Tien Nazhen more than prestige, the main mountain peaks quickly master sent forward to the military, has temper impatient to go and check it out the actual situation.

But a moment, Tien has been around sunset cliff cases of people crowded around. Yu Erzong also along for the ride before it's too many, people have speculated that Buddha what is what, but can not explore the actual situation. Because even gather them all the handedly, could get that golden road barrier helpless, let alone break it, and even shake a dime can do.

Outside what happened, Xu indifference, or is Yan Rui, without looking at him would have guessed, a group of incompetent fills this barrier is not for them the word.

He wiped his hand bloodshot mouth, the guy known for the skill, extermination had not really unwise.

Current no time to think of these, then these accounts no later than the day count.

He quickly sat behind him, the Fan is much good help against his shoulders, took out a breath Dan dose feed him, infuriating coagulation hands slowly introduced into his kidneys, the place slowly clogging divert open.

See his face a little better, then whispered in his ear: "small, remote, can you hear me, lost in the magic of the human heart, you can not lend a helping hand from the outside, if I invade your spirit, you will see the inner world, will you? "

Fan brow slightly moved away, do not know if I can hear, Yan Rui know not to wait any longer, as opposed to his forehead, Fan invade the soul away in spirit.

There he saw only a gray fog filled the air, here is the inner world Fan far, so now he must be confused and sad.

Rui Yan lowered eyelids, eye color gradually deep.

- your sadness, can a cent for me?

With the feeling of looking in the fog, the mist can feel around gradually dissipate, before he had to ease the effect, where he carefully searches Fan far, but saw a sleeping boy in the mists of the deepest darkest place.

His short black hair drooping ear tips, the exquisite, almost perfect face, lips cherry red glowing light in color, length and density of eyelashes trembling slightly itchy throat makes such charm of a face, brow but with the boy's unique vitality,And anyone not mistaken him into a girl, even if he has an angel face.

Rui Yan heard the sound of his own heartbeat, which is far from Fan's body, except his, no longer was able to call him so heart.

He slowly approached the boy, wrapped him in the fog gradually dispersed, the boy's torso * perfect body in his eyes.

He did not know how to depict the beauty of the eyes, the mind only one idea, it is the second person to see if he would absolutely kill the man, and can thoroughly erase his existence.

Yan Rui almost reverently one knee beside him, it was his prince, he was willing to surrender.

Deep voice sounded softly, with a depression can not be ignored and Tolerance, "small, remote, I'll pick you up, go back with me."

Light whole family wings slowly separated, Yan Rui saw his own shadow, clearly reflected in his illuminating as heavenly stars bright eyes, the moment of throbbing, familiar yet strange, he finally know exactly how their own sinking .

Dropping a kiss on the shallow Fan distant bright eyes, cheeky surprise to see him, could not help but smile, "I do not know me yet?"

Fan know him too far from normal, his spirit is his body, but also looks far Fan never seen before.

Fan Nana far looked at him and said: "? Core Yen"

He and his forehead are bonded together, with some gentle tempting taste, "I, I come to you."

Fan all the way: "You're not gone, ignore me yet, come back to do?"

Rui Yan raised an eyebrow, pressing a suspect in mind, quietly said:. "Because I regret it, I found that you can not do without, so I've come to you."

Fan far lowered eyelids, seems a bit sad, his mouth was still very tough, "This regret it, who can guarantee that the future will not regret it, certainly, even now come back, and they will still go, might as well now the point altogether so leave me alone is also very good, has been very good, if you did not come, I would have been a good go. "

Rui Yan some distressed, * insert fingers into his hair, gently stroked comfort him and said: "No, they will not go, why did not I could not bear How about you."

Fan far aggrieved and said: "? Is it because I lied to you last time, so this time it did not come to me, you lied to me so many times, do not let me fight back."

Yan Rui dumbfounding, the original crux here, for this kind of thing actually played a monster, he is really a completely lost this small ancestors.

He blames him trouble in hot pursuit, but also not hesitate to lie to escape, and now he conceal her identity would not let him know, but he does not blame him turn over with, really how to do is wrong, can speak some truth?

But look at him now this case, the reason is not realistic, he only smiled and said:. "Who says I did not follow up, you did not find me."

Fan lengleleng far, definitely shook his head: "No, I have searched, unless you're not Tien cases."

Yan Rui nothing left eyes flash, he is close to his ear and whispered:. "So you've been looking for me ah, Master."

Fan surprised far, the last word is plainly stupid apprentice his voice, his mind gradually clear and bright, and he suddenly sat up and accused him and said: "Yan Rui,You lied to me! "

Yan Rui see him bent mouth, clearly not angry, but behave like a fried hair cat, can not help some headaches, so too awkward little things that get him how to do?

Sure enough, or .........

What far-pending Fan said, but suddenly he was overwhelmed on the ground, Rui Yan right hand pressing his head to prevent his escape, his chin in his left hand, forcing him to open his mouth, his mouth body fluid is swept away, even breath every time he went to swallow, Fan Rui Yan felt far not want to kiss him, but wanted to eat him.

But this time he did not resist, but clinging to his back, obediently with his tongue wrapped around pay *.

After a moment, Fan faint and far away, I feel have big hands walk back and forth on him, and realized he is now bare.

After all, he did not skinned Rui Yan so thick, somewhat impatient and feel uncomfortable, "You put my pants on."

Rui Yan lying on his body, his head buried in his shoulders, and seems to strongly suppressed something, hoarse voice: "The little far away, I want you to give me, OK?"

Fan far unaware of the danger, or the former Yan Fang Rui Xu, they also often sought of him * the prelude and Pei Qi in the study also had a, Yan Rui always know when to pull back, but also know how to grasp the degree will not let him embarrassed, so he assured himself over to him.

Moreover, he found himself, a man may not be not accept.

His hand hooked Rui Yan's neck and whispered encouragement and said:. "Come on."

Heitong Rui Yan black burst in the hurricane swept through, not sound dumb, "Are you sure?"

Fan gently Enliaoyisheng far.

Where can Rui Yan and so was he caught so many in the world, even the pro one should coax a long time, have been accused of pulling a little hand, let alone eat tofu every time or even Mongolia with a lie, or alcoholism prescription, even he felt no sense of shame, but they do nothing.

But now he's the little guy Gouzhuo his neck, told him that he was willing, there is nothing more pleasing than this! Moreover, this is not someone else's body, is a small guy's spirit, his body, this is the real intimacy.

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