Chapter 4.3

Chapter 4.3

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Xu indifference is indeed the male, although learn the art of sword but half a day, has been well controlled, while he very leisurely while Sword and Fan away laughing, completely without restraint and nervous novice.

Blue sky as the lining, rivers and lakes, mountains and rivers all in the foot, marching clouds and fairy bird eagle as partners, far Fan leisurely watching the young, give birth to a faint He is king of the feeling, as if heaven and earth as he is born, he is the king of this country.

He thought to himself, this is probably the protagonist of the gas field, as if shrouded in bright light.

Not tried before Fan Sword flight away, in fact, my heart is still some novelty. The original owner of the repair is too high, but the fit of elementary, and it is the wind properties of a single spiritual roots, want to go where the wind a pinch tactics, you can reach the twinkling of an eye, although convenient and cool, but also much less fun.

You can take this opportunity to experience a pretty good, but the vice ......... brats protect his posture What does it mean?

Fan away a shot to open the apprentice taking on his waist dog paw, Ah you still have not mastered it, wanted to climb to the head of the labor, you wait a few years now!

Xu indifference to see him with his distance, and immediately posted Xipixiaolian over and whispered to please said:? "Master, you are angry Sword flight though simple, then the slightest mistake will fall to pieces, I would be a man afraid, Master has accompanied some of my peace of mind. "

Said 知子莫若父, the Master with his father Cha Buli in fact, did not know where he was deliberately spoiled in front of their own. Know go know, he was so dependent, mentally and get a lot of satisfaction, then let him as koalas usually hang himself.

However as majesty thing is to have the Master, his mouth hurt does not itch rebuke: "Only this once, otherwise the division will definitely not Qingrao you."

Xu indifference will face against his shoulder, seems some fear, a very low voice was heavy and asked: "? Should really be a next time, Master how to punish me."

Fan far frowned, he is casually said, trying so hard and behaved sensible apprentice, aged 14 to 15 in the number of older occasional naughty is understandable, where he really to punish him.

He thought, hand poke poke the child's forehead, slightly serious tone and said:. "Knowingly, then as a teacher will take you to the sunset cliff, off a year or so, so you to reflect on reflection"

Xu indifference Mouzhong slight shine, mouth evoke a smile is difficult to say Dao Ming, sadly he said:. "Sunset Cliff ah, really good idea of ​​it."

Fan far to hear him say so, a little bit puzzled looking back at him, surprised to find his dazzling smile, his eyes extremely sincere and said: "Master disciples to be good, as good sunset cliff scenery, where regarded as punishment, says in the end, still distressed disciples of the Master. "

Fan can not help but feel far heard funny, very helpless, "since we know that hurts you as a teacher, in respect of some of the obedient."

I saw teenagers gently nodded, a little face plate, a single word seriously said:. "This is a natural, indifferent just listen to the words of the Master, Master only care about my heart and only Master."

Fan little far uneasily cough cough,Pianguo Tou go, in all seriousness look to the distant mountains and rivers.

Mind is somewhat tangled, baby chicks this plot seems a bit serious, is cut off from his repair and Munekado female approach is wrong? This is also a normal teen life, of course, the opposite sex, has been living with the Master and Chitose fox hundreds of years, character is prone to defects.

He secretly at a mental note, becoming a teacher will inevitably have to consider not thoughtful place, it is important that rectifies the hell!

So from that day after, Xu indifference they often were sent to other mountain errands own Master also come to realize that many of these doors myself, often rewarding experience back when, many female religious quietly slipped him some panacea and rare herbs, Fan far seen only pretend I do not know.

The young who have not had it, he's a Master open mind, as long as the apprentice does not spring - heart sprout out of puppy love, as he can not see it!


Suddenly he promised indifference to eighteen years old, and she said as the script, without any foundation in the case, he would break through to build the base in just eight years, are unprecedented talent.

In this regard, the original interpretation of the male spirit - is calcined days after the fire wash in a past life, has reached the realm of pure and positive, so this life practicing together almost no bottlenecks, not determined what obstacles like magic it was meant life for justice planted good cause, enjoy life and good fruits but justice cycle.

Goldfinger open so big, yet so plausibly, to put it reasonable, so far witty author Fan said he served, just wanted to ask about past lives and Mozun die for cultivation sector to remove the great harm of gay men with monarch, in this life or for the hair so sad reminder?

Waste effort trained apprentice so was hooked sister went no problem, what do the wedding dress for others, in the gender barriers also had to give up, however, is making a comeback Mozun Exceeding Exceeding ah? If the boss is, then, should it not fried by the main hanging man days to destroy it, to let the hair of his dedication to the Master himself, and boss once again with the dead ah? !

That good kind of fruit it was due? Say good justice cycle it? Sure enough, it's just nonsense!

Fan far to think of a boss feel a headache, not because people will end their lives together and their own, but because the boss is a bit special, especially where you ask? Fan the air turned away very much like a big eyes, but can not, he should keep his indifferent elegant image of an expert, so only cold hum - Mom, the boss is gay!

Yes, yes, that is what you think, he is a gay man with a crush on a gay boss.

Way back years ago, Tien real death, a time of self-cultivation sector rudderless, watch repair but also possessed a comeback, Lin Tien far as the number one fan brother live, of course, not watching their brothers lifetime of hard work destroyed, in spite of his own safety, I do not care to leave infamy years, resolutely joined the magic number, of course, is not a purpose.

He did only one thing in the magic number, we are doing everything possible to obtain the trust of Mozun,With a deep Lan continent no one left out of the bladder, his place in the hearts of Mozun daily improvement, and finally to the point where no one can, during the retreat of the Custodian of the matter to the forest far, the results can be imagined know, nature is being plotted against.

Mozun is angry and angry, he was already on the Lin Yuan move the heart, where can think of each other close to their real purpose is to kill himself, a spirit-time chaos, runaway breath, actually possessed by the devil.

Seeing to blasting to death, he hugged Lin Yuan, extremely crazy and said: "! You want my life, I'll give you, but I want you to accompany me to eternity."

Finally, Lin Yuan died, and reincarnation, and may detract from crossing the robbery after the order Mozun Where can so easily killed, his body □□ lead to soul into a deep sleep, sleep is a thousand years. Wake up that forest far dead do not know how many years, a time of confusion endless, actually want to slaughter Tien were to vent their anger, but encountered Lin Yuan after reincarnation, where it would be easy to let go of him, was another you mad at me die struggle.

All in all, is a section of Nie Yuan.

Now is the time Mozun Chu Xing, but also his weakest period, very far Fan Wei Minshan want to teleport, the boss strangled in the cradle, so that in the future entanglement! Unfortunately, he can not, can only wait for the trouble to grow up step by step, to give yourself the trouble in the future, and also to take into account the life.

Although he is looking forward to the final and Mozun die that period, which would also be able to complete the task as soon as possible, but that does not mean he was happy to be a man entanglement, especially this man also keeps saying "this is your last generation owe me! Do not I love you going to die! "this, then, just think about it is people crash all right? !

# On Jun Let's talk about life! #

# Dare change a normal over / (tot) / ~~ #

# Out of a deep ice, there in front of thousands and thousands of deep ice! #

Fan Yi far holding small blue fox, side to side to uphold it with hair trouble with, much thought or think the problem has no solution, but he did not dare lightly what the whole unitary moths, and until now he has one to remember long-term boss, because of his provocation ahead of blackened thing, then it is an unforgettable lesson.

Since then, "boss" such a degree terrible creature, the heart has been far Fan in second place, the first one is what you ask? Oh, of course, is that called "Yan Rui" an unknown species!

"Master ........."

Ears suddenly sounded muffled call, far from being in a daze Fan might be shocked, all of a sudden the handle on the Bi Yi little fox to throw out.

Bi Yi in the air and instantly turned into human form, very comfortably off the ground, yet my heart since the fire, she stared angrily Xu indifference: "The! Xu indifference, you must be intentional."

Xu indifferent look innocent, puzzled and said:. "Indifferently but with the Master to open a joke, I do not know Bi Yi sister this is what you intended, indifference really do not understand."

Bi Yi grunted coldly, "I did not weaned brats all day in the adhesion owner is really shameless."

"Bi Yi sister actually weaned, Master arms drill every day to not know who?"

Bi Yi was choked his words,Drum cheek: "The owner likes stroked my fur, hold hundreds of years do not feel tired, where you get this halfway round the apprentice to be nosy either because of your looks .........!"

Innate character as if the two of them or not, these years also often bicker, Fan had far too lazy to intervene, academics say little fox would almost irreparable, then quickly stopped and said:! "Yi Yao Chi Bi in battle formation appears to vulnerability, you go check Lingshi array will be broken Lingshi replaced. "

Bi Yi knew that slip of the tongue, quickly said: "Bi Yi kicked." He finished prototype quickly disappeared into the temple without snow.

Fan Yuansong breath, turned around and was surprised to find himself looking straight Xu being indifferent eyes seemed injured, he was I do not know how to speak, academics brats Qiqiyiai said:. "Master indifference is keeping something from it."

Fan far silent the silent, looking a little grim, long while wrestled opening:. "Indifference, some things Master if without telling you, be sure to Hello, you have to believe, Master in any case will not harm you."

Xu indifference by his remarks really fool the past, he will head leaning on the shoulders of Fan away, muffled he said: "Of course I believe Master indifferent, since Master said that there must be some reason Master is indifferent ignorance, let Master embarrassed. "

Fan listen to him so far with a time also some timid, face or look very pleased. Foolish disciples these years always like a baby with him, than he is now the Master also much higher, but still did not change the habit, like a child grow up in general.

He also used to close the child from time to time, naturally reach out to help him organize chaos spread of hair, "a few days is your eighteen birthday, then as a teacher I have a gift for you."

Xu indifference holding his shoulder curiously asked: "? What kind of gift."

Fan Far hook lip smile: "secret, and then you will know."

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