Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2

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Jade Pool is actually falling clouds peak unique a natural pool of water, but originally an ordinary spring, after the original owners found in the Jade Pool planted four weeks enchantment began converging world of Reiki, care and nourishment for thousands of years has gradually miraculous.

Yao Chi curable general trauma not only water, while the gas concentration, static effect, especially for retreat practice.

Fan about an hour away to reckon, he brought a set of clothes to find Xu Yao Chi indifferent to him now repair to find a mortal child could not be easier, but the moment he discovered his thin figure.

The water was filled with a thin layer of water vapor, emaciated boy lying on the pool Yu-chieh, light sleep, pale cheeks were steaming into a touch of pink, gently pursed his lips, I do not know who saw in a dream.

Such unsuspecting appearance, is too arouses pity.

Fan far to wake him gently with his clothes wrapped carefully in his arms, gentle movements for fear he woke up and slowly walked toward the house without snow.

He reminded himself in his heart, he is now a real forest falling clouds away, and his arms holding, Destiny's Child is the world, Lin Tien Tien real reincarnation, love is the original owner for thousands of years, remember the thousands of years even reincarnation can not forget the brothers. Tien were the original owners of this world come to practice, but also in order for the man guarding life's work fills.

Although deep love for the original owner can not identify with him, can face such an adorable child, he can not do sit idly by, under the premise of its power, he wants to let the child grow up as happily, has been that he can work independently of that day.


The next day, no snow temple.

Fan distal sitting in his chair, his arms would only white fox spirit, with your fingers gently stroked its fur, small fox comfortably Mi Wu cry, his arms to arch the arch, one person, one fox to get along harmonious and beautiful, like a careful outline of ink.

The fox is the first original owners kept the spirit of the world pet, had just one pass of the Euro RSCG arctic fox, who would have thought he reincarnation for centuries, were once again return to Tien, only arctic fox still waited at the falling clouds peak wait for him. In this world, in addition to his brother, the only fox in his most important.

Fanyuan An ask the pet, looked up to see standing in the central hall very well-behaved indifference Xu see he was staring straight fox spirit of his arms, can not help but raised an eyebrow and asked: "? Do you like the fox."

Xu indifference slightly shy said: "So Fox ah, a disciple of the past had a pet dog at home fan, and the fox Master of some similar, and I was very close, but later died, and now in retrospect, there is some sad. "

Fan From a distance, the fox watching his arms, and looked at his pathetic disciples, paused the channel: "the fox and the general vary, but the practice has been the demon repair millennium. "

When he finished he put down the arctic fox, the fox spirit will be translated into human form, is still an Bise Luoqun, Qiaoxiaoyanran eyes hope Xi, Xu indifference toward her slightly blessed Fook said: "Wu Nai real spirit falling clouds pet , Bi Ming Huan Yi. "

Xu indifference seems somewhat surprised,Blankly nodded his head and said: "My name is Xu indifference."

Bi Yi Min Chun smiled and did not answer, silent Fan retreated far behind.

Fan all the way: "If you see the indifference of the original body, think of an unpleasant experience, in the future you will maintain good human form in front of him."

No humanoid body repair demon maintain comfortable to Bi Yi Weicu brow some displeasure, but had to obey his orders, only reluctant to be a cry, a time to look to the promise indifferent eyes not so friendly, Xu indifference seemed not to see the general, just a look of gratitude at his Master.

Fan vision in his bright eyes of God, all his own shadow, actually give birth to a being a puppy Baba looked at the illusion.

He quickly put this strange idea to expel from my mind out, pointing to the central hall of a multicolored glass balls, lip hook slightly and said: "This is a test comprehension qualification colored beads, you will put your hands on it, breath breathing, the mental force-colored beads, but a moment will be able to see what you are qualified. "

Xu indifferent to quickly follow suit, hands on the ball, close your eyes Breath silently for a long while he opened his eyes, surprised to find colored beads brilliance flowing, colored blend, are like the flow of rainbow, color is very beautiful.

Just the color flows slowly for a moment, eventually attributed to silence, indifference Xu eyes wide open in astonishment, I do not know what to do, can only help towards his Master.

To his surprise, he was also surprised than the Fan, the script can not say what will be the qualification test problem ah!

Surprise surprise return, he is still the face of the clear sky falling clouds real person, calm from his seat up, the next moment they appeared in many indifferent side.

Xu indifference scared the moment was soon returned to normal, pathetic and asked: "? Master, do i have a qualified waste it."

Fan all the way: "This seat's disciples, how will waste even really waste spiritual roots, as a teacher can wash cutting bone marrow for you, reshape the body."

Then he picked up the probe into the sinking colored beads trace of soul, less than a moment, the ball will be revealed in the white light, is his style attribute single spiritual roots.

It seems the problem is not on colored beads.

He turned and picked up the indifference of many hands, his hands placed on the beads, their palms overlying the back of his hand, slowly read: "breath return to their roots, but also obsessed yuan, according to students nothing, good luck to Yun Zhou body."

Xu Wenyan indifference, gradually absorbing screen with rapt attention, the idea to set hands on, Fan far released a trace of soul led him to the spiritual force introduced into the colorless beads, and soon there will be some reaction colorless beads - a touch of pale indigo, a single mutation Harlingen ice properties.

Fan surprised a moment far from the surface, but in my heart sigh of relief, turned out to be disciples do not know how to bleed caused by breathing, he had been too hasty, and then the male is comprehension Wizards, now nothing but a feather child, this is more than a few times to teach him.

He withdrew his hand to see the colors displayed on a colorless beads, from basic knowledge to teaching: "Cultivating the opportunity not only to see but also see Gengu, is qualified aspirant of the system There are five basic attributes, namely wind. , fire, water, earth, thunder, the more pure the property qualification to practice more on the good, and in this basis, there are some extremely rare variant properties,For example, you is kind of variation, but the ice attribute single Harlingen ......... "

Fan far right seriously, Xu indifference beside him listened carefully, inadvertently swept his gaze between flawless slender fingers, cold and moist to the touch still remains on the back of the hand, he quickly passing touch of dark Mouzhong Mans, coming almost too late to make people aware, then to nothing.

Fan turned away and asked: "The teacher said you can remember clearly?"

Xu indifference obediently nodded: "? Remember clearly, just Master color is white, so the Master is monophyletic wind spiritual roots, is not"

Fan satisfaction far nodded approvingly and said:. "孺子可教也 Here is some basis for the Heart and entry-surgery method, you take reading, if they do not understand to ask a teacher or Bi Yi also . "

He said as he was removed from the storage ring in a few books handed child, his mouth put it simply, this is where most people can find a few books, he had gathered a collection of Court thousand years were carefully selected from the Tien , it is the most promise for today's indifference to attend the surgery method and Heart.

So also is the sovereign entangled for a while, the old things kept asking if he was closing the pro-disciple, is what is the origin, what is the qualification, he was bored almost want a Feng Ren hack him. Finally, there is no way, casually made up a reason for him to fool the past, anyway, he recently decided to retreat and wanted to have no time to find out the peak falling clouds.

Xu indifferent variation ice spiritual roots temporarily unable to let people know otherwise be sure to go quiet until he was an adult for the first time a large majority, if not achieve the fame of achievement, will directly affect the progress of the plot.

See Xu took the arcane curiously indifferent read, Fan away suddenly opening:. "Indifferent, you know your ice spiritual roots but very rare attribute among thousands of years, plus you will total the two"

Xu indifference really surprised and asked: "I dare Master, who was the other?"

Fan away silently staring at his face, and after a long while before slowly said:. "Tien were blazed the trail, Tien reality."

Xu indifference surprised eyes wide open, "was actually so powerful figure! Tuer really fear."

Fan look beyond Flirting, some ethereal voice said: "You do not feel fear, as long as you carefully listen to my teachings, only even better in the future than he is to break the Mahayana is not difficult, but you would certainly ......... he lived a long time, certainly will. "

In fact, the original owners do not know Xu Lin Tien indifference of reincarnation, but it looks similar to the two childhood, even so rare variants ice spiritual roots are the same, inevitably lead to a psychological empathy, it will be passed on Lin Tien love him indifferent to the promise, but also to make up for regret a thousand years ago.

Comprehension of life of people too long, there must be something to look forward, we are not getting rotten in the countless years to come.

These promises indifference did not know, to hear him say just felt strange, he scratched his head and said: "Master, my disciples ........."

Fan far patted his head, and softly said:. "Do not understand it does not matter, as long as you remember as a teacher, then obediently like"

Xu indifference nodded obediently, "Master, then indifference will listen carefully, every word will remember clearly, not a little forgotten."

Fan took away his head and hand suddenly paused,Why is listening to his words back will feel cold, indifferent towards him see also promised to reveal a cute innocent smile, this little relaxed.

It was his fellow Rui Yan endure some nervous breakdown, and it must be so.


Xu indifference is a very well-behaved very obedient disciple is peace of mind, not only devote themselves to practice, and a good qualification, practice speed is simply not too fast, falling clouds peak sit cross-legged in less than three months, will be able to bleed air into the body, the official breakthrough qi elementary.

And no matter what the Heart, basically explain it again, he flew to enlightenment. Operation method, too, demonstrate in front of him again, a few days he will be able to learn themselves. Guards learning speed Bi Yi hit were extremely depression and low self-esteem, foxes hide in their nest, they did not come out for several months.

Fan this far feel very sorry, but he should not have to be lazy, put her apprentice training and preparation.

Halo protagonist this kind of thing, in the Lower Planes mainly reflected in the appearance, power, wealth, and fortune, but in this Upper Planes, fully reflected in the main men's qualification and gas transport.

According to Xu indifference now practice speed, absolute than his past life - living in the legendary Tien real Also hanging fried days, and he had to force the Master in Goldfinger, let alone win flower cultivation sector Liu ask ya, what he wants to open the temple, walking kind - the horse is not a difficult story.

Of course, Fan far and will not agree! Because this is a Mary Sue bg romantic novels, the male hanging fried days later in order to better service for the care of the household, care of the household in order to allow more gold thigh to force in order to make care of the household life more wonderful and glorious! What's harem determined to forbid! For this he is completely cut off from the door were all female students, do not give them any chance to close his own apprentice.

Yes, that is so conscientious!

While watching their every day disciples well, as Master he was very happy for him, and even then Diudiu a sense of accomplishment and pride. However, the height of what can not be too hard? This kid is doing drugs yet? This past few years, ah, to flee so fast, about to catch him, so that he was seven meters the eight Master did very, face, son, ah!

"Master, disciples today learn the art of the Sword flight, to show you what these days?"

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