Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1

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Comprehension, spiritual enlightenment, I really seek, Quweicunzhen for "comprehension."

Ming Lan mainland aura filling, comprehension and magic repair coexist in here, of which more than three and a magic number as large, the two sides against each other has been for thousands of years, has yet to decide who will win.

The three cases were Tien, the clouds were broken, Guanlan cases, which were led by Tien, all thanks to pioneer ancestors were Tien - Tien reality.

According to legend, thousands of years before the magic repair rampant, comprehension for those suffering from bullying, but because the repair is a far cry from everywhere had to forbear concessions. Later comprehension sector out of a thousand years of genius, namely Lin Tien.

This person practicing excellent physique, but extremely rare variation of ice spiritual roots, air transport is the Guards, actually inadvertently be found treasure - Need cents Bi Yu Xiao, seventeen building the base, Dan knot in his early thirties, but fifties then knot infants, less than a hundred years late breakthrough distracted, advanced fit on.

He single-handedly founded the Tien cases, training hundreds of excellent disciple, who led the comprehension and the magic number to compete, but in the comprehension pre-loaded position. Later heaven fire, Lin Tien to repair itself as the medium of the condensate as Xuanbing against the day of the fire, Tien were rescued and hundreds of disciples, killed himself because of the depletion of repair.

Genius generation fall this way, it is deplorable, distraught sentimental.

Although he went, Ming Lan continent but always remember him, even admire his magic repair also play from the heart. Tien were so high status of self-cultivation sector, all comprehension for those flocking to the place, and even have a saying, Wang Tien cases where the secluded mountain but a collection of Aura, even in cases when an outer door Tien disciples, than in other cases in the door to do a better heir.

So powerful were the door, charged his disciples requirements naturally high, common people even to think, let alone dare rash cases in front of Tien. However, such an unacceptable way, and really it has happened.

Pale carved on stone, "Tien were" the three characters exudes the aura of white, occasionally heard the sounds of birds chirping crane, seasonal flowers bloom at the same time the most beautiful gesture, colored fruit perennial fruits, that this solemn and sacred, beautiful pleasant scenery, but because kneeling in front of a tattered beggar small and completely destroyed.

He has been around the clock, eat or drink, kneeling for a whole three days.

A blue robe young monk dressed in white walked quickly in front of the mountain, slightly impatient tone: "The little brother, Tien recruit disciples but there were regulations to go through heavy selection, through martial art the test can only input, then you are kneeling die here, I can not charge you. "

The child chapped lips, voice because there is no food and water if too dry torn paper long, the eyes are very tough, "Road longer, no matter what I can pass the test, please give me a chance."

Pity that some monks shaking his head, "No I do not give you a chance, it is a case of the door of the rules, a selection of five years, it is the last year away from the next election in four years na, or you wait four years after come again? "

The child said: "I am now ten years old, attend the surgery method is considered late, and where can wait another four years,Road long seeking accommodation once you these days. "

That white blue robe monks reluctantly Shuaixiu leave the mouth exclaimed: "What a stubborn child, if other sects, with this determination, you want to go is not difficult, but here is the Tien cases where this can simple………"

Peak falling clouds, no snow temple.

The center of the hall is a floating transparent water polo, which were reflected in the picture is the scene outside of that scene, the boy's face gradually enlarged.

On a white jade carving chair, lazily lying loose on a man with long hair, he dressed in a white brocade robe, arms holding a white fox spirit, slender fingers gently ask flawless Hope Fox over his head, murmured: "look at that child, brother is not like a child?"

Hope Fox Woo cry did not answer, his fingers paused, suddenly laugh:. "Yes, he who remember it, for a thousand years have passed world know Tien cases, knowing that his life for justice Tien reality , who remember his name called Lin Tien it, nobody will remember ......... "

He suddenly the fox will move away from his chest, the direction of the door of the station got up and walked, and instantly disappeared in the hall.

And the next moment, in front of the Tien Shan were giving rise to a general Immortal man, his long hair as ink, colored glass eyes with a shallow smile, dressed in snow white wins, looks unattainable.

Men of the outer door disciples dumbfounded, I do not react, just listen to where I do not know who shouted, "That is the main peak falling clouds, falling clouds real person!"

This crowd could react, the door is the most mysterious cases of a main peak, when the world was rumored that he comprehension Wizards, high repair unpredictable, even the sovereign also do not dare in front of him, but he keeps a low profile, not close disciple, human cases of the door of opportunity to get to see him very little.

Rumors falling clouds Fengfeng main exquisite beauty, but the world's most beautiful people, now have to square know is true.

I saw Luo Xia Lin live far be standing in front of the mountain, a small beggar serious staring, mouth with a smile, Mouzhong with a touch of longing, as if remembering something.

In fact, falling clouds live very tangled heart at the moment.

"Xiao Wu, Rui Yan you say that he is right?"

"Bite, the system is not detected, the owner of the fifth unanswerable question. But if it is Yan Rui, based on previous performance master of the world, this will be very miserable."

Heard him mention the world, Fan scared away leg a soft almost collapsed, but his hold on, sustain his divine noble beautiful image. However, Xiao Wu said the real problem, if it were that guy, this certainly will not easily let go of their own, then what shall we do?

"Bite, whether or not Yan Rui, the owner of the plot are to go, in fact, do not tangle."

Fan far seriously refute it, "No, if it is Yan Rui, I'm going to hang him more than a few hours, anyway, he will be behind the whole badly, it would be better to close the first point of interest."

"............" no will not die.

Fan far is considering either first back to their own sites to observe the situation and then observe the action, I saw the tattered child suddenly raised his little head to look at him, Mouzhong flash of confusion, then gently drooping eyelids,Toward the side of the crooked down.

Fan surprised far, the body has to respond to that skinny little guy hold in his arms.

"Good light."

This is his first impression. Really ten years old? How if only seven or eight of weight, head is not high, covered with two and a half no meat, all bones poke people.

Fan away slightly changed the position, let him lie more comfortable, then read two formulas, disappeared in the blink of an eye in front of the mountain.

While the remaining outer door disciples all excitement.

"Sunsetting live out the little beggar away, is it to be received as a disciple?"

"How could never live more experienced falling clouds, it should be nothing more pathetic him back for treatment, as beautiful people must be the kind-heartedness."

"It is this reason, if you want to live more experienced falling clouds, necessary to select the most outstanding one in the majority, how can a small beggar picked it."

"Rational rational ........."


Fan away the people back to his temple without snow, on their own couch, a pinch method formula will clean the child, turned to look with curious fox spirit came in, faint opening: "to prepare several sets of children clothes, about □□ years old. "

Hope Fox into human form, dressed in blue shirt was actually a tender woman, her eyes widened and asked:? "The owner really want to shelter the child in the world looks like more people to go, a move owner a bit too hasty. "

Fan far held hands standing, eyes never left the boy's face, whispered:. "I met him but only"

The woman smiled and said: "It seems that this child is a blessing."

Having said she blessed Fook, turned out the clothes ready.

Fan far sighed out a bottle re-dan from the storage ring, pour one into his mouth to feed. His face was slightly better see some, this look has slowed down.

He stared at the child's face gradually trance, murmured asked: "Are you for it and ........."

This is the original owner of the lines, it is actually far inside Fan ask, comprehensive examination at stake, not to mention his election or Upper Planes task, Destiny's Child this world, not just able to seize homes Instead, this Rui Yan times really chase you? Did not come naturally good, he can be a little slow breath, and some things he needs time to consider carefully the job.

The child served as Need for immortality, gradually woke up, one can see a god-like figure, which people still stare straight, almost thought he was still a dream.

"I ask ........."

Fan far recovered, saw that the child eyeful doubt, He crooked lips and said: "There is no snow falling clouds peak temple, I am the master here falling clouds into the reality you want to worship Tien cases, why.?"

Children listen to what he says he is a real person, questioning him again, quickly got up from the bed down on my knees and said: "Boy named Xu indifferent, just ordinary people's children, because under our ancestors with a spiritual treasure, it was magic repair killing Indiana, I had just escaped under the cover of their parents. I wanted to take revenge for their parents, but beat magic repair, Tien said that people were listening comprehension community is holy, so I want to worship in mysterious day sects. Please take me live as a disciple. "

When he finished his heavy knock a head,Listen to the sound of far-Fan, a few can not check frowned, said the boy with the lines verbatim, does not really Yan Rui?

He will help many indifferent up, fingers gently brushed his forehead, just a piece of redness instantly disappear. Child eyes were wide with surprise, with your fingers touch the piece, surprise: "actually It does not hurt anymore!"

Fan away by his adorable reaction amused smile, he whispered:. "That just ring head regarded apprentice ceremony, in the future I would be your Master, I will teach you the magic, so you personally hand blade enemies"

Xu indifference red rabbit eye immediately, "Master ......... thank you Master!"

Fan foresight sentence because he will red eyes, mind is alarmed, Yan Rui will make such a shameful thing? Too strange, no he had to feel them out.

His face was more gentle way: "Disciples, you've got too many wounds, Master of the art of healing is difficult to completely cure, be subject to taking a dip in half an hour a good side in the Jade Pool, the purge these days as a teacher to take you."

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