Chapter 36 extra (CheHiroshi)

Chapter 36 extra (CheHiroshi)

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Cui a generation Zhongliang, Choi notes from the ignorant will be imbued with "patriotic loyalty," the idea of ​​home and country righteous index has been advancing on the path of his life.

Until he was seventeen years old that year, his father told him, let him go to his assistant, three Highness Pei Qi.

This way contrary to his loyalty, apart from anything else Choi refused, he flatly said: "My father taught childhood baby, eat king of Lu, loyalty matters, Dangjinshengshang belong to inherit a large system is intended to His Royal Highness Prince Edward, his assistant, three His Royal Highness this not contrary to the Sacred heart, baby Shunan from life. "

His father, the Hyobu Cui Min, said nothing led him to come to the yard, pointing to a green old pine tree, "this tree is on this."

When he finished he pointed to jump among the branches of a colorful bird feathers, "This bird is Prince."

What he means is very obvious, Dangjinshengshang seemingly healthy, but in reality already senile, and the Prince by his power and influence, seemingly glamorous, but in fact is a superfluous.

Choi frowned and said: "Well I dare father, the three Royal Highness then how?"

Choi Min stroked his beard, smiled and pointed at the sky, "no rains it pours, do not fly already soaring, is the real dragons!"

Choi shocked, he looked around, did not jump on to determine the presence was relieved, he whispered: "? Father's remark, according to what may."

Cui Min said: "I was last Jianjun with the army went to the border, there are fortunate enough to see three Highness heroic on the battlefield, but the two-decade China, is the reincarnation of the old Mars may not be as much as him, and you looked to Japan will amount to anything! "

Choi knew that his father is the most sinister person of vision, to have such a high rating, the third-wanted Highness will not be a normal person, as is not the so-called real dragons [], he needs to go and confirm.

When he did see the legendary big Xia youngest marshal, indeed shocked, did not take long, he found himself than he thought it would be Longzhang Feng Zi, wise and decisive Zhirenshanren , it is able to follow his great fortune of life.

If he's such a character, even if it was cold some, others demanding more, come as no surprise, he also became accustomed to follow such a master.

One day later, the heart has been cold conditions masters to let him pick up a courtyard from the side hall, but also specifically explain the phrase, "all appliances are to be the best, be sure to make people comfortable stay."

At that time also not masters of the Sacred Heart, as the only adult prince's no title, in Beijing are already being ridiculed in every possible way, Fuchu no natural essence that many expensive items, is the only show that two glowing pearl treasures , but set a master medals, in order to stabilize the morale of the troops on St. reward.

In these situations, master's intentions all too clear, tempting him asked: "? Fuchu whether you want to add a hostess"

Just ask them he would regret it, under the talkative boss does not like, he had just overstepped some words, he tried to apologize, Stern has always deadpan master suddenly softened complexion, the lips even slightly bent.

"No hostess, was man of the house."

Choi body slightly stiff, some wondered if he got it wrong, but the master had left, he tangled uphold for a long while,According to the specifications of the men finally arranged side hall, the Treasury not many treasures almost all put on. He consoled himself, as long as the master of love, is male or female, what prejudice, than he die alone.

Later masters brought back a son, Kiyotoshi refined, looks really excellent, but it can be seen that a free and easy temper, and the owner of the seriousness silence is pretty good fit.

The only son of the boss seems very distant, could master unrequited love? Choi found a deep sense of their truth, a time to look to his master's eyes would have some sympathy.

Just listen to the son who said: "His Royal Highness the next call XiaoYuan can."

Originally called XiaoYuan, Choi secretly in mind, but understand their own master replied:. "Well, Choi hear me, help small, remote a place to stay."

Ma Ying Cui Hongli said: "under obeyed."

But in reality it in the hearts cry: Can you reserved some of the masters, you think you just call a "small, remote" Nobody found it? Xiao Gongzi have been too embarrassed beyond words, ah!

Xiao Gongzi led to a side hall, amazed to see him head exposed, lamented the government's treatment of Prince so well, he did not dare attempt to take only a slight mention a few points, to see him very incomprehension, can only sigh in my heart several more, retire departed.

He originally thought that their own home master's usual style, is bound to resolutely Xiao Gongzi will win, but this is not true. Although Xiao Gongzi very much like to reuse the master of masters but often ignored him, looked straight ahead into the study, shut the door but Xiao Gongzi peeping through the screen, occasionally see Xiao Gongzi very frustrated and angry look, it will not help He laughed.

He puzzled and asked: "Now imagine masters Xiao Gongzi, why not take him to my side, beating time to time to see."

Master rare good mood, then the solution of his doubts, listen to his words with a smile and said: "too impatient, that will scare people."

Choi understood, Xiao Gongzi is normal man must be difficult to accept love masters, masters in order not to scare him, only strong self patience, this feeling is too deep, too distressing. Just having chosen this path, in order to temper the master, I will never give up, he could only silently blessing.

Because after His Royal Highness Prince Edward framed masters, always joy, anger, without form or color of the master, but the first time made a fire in the library, he knew Xiao Gongzi just tends the flowers in the outside, Choi thought, to get attention is to master Xiao Gongzi it, otherwise these little things, where as this?

Later Sure, Xiao Gongzi contain himself offered a meter, master also regain grace. But a return to your home, the owner is still very unpleasant look, even to the extent of grief to drink, they choose the location is also in the gazebo outside Xiao Gongzi courtyard.

Choi waiting in the dark, thinking and other masters drunk, he went to Xiao Gongzi invited, master will reward him.

No one thought this opportunity was not meritorious, because Xiao Gongzi happened to come out from his yard, and master hit the positive, you open the door the two men went to the pavilion at drinking. Choi regret the side, while happy for masters.

After that day master satisfied, Xiao Gongzi also satisfied, because he finally got the reuse masters.Surely even he himself did not know, his whole promotion was conducted under premeditated masters, neither deliberately make people feel, Xiao Gongzi to close masters from time to time also started to swell.

Choi from the heart began to admire his master, master and apply the method successfully marry their favorite


Later, with the acquiescence of masters, Xiao Gongzi with masters in Fuchu rumors began to spread, gradually came to the House, Beijing, many dignitaries also fed the rise of a wave of child molestation. At the same time, many men touching love story circulated in the marketplace, has gradually people began to accept this non-mainstream love, which the woman is staggering.

Choi know, this is the master in advance to prepare for the future. People like him, people will not love to hide, he wanted to stand on the highest point with the man, dignified, fair and square.

All this is naturally Xiao Gongzi do not know, the government in those rumors have been enough to make him a headache, master dare let him know where those rumors pass out of the mess, I'm afraid he'll spot mad.

No one thought of his sister Xiao Xiao Gongzi street glass, actually under a large crowd because this harshly accused Xiao Gongzi, master's eyes began to flush dangerous message, Choi stand in the corner palms to sweat, he was very worried masters himself, who will be a Zhangpi the girl Xiao.

I saw Xiao Gongzi suddenly stood up unsteadily, one word masters look better, he enunciate said: "good birds greener pastures, I seek refuge with out the Lord why not?"

For a time outcry scene, the girl Xiao gas directly lift the table.

Choi struggled swallowed, master finally frenzied media attention next month, these days care paid off ...... Xiao Gongzi be confused eyes see, his heart thump loudly, turned out to be drunk.

But what is nonsense drink, or spit out the truth, it is worth thinking of.

The things that birthday feast day Prince transferred the talk of the town, Xiao Gongzi is urgent recall Hou Lok House, the old guy wanted anxious.

He puts his own son to the camp when secret agents, Xiao Domingo can be considered a personal matter. But it is no wonder, Xiao Gongzi Niangqin killer is sent to others close to him but to kill him, then deeds brought to light trying to escape, he could not have gas out, it gave all the hatred passed on to him a son.

I do not know how Xiao Gongzi is to appease him, actually came back unscathed. Fox's son, it really is a little fox.

Two years of time passing by, the old free and easy uninhibited dissolute youth, gradually become mature, polite Shurei, also looks increasingly outstanding. The past two years, has been master forbear restraint, although occasionally the opportunity to get close, but still did not point out.

Xiao Gongzi can not retarded person and wanted to find clues is long overdue, it has been forbear hair, perhaps because I do not know how to face, simply as I do not know.

Choi thought they would maintain a relationship for a long time like that, no one thought would happen because Prince and turnaround.

XiaoYuan that day dressed in a black cloak fur coat in the snow to avoid the mad rush to kill, mouth out of breath and said: "Xiaomou who master this cloak but a gift thing, is to be killed by the enemy today ,Also must not be discarded! "

Choi did not know at that moment, he actually love the master, perhaps because this love is too deep, it can only hide in the heart, because too much care, so it can not declare it in the mouth.

Later, Xiao Gongzi is a wonderful reflection of the government from the outside of the master, though I do not know what happened, but Xiao Gongzi face embarrassment seems, must have suffered unbearable torture. After that incident, and finally no longer master himself, he began to pursue plainly Xiaogong Zi, Xiao Gongzi put her holed up in the shell, I do not want to see him even one.

Plum forest in that day, Xiao Gongzi change the playing of the song "Boats", actually Qijue to the extreme, in the end how much pain the hearts hidden in order to deduce such a song?

Never a single moment, he is so hated Pei-yu! He must have made something of Xiao Gongzi, things will now become such a degree! Pei Yu, he is damned!

After His Majesty died, master naturally inherited a large system, Pei Yu was a waste of fish, almost did not charge any effort to solve.

He was escorted into the prison Xiao Gongzi "visitation" Pei Yu, this person, no matter what the punishment is light. See the opposite of young tea slowly and gradually exposed look of pleasure, he felt happy, as long as he can untie the knot, Pei Yu Sibuzuxi.

Unfortunately, he underestimated the vitality of cockroaches, so that he actually was rescued out, if the group of faction emigrated worth mentioning, but why they rebel with great fanfare, leaving the whole country is well known. Sure enough, the first to contain himself who is Xiaogong Zi.

Xiao Gongzi not miss Pei Yu, the sick person has hurt him until now he did not untie the knot. He has repeatedly volunteered in Chodo, to lead the troops set off, where would be masters promised, often dismissed his appeal. Later, Xiao Gongzi into the royal library, and master nearly two hour talk.

No one knows what day they talk, they just pick up the bags the next day Xiao Gongzi go to the battlefield, the master allowed him.

The bad news came a few days ago, the mood is not very good masters, and even plan to visit the battlefield, but later received a letter from the front, slowly gave up the idea.

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