Chapter 3.11

Chapter 3.11

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Emperor died this part of the story of this place is high * tide of this story, the male through his series of measures to defeat Prince, rein thousand civil and military ministers, the strong win, the final Outrageous, just listen to people have felt excited, wood, there is!

However, there is nothing eggs, because the male was not only changed the frenzied core, and Prince Pei Yu has been a waste fish.

When the Study of its origins, which dates back to the day a few months ago, says that when Pei Yu mention tuna, was about to implement some kind of XiaoYuan wretched and ineffable penalty, but suddenly attacked by a burst of evil wind, that strength is like a name peerless master played his trump card, lost to Prince was knocked to the ground instantly, then vomiting blood injured in a coma before he saw XiaoYuan so suddenly disappear in their eyes .........

Prince that moment he was shocked, he began to suspect that life, his spirit suffered heavy losses!

It was later henchmen to comfort him, but that is an illusion because of his injuries he produced, but he did not want to believe the Prince, he is convinced that XiaoYuan a fairy spirits, in short, very scary, under the double whammy of body and spirit, he From then on wilt brother, he never stood up before.

Really brutal, sensational! Well worth a few drops of sympathy for his flow of tears!

Thanks to the male adults "wide and generous", brought the elixir to cure the ills of the Prince, so that he finally changed back to a normal man, only a little, can not lift "Xiaoyuan" word in front of him because he fears the extent of this word is no different from ghosts and goblins, let alone let him compete with Duan throne, which no difference to his life.

So, the male this final battle considered not to win, Prince henchmen also long down the back, scattered scattered, basically did not charge any effort to successfully win the throne, really do not know the happy or sad.

Yan Rui'd see the joy, anger, a look of indifference, Fan far to uncomfortable, so decidedly male with a leash, behind the story may be how good?

Moreover, Yan Rui did not want to take care of the household plot, no plea care of the household, how men can be spared out with the king to rebel it? He did not rebel, how himself was ordered to crusade against it? Do not crusade, how smooth he died in the barracks it?

Fan away after a brief thoughts, feel that they can not sit still, resolute decision to take the initiative.

Because the original owner he is a free and easy uninhibited, so he has a characteristic, that is, he very love and hate, but also very revengeful, because the story he was tortured and forged a certain distance Yu Pei, Pei Yu abjection he must of course have to go visit him, way back at what he had the "favor."

This is the man with reason and let the male send XiaoYuan head - the so-called hurt each other.

Fan grateful away at the moment with the nature of the original owners, and give him the opportunity to go to jail to see Pei-yu, unlock the demons misunderstanding let Pei Yu returned to normal, the way to pull a bitter hatred, after he informed the school of the prince of the old unit to help them take the prince from a large prison, to make a comeback, after the story will be perfect.

After all, no matter how useless I am Pei-yu, a lot of people who have ambition, even Fu master is not on the wall of mud wasteAs long as he is a very good reason, you can self-appointed teacher of justice, sinister generation no matter what the background will not be less, so nothing to worry about.

Well, Yan Rui stealth character can also come in handy, so do those things sneaky do not worry about who set collapse, Lady Luck is really ah.

Fan far developed a series of programs, but not with Yan Rui through the air, in fact, these days he has been avoided as far as possible to meet him, this man too much, talk too much with him, there is no guarantee he will not vent the bottom.

Moreover, he is not good at dealing with Rui Yan and now, if he so vexatious as before, as long as he kept their distance on the line. If he is willing to put aside feelings, just like myself and live as normal a friend, he is also willing to accept, and he is very willing to make friends.

But why he so straightforward to express love, there will not be too much of a move made him feel uncomfortable, all the concern and care are just right, so that he can not refuse suffering, really Chousi people. Simply less meet, but also less trouble.

But he did not want trouble, they will find themselves in trouble come to him just for a good outfit ready to go to the prison to see Pei-yu, Yan Rui has come its way.

As emperor, courtiers so openly mansion really does not matter to you? !

But he has recently been very cooperative, Fan far is not good to look at his face, even though the heart is very anxious, or the patience to deal with him.

He respectfully line for a ceremony and said: "Wei Chen See Your Majesty."

Rui Yan did not treat him finish line ceremony will help him, pulled him to sit down at the table, handing me a book out from the sleeve, above the book was surprised to find the "Happy Travels" words.

Fan far looked glances, asked: "? Wei Chen stupid, I do not know What is the secret of this book."

Rui Yan laugh, gently knocked his head and said: "There is not any mystery, which I find is from the stacks, that might like Ai Qing, incidentally happens to come on, you think of nothing else to look at boredom Ye Hao. "

Fan heard him say so far they readily flipped through and found this is a good travel, the author of his own personal experience, detailed record of the Xia Dynasty around the big famous scenic cuisine, customs and folk customs, also referred to many interesting legends and myths, style witty, highly readable.

He accepted the book, in good faith and said:. "It is indeed a good books, thank His Majesty gave the book"

Rui Yan solemnly see him look like some really helpless, he actually miss the original that world, the story has not carried out before Fan far, when he was cheerful, weird, people often bring unexpected surprises and, of course, there are unexpected disaster, but he was happy to help him clean up the mess, do not feel trouble, even as he had several times been chastised his family did not regret the slightest hint.

So the two worlds he always could not help but give him trouble on purpose, to see his face changing appearance, but unfortunately the little guy too will be installed, even then shocked and then angry, stiff surface that is up to Bale.

But since it has been intended to "warm boiled frog", naturally can not be rushed, too but not beautiful.

He seemed to be no intention and said: "What are you going out?"

Fan far very calm and composed nodded and said: "Yes,Wei Chen Pei Yu Panchen heard because of His Majesty disrespectful while he was held in jail, thinking about the past courtesy of his [care], then going to visit him. "

The subtext is: a story of labor going to go, Ah you say something, all right Get out of here!

Yan Rui apparently did not hear his voice, just keep a great time and said:. "I also have not seen Yu Pei, and it is better to peer with Ai Qing"

Fan far to stop him and said: "Tianlao cold and wet, His Majesty dragons expensive, where can I go to that place, if you want to see Zui Chen Pei Yu, Cui command sent someone to let him go to the palace not to mention better, the province was also this crime. "

Yan Rui mix do not care and said:. "I lead the troops to war for many years, did not eat anything hard, where it is so delicate, Ai Qing, do not worry."

Concerns peat ah! If you told me in the past but also how to implement plans! You only outside the black fox can certainly see the flaws!

Through his system Rui Yan said: "What are you going to do with the prison so the script is not written ah?!"

Rui Yan calm tone, the attitude is very firm, "I do not want you to be alone."

Fan far listened to his words simply to kneel, "will not be alone, there will be accompanied by the jailer, if you do not trust Choi also follow the line."

Rui Yan puzzled frown and said: "? Why are you so against me with the past, is there anything without telling me."

Fan telecentric next cold, good insurance, almost revealed the secret, his voice indignant and said: "? I have nothing to hide from you, obviously you do not follow the story, but also to blame, can speak some truth."

Rui Yan looked at him seriously for a long time, after a long while before:. "That being the case, I let Choi accompany you."

Fan away a helpless look, lazily replied: "Whatever you."

Yan Rui see him just calm down, he Gouzhao light lips and said:. "I suddenly remembered that there are some politics has not been processed, I will be a place of Choi, Ai Qing, accompanied to the prison it."

Choi never complained to the side of hand quickly and said: "Wei Chen Zunzhi."

Personally took him to the door, he went to see Luang car gradually go far, far Fan only slightly relieved in the mind, just Yan Rui was testing him, evidently probably muddle through.

He looked to Choi, although the two have been working for a long time, in fact, the real exchange rarely familiar with how a lot of money, but far Fan know, Choi does not appear to be as stiff, in fact, it is some counsel, but with his family than master up much weaker, are they not on a Dan, be a good deal a lot.

He gave up a bow Choi, 'Choi take the trouble to the command. "

Choi quickly to avoid sideways, mouth and said: "Xiao adults too serious, which was where Xiaguan duty."

Fan far nodded on his carriage, Choi rode his horse is not near followed.

Fan spiritual training far closed eyes, the next is the most critical step, last night he Incognito character, has put the prison guards arranged maps and schedules to the relief of the old unit Pei Yu, found in accordance with the position on the map Pei Yu is simple, it is not difficult to open a lock should he do now is to raise the morale of Pei Yu, let him up again!

Yi Yi? How I feel strange!

# Feel like a warm little angel da #

# Why should I help treat men with psychological trauma o (╯ □ ╰) o ## Gay men with part-time counselors still do angry wrestling! #

Fan away feeling tired, and he rubbed his temples, slowly he asked:. "Xiao Wu, help me to detect what people have no trace"

"Bite The system detects, within a radius of one hundred meters did not reveal any abnormalities."

Fan far this calm down, he is very worried not get away from Rui Yan fox, but it seems his reputation in him pretty good, successful sneak, but I am afraid it can only work once, the next time I am afraid not so easy to use.

"Xiao Wu, I remember the first five hundred years of comprehensive assessment is not fast."

"Ding, Yes, Master promoted from bit-part player to the male group with the group, and level has been greatly improved, the assessment will be a corresponding increase difficulty, please be psychologically prepared."

Fan light evoke a far corners of the mouth arc, smiled and said:. "The greater difficulty as possible, preferably directly elected Upper Planes task"

"Bite, Upper Planes involve spiritual power and soul force, the slightest mistake could damage the owner's spirit, now the owner of ability and experience are inadequate, fifth is not recommended to take the task too difficult of access."

"Never mind, the challenge also means opportunity, once the mission is successful, the acquired energy will be immeasurable. And the power of the Upper Planes rule is sufficient to deter any actor, even Yan Rui, should not dare recklessly the best result is to make him a hundred and eighty years trapped in there, a good calm down, lest he again brazenly get me into trouble. "

"Bite, since the owner has decided to do the next, fifth full support of the owner."


To Tianlao, Fan away and Choi found in the company of the Lord of the jailer of the prison where Yu Pei, all the way over gloomy atmosphere comparable to Yan Luodian, Fan make timely frightened away but put a calm look, after all, the original owner is a frail scholar, although this means quite a scholar, but fairly small courage.

Into the prison, he was waving back the others, leaving only one person Choi.

Pei Yu described the awkward moment, where there are old dignified Prince like a lion, his eyes glassy sat leaning on the wall, far hung Fan laugh close to him, gently asked: "His Royal Highness Prince Edward before, I do not know can also recognize Shaw certain?"

A "Xiao" Let the word success Pei Yu face downcast, he suddenly looked up to the Fan far, the next moment the crap climbed corner Fan far far away, his hands to his eyes and mouth whining: "The mercy marching, marching mercy ah, I am no longer afraid of ......... "

Fan far corners of the mouth a smoke, he approached Pei Yu, hand pinch his jaw, dark, said: "This is crazy like a fox before the last prince of hatred Xiaomou not report it, must you crazy, it is so? I am unwilling to ah. "

Fan Yu Pei vision was trembling with fear, like Shaikang general, had continued: "If not the last prince sent a dodge master class will be promptly rescued me, I am afraid we must destroy the former Xiaomou the hands of the prince. "

Pei Yu paused, Nana said: "dodge class ........."

Fan reaction vision he has seen is not completely fuchsia, make persistent efforts and said: "Yes ah, is a hidden world expert, you Dangxiong beat the taste I do not know how, I heard who was all out hit people,Who can not maintain sanity, and hallucinations are also common. "

Pei Yu eyes gradually clear, he whispered to himself: "So this was actually turned out so ah ......... ........."

Fan Yuansong open his jaw, took out a handkerchief and wiped his hand, as if to touch what can not tolerate dirty things in general, the veil readily thrown piece of ground, he lightly said: "Although Xiaomou escape unharmed, can really swallow, your Highness Xiaomou let out the breath it. "

When he finished he patted the palm of your hand, several jailer came in with the instruments of torture.

"Good reception before the prince."

Fan away leaving only these words, he invited Choi went outside, quietly listening to the screams came inside from time to time, occasionally revealing a touch of pleasure in the look between.

Choi lowered eyes blissful silence, as if nothing had seen.

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