Chapter 3.10

Chapter 3.10

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Since chops someone vest, Fan far deeply myself in dire straits, although the male will not Yiyanbuge crooked plot, let his mood like riding a roller coaster general irritation, but .........

Words are like living like a little care of the household every day ah there! What the two big men swim the lake to see what lantern, visiting what the temple! Do you know how to write the word shy at first? !

Merlin was called early in the morning to play the zither performances, Fan far chuckled, he would see if he could see what the whole unitary moths.

The man dressed Xuan Yi, Su the handsome face sitting beside him, while cooking wine tours piano, for while he poured hot tea, highbrow, air Mei Xiang overflowing, the two sit leaning against each other, intimacy, air filled with the sour taste of love.

Fan far wood with a straight face, caught a glimpse of two maids sister's side have been tired of this beauty picture flushed cheeks, he silently swallowed the old blood meal fingertips, slowly to a beautiful soothing "Boats" improvisation adapted into a faint resentment, Ruqirusu sad song, just playing is told of the sad, the listener to tears, abruptly added this romantic scene pink filter distorted beyond recognition.

Yan Rui originally being fun, style mutation was surprised to find that their waitress red eyes, one by one, even Choi this disappointing guards command also began to fall into the realm of some kind of sad, I do not know what is thought, Looking back he looked positively old God guzheng far Fan, mouth slightly drawn, black face play back a person who never complained.

And others back clean, he reached for a pair of pale hold hands and annoying, the fingers that grip in the palm, to be a little warmer, it Duanliao Yi cup of hot tea into his hands, "cold weather, a cup of tea water warm up."

Fan far struggled to no avail, he was finally free both hands and faces no wave no Lan, respectfully took the cup of hot tea, lightly:. "Thank you, princes"

However, at the same time but in dialogue channels with the system and Yan Rui: "Ah you trouble enough not you know I do not know now the whole palace in pass two of us gossip, how many maid reduced to a rotten woman, how many servants therefore out of the closet, you! in the end made not made? "

Yan Rui just keep drinking a glass of wine, very calm and replied:. "I have a story to go with you, you gotta give me a little sweetness it."

Do not go Madan plot your part? Ask him what sweetness! To be reasonable okay?

Fan far repressed anger, try to calm asked: "? You know that romantic day Scrapped, you really have a good story to go, how kind of situation there, Pei Yu still alive."

Yan Rui glass down, look over him for a moment, finally smiled and said: "barely be alive now."

Fan Yuansheng no love, "he ......... But then a key figure, not his words, on the battlefield after the story I would not fly it."

Rui Yan heard him say "war" word when Mouzhong quickly passing touch of dark Mans, his weeping eye laughed: "I'd have a way to save him, but the cost of getting bigger, you have to change what is to ? "

Fan far have the means to listen to his mind the next song, academics he mention what conditions, can not help but raised an eyebrow, silently fiddle with a few strings, quietly asked: "So men should dare to ask an adult, you want me what means to change?"

Yan Riedel: "Why, change the world spend a hundred years?"

Fan finger away meal, instant scratch off one string zither men uttered a dumb desolate Ming, Fan frowned far, seems to look a little regret.

But the fact that he has been out of anger.

Spend a hundred years? Fortunately, not to mention, a mention of this, he would think of the world he was this guy playing with things, where will his ability to see what a car accident, but nothing is a drama played, and he was silly to believe, also moved to a mess, and finally even have to give up the task, I felt really stupid enough to think about home.

He has been playing as a monkey Laishua go, Gao Yu gentle guy, and Xu Fang Qi Gu spoiled maintenance of each world are touched him right, but it can not hide him he has been offset, deceive him, he took the opportunity to juggle things.

Since he likes to play, he would play with him once, can be deceiving, can be more than him.

Fan far pretend looked up in surprise Rui Yan looked at, but also silence hanging eyelids, a slight hesitation on his road through the system: "This is not consistent with the story ........."

Rui Yan see the attitude of some of his loose, not sternly refused, visible not without hope, quickly win: "The story actually have loopholes, though your key scenes, but it is not absolutely essential, Cheat Death not a bad idea, I can help you sly escape punishment rules, you could have peace of mind to stay in this world. "

Fan far listened to his heart, then slightly surprised a moment, he is not a novice do not understand anything, he can fool the past two or three sentences. Yan Rui certainly would not take such things lying to him, since it bet we will be able to do, then the question is, would he find such a great tone?

Although the actor had a hand in the plot, there are numerous auxiliary props, but also be bound by the. In order to limit as actor, who plays the degree of capacity building is capped and can not pose a threat to the male and boss-level characters, this is to prevent some of the actor generate mutation, and snatch the world's air transport resources evil * to occur.

Of course, this is to ensure, if the actor plays itself peerless master under the premise of the story, that nature is another matter, the monitoring function of the system in this case will have a utility, if unusual, will send immediately related personnel to deal with, although he did not experience, but also already heard, the punishment is very severe.

Xu Fang swore so can say such a thing, it is worth thinking ah.

"Xiao Wu, from the end of the world until now, has not received any warnings and penalties message?"

"Bite, is this."

Fan Yan Qu ponder Mouzhong far, it seems that their own misjudge him.

He quietly through the system of Yan Riedel: "Sounds like you always drill the story of loopholes?"

After listening to Rui Yan suddenly smile, he turned relatively Mouzhong unabashedly affectionate with him, "Baby, you want to know just ask me that, do not beat around the bush, you know, if you ask me will certainly answer of."

Fan could not stretch far almost calm expression, he almost teeth and said: "A question a kiss?"

"This is the lowest price, do not really think about it?"

Fan Oh he just want to look away, mother da, except that brazen audacity!

He fell to his knees in the audience got up, respectfully said:. "Under the physical discomfort, leading to retire, please forgive me princes"

Yan Rui Mouguang looked at him deep, the lightly:. "Prospective"

Fan far up that moment, forget him deeply, with a system he said:. "I promised the previous conditions, you do not let Pei Yu hung up."

Yan Rui seems to be some surprises, look to his eye flashing with brilliance, Stern Fan away without looking back and walked away.

He sighed softly, sadly said:. "This thing is really feeling unhappy people, no matter how doing is wrong, the more you want to pay close attention to him, yet the more he pushed farther"

The handle slowly cool through a cup of wine poured into the side of the stove, just listen to the sound of a thorn friends, drinks instant evaporation clean, his eyes dull mood was not clear.

Rose pulled the mechanical voice trembling, replied cautiously:. "This is because the owner never loved anyone in the past, due to lack of experience, the owner used to strong, so the lack of patience."

"I have enough patience to it, if not for him, how can I play this game play house."

Rose pulled hesitation said: "On this ........."

Yan Rui lightly: "What say you speak."

"Fan should already know the owner is away for he will stay in the lower planes, moving is definitely yes, but after the owner of recovered memory, too reckless act, interfered with the progress of his mission, making his impression of the owner of more poor. the system detects, Fan away the goodwill of the owner had peaked three times, once as a master Gao Yu of the time. the second is the owner as laid down his life to save Xu Fang Tang Yuan time, the third time is the owner of two years XiaoYuan taken care of daily life, not deliberately eluded capture before seen action too radical but not good. "

Yan Rui crooked mouth, he is deliberately showing surprising flaws, loaded drunk or really how drunk he would not see it, but do not eat white do not eat tofu right at your fingertips, although conceal his identity and * very * interesting situation, but the total not have been so go on, but really did not think that he will come up with another way to force myself to be identified, this is really lost him.

"You mean, moisten things silently."

"It's just Rose pull small suggestion."

Yan Rui seriously thinking for a moment, finally shook his head.

Of course he also knows that he will have to do so many close Fan far, at least not now so as to avoid such as snakes and scorpions, but so indulgent, will only make him more self-deception, never face up to their feelings.

As time Gao Yu, tender waiting for him ten years, he only sees themselves as brothers. As the time of Xu Fang, tricks hesitate to use desperate measure, he only eighteen years to get along as a debt of gratitude. As Pei Qi, he loaded drunk play poor, even to make a case to do whatever drugged wine, efficacy over, he left was decidedly decisive.

Fan said that if not a cent away feeling for him, he's definitely not going to believe, since he stubbornly refused to go a step that he can only do that initiative.

However, the warm boiled frog is actually a good suggestion.He Gouzhuo lips with your fingers gently across the strings, his eyes listening to the music, light laugh:. "Rose pulled, do a good job."

Rose pull: "......... Thank you, the owner of praise."


Since the agreement that day, Fan Rui Yan far found this fellow is like a changed man in general, very decent and honest, never in the past that the appearance of a gentleman, inside wretched sick feeling, just playing is reborn in general, Fan away several times suspect that is not the original owners to wear back.

But it is clearly not, because from time to time there will be a hot shot in the eyes of his body, determined to Yan Rui no doubt. But no matter how hot and then his eyes are good, as long as the brush is not in front of their own sense of presence, Fan far that he can completely ignore it completely!

Returned to his study, he picked up Yan Rui tell him that support Warm Jade Wolf-pen, carefully looked for a moment, then feel free to throw aside, no matter how good can they do not fit is not suitable.

He spread a rice paper, pick up their daily dipped in ink used to the pen, casually asked:. "Xiao Wu, now where the story progress"

"Progress bite, the main plot to fifty percent owner of the plot has progressed to eighty-five percent. According to the owner and Rui Yan agreement with the owner of the current physical condition, no accident, there are about fifty years of life. "

"Xiao Wu, what are you in disguise to remind me?"

"Bite, fifth just hope the owner not to forget their identity, drilling loopholes story will one day be found, then the owner will have to accept significant sanctions, as an actor Rui Yan advanced planes, and even higher levels of identity with rights and freedom of the owner can not be compared, owner please pay attention to propriety. "

Fan far did not speak, listened attentively to the word finish, this collection of pen, he picked up his own written word slowly blew, nodded with satisfaction, this random said the sentence: "Do not worry, I deceive his . "

Fifth: "............" it home owner, seems to go astray?

I heard the knock on the door out there servant, rapid tone: "The son, big bad, His Majesty Jiabeng!"

Fan far should be a cry, and turned to go inside the room changed into clothes, day mourning country is required to have a Mazumdar.

Goes on behind the rice paper he had just finished writing, the ink is dry, Smart and elegant four characters almost leaping out from the paper.

- fair in war.

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