Chapter 3.9

Chapter 3.9

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The man's breathing sprinkled in his ear, so far Fan moment of birth to the illusion of injury, he said he throw in the towel, this game is the suffering he wins .........

Fan far can not tell my heart what it is, in just his heart from a height plunged into the ravine, was abruptly cut people down in the air, flattening out like dreaming in general untrue.

In fact, he should have found, although different personalities, but both Gao Yu, Gu Qi, Xu Fang Kai Bae there, they all have similar little habits, such as liked to gaze at his eyes, like drinking, there are always interested in unintentionally close to him, to make those moves ambiguous.

He plays with gay men, though not for a long time, has gone through several dozens of the world, the male as a child of air transport, and care of the household has an innate appeal, if there is breaking so easily bent, this world would there is no "straight male cancer" this kind of thing up.

Although men are not necessarily the main straight male cancer, but it is absolutely straight and straight, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence can be said that when the male world of Pei Qi, again with the surprise move, he really can not continue to deceive himself. One after another coincidence spliced ​​together, even if it no longer possible, and that is the only truth.

- Gao Yu, has not left him.

When this conjecture for the first time in mind, he quickly rejected, the extent of this incredible simply talking nonsense, Gao Yu, he should be in his own world and Li Yun Qian love each other, "hands and grow old with the Executive sub "this is part of his end, how will the world one after another chase.

But the seeds of doubt at once species take root in my heart, he will unconsciously to temptation. Pei Qi in front of the unsuspecting "drunk" on a world party Xu bad habits will naturally emerge, he clawed his clothes, carefully eating tofu time, surely he does not know in fact been kept awake.

Those little tricks habitual party Xu, purely off a sleeve of addiction has been insufficient to explain.

This kidnapping drama to the very timely, if they really are the same person, then, whether in Houfu dungeon, or in the Prince of Orient House, he will appear at a critical time, not let him suffer the slightest injury, after all, the man never not mind the plot, only care about him.

In fact, he does not know what is looking forward to, or fear, and he does not feel able to love a man, but he knew he could not bear those gentle, lonely several thousand years, who have the heart to suddenly come warm Tuiju ?

He moved his Adam's apple tried to speak, but do not know what to say, too many questions to ask, so that nothing.

After a long while he asked: "You know I'm teasing you, why should arise?"

Pei Qi faint sigh, slender jade-like index finger gently brushed his eyes, "because of sadness and disappointment in your eyes, let me very upset. And see you are pressed beneath another man I have patience to the limit. "

Fan took away his open hand, earned earned from his arms, Pei Qi did not dare presumptuous, I had to let go.

Fan silence far tilted his head and looked at him, to see him look gradually reveals a little uneasy,This raised an eyebrow and asked: "Xu Fang?"

Pei Qi nodded.

Fan far gritted his teeth and asked: "? Gu Qi"

Pei Qi nodded.

Fan far exhaled slowly, slowly asked: "? Well, Gao Yu"

Pei Qi did not nod this time, he tried to explain and said:. "Gao Yu is just a part of me, I am not entirely"

He said the vague, academics Fan far out of his subtext: not my intention to hurt you.

Fan Far hook lip and said: "Yeah, but I like most is that he not only gentleman polite, gentle and considerate, but also obediently go with the story, always trouble than Gu Qi, Fang Xu, and you, he really too cute is not it? "

Pei Qi face dark moment, but only a moment, he was back to normal speed of light, his smile conspire far in front of Fan said:? "Do you really want me to go obediently story when I say that I like Li Yun Qian, are not you sad? "

Fan step back far frowned, "I play a gay man with, of course, to behave sad, but nothing is acting, you would be too deep into the drama."

Pei Qi pressing harder and harder, "duplicity, a person's mood whether it is true or false, I was still able to distinguish clear. In fact, you are reluctant to me, is not it?"

Fan far looked away, not to look goes with a grin face, which reminded him of the great metamorphosis Xu Fang have hurt look.

He firmly pushed him away and said:? "You in the end is what people, played by actor can choose their own tasks, the general level is high, may never be lower planes to perform tasks, not only tasks simple and not challenging, but rewarding not enough to see, purely a waste of time. Moreover, if you are the actor, not the system can not be detected, the spiritual power of the actor and the original owner of the body matching, absolutely impossible to achieve one hundred percent, in the end is how you do it ? or, are you the original men should get go? "

Pei Qi listening to his analysis, solemnly nodded, eyes with a touch of appreciation, he Gouzhao lips teased: "? Curious if you want to know, I'm a pro and I'll tell you how"

Fan Far gas just want to punch hit in the past, Madan he knew Gao Yu is not like this, this guy is a black core, for example Xu fellow simply not the bottom line.

"Even if the do not want to say, whether or not peers, I do not care is the story behind you, in short, I ask you not to interfere with the task to do, since you already Pei Qi, the next will take seriously the story!"

Pei Qi gaze of his eyes, somewhat reluctantly said:. "I'm afraid I can not do."

Fan far disbelief, "What do you mean?" What is not? He did destroy mission have handled? Points can face it? !

Pei Qi close to him, flashed a hint of deep Mouzhong, "What I can promise you, not only this. You know FAN far, I like you, you let me follow the story with a woman, it Taimian Jiang me. "

Fan away a little bit uncomfortable, even before have guessed the other for themselves, a world a world to chase, but which clearly is still very different confession, at least at the moment he felt the unparalleled embarrassment.

He arrived in boxing lip cough a few times, a small channel: "Although I play a gay,But I was actually straight men. "

Pei Qi is he cute reaction was almost amused laugh, a world apart from the last step, what did the old lady old lady, and now that he is with his straight man, good good, straight male straight men, he says what is What, who let him down he always does.

He heeded public opinion and agreed: "I know you are a straight man ........."

Sure enough, Carter, Fan far face suddenly like a lot, Pei Qi some hidden worries, the little guy has been relying on self-hypnosis is live now?

He added: "I just love you, yourself can not control myself, I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable, so they hide the truth, since by your chops vest, and I do not want to quibble, the task I will try to fit you, but the care of the household and that part of the story, I'm afraid I can not satisfy your request. "

Fan far he is willing to give in to listen to, really relieved, male owners and female controls of the story actually has little to do with him, he has completed that part of the story is good, the other with him how frustrating, and rewarding experience anyway detained not his values.

Thinking he pretend for a moment, nodded and said: "! In this way can, you have to remember your own words, you can not go back."

Pei Qi nodded, gentle and genial smile, "It's natural, when I fool you."

Fan had far down the heart suddenly lifted up, and several of the world combined, the number of times this guy is simply not to lie to him too much, he felt a little less dense fly.

"In the future I will not speak, say how to solve the immediate problem, right. Pei Yu do not know how, even distorted the story ........."

He would not finish, then abruptly stopped, because Pei Qi mortal eyes get a little scary, he saw the man with the eyes of the king is simply looking at a dead man, Fan far was not good, I want to forward View Pei Yu pulse, did not take two steps will be Pei Qi carry back.

"Do not go near him, otherwise I really will not help, turning him into a dead man."

Fan Far hearing him say he relieved, relieved and said:. "Did not die like, as long as there is breath would have saved"

Pei Qi turned his face, sadly said: "?? Are you willing to robbing him, it is to force me to show up if I do not sell, do not you want to let him do whatever they want."

Fan far embarrassing embarrassing, though success forced him out of shape now, but from his mouth to repeat it, always felt a little strange, he seems especially mentally, especially naive there are wood!

He angrily: "I'm not stupid, how could let him do whatever they want, could have been ready to exchange props, but was interrupted just talking about robbing you, you wipe also less.?"

Pei Qi plausibly said: "How can I be like unto him."

"I am here, there is no difference between you and him are Yingun!"

"But I am only one person you kinky, jump on, I could not even to look at all wearies."

"So I feel honored to do?!" Fan far turned a big eyed, "Since determine Pei-yu die like, we make haste to leave, although the story was rescued earlier, at any rate not to fly, but the door outside are guarded by guards, do you have any way to avoid it? "

"Direct like to leave. I came over posted invisible characters,Your body cloak also posted, so now can not see the jump on us. "

Fan distant eyes shine, stealth character of this thing is simply to avoid artifacts ooc, even though the mall also has his system, but he is now too low grade, did not even unlocked, there is no amount of experience can not exchange.

Fan far could not envious, "......... you actually have such a high-end props, buddy, your level in the end how much ah, disclose chant."

Pei Qi held him to go out, walking coaxed said:. "Is not convertible, before the repair □□ do their own, want it, I can send you a few, how about sleeping with me tonight."

"Go calf! Few breaks to let the labor bondage, you'd want to get the United States!"

"I'm talking about pure sleep, where you want to go."

"Ah ......... you might consider this consideration."


Fan torn stealth character when the heart is far from collapse, because he found himself seems streaking, fortunately outside threw a cloak can block a little bit, but a walk inside the piece of white Xieku on exposed out, just do not be too embarrassed!

Pei Qi Min Zhaochun looking at the side, he suggested:. "Or affix or spell it."

Fan tears ran away, "the whole palace people know I had been snatched, suddenly appeared in his room how be going!"

Pei Qi Mouzhong flashed a naked, "it would not be no way ........."

Then he picked up the Fan tasikmalaya far, out of the alley, striding to the palace and went, barely cover the piece of cloak Fan long legs away, he did not even dare to struggle, for fear of losing face emptied thrown outside the customs go only charged with this matter.

Pei Qi has quickly into the role, her face a look of honest Su said:. "This king will tell them, Xiao Gongzi culprits hurt his leg, can not take place."

Fan tears ran away, "Thank you Royal Highness understanding / (tot) / ~~"

Madan groping you dare leave from the labor hip ah! Dare not clenched so hard ah! Points dare face ah!

# Mankind has been able to stop pervert! #

# Vest out of the male more shameless! #

# Miss many years of Chikuma monarch has changed dramatically swollen break! ! #

Pei Qi mouth evoke a pale arc, leans his ear whispered:. "I forgot to tell you, my name, Yan Rui"

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