Chapter 3.8 Chapter

Chapter 3.8 Chapter

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Reaching the half horse suddenly stopped, FAN far because of inertia almost fell to the ground, just too impatient to see the downtown area on the hands, and Prince running out of patience too, relied on heavy snow on the road today, it is sparsely populated, or just nature furious?

He opened the curtain pretend to know nothing about the coach look to the outside, and sure enough his driver had fallen in the snow, the ground was stained with a blood-red.

Fan frown looked away then looked away to go play a small role in the past when he played many similar roles, but death is the moment thing, and even fear are too late, they feel anything up.

Actor's sad is that, knowing that the next will be waiting for his death, not even the look of terror can not divulge shred, hard for so many years, and his heart gradually chilled a lot.

He is looking straight black people and fight together Choi, another glance at the accompanying guard being fought, because it seems did not expect someone would attack in broad daylight, inadequate staffing arrangements, has been caught flat-footed It has been gradually at a disadvantage.

Fan follow the script far down from the carriage, and ran in the direction of the palace, he had dressed in white, not very visible in the snow, partial body that he wore a black cloak Pei Qi, simply shining a live target, if determined enemy to his life, will be able to settle him behind a stab in the back.

Xiao Domingo knew he was unbending nature, the scourge will never leave, only people under the dead hand. Prince conceited just want to pry Pei Qi secret from his mouth, so I want him alive. The Fan far at the moment to do is at the same time desperately escape, rightly taken away by them.

Pei Qi wearing this wind is really just right to help him busy, really it is an unexpected bonus.

He is complacent for their own good fortune, there's Choi was anxious sweating profusely, his side and the enemy fierce fighting, while distracted at him and shouted:! "Xiao Gongzi please come quickly took off his cloak, snow in too conspicuous! "

Fan far looked back at him, anxious to see him like that is a bit distressed, but he really could not take off, he broke into North Korea Choi said: "Cui command, you look forward to swords, but this cloak Xiaomou who masters a gift thing, is to be killed by the enemy today, is definitely not discarded! "

Having said regardless of whether he ran toward the front, leaving only a Choi a decidedly back.

The original owners of the original body is very weak, falling from an early age is the root cause, plus has been improper conditioning, gradually improved in the past two years deliberately nursed back to health Pei Qi, it is now running two or three miles in the snow just some of the force is not following , accidentally slipped this party was to catch up with the man towards his neck with a knife hand chop, Fan far he fell into a coma.


"......... little far, you really want to clear? I'm in your heart, what is the identity."

You are in my heart what capacity?

You are my space shuttle thousands of years, met the best people for me.

Who never so considerate as you love me, they see me frown, you will follow the uncomfortable, as long as I smile at you, they like you have the whole world. You good, good enough to make me almost forget that he is actually not that far a Fan,But another, no past and future Fan far.

I told myself, having chosen this path, you can not fall in love with any girl, so I have extra vigilant to every girl near his own, to avoid any possible inviting.

However, no one has ever told me that the boy is also dangerous.

Chikuma and Chikuma, I pretended affection, but you fall into deep feeling, we are acting, but who knows, we'll finally role reversal.

You finally found your girl and your own love, I am a person standing on the stage awkwardly reluctant exit, I do not know if this is love, just hiding in the corner, I saw you hold up her hand At that moment, really I feel the pain of heart came.

Because, my boy was robbed, but I am not qualified to recapture.

Because, you are doomed couple, and I can only be a passing.

The first task objects had true feelings, even if only a tiny bit of attachment and dismay, I knew I would never be me.

However, you still you?

Or, this is just my subconscious fantasies.


Fan surprised suddenly opened his eyes away, returning to the dream, returning to the voice, and the man long lost smile, really good nostalgia.

If he really is, how to do ......... If not, how should I do?

Fan sighed far, he then tangled useless, give their own answers, only that person only.

He moved his body, feel so intolerable pain, like being a big rock rolled over in general, is it being put into sacks abducted? And more convinced that this is a big possibility, Pei Yu was angry with him hard, and do not take the opportunity to toss him strange.

Glanced around, this is a very simple layout of the bedroom, evidently not used for a long time, you can still see a layer of dust on the table, but the equipment is actually very particular about the redwood table is particularly valuable, only the nobility was It will be used, so this is definitely not an ordinary courtiers.

In fact, it does not matter where the key is, this is definitely not to say that the script Houfu dungeon, right? !

Following the male owners and female controls after another ball dropped, both men have begun with the king not to take away what the story _ (: 3 」∠) _

The most basic interpersonal trust between # it! #

His right hand was a iron shackles handcuffed, he gently shook from the sound of chains can judge this for a long, long to penetrate the walls, and direct access to another room. It is easy to keep monitoring his actions it?

Fan far sat up, rubbed his sore neck, his mother da hurts like hell, which bastard start so heavy!

"Xiao Wu, how this is going, this is not the dungeon Houfu it."

"Bite, here is an abandoned side hall in the Orient House, the owner was hidden into the box loaded food imperial kitchen, secretly brought in."

"Damn, no wonder that the body is like falling apart, like Prince is really too kind. Emperor now seriously ill outside the limelight so tight, he would be willing to go to their palace with an outsider, a bit too timid."

"Bite to man with the IQ monarch might not think of that."

"......... Well, let us forgive him."Fan carefully looked away for a moment keyhole chains, this level of lock to unlock he is really easy, but he will need to wait and see what they are going to do Prince, if he is willing to take away the plot of it, after all, changed sites, nor affect the plot thing.

"Bite, according to the story is to find the owner of the male in Houfu dungeon, if the site replaced the Orient House, the difficulty increased a lot, and so this body unable to go on torture took an early lunch, the male may not be able to find Here."

Fan far does not care to lie down, relax the body, slowly opening: "If it is really him, it will be able to find."

"Ding, Xiao Wu did not understand."

"Do not understand what, in fact, I do not quite understand, but just have a feeling. Fifth You know, if an accident occurs, it is a chance, if two happen, and what a coincidence, can appear one after another, it would need a careful consideration. "

Fifth silent, it seems to be thinking, and after a moment it suddenly silent reminder and said:. "Bites, according to the detection system, with male monarch appeared in meters, is continuing to close in."

Fan faint far Enliaoyisheng said he knew, he had rocked the chain, someone is bound to report, but the Prince of speed but added quickly.

Less than a quarter of an hour and a half's time, just listen to the outside while complicated footsteps, followed by Prince Edward's voice.

"Lock, outside guarding you, do not come."

Fan brow twisted away and sat up, a puzzled some time, a man came to him how torture? Do coercion to make him compromise? Or intend to enlighten them with reason and emotionally moving? Or simply to force him to serve poisoned * drugs, to force him to confess with the antidote?

If the first two, he will have to send him four characters - the mother of mentally retarded, if the latter ......... Madan life really difficult!

Prince Pei Yu Fan far into the house to see the positive sat on the bed, he looked from this perspective, just to see his pale cheeks and delicate chin, looking faint actually have some delicate beauty.

He laughed loudly hum took two steps forward, grabbed the neck of Fan far, a little harder, to see him revealing uncomfortable look, grinning: "how not to cross you do not you are not very rampant Kai Bae assistant to the throne?? Emperor do?! continue with this temple clamor ah! Duan will not see you come to the palace to save you! "

Fan is far grabbed the throat feel some shortness of breath, frowning he wants to break free, right hand drive with chains tinkle, although Prince mediocre but also learned a few years riding and shooting, of course, not so far Fan weak scholar can ratio, struggled for a moment to no avail had to give up.

"Bite Does the owner need to exchange self-defense items or drugs."

Fan far pale, crisp answer was: "wait."

Pei-yu see him breathing more difficult, painful look like to the extreme, but always refused to bite the bullet for mercy, he Nuji pulled him out of bed, fell heavily to the ground, "Why not talk, no talk You can say? admit that you are blind to admit the master? "

Fan swept away his ferocious eye distorted face, mouth evoke a contemptuous arc, "Caomin there, dignified big Xia Dynasty Royal Highness Prince is nothing to say, man of the people abducted in the street,Caomin powerless unable to resist, but a Jianming fills Prince since you want to take it well. "

Pei Yu listened but laughed, he crouches and Fan far in the eye, shook his head and said:? "Your father died'd want me to kill you straight, but this temple can not be reconciled, so too cheap to you that you abandon this temple! defected Pei Qi, simply because he is * a big living, got to meet you, but you have not tried this means the house, but how do you know this temple as good as him? "

Fan pupil instantly zoom far, he rightly move backwards, Chen Sheng said: "Cao Min Wang Qingqing in vain to the end, did not have any insurmountable move, not to mention the prince enamored street glass home girl, she is despised most obscene play * boy person, should she know, I am afraid ......... "

Pei Yu closely link his neck, irrepressible smile, "You finally know fear? So you be afraid, ha ha funny fun, you will do well, street glass will never know, because this will get you the house disposal clean, without leaving the slightest trace. "

Fan away in disgust looked over his left, did not want to look in his eyes made no secret of yin evil light, Pei Yu, who also considered male match in Need, facing female controls behave Wife does not regret, but privately to a man shot, just spoils the whole wind assessment with male population.

Watching their clothes torn away by him, Pei Yu disgusting hand stroked back and forth in his chest, so that he could not help but want to vomit stomach churn, Fan far clasped fists, trying desperately to restrain exchange props resistance desire.

"The youngest is really good vision, normally dressed'd see, that you actually like this the best, good serve this temple, you stay a few days life is much more to say no."

Fan far silent, Pianguo Tou go only as a dog bark in the ear.

Fifth see the situation more urgent, could not help but silent reminder: "The bite ........."

Fan far close my eyes light:. "Xiao Wu, my own sense of propriety."

Just to Pei Yu pulled off his last Xieku when Fan far felt heart broken in a corner quietly collapse.

He turned out to be true, if it is really that person, he simply will not tolerate such people on their own, no matter for what, he will not abandon the expense of his.

He really is ridiculous, unrealistic things how this could happen, no one can get rid of the rule, and no one can go against the world's consciousness, he was just a Destiny's Child Lower Planes, and he has found really want to protect the man, he was just a let him thoroughly disappointed brother.

Those familiar sense of his own imagination, because he was unwilling, because he was jealous generated heart illusion ugly nothing.

So, he is really lost hope ......... right?

Fan far inhibition men Tong was holding his chest, slowly opening: "Xiao Wu, help me exchange ........."

If not finished, just listen to fifth hasty: "The bite, the male ........."

Bang bang, felt far Fan suppress their strength suddenly disappear, Pei Yu crashed fell to the side of the wall, suddenly emitting a blood, then fell limply to the ground, I do not know is alive or dead.

A black fur coat cloak is gently draped over his shoulders,Someone from behind to embrace him into the arms hug, nasal faint lingering scent so that he could not help trembling, the ear is that people are familiar with magnetic murmured.

"I throw in the towel Baby, I'm sorry ........."

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