Chapter 3.7

Chapter 3.7

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Time flies, and shortly Fan at the far end of Wales House has been living for two years.

Two years long or short is not short, the situation in the DPRK has undergone enormous changes, Prince clique things because the emperor in front of lower-ranking civil and military face reprimand, began to produce rift between father and son, and the end Prince Pei Qi because the bandits active, by the emperor favoritism.

Seeing the emperor was seriously ill a day, and men should prince hostile increasingly grim situation, the DPRK a time undercurrents, many people have begun to stand in line, of course, there are many people on the sidelines.

This day is happiness Hou Hsiao Domingo forty-five birthday, because on this Eucharist ailments things simple, there is no big birthday feast invited guests, just put a few banquet tables in the House. Fan and his son away, no matter how this Qindie pit, out of filial piety he had to prepare gift, personally sent Houfu.

Not to mention today is his Houfu and decorum of the big day, no longer have to think of the future in front of slag father and the bumbling Prince, Fan far they feel the whole person must be to fly up.

Pei Qi to see his smiling black face appearance, faint and asked: "? Houfu to get back, you're so happy."

Fan decisively away shaking his head, but for today there is an important story to go, he was too lazy to go back to that place, the palace also just not as basic necessities, such as that he is not just for the sake of the people to enjoy, but Miss Hou Fude Master are too annoying, at every turn, "everyone will work together finding fault" really Zaoxin thoroughly.

He carefully replied:. "Under the eyes, the palace is under the return of the" good eating and drinking for two years to support me, you are my prince loved ones ah!

Pei Qi eyes flashed a smile, he took off his fur coat cloak for Fan put away, and considerate to fasten the action with his face does not match Lengsu gentle, "cold weather, take care of yourself, It was not to catch cold. "

This is two years he often have some unexpected action, Fan far have become accustomed to, this cloak warm wonders, he sincerely thank:. "Thank you, princes"

Pei Qi to help him manage its clothes, Nianqi his strand of hair in her hand, staring for a moment slowly: "Really do not accompany the king?"

"Do not take the trouble to princes, and my father is a prince who, princes uninvited afraid to go bad, under this line is nothing but for the sake of filial piety, princes do not have to worry."

Pei Qi nodded, put down his hair and said: "Zaoquzaohui.."

Fan far cry should withdraw his study, it is snowing outside, there were numerous wanton float in the air, in the end Prince House between the ice and snow is very quiet. Since the emperor was seriously ill, Pei Qi began closed thank, in addition to daily towards dealing with political affairs and the palace paternity disease, other times see themselves locked up in the palace.

He turned and glanced inside the room, vaguely see Pei Qi standing tall and straight back, this man means to the more sophisticated than written in the book, he did not comparable with the Prince, the Emperor passed away until spring next year, he It will inherit large systems.

By that time the main story unfold, this brilliant Pei Qi will disappear what he would order a woman to become indecisive, and even personally brought ruin yourself .........

Fan Pinch far corner of the cloak,Clothes also left the TV drama temperature of the human body and the faint smell of incense from the bottom of my heart poured out a touch of sour, if it is the person, if it is the Pei Qi, he is willing, with life to guard his love.

Choi's side bowed and said:. "Son, and gift horse was ready, under the orders of the princes of the escort son go Houfu"

Fan thank all the way to the sentence, he took the lead and walked toward the palace gates.

Since all already doomed, so long as he follows the fate, step by step toward their own ending, this is like.

"Bite, the system detects the master generate strong emotions, please amendments owner as soon as possible, in the long run will be very dangerous."

Fan away lightly: "I am a person, not a machine, someone will naturally appreciate good for me, this is normal there is no need to fix, I will not be like the world as, at the expense of the mission to return, Do not worry. they must not secretly detect my emotions, I do not like. "

"Ding is."

The owner of such intellectual decisive, and much like its former master, since that world, he is somewhat unusual, is it deliberately bad temper to vent it? Human ah, it really is difficult to get to know.


To the well-being Houfu, Fan took away the palace attendants handing me the gift, only slightly open sweep of the eye, turned out to be a box of the finest Millennium ginseng, a lot of money and more expensive, but it is quite mind. Even these little things are on the heart, he really is everything ah.

Fan smiled into the Houfu far, two servant does not want to love came over, his face wearing fake smiles: "two young master, master commanded, and if you are coming, they lead you straight to the library. "

Par for the course, looking not move far Fan does not care and said:. "Led the way"

Go slowly lay the study, the West looked east to see, first came to this world, he lived for several months in Houfu, was actually not properly shopped, and now it seems the scenery is good.

I do not know when to begin, he only has eyes for the task, and nothing to the past to enjoy it more and more anxious, more and more is not very calm and quiet, just like his own.

He turned and saw that the two leaders of the blind servant being anxious sweating profusely, he smiled and said: "There is nothing in a hurry, and if Duke blame him, how can you fail to get the two messenger who suffer. "

When he finished with a smile and walked on.

The two men looked at each other behind him, Duke dare call soon so presumptuous, two young master really the more insane.

Prince Pei Yu and Xiao Domingo in the study have been waiting a long time, see Fan away late, are not very nice looking.

Far Fan repeatedly civil action and said:. "Caomin seen the prince, seen his father adults, all the way down the snow had just stopped the coach a lot slower than usual, to keep you waiting."

Listen to him so perfunctory, Prince had not very fun, happiness Houchao own fleet winking, he stopped Kankan blame it, then remember he still has things to explain Xiaoyuan, only slowly look and said: "No hinder, sit down. "

Fan far too blunt, direct sit down, put aside the hot tea slowly goods up.

Prince temper impatient to see him look so slow,Anxious and said: "The youngest recently there have any intelligence?"

Fan away reluctantly said: "Prince you know, last Caomin help you inquire about the news inadvertently exposed his true, Prince seemed to be aware of what end, how is so easy to inquire about the news."

Prince angry and said: "You dare to mention the last time, you said the youngest Lee received bribes to know the state of the house has just handed you this suriko impeach him to his father that afternoon he would bring the universe to send silver temple, morally? Lee bribe him know the state prosecution, and finally ended up not tolerate this temple brotherhood were the first to be reprimanded his father, being laughed at baiguan! "

Fan distant look innocent, "Your Highness, the Prince of Caomin know where the end is so impartiality, it is not tens of thousands of two, that's a full one million taels of silver ah! Caomin experience short-sighted laity, how can think Prince would end this lift. "

Prince grunted heavily, but do not make things difficult for him and instead Yinhen a chuckle:. "Now that is not to steal information out, you will always drugged it."

Then he looked toward Xiao Domingo, Xiao Domingo knowing, from the cuff and took out a white paper bag and handed FAN far, not salty not pale tone and said: "This is Seven-San, into the end of meals or Prince tea, fewer than a quarter to three he would Darien. "

Fan took away the paper bag and looked at the open, Couguo nose and sniffed, he carefully wrapped well, seriously said: "Dad you really good skill, Seven rivers and lakes scattered ban this drug can get * hand, son admire. "

Xiao Domingo cold smile, "less nonsense, no shortage of things are after your benefits, you help the DPRK to seek a an official post is not difficult, it all depends on your own fight disappointing."

Fan almost laughed out far, things are after him as well as to stay alive? What are the benefits, what an official post, cheat children also similar.

"My son is not willing to do, but princes are all after tea after meals will entrance examination, I'm just a mere counselors, how can this opportunity, I am afraid all the way prescription does not work."

Prince Edward laugh:.. "Xiaoyuan, you pretend to be installed, and now the big summer have the opportunity to get close to the youngest, not what got left you a present sent to the house of so many Americans and American teenagers, all fail and return the widely circulated, Prince has broken end of a sleeve of addiction, and you are the darling of his flesh. "

Fan far frown, Chen Sheng said:. "When the market rumors not true, Caomin but is not trusted advisers nothing."

Prince heavy a pound the table, Nu Ji said: "Xiaoyuan, you put this temple as a fool when rumors not true, you've got this cloak could you lie could there really move the heart betrayed him this temple two!?? years ago you that remarks on this temple birthday feast, later clarified that drunken words, this is not, in fact, is wine there is truth, right? "

Fan imminent hanging far, palms gently caress the body of a black fur coat cloak, knowing that this is wrong or reluctant to warm, it was his mistake. But anyway, anyway, it is to turn hostile, for what reason is not important.

"Two years ago the wine, then when not true, but the past two years by more than Caomin princes care, prescription do whatever is under this do not come out, please forgive me His Royal Highness Prince Edward."

Prince Edward black face and said: "This temple, if it refused to forgive me?!"

Fan far replied evenly: "end of the Palace of the carriage at the moment is waiting outside Houfu,See Caomin safe to go back, I am afraid Duan will not let go. "

Prince stood up, threw the sweep hand cup fruit to the ground, pointing to his curse: "Well you XiaoYuan, you really would have had the heart of rebel Pei Qi gave you any good, so you dare! so this temple! Do not think that this temple is a good bullying! Kai Bae you willing to be lackeys, Japan temple may want to come to the throne, what would you end up?! "

Fan far muddy care products a cup of tea and said:. "Japan to the throne of the person who really is remains to be seen."

He brought his own into boxes next to Shaw Domingo hand, "Today this is to give my father's birthday, which is a gift, the son of inconvenience to stay, which is to leave."

He went out without dragging its feet, Pei Yu furious in the study, he put far as the eye utensils smashed a clean, calm the anger still unknown, mouth shouted: "a Cacalia God, that the king would dare clamor really! outrageous! "

Xiao Domingo always calm sitting in a chair, he opened the gift and saw Flanagan finest ginseng, mouth hint of a smile, "Your Highness appease minister this unfilial though eccentric, haphazard work, but it is somewhat true ability, otherwise how Duan from a not favored prince, now rise to this position. "

Prince said: "He may have been seeking refuge Pei Qi we going to humble the king to ask him please!?!"

Xiao Domingo shook his head: ".. Why so much trouble, he was the son of humanity twist enough, once determined to do what others can not stay stopped is better to dig up the roots, and is pretty crisp."

Prince startled by startled, suddenly smiled and said:. "But the youngest was still waiting for him to go back to it."

"As long as he was out of Houfu, what other surprises you and me who can be held responsible, it is Duan, can only eat Yaba Kui."

"Duke really willing, but XiaoYuan son of the Duke."

Xiao Domingo put the Millennium ginseng box cover, cold tone, said:. "What could not bear, a nothing evil creature"


"Bite, the next story, the owner will be arrested and Prince dungeon torture, pain pills to ask whether the exchange."

Fan far against the cushion, silent for a moment slowly:. "For the time being do not, so I beat it to say."

Let him see what is not, as he thought, so many coincidences, and then dumb down may Buchengtitong up.

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