Chapter 3.6

Chapter 3.6

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Fan far looked at the male chic to leave the back, almost going out of hand Kang, growled: "men, you do not go, let us look at the stars moon romantic talk, talk about the ideal life is good, do not! ,it is good!"

But in fact, he only watched Pei Qi disappeared in his line of sight, Yingfengliulei.

"Xiao Wu, how do I feel particularly cold north wind tonight, even the chest too cool."


See his inaction, waiting at the side of Choi kindly remind him:. "Xiao Gongzi, waiting for you in the master bedroom, let the master so anxious I am afraid that is not good."

Fan far recovered hear his words, not only do not appreciate, but glowered at him, slowly walked to the bedroom, the mouth dissatisfaction muttered: "Your boss is really too headstrong, how much people wash bath also serve others, you thought he was a child. "

Choi closest to him his words heard clearly, he wiped his forehead dripping sweat, heart meditation: "I heard nothing, heard nothing ........."

Fan Kai Bae far to the bedroom, the hearts of hesitation, the courage finally knocked on the door.

He consoled himself said: Qi Gu guy too young, energetic mind not firm, he accidentally broke bend is also normal, but Kai Bae is not the same ah, this guy who grew up in the barracks, saying soldiers riffraff riffraff soldiers, certainly simply no where to go, what Zhibuding played it, where he used to worry about.

Moreover, the original owners of this world looks barely be considered handsome, delicate than not care goes away pretty face, where it will dispel evil it? In fact, he need not think too much.

Good psychological achievements, he really would relax a lot, patiently waiting for the call of Pei Qi, and so on for a long while to see there is no response, he proceeded to push the door open.

The male adult's bedroom he was not the first time, did in the past. "Gardener," we frequented, he was later reused there is no reason to come back, flash has been months in the past, as much as some of the unfamiliar.

With his vague memory went to the baths, Pei Qi's bedroom through a geothermal spring water a day, twelve hour continuous supply of the natural hot springs, very envious of his previous treatment of the male diamond luxury level, now have the opportunity enjoy, but he is not very happy, can not help but sigh God get people ah!

Close to the hot tub, Fan far vaguely hear the sound of water, apparently Pei Qi has been under the sink are a sponge bath, he bite the bullet and went inside.

Pei Qi being let loose with an ink hair standing in the pool, beautiful, yet unobtrusive abdominal looming in the touch of water vapor, a pair of strong arms against the casual warm moist rock walls, like a sleeping panther, sexy, but also dangerous.

His whole family had light eyes slowly opened to hear the sound, deep black eyes lazy Fan swept away, mouth complained:. "Very slow, let the king and so quickly impatient."

Fan shook away the beauty of the immediate slightly surprised a moment, over and over again spoiled his general tone, actually give birth to a false sense of himself being seduced.

He swallowed swallowing, the key is that he seems to really be tempted to, hemp eggs he will not really bend it ......... No, no,This is absolutely impossible! But he has been known as male with male group, no longer straight big straight, straight, male, ah!

Fan far made an effort, trepidation replied:. "Under the late, please princes indulgences"

Pei Qi impatiently interrupted: "Come help the king Cabei."

Fan Yuanhu footer startled, that moment he felt extremely heavy weight over their feet, and even set aside a small step forward is very difficult, he was very worried that once taken this small step, he will become the base of stir historic leap in the way of a big step, because now his heart beat a little unusual frequency ah Hey!

"Xiao Wu, how do I feel thirsty, as if there is fire in the heart, head and burn it, this is not normal, I'm absolutely straight man ah!"

A few moments fifth replied: "bite, according to the results of the detection system, the owner of the body has reminders * components of the drug situation, because the indoor temperature is high already begun onset, fifth speculated that Orient House wine was moving the hands and feet. "

Fan far surprised, "What, wine have been altered?! But the male Heliaohaoji pot! No wonder he was so unusual tonight, are not as drunk drunk, Prince was so insidious, you help me quickly exchange antidote, to two! "

"Love bite ......... reminder * drugs no antidote, only two ways, either let it out, or forbearance in the past."

Fan fried hair away all of a sudden, the "tolerance in the past?! What is this special spring * drug ah, forbearance past easier said than done!"

He was about to complain a few words to divert attention, suddenly appeared in front of a strong chest, drops of water slide down a few lines on a healthy wheat color, such as ink-black hair loose over her shoulders, tilted his head lazy man he looked at the whole person was actually indescribable charm.

Fan away quickly turn on the face, calm breathing, voice Diya said: "! Princes, under the suddenly think there are a few important matter to deal with, if not ......... ah"

He was not finished with the fall of Pei Qi took water, warm clothes instantly wet springs, steaming with how much reason he had not left, has become increasingly difficult to stay awake, and that the culprit Gouzhao culprit was looking at him smiling lips, showing a bit actually look innocent, let him have air unable to pay.

Pei Qi Mouguang dark and difficult to understand, he grabbed the hand Fan far affix their own hot cheek, Dinan said:. "Xiaoyuan, I'm hot, very uncomfortable."

Not the self-proclaimed "this temple," not a self-proclaimed "king", but with a pathetic tone, said, "I", so will only ever drunk when Pei Qi, Fan far consciously soft-hearted, it has become a habit, but sometimes the most terrible habit.

Like at the moment, although Kai Pei lying on his shoulders, hugging himself, he does not feel there is anything wrong with it, but do their best to calm the hearts of hot, comforting him and said: "Royal Highness, you no longer brook forbearance, well soon. "

Pei Qi shook his head slowly, in a low voice pleaded: "? No ......... I'm depressed all the way, I just feel more and more uncomfortable, XiaoYuan you help me, okay."

Fan Far heart missed a beat, it has always been a macho tough guy image shows a nine meters, now lying in his ear, whispered to help him pray for himself, feeling let his male self-esteem has been greatly Satisfy.

He unconsciously replied: "The princes want to subordinate how to help you?"

Pei Kai grabbed his hand, with his slowly move down, has been hard to touch a hot, Fan far subconsciously surprised to want to escape, but was holding his wrist tightly covered with tough slowly caress that office, he was breathing heavy, mouth shamelessly said:. "Xiaoyuan, XiaoYuan, you promised to help me."

Fan away tears, just want one killed, the world he was no less Xu Fang forced to do such a thing, not only after the end of each hand distressed wrist pain, but the mind also suffered heavy losses, did not expect it to leave a metamorphosis, they encountered a strength of the fine points of the patient, how he was so unlucky!

Pei Qi took him to the edge of a pool, so he sat on a stone beside the pool, soak in hot springs in his legs still, in the Fan thought he was going to let himself away, a little relieved when they found themselves suddenly under * a cool, pants Pei Qi hit that fellow away.

"(⊙_⊙) ???"

Fan far was about to protest, surprised to find Pei Qi gently hold his lifeblood, Fan far gasped, who had eased the desire * Wang, Kai Bae rise again in hot palm.

Just listen to Pei Qicheng Ken give advice: "We help each other, okay?"

Madan! Who'd you help each other ah! Ah you give I let go ah!

But ......... it seems quite comfortable?


After the two hour, like a dead body lying in a far Fan Pei Qi bed, palms almost about to wear out a layer of skin, delicate skin of the thigh has red one, Pei Qi was holding a bottle of refreshing for him to smear cream Yulu redness at the Fan away slightly opened his eyes glanced at him, then there feebly closed - he has 破罐子破摔 up.

For this guy's shameless degree, Fan away again with a deeper understanding, say it is mutual help, but this simply is not the same staying power ah! He defeated both hands turns into battle, and eventually even also contributed leg ......... rely on, he was told that men should become cannon * Friends?

Fan simply wants to die a death far, not been able to hold on the bottom line of how his iron will actually easy to be defeated * Spring medicine this kind of thing, this is over, all over!

"Xiao Wu, you say how can I do ah qaq"


"I know this is my fault, all my fault not firm, but you as my leather | life comrades, I can not give up ah / (tot) / ~~"

"Bite, fifth in fact, was about to report to the owner, although the owner severely distorted the original owner of the plot and the main plot, but the current system does not receive any warning or reminder, the story progress is still normal to about 30 percent."

"What? Is he dead drama king?"

"The only explanation is that the world system vulnerability monitoring section appears, has not repaired, the owner again escaped, owner please take this opportunity to correct errors in a timely manner."

Fan Far eyes light up, as had been hollowed out body suddenly full of blood resurrection, he pushed Pei Qi to help their hands on the drug, sincere and said: "not take the trouble to princes, under for yourself."

Pei Qi Mouzhong flashed a hint of regret, quietly closing the hand, the bottle of cream stuffed into the hands of far Fan,"Today is the king confused, forced persecuted you, if you want to give you an account of the king, the king can ........."

"No, no, do not give me an explanation! No, under mean, princes too serious, trivial matter and not worth mentioning ........."

Yi Yi Huh? Where it seems wrong, he quickly remedied said: "today but Prince dirty tricks, princes and all are under the victim, the princes do not mind, just do not mention the matter to expose too, as nothing will happen it is good."

Pei Kai stared at his beautiful eyes, after a long while means unknown: "The mortgage pass it over ah, really is a good way."

Fan away suddenly felt a little dangerous, the heart is still safer to get out, "there are some chores do not think under the deal, if there is no other princes commanded, under which they retire."

Pei Qi moved away a step, clear understanding of nodded and said:. "Then you will go to busy, remember to apply medicine"

Fan should far cry from the bed quickly climbed down, ran toward the door, he took a few steps he suddenly paused.

He turned teeth and said: "Please princes, borrow under a pair of pants."

# When they find themselves at that moment my heart was chilly collapse #

# On the naked and the men of the Lord by pants which is more humiliating #

# The male host, do not think you Pianguo Tou go I do not know you're laughing! ! #

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