Chapter 3.5

Chapter 3.5

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Although a bit far Fan dizzy, but have not drunk to the point of unconsciousness, is closely linked to the waist by Pei Qi in his arms, warm cheek against his chest, trance actually had a sense of time-warped .

Once he flashed in his mind over, but that he quickly left behind an idea, and now suddenly emerge from the mind.

He looked up to see Pei Qi, his solemn face cheerful chill, unlike the gentle spoiled Gao Yu, unlike accommodate Gu Qi is not the bottom line, but also from the party Xu overbearing and possessive almost abnormal, why are there such a strong sense of familiarity?

"Bite, in principle, that possibility is almost zero, every little person in the world, even if it is to have the male world of air transport blessing, will not have this ability. Owner will feel familiar, probably because their acting style is eclectic, and disrupted the plot. "

Fan far certainly know this is extremely unlikely, the reason he felt this idea is too ridiculous, but people feel is a hard to say things, even he baffled.

"Maybe I was drunk, Xiao Wu to help me exchange a bottle of hangover medicine now."

"Bite, hangover drugs already been successfully redeemed, the owner will restore awake in ten seconds."

Fan away feeling brain awake a lot, this position is too ambiguous, and he pushed hard Pei Qi, of course, as always, motionless.

As a scholar physically very weak, to open a martial arts perennial of nine meters brawny, ephemera tantamount to shake the tree, not to mention this guy is still the main man! Goldfinger has gold thigh and the aura of the male protagonist adults! He still save energy it .........

Care of the household there flushed cheeks, pointing to them, "You, you, you ........."

So "you, you" for a long time could not hold back a word, just far Fan thought she was angry when already can not speak, just listen to the care of the household angry accusations and said: "! You shameless"

Fan Yuan: "........." Why always feel anything wrong?

Pei Kai Leng Heng soon, Fan finally let go away, he turned to look at without feeling the slightest cold Joseph Road to the care of the household, his tone: "This is the king and XiaoYuan things others fail to get given a voice, is today in the Lok Hou did not dare so rampant, I do not know where's the position of Miss Shaw massive criticism for his brother. in the past have often heard it said Shaw female one hundred requirements, today to see, we know the so-called conservation door lady also so much. "

Xiao Guo Zhedeng wronged by the street where glass, because there is Prince backing, is the palace of the princess Chongfei all her pleasant, family sought her son who does not, so today was hit by a man reprimanded, she felt humiliated , wronged uncomfortable, she is clearly well-intentioned reminder, XiaoYuan do not appreciate it fills the joint outsiders actually to bully themselves, it is too much!

She glared Fan apricot eye all the way: "Today you are repent, admit me to go home to his father, or to follow the end of Wales, continue to do his his ......... ........."

Fan Yuanguang are all anxious to hear her speak for her, do not move against Pei Qi is the counselor what, in the end what is unspeakable! Such prevarication you easily makes dreams ah!

He interrupted Xiao street glass case,Righteous: "I will never betray princes, as his father, the future will be to him from confessing his sin."

His voice faded, surrounded by a sucking sound, Xiao street glass was unbelievable looked at him with punches against the lip of Pei Qi whispered and laughed.

Fan far ((⊙_⊙)?): "........." He just said something wrong yet?

Fifth: "........." appalling.

Pei Qi Xiao unfamiliar lips bent glass and said: "XiaoYuan choice, Miss Shaw must hear what."

Xiao street Daileng the glass has not knowing react, actually nice nod.

Fan will then be far outwards around Pei Qi took until out the door, as if from all sides can feel hot behind the eyes, as if he said something extraordinary, then, but he does not say exactly where ? !

On the carriage, da da da hoofs to go to the palace, he was frowning looked at the male adults have been Gouzhuo shallow mouth, felt a little bad.

"Xiao Wu! You tell me how matter in the end, I obviously follow the script of the play, how other people react so strange ah!"

"............" It selects play dead.

Fan Far urgent: "Hurry fifth say!!"

"Bite, in fact, the owner does not have to care about these details, although the main man for the owner to block the attacks, but the owner of the plot basically no distortion, as long as the persistent efforts, the task of this world will soon ........."

Fan far interrupted him, serious and said: "! Do not change the subject, I want to hear the truth."

The fifth silent silent, slowly: "bite, in fact, today the owner was drunk when she ......... care of the household."

"XiaoYuan! You have no Honesty and Honor, now the capital are full of baseless rumor pass you, say that you are fed by the Prince of child molestation end, you not only do not avoid arousing suspicion, and he through the streets, so now flirting at the banquet, intimate you put a face on our well-being Houfu what the? "

Fan far transfixed listening to the whole person, this, this, this and that good is not the same ah Hey! Adult female controls how can you take advantage of confused me when tampering with the lines it! Just despicable! Simply outrageous! Simply vexatious!

He is the answer to the how? No rebuttal, no excuse, only filled with sincere and passionate, he said slowly sonorous said: "good birds greener pastures ......... I will never betray princes ........."

Madan! Fan burst into far just want to cry, his face is in front of half a large civil and military officials of the Xia Dynasty, announced that, cabinets, the, ah!

Pei Qi saw him he turned to a look of no love, desolate, Barbara is pathetic.

He bowed his head with his close Fan far on the TV, shining glory Mouzhong difficult to distinguish emotions, just listen to him and said: "say those words, you regret it?"

Of course I regret it! Almost regret the intestines are green, okay! However, he only nodded slightly, mouth guilt and said:. "Under today with some wine, and not very sober mind, speech loudly to the princes trouble."

Pei Qi said: "The king just care about, you said today, but the truth?"

"........." Fan far swallow swallowing, the script did not say when the original owners of the active male mind, so for the time being does not have to think twice, only said: "The princes joking, you and I are in love woman man, this is just the case of under dizzy sometimes succeed tongue fast,No one thought would be stuffed under a big mistake, I am afraid that tomorrow will take the prince to suppress the rumor princes ......... "

Pei enable the index finger pressed to his lips to stop him to go, hum disdain laughed: "? Pei Yu do not need to worry about that stuff, you mean you remark today, carried away just because"

Fan Far nodded: "It is true."

"If the king said that he did not love the woman, southerly prefer it."


Fan away a white face, stunned and speechless, this is another main man bent? ? ?

Pei Qi stared at him for a moment, long light laugh:. "So scared, the king nothing but a joke with you."

But a joke ...... scary individuals you make do not make! ! ! Fan far in just a moment heart experienced ups and downs, feel tired, but still flattering: "The princes joking ........."

Pei Qi took his hand and shouts and said:. "Son not"

Fan staring far pricked, his son is a non-word, usually no one had called, at first sound almost did not react, he glanced at the male, to see him twist the eyebrow, forehead actually somewhat fragile, it is some of his It spoiled when drunk feeling.

He reflexively at the soft voice: "The princes have anything?"

Just listen to the male slowly: "You know, you're in my heart and others are different, even if not love, is not far from."

Fan away slightly hesitated a moment and said:. "Royal Highness was valued, is under lucky."

Peiqi Song brow and smiles: "The king is the reaction you would have guessed, seemingly do not care, in fact, you are like the king, others are eager to pamper, is not it?"

Fan far silent, he was not sure now whether Pei Qi is awake or already drunk, drunk Pei Qi face him down as long as he can live in peace, if he is not drunk, you have to worry a lot, for example, he whether the test him about, or have other motives, after all, is the last of origin because of his death.

Pei Qi lifted his chin with his on the TV, face or laughing, his voice was mixed with bitterness, "you do not have to be afraid, the king can promise you, as long as the king alive for one day, it will protect you day. Lok Hou Ye Hao, Prince Edward worth mentioning, is Dangjinshengshang, who can not move you. "

Fan Far heart shock, this speech after Pei Qi throne, equivalent to an amnesty, why he wants that kind of commitment, they feared he did not believe him? He really getting not read.

He paused tentative opening said: "? Princes think, how home girl glass street"

Pei Qi lightly: "No how."

When he finished he let go, to find a comfortable position to lie down, not words.

Too, I do not want to talk about the meaning of this is, is it because today women inside the sturdy performance scared, destroyed her beautiful image in his mind of? This should not be ah! Although the original is not to say the same, but the performance did not really care of the household much worse. Is it because they were misunderstood is off a sleeve, so disheartened? This possibility is actually larger.

But men should develop exactly how it does not matter to him with the care of the household, as long as Pei Qi does not bend his last cup of poisoned wine you'll feel, with how they toss.

He thought very nice, but after a word out of the carriage the male to dispel the original self-confidence.Just listen to the male casually walked on, leaving the sentence: "to the king room, bath serve the king."

Mu bath ......... .........

Accompanied by several guards immediately lowered his head and did not look at them. Fan little darling is far more shocked, and almost did not give the male adults kneel down, you Ah this is playing with fire not made made? !

Throughout the ages, all bathed it indispensable to undress, what frank relatively simply not be too normal, although both men have nothing to scruples, the key is ......... Gu Qi is how he bent to still remember it!

# Han light comes tease of gay men with really hurt can not afford! #

# Whose counselor comes Cuozao service ah angry wrestling! #

# Give me a raise, even if I do not want to do ah (╯ `□ ') ╯(┻━┻ #

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