Chapter 3.4

Chapter 3.4

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Fast forward past six months, summer and winter, Prince House recently put on the plaque plaque ends Prince House, gilt characters shine in the sun.

Pei Qicheng first place has been called the Prince of Wales, Prince outrank grateful, second only to Prince Pei Yu. His forces had fostered soon, especially receive strong support of the generals, moving in more tenable, has naturally become a thorn in the flesh of Prince nails, wished he could be eradicated.

But the male is a man, after all, the main protagonist halo Guards simply, what the assassination, what frame-up, what Notorious Mei Nanji all to no avail, all those conspiracy overtly Prince boondoggle, throw good money after bad, only His Majesty the emperor can hugged thigh, continued triumphantly.

Seeing the smooth progress of the plot, Fan did not dare let slip away, which is the world gave him painful lessons. As he watched the movements of Prince Edward school to help men should make plans, while passing false information on his father installed in front of grandchildren, the way he gave useful information, do not be too good double agent, Fan far to feel his acting can get Jin little something.

Although daily life has been very busy, he also tried to set aside time to focus on the trend of Pei Qi, he is not afraid of bad for himself, but he was afraid of the male when he's all too easy to bend, and it really is the world cup with the.

Fortunately, the current main male adults is no exception, the only place that made him a headache from time to time he made a drunken, high frequency to make far-Fan was worried that he would not alcoholism.

Who would have thought out all fear for the Rakshasa ghost of the three princes actually a fragile heart of the small poor? ! Yiyanbuge will want a drink to vent, Yiyanbuge would get drunk, Yiyanbuge bacchanal bacchanal ...... even if, for the hair every time regarded him as his mother ah? !

Fan also beginning to feel a little distressed him away, thought it not easy child, father hurt your mother does not love, brothers and sisters can not wait for him to die, all kinds of poison trap after another, not long crooked grew up in this environment strange, because the female host of a meal grace note is not more than ten years can not understand. Although the original owner is slag point, but when the emperor there are a few who do not slag it? So he is still very poor.

However, no sad story, you listen to a ten or twenty times there would be no feeling, Pei Qi this guy though poor, poor original owners do not you? It all can not be that guy every time I drink it drag on for him, and drunk always thought of him as the reason his mother spoiled ah! Do not know your own strength great thing?

You know, every time the male drunk, his neck and waist to be battered, was so big when people pillow all night when, even after he straightened are struggling! Now the entire end of the Prince House Kai Bae thought that guy was a good south wind, while he was in addition to his counselor, also part-time molestation, child! Think I felt really sad to not breathe!

# I said I was actually straight male you believe it qaq #

# The male adult you dare for individuals bacchanal? ! #

# This is the first really bad counselors when _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

Fan away by sitting in the carriage secretly looked at are the main adult male eyes closed,He was an awe-inspiring momentum Huagui Xuan clothes, the whole body exudes a stranger not to close the gas field, with a different person when he's drunk.

Fan away suddenly said: "Xiao Wu, you say if I told Pei Qi protest, so he will not come to me bacchanal, will have some effect?"

"Bite, according to the performance of the male this a few times, it is clear that he will not forget what happened after sober when drunk, if the owner told him the truth, to the male personality, most likely murdered his master."

"......... it or forget it, I would Ren Ren, anyway, do not affect the plot / (tot) / ~~"

"Bite the next story in the Orient House, the owner will conflict with the care of the household, please be prepared in advance."

Fan all the way: "Never mind, but a vexatious little girl, in addition to the script in the lines, I can not hit the other reviled not fight back, the story certainly can not crooked."

"Bite ........." Although I think he rightly said that where always feel strange.

Prince's birthday feast in the original but the most important story, because here the male Pei Qi finally see the white moon Nama his heart, his chest sinking cinnabar mole - Xiao street care of the household glass, and he also learned that his years of yearning hearts girls obsessed, turned out to be their own rival fiancee, he out of anger, she vowed she will need to recapture.

As a gay man with a cannon fodder, under the story here is much simpler compared to going, as I said before, women Xiao street she was a little silly little white glass a bit of Our Lady, but she had a trait that she was unruly.

It's no wonder, because they looked very young female controls Jade Snow had lovely Prince's favor, Prince requested grant marriage with his Majesty, peace Houfu originally soon fell into decline, but because it pleasant surprise rise again in the capital, the entire House who does not put in her holding in her hand, where she was for fear knock bumped, really loved to the extreme, making her patience and pure impulse, but also some savage arrogant.

In fact, she knew Prince and Prince has been the wrong end of this whole big thing Xia hardly unknown, known to everybody, but she did not know XiaoYuan fact, his father personally gave Pei Qi, so the Prince but to see the birthday feast XiaoYuan and Prince side of the relationship is very intimate, heart alarmed, thinking could there since the end of Prince recently outshine Prince, seeking refuge with the prince jumped on the bandwagon over XiaoYuan end.

Shu seeking refuge with his brother's fiance enemy, how this can be! It must, of course is not possible! This is the shining betrayal, ah, how to lift it to her future head in front of the Prince! She had to persuade him to hold back, should he refused to listen, let his father Disciplines wait and see if he still dare so spineless!

The original XiaoYuan fact, his sister the illegitimate quite a good impression, after all, she is so good-natured, unlike Di brother always bullied him, some Miss temper is understandable, he felt hurt.

However, under a large crowd she accountability is that he did not think, women punish a sentence on the heart, such as sword-like shot on him, such as "loss of conscience, regardless of right and wrong," "ungrateful, unworthy fathers column Zong, "" wild ambition, disloyalty, "every word is enough to make him ruin,She was always open a pair of innocent eyes innocent and did not know their own words how much destruction.

Original owners decisive angry, tough he said: "good birds greener pastures, I seek refuge with out the Lord why not?"

Care of the household did not think he dared to argue, she used to sail with the wind, the angry fruit cake splashed on the case directly to him, XiaoYuan is a plate smashed his forehead, most of the people present prince who, naturally no one Xiao street would laugh glass naive, but XiaoYuan embarrassed laugh.

Finally, a word of origin in order to prevent the male embarrassment, self please leave, leaving only a thin but straight back.

This tragic drama is the test of acting, Fan far good brewing for a moment, allow yourself to enter the state, get free time to play well, ooc the worst of times, it might suddenly crashed into the male's deep black eyes.

Pei Qi stared at him for a moment, long opening: "? You are very sad."

Fanyuan Li Ma tears ran, the hair is always embarrassing when he met, will not be a coincidence point!

He put a calm sighed, his eyes suffused with melancholy, slowly: "Actually, my mother's death anniversary around the corner, I do not think she departed governor, now have named her appearance can not remember, can not help but some sad. "

Pei Qi nodded, no wave no Lan said: "This is really sad people."

Fan away quietly relieved, no longer say.

After a quarter of an hour carriage stopped at the Orient House, and Pei Qi Fan far one of the car, and soon there came chamberlain and guided them into the lobby.

Although the whole big Xia know that they do not deal with the brothers, but still have to face the situation tolerable, if much noise is too stiff, there is not good account of the Emperor, not good service people. Day home brotherhood, pale people get upset.

Chodo are struggling because of the recent renovation of corrupt officials and bribery matter, Rao is the birthday of the Prince did not dare go too far, one seat banquet though not too frugal but there is no extravagance, no neatly and general Prince two.

Fan can not drink away, but dine quietly, occasionally there are like inadvertently swept like care of the household where the direction, pay attention to the situation. Pei Qi is next to a person drank stuffy wine, which guests are all sold-out Prince, he's a man not invited, he was unhappy is normal.

But is not it a bit too fast drink? In this case, if drunk bacchanalian ......... damn picture is so beautiful that he can not think!

Seeing him drink more cheerful, it makes brought a few pots, Fan also gave away the rules are not rules, and quickly held out his hand to stop him and said: "Royal Highness, you drink too fast, it is easy drunk."

Pei Qi has brought back the lips, does not care: "The worry, since there will be dark if drunk guard escorted me back to the House, will not let you pack the king back, you too weak, the king could not bear ......... . "

Mom Da not to be so ambiguous, ah, that would not have been drunk now!

Fan glanced away empty table has a few white glaze blue pot, feeling a little crash, this guy can exhort people not to listen how good, thought only suggested: "If not accompany with you under Drink, drink alone have become more than a taste not? "

Pei Kai raised an eyebrow, his eyes flashed a touch of naked, he asked: "Are you sure?"

Fan far heavy nodded his head, a very low degree of ancient wine, drink a pot of Lianghu no problem, he took the jug Pei Qi poured him a small cup, then give yourself over on a whole cup, put Jiuzhong Road : "since these days under the care of more by the princes, the cup under the King Royal Highness."

Fan far one the next glass of wine to drink, just drinking at heart will be some regret, this wine is much more than he had imagined strong, if drinking a pot of Zhibuding will not drunk, he just hesitated, surprised to find male that there has been a main drinking a small cup full of himself but also on Fan snatched his hand away quickly jug, mouth praise:. "let it pour subordinate to back princes"

Then poured a small cup to help him, for themselves full on, like death calmly said:. "Under the first for the King."

So you drink a cup half a cup of my whole pot, Fan far feel a little dizzy themselves, but can barely sustain consciousness, just wanted to redeem myself for the fifth bottle of hangover medicine, care of the household being aggressive towards fleet own way.

He widened his eyes seriously with women inside round eyes and a sentence like firecrackers reprove himself, buzzing ears felt as if muted in general, but the specific content could not hear a word, He's happy girls too much, then it is a bit noisy some.

Until she stopped down, he felt that was the time to say his lines, he said: "? Good birds greener pastures, I seek refuge with out the Lord why not."

Care of the household really angry and set off towards the table jug butterfly bowl beat him in the past, Fan will be determined far stood looking bat, but it was suddenly pulled a bit, someone will protect him in his arms, with his back to those It was even block down.

Crackling burst of porcelain floor and broke the sound, the whole atmosphere dignified.

# This scene somewhat familiar (⊙o⊙) #

# Ma da main man you do not play by the rules! #

# I hope never to have been drunk to go wake up! #

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