Chapter 3.5 [anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Chapter 3.5 [anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

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Fan distant history of role-playing less there for hundreds of years, during which he met a variety of wonderful drama, actor and actress for some special reason to fly situation is not without some drama encountered, because the protagonist of space-time shock met extension is there, he also met several times through the woman even grab a special case of air transport and care of the household of men, but ......

Male owners and female controls the first meeting, without any warning, so happy to become brothers and sisters, this wonderful story exactly how to do? !

Insist that good care of the household disguised as a man looking for love it?

That good men should first see dressed in women's care of the household, a time scared to Heaven, vows to marry her then?

He said good friend first, and then fell in love, great love, a sense of heaven and earth is it?

He must not wake up, still dreaming of it!

"Bite, owner please stay calm, though the story crooked, but there is room to save, and if the owner is sure to buckle ooc a reward."

"Also how to save, we have become sister ah! Princess specification to treat each other, and to proclaim that this is the rhythm of the world ah! Tomorrow it will be able to spread throughout the city of Chang'an, leaving everyone knows!"

"Bite, the current owner has been carried away by anger, fifth recommended value exchange experiences reveal a bottle of pure heart."

Mall of commodity systems can be used to exchange experience, Fan walk-away for so many years, accumulated the most is experience, but this is the case, hear the pure heart dew of the moment, he is still a bit under ...... this Routeng It is really expensive!

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

System wide range of goods inside the mall, there are three categories, and strengthen the physical, mental strengthening, and strengthen the spiritual power. Strengthen physical fitness is the most inferior, in general, it does not need a lot of experience. The second is to strengthen the intelligence, this is not the people to strengthen the rapid increase IQ, but increased dramatically over time the memory and learning ability, very suitable for the novice to understand the world of human knowledge. Finally, there is the finest spiritual force enhancement products, this kind of thing is not expensive, is your death, your breath meditation from a bottle of pure heart dew need tens of thousands of experience is evident.

Fan endured far Routeng, trembling and said: "......... Well, redeem it."

Bottle of pure heart is rapidly absorbed Lu Fan far, he finally calmed down, my mind finally awake a lot. Convergence angry face, as if to calm mood swings just simply does not exist too general.

Also just can not wait to eat him, the moment changed back iceberg face, Wei Ming unexpectedly raised an eyebrow to see if he wants to do next.

I saw dressed in black Fan far, Lengsu the face, calmly went to church the next one knee, bowed his head slowly, and said:. "Please princes to rescind the order."

The presence of people in addition to poetry Meng-ling, the remaining few people are Wei Ming's confidant, to see him so openly defy the master's command, a time stunned and cold sweat dripping, lest he offend and hurt the master himself.

Meng-ling, poetry is not happy, she used to be sought after, where or live someone so openly ashamed to leave, dissatisfied Fan looked away, the heart if angered princes are to blame, she can not for the kindness his plea.Fan far kneeling motionless, like a statue of the general, but people feel firm and his determination to die.

Wei Ming slightly changed the position, breath freely, but bully momentum, "Fan guards are dissatisfied with the decision of the king, still, there are views of the king?"

Almost everyone has two strands under the peace, even poetry Meng-ling, also shook the pale of his momentum, only Fan far as a hill.

He remains calm, mouth and said:. "Under the dare, all under done, is for the sake of masters and masters great cause"

Wei Ming hum laugh loudly, lazy said:. "You'd talk about how faith of the king and the king sake of the great cause."

Fan far still cold face, eyes actually add something more complicated hard to understand, he slowly: "master by his assistant, the young emperor entrusted the late emperor ascended the throne, he has never had a day dedicated to relax our vigilance, and then North Korea Jiuchen to master more than a misunderstanding, spare no effort to discredit master in front on this, the censor will also be directed at the masters, big lash, I do not know what the young emperor was blinded eyes and ears, increasingly alienated masters, it is chilling. today master reclaim a civilian woman, give Princess-winning, Chang'an city to Japan will be rumors, rumors master ...... "

Wei-ming eyes of a cold, "rumors of the king what?"

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

Fan distant whisper of breath, closed his eyes closed, only whispered: "vibe masters in the name of the prince regent, the exercise of the right of the emperor, is the wild ambition of the generation, is the scourge of the country boat, which together eradicated."

His voice faded, the room stunned everyone standing firm, has few confidants to their knees, poetry Meng-ling, also staggering, across the forehead a few drops of cold sweat.

Wei Ming Tong looked blissful silence, the whole family gentle eye, I do not know what to think.

Fan Fu Xiashen away slowly bow gift line, every word right resounding, "was brought up under the master to follow, there are more than a decade, is the main sub-Take a shot off also does not hesitate, however not under seeing the master made a big mistake, in vain tarnished the reputation of the king impartiality of your regent, the people would be hard to recover lost, master please think twice. "

The words, he reasoned, could not pick the slightest mistakes, you have counselors introspection, how such an important thing that they did not take into account that almost make a big mistake, a bad master event.

Several people repeatedly echoed: "Please think twice masters."

"Bite, Mary Sue-ri, male owners and female controls had the lead aura blessing, even if it really made illogical things, the world will justify itself, so other people think of them. Owners exploit this vulnerability snapping back to the story, a point well worth praise . "

Fan wiped the sweat away quietly, somewhat weak, "Xiao Wu, now is not the time to explain the force, I am more worried about is this to the male arrogance overbearing personality, will huff kill me ah, so the task is really a complete failure! "

"Bite, the owner is right, this situation is likely to occur."

Fan Yuan: "............" You can not comfort me!

At this time the male has eyes closed adult, he finally opened his eyes, mouth evoke a smile, "the king in the past I was not found Fan guards actually so articulate,Consider things so thoroughly, than the counselors you down, when a bodyguard, is not too Qucai. "

Still lying on the floor of the iceberg cards ignorant Fan away again forced to face, the male what this means, he suddenly began to boast, it is to give him promotion and pay rise so he took to the pinnacle of life? However, he just quietly when a mediocre guards ah!

"Why do not you do the king's personal attendants it, beating constantly reminding the king, lest the king again commit such a mistake."


"Fan guards loyal to the king, to all the king first, presumably there will be no objection, so this thing set up."


"As for poetry girl, then surely you had just heard. Sworn you drink wine with the king, while the king can not give you honor princess, but you are willing to be seen as pro-sister, it would temporarily stay in Fuchu, treat each other with courtesy of VIP. "

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

Poetry Meng-ling, when removed from the lakes in the past, acting in the most free and easy uninhibited, when North Korea unexpectedly became acquainted with the princes, but also with his Yijiejinlan, only the day after more carefree living, he did not expect that the DPRK things so complicated tangle, be subject to careful everywhere, the slightest mistake will be beyond redemption, a time is not too happy hearts.

But she also has a smart power saw, listen Wei Ming said so, naturally make a grateful look and said:. "Thank you, princes favor, Meng-ling, in this thanked"

She glanced at the Fan kneeling on the ground far less than the original mind'd received, but it is thought he felt sorry for the moment, it's clear desire to have been reached, giving a sense of how actually no love of desolation? Ancients thought really do not understand ah do not understand.

At the moment no love Fan away and coming home and crying systems.

"Xiao Wu did not you hear me ...... men should do his personal attendants, dead dead This is the rhythm of pills!"

"Bite, bodyguard and personal attendants, although identity has changed, but will not have much influence on the main plot, the details will only be deducted points, the owner can be assured."

"This time it is not the task tube and the plot, and I worry that good ...... I just have sinned against the Lord metamorphosis of man, his face in front of everyone loyal to punish bad I certainly want to wait when private toss I t ^ t "

"Bite, according to the analysis of the male character, he indeed is likely to retaliate master secret, please take care of the owner."

"You should not be so cold ah! Basic trust between people it / (tot) / ~~"


Human study have switched to be emptied, Fan far also maintained just motionless pose, like a frozen statue.

Wei Ming in the host gave him a long while before slowly went up to him, a good laugh: "? Fan guards do not play, this is addicted to kneel"

Fan far not know what to say, he who set up hard to maintain the iceberg, coldly replied: "Hui Bing princes, just under ......... legs numb."

Wei Ming: "............"

The male adults stepped forward and picked up a leg numbness of the guards, for his dark eyes, his satisfaction from watching eyes could not read the mood of the ignorant draw with horror, the male adult domineering side leakage and said: "Now Fan guards legs numb,If the king does not hold you out? "


# Who set collapse really was not my fault because he was a male host metamorphosis qaq #

# I walked up the road is your routine #

# The male adults you are not wrong studio up! ! ! #

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