Chapter 3.4 [anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

Chapter 3.4 [anti - Pirates - Chapter - Day]

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Noisy on the street.

Fan pulled away to an uncle: "Hey, boy, tasty chicken Would you like a freshly baked still warming up na?!"

Fan far Mouzhong flash of light, gulped and nodded and said:. "To want to be, give me one without the package, I was walking and eating."

Took the bird browned crispy grilled chicken very large, Fan far would almost come out of saliva, his eyes shine, just opened his mouth to bite up ......

"Bite, the owner can not, ooc to buckle up is reward."

Fifth mechanical voice suddenly appeared in his ears, his hands horror flick, so just got the chicken fell to the ground.

I do not know from which sprang a black puppy, picked up the chicken at his feet, quickly fled. Fan far in spite of the fifth block, straining efforts to stride forward quickly recover the past, appeared to catch up, but found the puppy eyes slowly turned into a big dog, big dog slowly turned into a giant dog, until become as big as a house ...... he unconsciously stopped, he opened his mouth in disbelief.

Super giant bird dogs come back to light evoke the mouth, do not count on a lot of one point arc, and far are familiar with Fan Gao Yu habitual smile exactly the same.

"Gao Yu ......" Fan staring away muttering.

Suddenly mind chime sounded great, then fifth mechanical voice sounded.

"Bite, owner, dog belonging to the species from speaking canines, high, Yu barely considered human subjects, they are different species, do not casually see who is like a high, Yu. In addition, if you can not afford going again late , the study Wei Ming is still waiting for you, today is the male owners and female controls to meet the day. "

Speaking fifth "Gao Yu," the word, it seems a little taste with teeth, far Fan shook his head, the heart must themselves have misheard, but high cold-tongued man set his house system yet.

Fifth: "......"

Fan far opened his eyes bleary-eyed, sleep rubbed his messy hair sat up in my mind to fifth said: "I was dreaming, I said how it would be so much chicken, bite It did not have to pity. fifth, after you wake me up when not to use props, shook his head hurts. "

"Bite, fifth wake the owner, only for the props."

"......" Well, blame him.

But how do such a strange dream ......

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

"Xiao Wu, remember that you, I dreamed to retrieve a beautiful box, excitedly open look, the results of which filled up with broken bricks a little, not long before I received a promotion and pay rise notice, then became a gay man with actor seen the dream is indicative of future action. is this also indicates recent dream of? "

"Bite, the fifth owner of the dream has been dutifully remind the owner, but the owner did not listen to the exhortation fifth, will face danger, so, the next day his master must listen to the words of fifth."

Fan Yuan: "......" Well said makes sense, he actually speechless.


As a boss and crush gray often small Mensao faithful dog guards,Fan far away, he said early in the morning to eat breakfast and ran to the library door blowing cold air or something, really abuse the body and mind abuse.

He boards the iceberg face, raised his chin a 45 degree angle at the sky, the sky floating in the clouds imagine that his master Zhang Shuai of popular indignation handsome face, silently lost in thought, dark eyes across a Si Aimu, and quickly obscured, as if nothing, attributed to nothingness.

Just when Fan far the best performances of a red charming woman approached him, charming face full of disgust and whispered Leng Heng said: "! You really makes me sick."

Fan Yuan: "?????" Iceberg brand ignorant forced to face.

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

Fifth line stand immediately for his doubts: "Ding, who are brother and sister and the original owners came out the same door, called the red armbands, the palace also served originally in love with the original owners, but the original owner is a group, so love to hate because of. In addition, the owner, you really have to seriously look at the script it. "

"...... read, but that gay men with female cannon fodder around with, basically have no chance of playing, it is also normal to ignore it. I know how she is the base ...... ah bah, is the base of the original owners? "

"Bite, red armbands would like to invite regent grant marriage, in order to prevent her original owners, forced to tell the truth probably for their own face, she said she just outside the original owners do not like the change of heart, not the original owners say things out."

Fan away thoughtfully, for fifth said: "Maybe it is still hung."

"Bite, the owner of the fifth, then do not understand."

Fan far longer and fifth dialogue, turned his face to the tip of tea gently nodded, as if she had just acrimony did not mind.

Armbands seeing him, frowned, did not say anything harsh words, indifference and said:. "Princes let me tell you, do not have to study when the value of today, he has something to trip out of the government."

Not to say that earlier study, so that labor in vain silly two hour stand ah I join in! But for nibbling a recovery Dan, let alone on a cold day like for so long, he was to stand up and are struggling! The Regent and really original in the Wang Weiming said, it is a ruthless of the generation!

Just relentless, almost brutal, simply vexatious!

"Bite, please the owner who set up efforts to maintain the iceberg, do not collapse."

"...... Royal Highness out of the government for what?" Fan away silently swallowed the old blood, deadpan, like a remote casually asked.

Tea contemptuously evoke the mouth, "Royal Highness to go, etc. How can it be that you and I can go snooping servant." She focuses on the word servant, not without malice: "This sea diving dragon, with only It could be over nine days Feng Luan, how delusional forest birds, let alone a male bird can not lay eggs, only arouses laughter fills. advise you to rest for a share of mind as soon as possible, lest miserable fate. "

Fan far Mouzhong dark Mans flashed, his dark eyes looking straight red armbands, word by word voice cold man tremble: "I thought what kind of princes, who fail to get any say over, love is love, far since I Fan Ganai, dare he take it all, even give their lives willingly. I read in the same division of friendship, not ever embarrass you, but this also depends on your ability to manage their this mouth.If this world there is a third person aware of the matter, do not blame me ruthless. "

When he finished no longer say, and turned to leave.

Tea shook his evil spirits almost collapsed to the ground, terribly pale, leaning on the side of the wall breathing for a moment, she seems like crying laughing to himself: "love it love, love will love , they love a good love ...... Fan far, you do not hit the brick wall does not look back, entry in future princess, let me see how you embarrassed me! "


Fan cold to look far back into his yard, into the room door was closed, he quietly poured a cup of herbal tea, drink large mouth, then hands the cup to squeeze crushed powder from the fingertips drift down, he looked at the drift powder silently lost in thought, not knowing what to think.

[* This is the anti-theft section, in genuine Jin Jiang * * * school * text City]

"Xiao Wu, you see how well I am doing, the original owners of infatuation and domineering performance was not by my head ..."

Fifth: "Bite, the return of the owner of the title of acting God."

# I am very pleased the owner is a series of sub-strength fine Patient #

This could not conceal seeking recognition of seeking praise tone, visible just been stood up has been completely put people forget what the clean up.

Fan Far character of the two: do not hold a grudge.

"Bite, the owner is not forgotten a thing."

"Ah? (⊙o⊙) what?"

"Bite, according to the original, the owner should be accompanied by men of letters vegetarian main go together to get to know care of the household, the male care of the household was impressed by the talent and the care of the household back to the palace. Now men should go out alone, do not bring the owner."

"All right all right, even if I, which is the main man behind the soy sauce with the past, has no effect on the story. As long as the same story line, these details do not care." Lotte attributes Fan distant line.

"Bite, fifth think the task is not so simple."

"Haha fifth you think too much, as a contribution to the main plot only a strong chest, care of the household gear for gay men with the sword, they do not receive lunch ahead of time, coming to abducting night, another story to me that's clouds. "

Listening to the fifth master's own analysis, I do not know why, not only did not calm down, but more worried.

# Owner is a strength of the fine points of his master patient series always stand flag #

Fan did not get far into the fifth worried, frozen morning, he just wanted to sleep Mei Mei's nap (▽ `)


To the afternoon, Fan was summoned to study far as value, he intends to take the opportunity soared about acting, since the male does not like to go out with him, he must learn to add more drama, this is a dedicated actor to do thing!

But I do not want the male word, others set to collapse.

I saw the male adults, regent Wang Weiming, lazy leaning on the theme, mouth drooping eyelids light sip a smile, beauty flourishing Soviet Union broke sky, anger from the prestige exudes a unique protagonist hegemony of the gas, readily pointed to the side dressed in pink clothes Decleor woman.

"I think this is a step-sister, surnamed poetry, the future Princess specification to treat each other in Fuchu."


"Surname poetry ...... fifth, fifth, she, she, she, not,Care of the household is not it? It should be a coincidence, right? "

"Ding ding ...... ......"

# Male owners and female controls behind my back Yijiejinlan a swollen break! ! #

# Just did not see one live a loving couple became brother and sister qaq #

# Male owners and female controls, both with stop play as a male, I go from here? ! #

Fan Far surge of blood rushed forehead, regardless of whether he wanted to rush to grabbing the male shouted: Ah you in the end what crazy and wrong, this is not your future wife make you make? ! This is what you especially want to play chaos _ London it? ! Story to be you play bad ah! ! !

He looked up toward the main seat Victim looked Wei Ming positive Gouzhao mouth to see him, wantonly evil smile and Gao Yu, like a hair, but he was never a cent a sense of familiarity, because it already faces Ah spanking and his dream super giant bird big a coincidence dogs! You have me, I have you, without distinction, the blend of!

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