Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3.3

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Since that night offer has been for several days, though Pei Qi was using his counsel, did not hold him was his father sent secret agents about it, but did not ask him to do the same as in the original counselor, which is it merits and demerits balance mean? Fan said he was far tangled.

More tangled, he had a series of several days, both men did not see the face of the Lord!

Well he is not in fact want to see Pei Qi, but he must have his reasons to see ah! He would always say good advice close at hand to do his think tank it? This is not the same as saying good ah!

Is it really still the main man in strange he had broken kindred Murraya? Mom should not be so Xiaodujichang da ah! But you want to be emperor of the people in the future too!

The people did not see how the story will go? As a gay man with him, most of the story are tied to the male side, as this measure can only go up and lose cheek.

Think of the male world of the first two, when he was still not satisfied with the variety of all kinds of dislike, and now he knew he was wrong, although they do not always take away the plot, always go wrong, always at the crucial moment the ball dropped, may whatever the outcome, the story does not stop him go ah!

But now that the male is how is it? A person walking the main story go very cheerful, he was the gay man with a story all to fly, just to pit no ears!

# Is the main man forgotten in the corner of the gay men with how to handle #

Fan felt far there are at least one advantage, that is the main man he lived in the yard, though partial hospital, the middle will be separated by a small garden, and what is simply not scaling walls too convenient.

To make the male found him to be a very large dazzling diamond, rather than useless stone, he decided to go volunteered cheek, until it succeeds. Anyway, the original owners who set up is a sloppy, dissolute uninhibited joy and wit, do not take the unusual way of doing things is normal is not it.

Fifth gray often worried about it out loud cautioned:. "Bites, please note that the owner-foot-degrees, do not self-defeating, Gu Qi and Xu Fang is a precedent."

Fan far startled by startled, to be the fifth to think clearly the meaning of words he felt very wronged, frowning argued: "Xiao Wu, you say what that means, Gu Qi that matter for the time being be my fault, but Xu Fang that guy bent me absolutely not the slightest relationship! he's sick, ordinary people can not look at, maybe he was a double! "

Fifth is very calm, "Ding, Fang Xu is a straight man or a double is not important, important is the owner because he was willing to fly his own story, making the task is not completed satisfactorily."

Fan do not know how far refuted, only outright, "Speaking of this wonder, I obviously made the world such a serious mistake, how last only ten percent bonus deduction of energy, did not even warn really does not conform to their usual style of doing things. "

Fifth was really changed the subject, serious answer to his question: "bite, perhaps because the system monitors the existence of loopholes, which although rare, is not complete does not appear, please do not keep the owner of chances."

Fan bent far corners of the mouth should be said:. "Well, well, know."******************

During the night, in the fifth patiently told, Fan had far during the hot summer wore several layers thick coat, make sure you are very conservative and all men and women regardless of no yixingbandian appeal, dare to go out the door.

In fact, he is quite far Fan not the end of the first two series of breaking bend the male world, let him lift up his physique Han had a fear, not to mention his current situation is somewhat strange, although the male to his cold attitude toward zero or less, but arranged for him to live in his own yard so chic bias, how to think how strange.

To be safe, he was willing to suffer so much sin, even if just finished the outermost layer of clothing sets, tunic has been wet with sweat, he did not complain one, seriously perform their tasks.

He thought the male this time should be in the library, if the library is not in the bedroom but how can good? He rushed past Kai Bae not it should be a day "to introduce ourselves pillow mat," saying it?

Pooh ...... introduce ourselves pillow mat ass! The male Mensao this gloomy strange, actually looked decent kind of sanctimonious, deep down, it was a yin swing goblin!

He is foul-mouthed mind, the men should come to nothing from outside to inside the number, no one thought to the next corner met him.

"(⊙v⊙) !!!"

# Life is full of surprises _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

Pei Qi saw him raised an eyebrow, seems a little surprised by the way, very bright moon tonight, so far outside the body Fan tiers wrapped in clothing exposed, his mouth slightly smoked, "What are you ... ... "

Fan far uneasily coughed twice, only to face serious replied:. "It is under ......... accidentally catch a cold, so wear a point, want to send sweating conducive to recovery."

Pei Qi do not say anything and took two steps toward him, forefinger and middle finger gently wipe away on Fan forehead, a slip of sweat fall, Pata falls on the stone, the sound crisp and loud ......

Two people were silent the silent, Fan is far too embarrassing shame, I do not know how to react, as Pei Qi will not know, after a long while just listen to him and said: "? You like this, do not aggravate the condition."

Fan simply want to turn away tears ran away, he did it to who? Not only for the immediate future large slag male, now the big boring show, not to be able to lift up [his] aura Han affected by it? ! This guy can not understand his painstaking Bale, still gloating here, is simply unforgivable!

Although heart a little runaway, but in order to keep the male adults thought he was a deep ice, favorability after impact, he still tenaciously for their sophistry: "The subordinate seen from the ancient books, so ease the symptoms of wonders, also eliminates the need medicine or trouble, would not it be nice if there is a chance, sir, you have to try. "

Pei Qi noncommittal, shook the hands of the jug and said: "You scholars, the book all day long on a short book, in fact, not much is useful, this small problems cold, the drink a jar of good spirits , keeping what disease are gone. "

Having said Fan pulled away and walked toward the pavilion side of the wrist, but also sent a few people to put pot of wine, to put a small cup large cup,He put two cups full on the mouth and said: "This temple tonight a bad mood, you will accompany this temple XiaoYuan drunk it."

Fan far subconsciously want to deny it, which is to develop a conditioned reflex of the world.

Fang Xu that metamorphosis, often privately cajole him to taste a variety of wines, and so he was drunk or under the mouth good start easy, but he will never be allowed to drink in front of others, especially when alone with others. Although he protested many times, it does not represent all men in the world like the same sex, but Xu Fang Zhesi very stubborn, if he does not listen, we must accept his original abnormal "punishment."

As for the penalties, Fan far now that I think still feel a little fever cheeks, in short, he absolutely did not want to go through, and then left the shadow too, so now I hear someone invited him to drink, exclusion flew his heart rising to the highest level.

I know he did sidewalk: "Your Highness drink like yourself, for you pour under the side, to chat with you break up the monotony."

Pei Qi Mouzhong across the hint of a smile, quickly hidden down, drop him a cup of wine is not left to drink, "You are not to face this temple?"

Fan lengleleng far just to explain, but Kai Bae directly interrupted him, saying in faint with grief: "It is natural, whole big Xia few people can think highly of this temple, a childhood growing up in limbo Prince, because rebellion is a family of Heaven's mother away, of course no one can afford. "

Having said fell cups, jars directly for a big mouth and drink up.

Fan frowned far, this is purely in the three princes vent ah, it seems that although he looked not care for the emperor of injustice still held a grudge.

He Gudonggudong but for a long while that the whole jar of wine they drank, they immediately opened another altar, drink a big mouth and said: "This temple was thirteen army expedition, so that the commander in chief from small centurion, eaten during the tired of suffering endured do not know where, in order to enable him to safely sit on that throne, I do not know how much blood and sweat to pay, how many times have almost ruined their lives! Pei-yu two or three sentences will obliterate all my efforts, I utter faithfulness to date, it is a joke! "

Fan far silent, the male emperor is indeed very pit father, but sitting supreme position, family naturally gradually falling away, and now the main man in San complain, who can guarantee that, after decades of his sons so if he does not complain?

He took himself slowly drink wine at the lodge, watching a male main altar altar to take a drink does not stop after a while he suddenly opening: "His Royal Highness useless strategy minister, or what was wrong? "

In fact, good ideas principle of origin to the protagonist's very simple, operation is very difficult, now Emperor suspicion Pei Qi, just to dispel his suspicions will be good, so that men should play a faithful do not regret the drama at the emperor's eyeliner, every minute of it can be cleared of suspicion. But, the play is very bad play, favorable factors are indispensable to the proper timing, the play was too much too fake, too light then fail to effect, acting on the requirements of the male is also high.

The original male master in this way obtain the trust of His Majesty, the Emperor from him convinced, does this because he is not next to urge that the play did not play well?Pei Qi altar wine aside, hum smiled and said:. "Spent, wonders, Xiao two young master really is just a big person, you throw me your father too unwise"

Fan Yuanqi blame and said: "That being the case, what His Highness embarrassing."

Pei Qi gently called wine belch, reddish cheeks, normally Lengsu appearance adds a little delicate and charming, he leaned far Fan, breathing in with a little alcohol, "he forgive me, I'll be grateful you ? Why ...... what he say what is what? Why should I listen to him! "

Fan Far think that the main adult male is drunk, or would not say such outrageous, he advised: "Your Highness, you have some drunk, than back to the room to rest it."

Pei Qi interrupted him and said: "I do not return XiaoYuan, I thought you were the best I can understand people ...... we have no mother, have been abandoned by his father, you also resentment of it ......!"

Then he will not lie on the table, breathing, seems to be uncomfortable, Fan far rush to look at his situation, and if men should drink alcohol problems, the task of this world you can directly give up.

He patted the shoulders of the male, small Shenghuan said: "Your Highness, are you okay, sir ........."

The male suddenly turned and hugged his waist, big effort almost put Talmud into his body, his mouth murmured call: "The queen mother queen mother ...... ...... ...... Kai child tired very tired……"

Fan far more than originally wore on, have been going out of a hot prickly heat, so he suffocated a hug just about alive, but to be heard clearly whisper words of his mouth, dissatisfaction and slowly vanished, Pei Qi injured pair small mammals appearance, was most distressed.

He could not help Pei Qi patted on the shoulder, whispered to appease said:. "Never mind, just quite make it, you will be very successful in the future, will be very smooth very smooth."

Pei Qi nasal cavity sent croon, seems to have been a comfort, where no one can see, his deep dark eyes flickered, without a smile in the eyes of the cover, where a cent of drunken appearance.

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