Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2

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Fan Pack to pack away their own as not many luggage, follow the male adults live in his mansion.

As an adult male main prince, although the eviction Khai, but has no title and the title, this is a very embarrassing thing, flamboyant words "Prince House" the three characters on the plaque mansion, passing met some people estimate had to laugh.

The three princes is a tolerant, we did not see what his dissatisfaction, looking like a frozen condensate live in general, temperament weird people get blurred. But the fact that he do not bother pondering, this Xiemoshalv, burning bridges of the male, Fan far, said there is no need wondering, "scum" two characters written on his forehead and sent it!

Three princes Pei Qi do not know that they have been labeled as scum of the labels, He looked coldly on the side of the black guards and said:. "Choi, help Xiao Ergong child a place to stay."

Fanyuan Li horse show professionalism into the state, anxious and said:. "Your Highness can call the next XiaoYuan"

Pei Qi heard his words Review glanced at him, dark eyes in a smile escape, "Well, Choi hear me, help Xiaoyuan An row of residence."

That black guards immediately bowed and said:. "Under obeyed"

Fan Far mouth slightly drawn, and why men should just call him "Xiaoyuan", he actually can become a "little far", he must have got it wrong ...... right?

In order to be able to integrate into the actor plays in the world as soon as possible, the original owner's name will be automatically replaced with the name of the actor, Fan far has been to arrange the humane deeply gratified, but this time, he felt very bad! very bad! Surnamed Xiao ah for the hair happens peat! XiaoYuan little far, it sounds very ambiguous Okay!

To his side a name very tangled, Choi has been done here, please posture towards him, Fan fear towards him away slightly bend the bow down, he went behind other homes.

Pei Qi although not the emperor to be seen, after all, is a prince, though his mansion than not has been champion of several other princes, but has begun to decline and well-being Houfu comparison, but it is more than enough.

So his residence here, actually in Houfu than ever when the young master is even much better, not only quiet and elegant environment, outside a water lotus bloom bright, the room furnishings are also excellent, pen and ink, paper and ink are all fine, even the yard gazebo outside is water pear wood carving pounce, really extravagant to the extreme.

Fan speechless far could not help but exclaimed:. "Cui brother, royal treatment nice, ordinary diners a residence, specifications should be so high."

Choi lift eye looked at him, then looked over lightly:. "Here is not the residence of diners"

See Fan distant look puzzled, he explained: "This is a hospital blast partial hospital." Finally paused and added:. "Blast hospital is the residence of princes"

Fan Yuan: "........." So what? He lived in a courtyard counselors masters of what to do?

Choi did not explain, he confessed a few matters need attention, then crisp left.

Fan far and turn himself in the house a few times, each one to determine what are the finest material goods, hearts shook his head, a palace of luxury even on partial hospital to the point where, feudal society really dark ah.

But wish to see a positive look back on the bedroom closet,Placed upright on two flare glowing pearl, he finally could not calm, and this rare object is not it expensive to priceless point? His room so casually put two city, and if lost would not let him compensation? Madan he sold also can not pay it!

Fan far picked up one of the beads on hand to play for a moment, suddenly some depressed and said:. "Xiao Wu, why is there a feeling I was Jinwucangjiao ah"

Fifth: "........."


Whether it is not being Jinwucangjiao, Fan far still doggedly, □□ walked his story.

Although the male adults past few days seems to have forgotten that he brought back from their pleasant Houfu a mixed drink mixed with food two young master, but feel that they can not sit still far Fan (?). Although the script did not say, but since it is to make men should find his talent, he certainly must always brush face in front of the main men can not find an opportunity to express themselves.

So that day he was again stubbornly endured the scorching sun, waiting in the main to the study of man must pass through it, while with leaves under the shade of roadside fold, while the mood anxiously awaiting the male bold line.

And other small half hour, finally see the male owners and several guards came towards us, Fanyuan Li horse threw branches hands, a look of aspirations blighted, walking muses: "Trinidad Pentium cloud Chi, to appreciate how a Bole. may be the zodiac sun and moon, explore and expand to the border. "

Fan glanced away while read poetry while the male with peripheral vision, to see him really stop and walked towards his side. He secretly brought back corners of the mouth, the heart that things were done!

However, he never expected, though the male walked over to him, but it turned a corner, picked up the first incline Flanagan Previously he used to shade the branches, just look straight up to him, coldly asked: " this is your break? "

Fan far: (⊙v⊙)? ? ?

The male adults Weicu brow, muses:. "This line paniculata, is the temple sent from southern transplant, because of different soil and water, keep it for several years to feed, but you easily break it up."

Fan far swallowed, legs a little bit weak, he struggled and said: "It's rare you hold ...... sorry?."

Pei Mei Kai twisted, aggressive tone: "Do you feel sorry helpful?"

Fan silent tacit far, hit discuss said: "? That ...... I pay you a"

But the male squint squinting, harsh tone, "The new, after all, is not this one up."

Fan Yuan: "........."

Glowing pearl can be lightly put people, but to a tree with him seriously, mother da good in this world of fantasy!

# # Love flowers and trees is everyone's responsibility

# Cheap hand is to cure the disease pro-ah! #

# Black face of the male awful _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

To compensate for the male adult kindred paniculata, Fan yard blast swept away the manual labor tends the flowers, plants and flowers Pei Qi weekdays to study the bedroom as well as watering, pruning or something, relaxed laid-back work is not tired, wages good pay, quality of life, the problem is ......

He was not the gardener to counselors when angry wrestling ah! This rhythm is not quite right ah qaq

Seeing and men should be frank story to come,Fan far reckon he is currently the main image in the minds of men, it will probably take care of a gardener plants and flowers, complete with advice not take sides, and if he went and told the male that he is actually his father's spies, men should not know will not be under the Nu Ji, a knifed him, really think I felt sad.

That day he gave the man watering pots Clivia main study outside, but suddenly heard a great movement in the room, he was peeping through the gauze, I saw the man commanding a pile of books fiercely fell to the ground, almost to the floor smashed through a few trusted advisers confessing all kneeling on the ground, even the atmosphere did not dare, to suppress the entire study in the atmosphere to some gloomy, as if the next moment is squally showers.

Fan far reviewed about the plot, it is learned that this time three princes prince is a party to suppress the most ruthless of time. Queen mother of three princes first family but because of treason Heaven and exhausted, the three princes who because of royal blood flows in the bottom to secure the Queen Mother's saved a life, in the past ten years, what year is almost too people forget, but now Jiuhuazhongti Prince, said the three princes who flow with the blood of traitors, should not be reused, so that once again the heart of His Majesty Pei Qi born fear and alienation.

According to the original offer to resolve the crisis is the original owner, but he is now not reused, the original owners of the previous situation is quite different, if rashly rushed out to offer, it is inevitable that he will not be suspected of confidential conversation overheard masters, and more worse, some people suspected that he was a spy. If can not say, his story could not walk, the main story will not move, it may be in trouble.

Fan distant thought, or intention to, and so on, it can not be hurried.

Until the night reckoned to midnight, Fan lantern went away the male of the study, and sure enough, the room lights on, the male is still wanted for that matter a headache now.

He Koukou knock knock three times, and after a moment only to hear Pei Qi deep voice, "Come in."

Fan far into the room to shut the door, inserted in the side of the lantern, a deep breath, still and looking into the inner chamber.

Pei Qi to see him, not surprised, but slightly raised an eyebrow, with a stern tone, "so late, you come here to do? If go introduce ourselves pillow mat bedroom, study nonsense is not your place."


Fan Yuangang save up the courage to instantly blow to pieces, what is called Madan introduce ourselves pillow mat? Do not think you are a man you will be able to master talking nonsense! Labor is to talk about serious things ah!

In order to take the story, Labor put up!

Fan pretended far heard nothing, splash kneeling on the ground, "Your Highness, under something to report it."

Pei Qi squint squinting, no wave no Lan tone: "? Anything"

"Today, under inadvertently caught in the study grateful to His Royal Highness and Mr procedure, although I do not know the ins and outs, but also know that His Royal Highness is encountered tricky thing, though under Fucai, then these time since suffered a lot of your attention, so I went back to the well-being Houfu my father asking a lot, to realize that the original Prince actually resorted to such a deadly trap! "

Pei Qi cool and said: "You are not to be seen in the past Houfu, even Duke also willing to tell you these things?"

Fan distant muffled replied: "If in the past, he would not say with me,Now it can be somewhat different. "

Pei Qi interesting to Oh sigh, "What's the difference?"

Fan distant tone mixed with a little bitterness there are obvious hatred, "because he sent me you are here is to let me do secret agents, indispensable to give me some sweetness. In fact, my father had defected to the Lok Hou Prince school. "

Pei Qi rolled suet on the pull that thumb, not a word, just listened quietly.

"Its know these things tell if Your Highness, inevitably subject to suspicion, the reason for His Royal Highness dare confess, in fact, have the intention to surrender your Highness, His Royal Highness at the same time to offer you a meter, to express my sincerity."

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