Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1

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Waterside pavilions, the depths of the lotus, a small boat along the water slowly drifting away.

Blue servant on the shore while chasing side call out:. "Two young master, master there please, please I go fast with the main hall, if the delay time of the master, young master fear you will be punishment."

A white man slowly sat up from the canoe, hand poke a lotus leaf, Lile messy hair, a white headband using only random lines from, leisurely leisurely to draw the boat ashore.

That blue servant already getting impatient, rushed past the white man laid hold of the sleeves, walking and said: "My dear young master, you delay this effort most of the day, how can you make with the lords and guests explain."

White man does not mind his impertinence, as he quickly went to the main hall.

"Bite, owner please do not slack."

"This broke the story, I would have to go is to face, okay!"

"Bite ........." master's temper seems more and more bigger?

Fan said far broken the story, in fact, be regarded Mary Sue in the text of a clear stream, at least people have a story to story, there is logic to the logic, although care of the household IQ occasionally catch anxious, a little bit silly little white Notre Dame, but lost the male and are extremely grateful to the men with power, he just put the text to a Mary Sue became a modified set of house fighting, house fighting, military, politics in one of a very tall ...... Mary Sue text on, is simply playing the industry's conscience, very worth to the author plus two chicken.

But Fan far he is not satisfied, because this time he played the gay male match Xiaoyuan, his whole life is simply a coffee table, still filled with that kind of cups and cutlery!

Although it is the second young master Houfu than noble birth of illegitimate care of the household, he is a student of the Master Shu aunt, biological mother died early, with no Qindie there is no difference, in addition to pit son, will sell his son, simply It is not one of the year's most pit father!

Filial piety of origin because of the father in every possible way forbear, ghostwriter do such a thing for my brother in a test of talent in just weak burst, he also helped his expedition of it! The original owners of entropy brother in his meteoric rise in one fell swoop help later in life, although off the chain at the final hurdle face St., only His Majesty when he was nervous, did not blame him, but let him go where life experiences, come back two or three years is a fly soaring.

And he this truly talented people in the effort to hide his father, full of the capital only when he is ignorant of the dandy, even a hair of Di brother can not match, as if his presence is Houfu humiliation!

Fan said they did not known far not known a lifetime safely mixed with food to die actually just fine, mixed officialdom he too tired fast enough. But the father was too treacherous, and welcomed his allegiance to the crown prince, and even sent him to the three princes prince hostile men, let him, rape, fine!

Joke, that is three princes who? ! That guy's vicious Henla almost comparable to the evil spirits, the whole big Xia child did not afraid of him, said, "to hear his name can only children cry," simply could not be more horrible. This Dangdie son sent his men when such a person is poor, or when secret agents, with basically no difference between the selling son.

Fortunately, the original owners never did anything bad,Years of accumulated character played a role, the three princes have turned out to be only the emperor Qianlong than mediocre Prince I do not know how many times stronger, he thought its allegiance to Prince Edward, the future be treated as cannon fodder, his assistant, the three princes altogether well, whatever the outcome is not a way out? People there, alive only reality, if lives are lost, but also talk about filial piety is not it.

So he chose a good time with the three princes candor, and his own well-being is the father Hou sent spies things that a pass, and took a pass three princes ass, always means: "I find you is a good master, there are going to break my father Prince defected you, would you like to receive? "

Three princes decisive agree ah, get along for some time, he found that Xiaoyuan is a very talented person, such a person is willing to own assistant is simply pie in the sky, not white do not. So the two agreed XiaoYuan since then became a double agent, while the third of the three princes side of the news was false to true seven there handed Prince, while helping make plans to beat the three princes prince to help him ascend the throne .

Finally, the three princes successful counter-attack, and topped the big treasure, has become The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow on top of people.

If the story stopped here, still it is a very inspirational career promotion in mind, however, that special What is a Mary Sue romance, so the next is drama.

Says the three princes of this paper is the main man, then he is a prince limbo when the received grace of a meal of a little girl, care deeply for many years, needless to say, this little girl is the care of the household paper, Fan distant sister Di , Miss Houfu good glass Shaw street.

After a successful counter-attack three princes course, we should let her palace Wei Fei, Xiao street glass heart only his brother Prince Edward, though she do not want from the three princes, but for a loved one can live, she put a condition she wants to give the male a way out waste Prince, not ruthless, willing to exchange her palace Wei Fei.

So Mary Sue aura is too bright not a good thing, IQ has been very male main line so was affected, even really silly agreed, despite how men could stop his determination to remonstrate with the Fanghuguishan Finally, it's that Prince to put the waste.

Then he Outrageous, all day Happy happy like gods, XiaoYuan it hard to force, because he spent Prince comeback, and he assembled a bunch of old unit accounts for several city self-proclaimed king, and openly challenge the big summer, attitude is very rampant.

The male a wave, "Ai Qing, I believe you will be able to overcome it returned."

XiaoYuan him as a gay man with, of course, would have kept the heart of the Emperor having an affair, so he said nothing promised, confidently said: "Wei Chen Zhanxia skull usurper must be an offering His Majesty."

He dashing high spirits with the army gone, most people are not worried about the male, but the care of the household, because she was extremely worried about her brother Prince XiaoYuan will not be killed, so she went to the eviction night fled the camp.

Do not ask how a weak woman a man go so far away, safe to camp, do not ask palace guards is not a decoration so let Chongfei fled, but do not ask why the dark Wei men should not keep a foot away weak Women of this problem,Because the novel, it is Mary Sue ......

Care of the household to the enemy camp, the king can be happy with a man bad, what he rebel figure? For a Zhengkou Qi, and second it is to yourself this Ruhuasiyu fiancee, although she is now his rival to tarnish, but did not affect her image in his mind pure and noble ah! He was willing to accommodate her all is not perfect!

In this regard care of the household I was deeply touched, and to persuade him to surrender.

Male unhappy with the king, he asked the female host, do not you are a man sent lobbyists main thing? Is your heart has been given great wealth and power bought? Do not you remember the promise at a young age for life on our promise of a Zhaixing Lou?

Female controls broke down in tears to explain, but can not stop man bent with the king, and finally the confinement up male rationing.

Supporting Actor Jun Xiushuyifeng people immediately gave the male, to the effect that your wife here with me now, if you want her safe return, put the item on XiaoYuan's head gets here.

As I mentioned before, the male is a very people his talents Wei slightly, but one thing he encountered care of the household head is not easy, is what kind of water, so he believed the men with nonsense.

He trusted himself with a cup of poisoned wine to the barracks, XiaoYuan thought his love of His Majesty is to treat yourself, and received him excited.

Just listen to the male adults deadpan: "Ai Qing, glass street is your elder sister, she wanted to be patient and you do not get hurt, the man to be the head of your items before they agree to leave her alone, she makes you be willing to sacrifice?"

XiaoYuan very shrewd mind, he certainly knew it was a waste Prince treacherous, but when I see a pot of poisoned wine cronies holding hands behind the emperor, he suddenly did not want to say, anyway, no matter what he said in the absence reason, he all die.

And he emperor a gift bow, mouth and said:. "His Majesty can not continue to work for big regret loyal, is minister, hope His Majesty treasure"

When he finished he put that glass of wine to drink down, less than a moment they died vomiting blood.

As for how the pair after slag cheap women how men and sadomasochistic Wife, Fan far did not bother to look up, just watching the original owner of the plot, he stuffed a little chest tightness, heart, gray often just want to burst foul language.

So many years of "do anything, dying," in exchange for a cup of poisoned wine was actually the reason still so ridiculous, the original owner is simply wasted step! Of course, this time to a double death of man replaced him.

Fan tears ran away, Madan, who also want to die after he was drawn and quartered, just all kinds of inhuman ah!

"Bite, do not worry about the owner, the owner's death, etc., will immediately take you back to the fifth accomplishment cabin, never see a scene, drawn and quartered."

"Well, it would depend on you / (tot) / ~~"


A few moments, it is far from that blue Fan servant received a lobby, a ceremony that servant said:. "Classic three Highness, the second son brought"

Fan glance away, his father had to sell this story of the son.

He stepped forward slightly bend the bow, while the male adults who looked calm and collected, "Cao Min XiaoYuan seen three Highness."

The man dressed in attendance Xuanyi sitting, surface Ruoyu grease, hair and the edges, with the momentum hostilityBritish Gas in the decisive with rage, Long Zhang Feng Zi better than this.

Fan far only secretly pursed his lips, heart and said:. "Unfortunately, personal slag, wasted a good bladder"

The man swept his sharp eyes, which look inclusions that make far Fan feel some danger, he moved back slightly a little half step.

The man suddenly convergence of the eyes, laughed, "this temple liked Xiao Ergong son, thank Duke kindness, they let him follow this future Hall of things right."

The original owners of the slag father flew laugh chrysanthemums blossoming open, "Three Highness too serious, he always is ignorant, only listen to it fairly decent, that you can phase of his good fortune."

Fan far listen to them you made me a language to set down his own life away, I just feel tired heart to vomit blood.

# 'S father slag slag slag male Who more than anyone else! #

# Scum all over the world that is destroyed! #

# Ventured from jumping into the Longtan, I just want to hurry up the dog qaq #

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