Chapter 24 extra (first)

Chapter 24 extra (first)

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Fan watched far closed his eyes and slowly in his arms cut off breathing, although they knew nothing but short-lived separately, chest pain is still not a cent at ease.

He knows that this is the world, the sequelae.

That first met the world.


Everyone knows, a city of Gao door of the third-generation birth to a little master, not only looks pretty cute, and childhood is a genius.

Gao Yu was growing up in this kind of flowers and applause, he has the most privileged living conditions, excellent appearance, ultra-than-average IQ, and extraordinary good luck.

Many good people in this world, but as he so often can avoid disaster, people no matter what you want to do, always successful, I really do not find a few. He has a gut feeling that himself and other people is not the same.

Until he met the boy, he finally found his luck ran out a few years ago all, because from then on, his life hovering between heaven and hell.

Fan first encounter far, is on his year-old's birthday party, the boy was wearing a white dress obediently sat in front of the piano, fingers nimble to jump for joy between black and white keys, a "Fur Elise "from his fingertips escape, skillfully mixed with casual, very seriously inconsistent with his cute face, let Gao Yu can not help laughing.

Fan distant parents standing on the edge, holding the hands of champagne is working with others to do business, just as if they behaved sensible son talk, but even he did not play what track mind.

Perhaps the little guy is too soft white adorable little face, and he had inexplicably raised the idea the record straight, so he went over, he rescued from an awkward play, and then the boy returns It gave him a more dazzling than the sun smile.

At that moment, he saw the vastness of the stars, the United States can not square things from the eyes of the boy.

Later far Fan's parents helped him go to his school, he is very clear, Gao's power can make a city rich businessman all flock to the couple's Fan naturally will not miss this opportunity to cling, and again became far Fan they use tools, but this time, he did not feel disgusted, can always see him, you can see those beautiful eyes, he felt very good.

Unconsciously, behind him more than a small attendant, when he has not been found, and this has become a sidekick and his small ancestors, who became his place on the apex hurt pet.

As long as far Fan blinking bright eyes, lazy voice with Ruannuo towards him like a baby, he will lose all of any defense, just want to meet all his wishes. Gao Yu began to feel the danger, but in any case can not escape, so he wrapped a dozen years.

When primary school, a little far Fan drooling, pointing to his family nanny to send over lunch, Gudonggudong swallowed saliva, "Gao Yu, your lunch looks delicious look oh (﹃) "

Gao Yu mouth slightly drawn, pushed past the lunch boxes, "I'm just not hungry, all to you."

Fan eyes abruptly glittered far,"Gao Yu, very kind of you!"

So lunch was eaten of Gao Yu will feel satisfied, I can not wait to have their dinner delivered fanjia.

By junior high, high Yu have become accustomed to let the nanny to prepare two lunches to school, but do not want to be far Fan eat, he took Gao Yu's pinching his small circle of meat on the stomach, murmured: "You blame , either you give me another day to prepare lunch, I would not look so fat, starting today, I want to start to lose weight, or will ...... "

Behind the words he could not hear clearly, just feel fat far Fan is also very cute, but since he wanted to lose weight, he was willing to support him, even if he dragged winter climbing, he willingly. Later the little fat man fell down, tender skin on his knees was knock out a dazzling trail of blood, that moment he felt heart severely hurt a bit. Full carrying him down the mountain, he Rao is able-bodied, but also too much for some, but far Fan see red eyes, a time and feel extremely worthwhile.

In high school, far Fan began staring at him closely, it looks like Fangzei like, as long as the girl close to him, he would like Protect Our little hen, get rid of all those people, even if they are great, full of school both rumors, he also did not converge, as if it were a matter of course.

The boy bright eyes wide open, in all seriousness said to him:. "Gao Yu, you can not like other girls."

Gao Yu want to say, I'm not like other girls, but you have to seriously look at me good, why do I never want to see my feelings from your eyes.

But he did not say, after all, deep down certain strength to tell him, once out of the mouth, he will never lose his boys, and nowhere to be found.

Later he went to college, while he was using the home to venture capital, while caring Fan far, kid recently because of irregular work and rest, often feel stomach pains, but his good words or bad words said to do, but still insists Fan far refused to eat properly let him feel a headache enough, can only take the time to make nutritious meals a day to send him to school.

He found Fan far, he was lying in bed dormitory, opened the quilt up urging him to eat, the little guy has overturned a lunch box, red eyes like a little rabbit accusing him: "You are not like Li Yun Qian! Some people say that you see around the school eat together! "

Gao Yu suddenly as it came by his accusations stunned lengleleng, Li Yun Qian is school junior, in his internship, day encounter on the way to eat a meal together, like how to rise to the point.

He glanced at the boxes on the ground, exhaled just want to explain, Stern Fan sadly far cry, really cry, cry with the past in order to achieve some false desire is not the same, big stars big stars like raindrops falling like tears, burn directly to his heart.

This is the first time he read from Fan cares away in the eyes of the past, although he appeared very concerned about very fond of him, but his eyes are not mixed with emotion, not a cent of impurities of pure Chol, but this time he could feel he is really sad, even if only a moment, enough to make him feel surprise.

Like a curious coincidence, he said:. "Yes, I like her brother is not it just us,What do you so sad? "

Fan far choke choke, angrily said: "! Because I do not like her, so you can not like her."

Gao Yu took out a handkerchief from his pocket, carefully wiped his tears on his face to help him, but the mouth firmly said:?? "If I am chosen to like her do little far, do you really want to clear me in your heart, what is the identity. "

Fan far seems to be a little surprised, hesitated for a long time, still can not say anything.

Gao Yu is no longer force him, as long as he determined to like, afraid of is that he always muddle, with the most innocent eyes spit out the sweetest words of love, such as "like" not what he wanted.

"You need to calm down now, these days I will not come to you, yourself time to eat."

When he finished he got up and headed for the door, Fan far behind him in disbelief small Shenghuan said: "?? Gao Yu, you mad at me you angry with me for Li Yun Qian"

Gao Yu hear his voice grievances almost could not help but want to go back, he did not hold back exhausted efforts to appease him back, leaving a "yes" word, decisively left the dormitory.

Later Fan far has not contacted him, but he can not do for him after all disregarded.

Month after again into the campus, the whole school in his biography and Li Yun Qian things together, there is madness Fan far this time. I heard he ran out despicable way to the entire Li Yun Qian, to bring her out of a large, leaving ups and downs. Gao Yu do not believe their mouth that crazy and terrible Fan far, he's not a boy, not his holding in her hand a little more than a decade ancestors.

But the reality is a harsh rejection of a slap in the face, buying small fry to destroy a girl's innocence, such a thing even really far Fan done if he had not happened to pass by the junction piece, now Li Yun Qian, how should I do? He asked Fan far, it is not what he did, but it does not matter far Fan said: "That woman dared to seduce you, but I have nothing to give her a lesson."

Disappointed? of course! It was not his understanding of Fan far, absolutely not! Never a single moment as the moment he so angry, confused.

"I do not want to see you, do not come to me."

This time he did not go back, not soft-hearted, the pace did not stop, so he left the strange boy.

Then later, Fan Yuan told him, he got sick very hard to accept, I hope he can be with him.

He only retorted: "Do not come to me."

The boy is not required that he always taking care of Fan far, he not only would deliberately hurt others, but also learned to lie cheat other people's sympathy. Even without himself, he can certainly alright, he thought.

Gao Yu never thought that was the last time they met.

A few years later, a friend told him on the mall, fanjia little master died a few years ago in Germany.

His hands holding wine glass slide without warning, red wine and transparent blizzard spilled over the floor, expensive shoes are dirty, he looked at his shoes, bow, quietly said: "Which fanjia? "

The man replied with a smile: "High Master joking, a city which still have fanjia, of course Fanzhi Yuan and Jin Yao baby child ......"The man did not wait to finish, he has been smashing blow on the man's cheek, nose and mouth Beng man scared of blood lost language, Gao Yu canthus do crack and said:. "Do not let me hear your nonsense."

When he finished he took the assistant handing me the towel, wiped his hand turned and walked out, "fanjia go now."

With his assistant for several years in his back and whispered: "Boss, Fan little he has indeed ......"

He never looking back, coldly: "? What do you say, out of this thing, I do not know how."

"A few years ago fanjia old couple with their children to medical treatment in Germany, in a city known as the CPE, Fan little later he died, the funeral held in Germany, the big national newspapers reported several days, we all thought you already knew." Assistant gingerly looked at the back of Gao Yu Road.

Gao Yu stature tremble, his teeth and said:. "Book me a ticket to Germany, this trick not try to fool me."

Take the night flight, the next afternoon to Germany.

That inundated with rain, in a linden tree leaves float in the air, he saw far Fan tombstone, the boy in the photo shallow smile, cheeks thin to be able to see prominent cheekbones, looked haggard.

Until now he still remember that evening at sunset, Fan far too heartless grin on his words.

"Gao Yu, I got sick, the doctor said it might be incurable, I'm afraid, are you willing to accompany me to go to Germany with me?"

Fingertips lightly across the photo of the boy's bright eyes, crossed his mouth shallow smile, he replied in a low voice:. "Well, I'll stay with you."

Rain harder and harder, his face full of water, rain or other I do not know.

"Sorry, I'm late."

"Where are you now?'Ve reincarnation, or wait for me in the athletic edge?"

"You wait me some time, okay, I deal with some of the chores went to talk to you, rest assured that the future will not Zaichi. You do not like me does not matter, as long as you love me like I was wrong before ...... you simply sinister or Yinhen does not matter, as long as you are you, I'll always love you. "


Chengzhaoyusan a nurse passing by, saw him standing on the grave of a daze, then close and asked: "? I ask you is it my friend Mr. Fan is a former care workers to take care of Mr. Fan"

See he did not answer, she self-serving, said: "? If you know Mr. surnamed high, then the trouble please help with a word to him, you can do"

Gao Yu looked up to her, Mouzhong a black hole, just listen to her mouth gently spit out a word, and instantly pushed him into the abyss.

Her face with a malicious smile, slowly said:. "Dying before Mr. Fan has been dialed his number, to death did not release the phone, and finally buried, together with a cell phone that is what people should say [it] wasted step. "

Gao Yu had been empty chest pain abruptly to almost suffocated, he fiercely hold down the chest, suddenly spit blood.

"Mr. Gao, I know you know why? Because Mr. Fan during hospitalization, often look at your photos in a daze. Chemotherapy how painful you certainly do not know, it is hard to get at the heart, and even refused to take a phone call,Your cruel, in fact, and cut off his hopes alive no different, you are indirectly killed Mr. Fan. "

Gao Yu wiped his mouth with the back, watching the red bloody hands made will stay, murmured: 'What phone ...... what ...... what newspapers all news ...... I do not know, why, why, what is who hinder me ...... "

His empty eyes show faint black storm, more and more frantic, the black vortex almost everything can swallow ......

"Who dares to hinder me!"

His eyes are too fierce, and that which tyranny and murderous, almost people tremble, that nurse was scared back again and again, and finally fled.

Once the memory of millions of years while burst into his body, from the body to the soul to the extreme pain, he seemed self-torture in general, continue to absorb that kind of force, a steady stream of power makes his sanity gradually become clear, that power too too powerful, even the whole world had a shock.

Of ecstasy with a mechanical voice said: "Congratulations to the owner to wake up, the body of the male of the Lower Planes can not afford the power of the owner, the owner please immediately return to training cabin."

"Leave? How to leave ...... I want to find him, no matter what way, we must find him."

"The system of detection, Fan far is a man who plays with the group, he needed to find men invade the host system with the group, as a substitute former Rose pull system, and lack of energy level, we do not have permission to operate."

"Then seize the energy of this world good." Casually decided to sentence the survival of this world.

Drama and rules in front of him like a newborn juvenile children, only their mercy.


Plot lower planes is simple, but the fate of the body of the child is too fragile, he just get back their strength, not well controlled, in order to prevent accidents, the second world he once again chose to close all the power.

Later, as a lowly ants delusion tarnish his baby, revived him, not kill him, just do not want to scare away Fan nothing. He was seen at the neck ants come up traces, this time he finally could not hold back, some half-truths confession, the little guy was scared he ran away, he realized that in order to capture him you must be slowly charts.

Fortunately, he does not lack is time.

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