Chapter 2.11

Chapter 2.11

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Followed the ambulance to the hospital, far from the people like Fan soulless puppet, he only knew Xu Fang firmly hold hands and mouth kept saying: "Do not die, do not die, do not die ......"

Fang Xu covered almost soaked with blood, covered with blood red unprecedented panic, his mouth hanging bloodshot, doing all the slightly bent in an arc, struggling to sound.

Fan away slightly startled by startled, unconsciously bent | Couguo body to hear him speak, he heard Fang Xu trance with weak to barely audible voice: "I die, in exchange, you have been with me ...... good or not……"

Fan staring far I do not know react, but the next moment saw Xu Fang suddenly spit blood, he quickly clenched his hands heavy nod, solemn promise: "Well, I promise you, I will always be with you you do not die, or I will never forgive you. "

Fang Xu reassuring smile, slowly into a deep sleep.

Fan far surprised, almost necessary to flutter in the past, but was stopped by the side of the doctors, "Sir, if you continue to block our surgery, the patient really rescue is not coming back."

Having said people pushed into the side Xu, shut the door of the operating room, the far Fan cut off from outside.

Fan eyes staring far lit the lamp on the operating room door, slowly slip sitting on the ground, he felt his effort and have been pumped up, leaving only a shell.

Fang Xu saved him ......

Otherwise, now lie in it hanging by a line of people, that is him ...... oncoming crash, maybe he did not last the ambulance, he died on the spot.

Why ...... Fang Xu is not a good-hearted generation, no one better than him. People like him, that in order to achieve their own ends justify means, always with a malicious smile, the others playing in the applause, which he is very strong, strong enough to be fearless, be strong nothing can hurt him .

With their own lives to exchange the lives of others, this is not a party if that party ...... Xu Xu, the worth of his fight to protect the lives of people, this is not him, but that he was destined to fall in love with the girl Tan damask.

What fate ...... Fan away the first time the word had a disgust, he knew it should not happen, because as an actor, his duty is to ensure that these "predestined" to be normal. No matter how much he wanted the role of the pit, he will face no matter how unfair life will be, no matter how rough life he would go, he was not the psychological resistance, which is the actor's fate.

Everything he did was in order to survive. Make life in this way to continue indefinitely, which he was paid for, not qualified to say he resigned.

He also never produced any negative emotions, at least he thought so. But this fact does not seem, at least at this moment, he has so little jealous Tan Ling.

Perhaps even earlier, when the female host of a sudden appeared and took away a lot of small to love him on the apex of the big boys, he has been unwilling to produce this.

Guardian for a long time love, friendship, it is easy to break, "fate" is the word powerful people get sometimes hate,Also daunting.

"Bite, the owner need not worry too much, the male protagonist who has aura, as well as the whole world air transport shelters, will be able to pull through."

"Xiao Wu, the protagonist of the aura is not a panacea, it will take the initiative to protect the protagonist of the story, but when the protagonist himself put themselves in danger, and then a big halo of no use, so severely injured ...... is really dead he was exactly what they thought, why can this not hesitate to save me ....... "

"Ding, Xiao Wu is not clear what the main man wants, but fifth know, humans are willing to exchange something with his life, it must be very important."

"What is important ......" Fan far look a bit like falling, "Xiao Wu, I have not told you that, in fact, before I met you, I was as a person, a very small parents divorced, then they each With family, so that I became redundant, then I very much hope that one day, they would be able to get someone's attention, you want to have a man love me, but to perform the task to play for so long, this regret has failed to meet . "

After a long while, he was relieved and said: "I promised the party Xu, if he survived, I have been with him."

"Bite, the owner really want to do well, once the owner of the male voluntary and together, we must bear part of the responsibility for the plot twist."

"Ah, I think it over, but twenty years, he wants to give him good."

"Bite, fifth respect the views of the owner."

At a time when the operating room.

Fang Xu casually asked: "this body can use it?"

Rose pulled honestly replied:. "Traumatic car accident had been large enough to force the owner promised Tang Yuan commitment, without damage to the heart resulting in vomiting blood, it seems even salvaged, it is difficult to live long."

"Live long it does not matter, as long as he can have more than one second is like to live."

"The owner can take advantage of immortality comprehension planes repair the body, to live twenty years should be no problem."

Xu Fang tick mouth hint of a smile succeed, in fact, with his ability, together with Fan far away from the car no problem, just let his soft-hearted, this life willingly with him, but it is difficult.

This is a desperate measure, the effect seems pretty good?


Xu Fang's life insurance down naturally, the protagonist halo plus piles elixir tonic, the speed of recovery a miracle in the history of medicine, of course, he did not tell FAN far.

So far when carrying Fan tonic herbs to see him when he was a pale, weakness, and even hands could not lift the severe patients, even eating and drinking also need someone to feed.

Fan did not know just this far almost be half crippled man, just ten minutes ago also domineering side leakage threat to a large number of leading hospital, let them do it on their condition be kept strictly confidential, especially his promoter Don far. In fact, let alone feed himself such a trivial matter, you just let him go into battle, no problem.

Fan far fetched a soup spoon, carefully blew into the square before Xu mouth, to see him frown, quickly asked: "? Be hot to."Fang Xu gently nod.

Fan distant glance, the former Fang Xu into the mouth every time before they can try their own bumper with lip temperature before feeding him. Since Xu Fang is not too dirty, he has nothing hypocritical, anyway, do not suffer.

On the tragedy of ## straight male cancer

Wei Wan a whole bowl of soup, Fang Xu Fan Ruanmoyingpao keep far away as the wounded are always privileged, especially the wounded with a angel face, when he put away the claws spoiled, few can She refused his request. Fan so far does not like the taste of hospital, or patience with him in the hospital.

During the party Xu want to pee, of course, is far from Fan to act as an artificial crutch, personally escorted him past. The people wanted him to leave, Fang Xu that stuff he's ever seen, all men have psychological comparisons, although the lips did not say anything, my heart will not be more comfortable, he did not want to talk to that thing up close say hi.

But how could easily let him Xu Fang, just listen to his weak and said:. "Fan far, it helped me take off my trousers, I hand no strength."

Fan away with a straight face and said: "Do you want me to help help the birds?"

Fang Xu pleasing smile: "trouble you."

"........." Ah you do not push your luck!

When done, Fan far to help him put good pants, turned to their own hands, the heart just broke, "Madan! This is the normal size of it?! If he wanted me to do the final step how to do?! Fifth, I regret I do not have a lifetime qaq with this metamorphosis "


This is of course just to talk, can not fail to report saving grace, though this guy is a pervert, hopefully, quite well-behaved, at least as fond of making things difficult for him, unlike before, a kind of far-Fan bear their own child finally grown up illusion, although it seems a bit long crooked, whatever the outcome, distressed people know not.

Fan Xu Fang leaning far to send him back to bed, because he was "weak legs", almost all the people who hang on Fan away, not walk gave him was tired, a little bit guilty party Xu said: "I now like a basket case, sorry to bother you now. "

Overweening party has been heard to say that discouraging words Xu, Fan far been suited to some, but thought he had just gone through life and death, and some distressed, and hastened to reassure him: "This is only temporary, you suffered so serious injury, being inconvenient to normal, but the future will be able to recover. I will save you for this, I should take care of you, you do not feel sorry. "

Fang Xu muffled asked: "Will you take care of me, just because I saved you?"

Fan far innocently replied:. "Yes, ah," or else it?

Fang Xu Mouzhong flashed a naked, the little guy too solid, so that he could not help but want to be lectured.

Seeing to the bedside, Fan Yuansong breath, just about to go up to help people, but he might be suddenly tripped over his own first down on the bed, followed by Xu Fang also because of the force down, lying on his just who, two of them this one last look lying face to face.

Fan Yuangang he wanted to move away, but Xu Fang to remove his glasses, face Couguo paste slowly rubbed his lips, let cool soft touch feel very comfortable FAN away, then letting him until a slippery pry his lips and teeth continue to invade,Before he could react want to push, where the party is willing to withdraw Xu, Fan distant hand just touch his strong chest, he immediately smothered exclamation, as if touched by his pain in general, Fanyuan Li Ma scared to move up .

Xu Fang felt the body fluid to be plundered clean, sucking tongue was too raw, even the air is also plundered him all he wanted to resist, in return for a more brutal occupation, and confusion when different drunk, sober mind telling myself, at the moment with his tongue entangled people Xu Fang, heart jump faster and faster, intellect gradually disappeared in the party Xu's high-handed and gentle in addition were forced to respond, the other could not do .........

Seeing Fan far been a kiss confused confused situation | fans, Xu Fang and then tricked him into thinking about doing something else, but suddenly heard "bang" sound of heavy landing, followed by a girl is surprised voice.

Fang Xu eyebrows, was interrupted by people unhappy almost cemented the essence, sharp eyes the two men become somewhat surprised by the fear.

- Tan Ling Min and sub-navigation.

Tan Ling looks like a general cry out, pointing to the far side of Xu and Fan, "You, you, how can you ........."

He said a long time did not say anything, and finally actually turned and ran away crying, Min Tzu Hang disdain mouth twitched, "in the ward would have done this, Fangda actor really good mood, but thanks to you today this is a good show, little Aya I will take care of. "

Words, it turned out not to forget to shut the door.

Fan far frowned and whispered: "to be seen how to do ......"

Fang Xu and his forehead coherent picture, with his nose gently brushed against his cheek, magnetic and deep voice, "It's okay, they can not tell, you should now concern is, how can I do."

Fan blinked far not understand what he meant, suddenly felt his own belly tightly against the stiff, awkward for a time was unable to speak.

# Yiyanbuge show dimensions, almost ashamed of the burst table #

# Main adult male Your Day parade it? ! #

# Let's talk about a platonic love swollen what kind? #


Women with suspected deliberate murder, was taken with the police investigation, she did not quibble over from start to finish, confessed their crimes.

As for the care of the household Tan Ling, she seems to be because that day at the hospital and hit the far side of Xu Fan things, suffered a big blow, has not been equipped with the men together, it has not spread over the sex scandal, the commentary in the entertainment wind good acting career has also been honored person to help, so smooth.

Years later she has become well-known actress stage actress, with many years of cohabitation with the actress out of the closet, set off a wave era.

Fan far did not expect myself a prophecy that year, women became even really lace, if you know, then he would swear not to talk nonsense.

And at that time, he had died peacefully in the arms of Xu Fang, they lived together for eighteen years together.

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