Chapter 2.10

Chapter 2.10

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Forced to admit that they "want to | seek dissatisfied" Fan away feeling a barren heart, is carrying the male went to the kitchen to cook gruel, he was thinking of his whole so badly, how also have to charge tax is not the point, think with his hands not consciously extended to the salt jar ......

Sheng a bowl of porridge to a full restaurant, the male is holding a paid movie, how it looks to be more honest honest, tender looks, plus goes Junlian pick out the slightest flaw, said to be angels Some people believe.

"Angel?" Fan far chuckled, "If this guy is an angel, is absolutely fallen blackening of Satan."

His whole body ached now na!

Porridge Aohao, want to hold back the urge to bowl buckle in the head of this metamorphosis, Fan distal squarely put porridge on the table, respectful mouth and said: "Do you want the porridge has been cooked, and if no other orders, I do not can……"

Xu Fang hook lip interrupted him, laughing harmless to humans and animals:. "Sat down and drank the porridge"

Fan far: (⊙ ▽ ⊙)? ? ?

Fang Xu tone with some helpless mean, a good laugh:. "So what do surprise you yesterday not to drink it, hangover very Shang Wei, eat easily digestible food is better."

Fan far almost cry out, he said, good sense, even speechless!

But also a little bit of a guilty conscience and guilt ...... really can not do bad things! Otherwise, there will be retribution! But this secular newspaper came a bit too timely, right qaq

Fang Xu wooden face to see him for a long time does not move, raised an eyebrow, "I do not porridge to cool, you want me to feed you mean?"

Fan whole body flick far, apart from anything else put that bowl that gave grunt drank, he drank a little cynicism, and this is no different with a bowl of salt water to drink, but also a particularly high concentration!

# # No longer afraid to hand cheap,

# This world needs a little more sincere and less routine #

He went to the bathroom for a long spit wah-wah, and filling a bottle of pure water, only a little comfortable point. Xu Fang watched him toss a half amused eyes, the eyes of quite unspeakable means.

"You go poisoned porridge?"

Fan far shook his head, adjusted her own rimless glasses, calm replied:. "May be a hangover hangover"

Fang Xu pressing him to sit on the sofa good, one hand gently massaging his stomach, but some harsh tone, "do not drink wine also point so strong, the future not be allowed to mischief."

Fan deep that far, bad drunk is not only easy, but also easy to be stepped in later brought to him he would not have to touch.

Xu Fang suddenly see his cute appearance, could not help pushing his glasses, watch his beautiful eyes, think of this last night amidst sub-glowing eyes glittering, misty with emotion | color, that he did not Fan seen far away, confused and engaging, he suddenly said:. "nor is it can not drink, but I have to be accompanied in the next"

Fan far only Landelikuai his insane and crazy language, the force pushed him away, and then wear glasses, Fang Xu seems to like staring at his eyes, always will be this way, he was cool, he was the myopia five hundred many people degree, lost the glasses became half blind, was not really awkward.

Jun felt troubled stomach like a lot of discomfort,Should no longer spit, Fan far felt it was time the showdown, he seriously said: "I have something to say to you."

Xu Fang sat beside him, hands folded holding the lower jaw, lazy said: "Well, you say I'm listening."

Fan far to the edge round a bit and whispered: ". This is, in fact ...... I want to quit, you allow the company to reschedule a person." He finished somewhat disturbed to see the party Xu.

Fang Xu has appeared very calm, he nodded, "You want to quit, you can ah."

Fan lengleleng far, but no surprise, because Xu Fang Zhesi according to urine, is always to give him a sweet date, and before him under the mouth, he flew thrown over a stick, beat him confused and disoriented.

Sure enough, heard Fang Xu continued: "We have the contacts, took place last night kind of thing ...... of course, can not let you go up when my agent."

Fan anger local think far, but brokers do? Whose broker also part-time as a driver, as well as assistant chef? Whose broker every day before dawn to go and artists lining up to buy their own breakfast? Whose broker to endure inhuman various artists every day to make things difficult? He is not a broker, Superman is a good cutting? !

There seems to Xu Fang did not feel his resentment, casually said:. "Between lovers in the best position on equality, it would be difficult to maintain for a long time to go, you should have the idea of"

Fan far corners of the mouth a pumping, "you know that our relationship before inequality ah ......"

Fang Xu naturally nodded, "I allow you to resign, but this way, we have time to spend a lot less, as compensation, from tomorrow you moved here to live."

Fanyuan Li Ma rejected: "I do not agree with this!" Joke, not Yangruhukou move over it? This guy is a big metamorphosis it!

Xu Fang did not seem to hear the general, self-serving and said:. "I go back with you this afternoon sorting clothes together, of course, if you do not want to go back and get, I can help you re-buy"

Hey, good to listen to people talk ah! Fan far and increase the volume and said: "I do not want to move."

Fang Xu position without moving, just cool and said: "? Do you want to quit it."

Fan away loss for words.

"They're children, it is the exchange, do not be too self-willed."

Fan far hesitated how to do, at this critical moment fifth line:. "Bites, the owner can be used as an excuse to get clothes, took the opportunity to slip away and continue to follow the story."

Fan shines far, he pretended a little bit embarrassed look the other Xu said:. "Can move over, but ...... I want to go back to get, everyone has their own *, you can understand it."

Xu Fang thought for a moment, and finally slowly spit out the word "deal."


Fan got far, there is no bound for their own home, but toward women with high dream home go through Han.

Since the end of that unpleasant conversation, Fan far has not been concerned about her, but this woman say things are in accordance with the script came, not bad a dime, do not worry about him. She should have found that the male is not the same for care of the household, and he need to do now is to give her an accurate answer.

Expect to wait for the next going to play a bad guy,Fan far inside some apprehension, not because bad things can not do it, he just thought, after he finished pit care of the household, not man mainly resuscitation, care of the household of a person how to face the coming storm it?

"Bite, the owner need not worry about the home, women have a protective aura protagonist, even men should not take the plot, and the brightest men with cannon fodder will help her, though not the male golden thigh to force, but there will surely be farther shun. "

Fan far this calm down, to a nearby high dream culvert home, he dialed the high dream culvert number, and after a long while before turning, Fan away feeling that something is wrong, but can not tell where weird, he ignored the heart is not practical, the phone the other end said: "I have no interest in out talk, the thing about Xu's side."

High dream Han's voice still sounds elegant, but mixed with some kind of emotion is not clear, he said, "Well, you come to the location given."

Fan all the way: "I'm in your neighborhood, there is a company called blue cafe, just about right here."

"Well, I'll last."

High Dream Han hung up the phone, charming face twisted into strange look, look crazy and vicious, she tossed the phone aside, then picked up a paper bag hand slowly opened, there is this thing turned her into the devil.

A picture, because it is a night candid, is not very clear, but enough to recognize the main characters, it is the party Xu and Tang Yuan.

The two men last night in the square in front of Xu warm kiss, and eventually the party Xu Fan far tasikmalaya picked up, they went into the house.

Good, really good, high dream Han sneer, which is treating her like a fool? Who called Tan Ling starlets original but a □□, in order to cover Xu Fang is actually a homosexual, deliberately stirred up scandal. This means really superb, Tang Hua far he is indeed one of the country's best gold broker, even fooled her for so long!

Just send her quest leads, you want the real feel out the situation Xu Fang and the little star when Fang Xu doing? Tang Yuan being hugged doing in bed | love? Or laugh with her stupid and ridiculous? !

Fan is a gay This is a far she had expected, this man has been too abstinence, and abstinence to an abnormal degree. Men can not do without sex, not to mention the entertainment beautiful people and a few men defensible original mind, how a person of his position should also have a few bed partners, but then the United States popular actress, he do not even have to see not to look at, how would like to have problems, so she sent a man to seduce him, to pry the truth out of his mouth.

However, she never thought he would have the other side Xu idea, or that the other party can not have those dirty thoughts Xu, Xu Fang too unattainable after all, the gods above his dazzling comparable nine days how can is a gay can delusional?

However, the fact told her that dirty man turned out to be a success!

Is Xu Fang had to break up with her, is far stymied Fan? Yes! It must be so! This despicable person there anything he can not make!

He Fang Xu dragged into the abyss, so she asked him to death apology.

*************************Fan far in blue sat for a long time, drinking three cups of coffee a whole, while the fourth consecutive Cup, the waiter saw that look helpless and despised, he finally stand it no longer, make a prompt decision to call culvert high dream, fight several times is no answer, he finally anger.

"Xiao Wu, this is my daughter with being put dove?"


"Damn it, call it what ah, the male also just send text messages urging me to hurry up, if she do not come, the male should go to my house to arrest people!"

Finally, the fourth cup of coffee after drinking, he finally people called to continue a delay, the rapid end of the account deft leave.

As he calls one side to the parking lot, even if not seen with female faces, he said on the phone the same, anyway, this story has to go.

Mercedes suddenly heard a sharp voice, he unconsciously looked back, surprised to find a red sports car like a mass of flames coming towards his passing, not enough time to react, they feel next to someone severely pushed his hand.

The moment the body fell to the ground, he saw blood all over the floor.

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