Chapter 2.9

Chapter 2.9

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Fan Far feel I must be dreaming, otherwise the hair he will hear the male adults, said:. "We exchange a look."

He's kissing (?) Of the male, this time should be to punch it not lying on the floor, well, he is now supine on the ground, but the male his lines cliffs in question okay! Expelled from it that good? ! That good sense unfeeling it? ! Said yes this life never seen it? !

Do not tell him he broke off a male bent Lord, he does not want to hear! !

He slumped over and the male on the TV, calling to mind: "The fifth, I like to drink a little drunk, you help me exchange a bottle of hangover medicine ......"

Xiao Wu was silent for a long while before slowly said:. "Bites, fifth feel, the owner being sober is better or not."

He wanted to ask why, but the man picked up in the next second main cross or hold most standard princess!

# When the moment of the male adult was picked up my mind went blank #

# Screen is so beautiful I can not see #

# This dream real good I'm a little party #

"Fang Xu ...... you this is what to do?"

The male adults face upright replied:. "Cool ground, lie down for a long time will catch cold."

After this a toss Fan far, I had very dizzy head more and more pain, stumbled think he said makes sense, then nodded and said: "Thank you."

Fifth: "............" simply could not bear to view.

Fang Xu light brought back lips, thrown in the deep dark eyes soft, his warm channel:. "You're welcome"

Fan is holding his far into the house, the house heating it enough, it is very cold he tired one night, getting into a deep sleep.

Later in the fifth trance seem to hear the call himself, but he was too lazy to pay attention to the back of the fights tired, shielding it directly, adhere to the cause of sleep persist in the end.


Early in the morning, a ray of morning light coming in through the gap between the curtains, Fan shook far is this bright eyes, he wanted to reach obscured eyes, could not move his arm was imprisoned, he opened his eyes suspiciously, eyes are a solid chest, muscles nice symmetry to let him slightly stunned God, but the next moment my mind was blasted like a general.

He last night and sharing a bed with a male host! ! !

He only vaguely remember he hold up with into the house, after things like a broken tape, like, what do not want it, it really is not anything good hangover is simply evil!

"Xiao Wu! Fifth! This is how ah!"

Called for a long time did not respond, he suddenly remembered he seemed last night, it seems, a dark room off the fifth ......

Fifth release, he was feeling a little uneasy conscience, sorry and said: "I'm sorry ah fifth, last night, I should not put you off dark room, I was wrong qaq"


"What happened last night in the end, ah, why I wake up in the arms of the male, what did he do to me? ......"


"In the end how kind ah fifth, I want you to say a word ah / (tot) / ~~"

"Bite, last night, the male owner was brought into the bathroom, the male owner of the clothes stripped, then ......"

Fan did not go far,Angrily interrupted: "by Xu Fang beast beast I put him as a straight man, he was my fifth sleepy, you get to watch my innocence was taken away from you qaq!!!!"

Fifth: "............" Suddenly it is not spicy sympathy for him.

Fan distant and slightly guilty, no one told him wine than Shao Daozi also on top, so filling a bottle, drunk all the delirious, which also spare what the story, wanted bulkhead, sleep, no one thought So people will be stepped in, he just wanted to kill myself!

"Bite, owner please calm down first, fifth last night before being thrown into the dark room and he saw Xu Fang cleanse the body in the main fact people, and there is no excessive move, so ......"

It did not continue behind the words to say, but Fan far understood.

"Cleaning ......" Fan far that he is most probably not be saved, why wash? Of course, it is good at the mouth!

The poor performance of his task for so many years, yet to find a decent sister talked about love, so was a man on to it, and this person is his task has caused the failure of the culprit!

His eyes glared at the man in front, side, and Xu would like to die of a heart.

Fifth quickly to appease said: "bite, although this last part of the story a little crooked, but the overall story is also normal, as long as the owner smoothly to resign and provoke women with performing the following story, task completion rates of up to at least eighty percent the owner of the task is to finish the original owner of the plot to ensure that no ooc, as for the male is bent straight, the main plot does not collapse collapse is not the responsibility of the owner. "

Fan Far instant fried hair: "Not my responsibility and therefore the world buckle up all my energy reward is not it?!"

"Bite, the last owner of the reason is because the story makes the collapse, so the owner is the main person responsible, this time is different, the owner did not disrupt the world, men should not go himself, bent over and the plot, the owner not responsible."

Fan far silent for a while, and finally sadly said:. "Oh, then speak to count"

Fifth: "...... good."

Guaranteed, Fan away full of blood resurrection, this body not his, though then have to borrow a time two decades or so, but he is a man, encountered such a thing is no way this kind of thing ...... chastity, gone is gone now qaq

Fan far earned earned, would like to withdraw from the party Xu arms, he was clung closer, just listen to his mouth muttering: "Stop it, last night I was tired."

Fan Yuan: "!!!" Zhesi dare to mention last night? Face it? !

Fan away tears, but why force value is too low, only quietly protested: "You let go, I go to the bathroom."

Fang Xu This opened my eyes to see him, shining black Mouzhong sharp naked, without any just woke up like, "You're not bailing go."

Fan far hesitated slightly, this guy would be too smart now, he is with this intention.

Xu Fang as if seen through his thoughts, he clasp his chin, Senleng tone: "Yesterday I had so much to do, if you dare to escape, I just dig around you will find out. "

Fan far ((⊙_⊙)) :? ? ?

Who in the end too ah! Regarded people eat dry wipe the appearance also made a victim, just do not Bilian!But it is far from clear Fan, reason with him is no use of eggs, he can only swallow said:. "I will not flee."

Fang Xu This satisfied loosen his chin, patted him on the soft white face, gently smiled and said:. "This obedient, will be remembered cook some porridge"

Fan nodded away, to see him loosen the shackles, Fanyuan Li horse jumping out from his arms, ran into the bathroom and lock the ground very seriously.

Fang Xu looked at the closed door, mouth smile escape hint of frustration.

Fan far confirmed human virtue can not break through this door, this calm down. Suddenly felt something was amiss, he walked a few steps and find yourself somewhere at absolutely no discomfort, does that indicate? The male is a mushroom? No, it must of course be impossible, as the male, regardless of hardware or software, are absolutely luxurious version of the standard, it is only a possibility - that he was not what.

Fan Far surprise: "Xiao Wu, I really did not expect, Fang Xu fellow gentleman turned out to be quite the thing, I feel like I have wronged him."

Fan said as he looked in the mirror far opened his shirt, which is party Xu shirt, he was shorter seventy-eight cm Xu instance, the skeleton is also much smaller, this dress he was wearing a very loose, so easy to open up .


Fan far looked at their original soft white flawless skin covered with red strawberries, as well as chest congestion and swelling to the two cherry fruit, almost scared out of his chin, he quickly look back, a look incredible, his gas almost burst foul language, even to him into the grasslands in summer, mosquito bites will not be like that, just can not find a good piece of meat, packed full of hickey!

He was the fifth act decisively thrown into the dark room, he took off his pants to check that their own place, and good looks normal, but the inner thigh, calf as well as two white shapely buttocks, already unrecognizable.

Finally, see yourself clearly bitten off soft white toes, Fan thriller away to finally aphasia, Nana spit out two words: "metamorphosis ......"


In the bathroom he made a half-day stay, afraid to go out anyway, until the party Xu knocked on the door, he was scared back, and attached to the wall for help: "Xiao Wu, how do ah, he is a party Xu metamorphosis ah. "

"Bite the next owner take fifth off dark room, please inform in advance soon, thank you."

"............" This is angry mean?

Fan is still far from the chaos thought, was surprised to find the door to be opened from the outside, Fang Xu seemed surprised to see him, shook his hand key, Fanyuan Li engraved tears ran - forget that this is his home qaq

Fang Xu untie his pants zipper, Pang if nobody to urinary up, Fan far could not help but glanced away in horror pale, and if that thing into his body, he will not perform well in advance of it brought lunch / (tot) / ~~

# Man bent on bending the Lord said not a trace of preparedness qaq #

# Gay men with cliffs is a high-risk occupation ah angry wrestling! ! #

Obviously the male adults have been well behaved in the story, why all of a sudden got out of hand? Fan far reflect on their own, Is it because he kissed him one last night? Does he actually comes tease Han aura? Otherwise, how to explain the fact that two men should continuously breaking bend?Fang Xu corner glance at him to close his weapon, walked hand-washing pool hand-washing side and said: "See?"

Fan far swallowed, carefully asked: "? See what ......"

Xu Fang hook lip smile, take a dry towel to dry hands and turned away to Fan trapped between the wall and his arms, "those traces of your body ah."

"............" Madan also shameless ah, do not I have to do! He looked over his teeth and said: "See."

Fang Xu lifted his own face and in the eye, look like quite a headache, softly:? "How, did not do the last step you are not satisfied but I used to be a straight man, because I was willing to try you you always give me some time to adapt, so do not be so desire |? seek dissatisfied, ah. "

For | seeking dissatisfaction peat ah! Labor body had been eating all over you, dare not be so hungry? !

Fan away the face of watch intently the male adults, after all, cowardice, he Yuning choke said: "......... good."

# Pervert the male adult is swollen broken / (tot) / ~~ #

# I feel deeply the world from malicious #

# I said I really do not like you, you believe it qaq #

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