Chapter 2.6

Chapter 2.6

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When the fifth "ding" sound to remind people when their own set of collapse, in fact, is far from ignorant Fan forced. It took a few minutes to gradually clear his head, and realized I was exactly how, stupid, stupid!

He should be a big stick Flanagan wreck duck, Ma Wan care of the household just how it became a peacemaker, but also egg to the male and female controls apologize, pull the red line this rhythm properly properly ah! Just do not play too good! Who set not only the collapse, but also collapse beyond recognition, delightful! That is simply a visual sense of schizophrenia ah!

Fan away silently swallowed the old blood, even schizophrenic, but also by Xu Fang Zhesi to the victims. This guy actually still laughing, laughing wool ah! I do not know know the full reward of labor was not any, and all you this evildoer to the victims!

Fan Yuanjiang hold back the collapse of heartache: "The fifth, after another two world ooc, my perfect resume is no longer perfect, suddenly wanted to break 破罐子破摔 how qaq"

"Bite, the current progress of the story has come to 40 percent, and if you give up now equal to naught, by the previous owners are also suffering under the white."

Prior's suffering ......

Fan far in front suddenly emerge out of a few scenes.

A weekend, far from the called party, Xu Fan a phone call to his home, pointing to the ground say that they want to eat a bag of walnuts, Fan far had squatted on the ground holding a small hammer to knock walnut earnest, but Xu Fang Fang big God against holding a laptop on the couch while watching a movie while drinking freshly squeezed juice, not the mouth Montreal urged:. "hurry up speed, too slow."

There are certain times after lunch to let him Xiaoping Guo Fang Xu, in the middle can not be broken, he accidentally Xiaoduan skin, Fangda God sit on a squint, playfully said:. "I do not eat imperfect" do not eat it do not eat, but also not let him re-cut, cut a whole bag of apples over only out of a "perfect", the result of a sudden he did not want to eat. If it were not mentioned in the original Xu Fang is a typical perfectionist, he would suspect that this was purposely Ah toss him!

This kind of thing simply endless, this world would say someone's child bears the most, non-party is none other than the big winner! Simply bears the king and no one can!

At that moment, far Fan finally remembered, that fear was once dominated by Xu Fang, there was teased by his changing the pattern of humiliation.

Think of these days grievances, a time far Fan old passions in my heart, just beat is furious, "I compromise on quality for so long, just to finish a good story, and if this guy plays to go along with it when he also every day to give me crooked, who set collapse even harm me! extreme annoyance, I also have a temper, okay?! "

Fifth paused and asked: "bite, how the owner intends to do?"

Fan far heavy hum, very firmly said: "! I want to go back to the story broke, he was not going to apologize to me."

Fifth: "......"

Fan said, standing in front of a step forward far side Xu, looking straight into the party Xu dark eyes, his eyes flashed a hint of complex and bitter mood, with a touch of melancholy, deemed some frustration, it took a long while he slightly sip Minchun evoke a smile, with a mean little to please, always a straight face suddenly Mensao big smile, that scene comparable to bloom on the tip of the snow lotus,Lian Fang Xu is also the sudden smile, stunned and slightly lost God.

Fan distant voice with astringent Italian hazy, slowly said: "Yes, this is my fault, I knew that I did not, could not control their emotions is maintained, said very much, I'm sorry but ...... as long as you are and about the things that I can not always maintain your sanity, you know, because you're too important to me. "

Fang Xu passing hint of dark eye look complicated, but soon he stayed hidden, Fan far dedicated only see his eyes.

To see him seriously listen to their talk, Fan far to pump myself up in my heart, make persistent efforts and said: "Because my impulse, let your enemies in circles, this is not a qualified broker should do, so I feel very ashamed. I want to make every effort to remedy the situation. Since you do not want to call the past to apologize, Miss Tan over there, I will personally apologize with a gift in the past, I hope she can forgive my rudeness, I hope she will understand you ...... "

Fan far would not finish it was a party Xu dragged into the next room, the door was slammed shut, and then he was pressed against the door.

(⊙o⊙)? ? ?

Xu Fang holds a hand to his chin, strength surprisingly large, Fan far that there are some faint pain meaning, to get away, but his point of strength in the face of the male is almost negligible, natural futile.

Fang Xu close to him, bass voice, with a hint of emotion he did not understand and said:. "Do you really want me to make that call, to go and what to apologize Tan Ling"

Fan away slightly surprised a moment, my heart suddenly raised hopes, he looked up to see him, cautiously he asked: "? You'll like it."

Xu Fang pushed up his glasses, Fan lost glasses to see far less clear, only vaguely felt his hot gaze across at his face, a bit uncomfortable earth moved, very he was quickly suppressed, could not help the tears ran in my heart, why at every turn is kabedon! He's a man ah!

Fang Xu pure and innocent he looked somewhat confused eyes, I could not help crooked lips, eyes are unabashed obsession and madness, but in the next second calm, nothing left.

He leans far Fan whispered: "Everything as you wish."

After all, still reluctant.


Because the male eventually repent and return to the story and finally the right path.

Fan Far looking for the male care of the household every day of worship, in the heart secretly shake their heads. This year is not afraid of rogue culture, afraid rogue Yan high value, especially as the party Xu Yan this value Guards Yiguanqinshou, do not be put out havoc!

"Xiao Wu, you say men should in the end said something to care of the household, the day she clearly ran out crying so sad, how a blink of an eye forgive him, simply unscientific."

"Bite, most likely female controls aura of Notre Dame played a role in the story is progressing very well at present, there are two weeks and movies fixing, after progress should reach fifty percent owner please continue to work hard."

Fan far a "fixing" word, suddenly eyelids jump, "Xiao Wu Xiao Wu I remember correctly, after fixing, I was not there was a very important scenes ...... still seems to be on the male ...... ""Bite, yes, after fixing the male envy of origin because of the gentle care of the household, go to the bar, got drunk, drunken slip of the tongue, and kissing the male."


Fan From a distance, the man is the master of filming, he was shot in a fight scene, with no substitute, effortlessly a overarm throw a big, strong group play ground, after a roundhouse kick to another kicked, there is no extra movement, crisp solution to the two strong men, he put a hat on his head, hands and pockets then walked forward, back straight is very cold in the night and set off free and easy. And he has been lying behind group play in one place.

Fan far gulped, though knew it was in the filming, but he can not be afraid, Mary Sue Wen Fang Xu is in the male master, will definitely force value is higher than the surface on to see. A world of male patrons Qi, but casually put to k.o boss, although only growing, but is definitely much stronger than he was this gay male match.

To the male kissing his story, which is to him to die now!

His voice trembled and said: "Xiao Wu, if I were kissing the male, after he was killed, the task fails, it should not be my responsibility, right?"

Fifth: "......"

"You're such a time silence is several meanings qaq"

"Bite, according to the original, because the original owners have been loyal to the male, the male though angry, but not really hit anyone, but dismissed the original owner, for the brokers, so the owner can be assured. And the end of the play after that, the owner of the plot it is almost over, after not involved in the plot, the story ending waiting on the line, which is definitely a good thing in terms of the owner. "

After the plot Fan distant thought, after he was expelled from the male, female go there with a snitch, to deal with the female care of the household, he just standing on the sidelines. Wait until the end of the woman with a bucket and care of the household, he silently blessing on the male host of the wedding, then left frustrated, you can ding up!

Fan far is this good news to hit the faint, a time to look to the party Xu's eyes became hot and warm, wish it was now ran to kiss him, and beat what was considered? As long as get rid of the clutches of the party Xu, he would rather be crippled, live rest of his life in the hospital!

# When the crippled man met toxic Lord, I choose crippled #


On the drive back, Fang Xu Fan found far somewhat normal, light from time to time raised the lips, as well as the odd hair bright eyes, can see his mind at this time is very good. He raised an eyebrow but did not reply, eyes closed against the seat.

The little guy so happy, which certainly tricky, he mews road in mind:. "Rose pulled the back story to me."

There is a mechanical voice immediately replied: "^ _ ^ Rose Pull received"

Spent a few minutes browsing the plot, Fang Xu could not help but chuckle, like are like casual glances at the beautiful Fan Ying color lip shape far, eye color gradually deepened.

"Kissing ah ...... really I am looking forward to ah."

Fan is driving away suddenly feel a little chill ...... him it was cold?

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