Chapter 2.5

Chapter 2.5

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In fact, Fanyuan Gang came to this world when the heart is very excited, because of his years sissy, this time finally got rid of fate small white face, handsome and athletic forward to mature charm sportsman, simply worth hi big Ben & Poor's !

But he soon found himself happy too early, why pinch, because when he removed the glasses, especially the wide-eyed, he was prodding a - still a small white face. Simply play is unbreakable curse ah there! You can not make people do a good task! This in the end where abstinence boring show up? Clearly it is weak lured by good cutting? !

This is a very timely manner fifth time gives advice: "Ding, the owner may have been wearing glasses, with God acting masters, can use to change the appearance of temperament."

Fan far silent wear glasses, look in the mirror micro eyes narrowed, and she instantly became pale and temperament, flew and mature a lot. Fan far silent touched his frame, I thought how did not find glasses so easy before.

Fifth: "......" This is really insane owner could not bear to look.

Fan pair of rimless glasses for far is tantamount to Zuobo Ke Zai Kichiku glasses. Wear it, he was mature broker, went to it, he is affected by a weak weak by ah, so he rarely take off glasses twenty-four hours a day are wearing can not wait.

One can imagine that when the main man he put on contact lenses, how his heart collapse, simply rivers of tears ah.

His face was stiff with weak protest, "Fang Xu, I do not want to ......"

The male adults look back to see him, to see him through dark glasses as if Mouzhong flash of naked, "ah? What do not want to?"

Fan consciously far back half a step, more and more low voice: "do not want to change contact lenses ......"

Fang Xu turned close to him, leans his ear whispered:. "You're my agent, for the sake of my face, asking you to improve the look of appearance, it should be nothing wrong with it."

He gave himself turned out to be too ashamed! Is this guy that everyone has to like him handsome indignation it? ! In fact, he can be considered a handsome sportsman Okay? Remove the glasses is really no way to see the person!

Fan far felt hurt, but ...... he felt he could still salvage what is.

"I do not wear glasses more ugly, the outlook would be even worse on the outside will give you a disgrace."

"Never mind, I looked comfortable on the line." Having said to tug him in optometry.


Fan away some flawless, he pulled Xu Fang's arm would not let him go, Fang Xu not look back, it seems very determined attitude.

Fan far took a deep breath, depressed mood, and even with some praying and said:. "I want you, I really do not want to change."

Fang Xu This look back, he stared at the Fan pulled his arm away the hand eye color gradually deepened, and after a few minutes, he smiled gently patted the head of Fan far, suddenly gentle and a lot, "I tease you, to see you scared. Come on, let's go home for dinner. "

Fan Yuan: "............" Ah you enough support it! ! I accidentally poison onto the dishes! !

After seeing two people out of a previous optical shop, the clerk winked sister did not react.What's happening here? Specifically to show loving? This can come brand dog food bowl ~ \ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~


Leisurely progress the story, since the glasses that storm, the male seems to have so far Fan guilt a Diudiu (?), In short, no matter how frustrating him, it makes far very satisfied with Fan more than once with the fifth exclaimed: male host is actually quite a bit of human nature!

Finally, fifth and even "bite" are too lazy to back him up.

On the servility of scary # #

To this day the story turn to flee Fan, fifth routine practice to ask him:. "Bites, ask in advance whether to buy pain pills."

Fan far tangled for a long while, but finally refused.

Xiao Wu was silent for a few minutes and asked again: "? Bite, the owner is determined not to use pain pills do."

Fan bombed away all of a sudden, he angrily: "I managed determined, why are you asked again, I do not make you shake made qaq"


"I do not want to use it, but I'm afraid ooc ah, was beaten for a long time did not come this story, and if not enough realistic, my full award would not any orz"

Fifth: "......" inexplicable distressed.

Fan care of the household did not know at the moment far from what the heart is suffering the torment, the broker just felt a little bit cold, not very easy to get along the way, but for men of God, anyway Coushang to strike up a conversation.

"Hello Mr. Tang."

Fan far one looked up to see the women inside face with a big smile, step by step, walking toward you, my heart some slightly cold.

Now if someone asks FAN far, nothing is more terrible than death, Fan far will definitely tell you, knowing he was dying, but also here waiting to die!

Knowing that the next story they have to pay meal fat beat, he not only can not escape, even pain pills does not work, I felt really sad to think about the extreme tot

"Mr. Tang, senior party in the lounge I ask you, I would ask him to help me to sign a name, so, I was a big fan of his, like his long, long time, almost became his business for the time his brain residual powder. just sign your name, will not delay for a long time, up to five minutes, can I ask you? "

Fan far really want to say, you want to go into the pictures and asked me why? But he could not, because the original owner of the male heart wildly beloved adults, almost to the extent you want to monopolize his life, how to make this a threat to their own girl near the main man do?

So he can twist the eyebrow, poor tone refused and said:. "Xu Fang at rest, taking a nap when he does not like to be disturbed, Miss Tan please return it."

Some lost Tan Ling slightly, but still barely smiled and said: "Well, then do not bother, and other senior party woke me come to him well."

Fan away suddenly stopped to turn away the care of the household, his black face and remembered the lines, "Miss Tan is not considered a new person, how do not understand the basic rules, Fang Xu and Miss Tan rely on such a small scandal popular artists Different……"

Tan Ling eyes wide open, eyes slowly began to redness, Fan far clenched fist, bite the bullet and go on.

"With his identity and status, and if some of the starlets something to do sloppy relationship,Only pulled down his grade, and would be his perfect life in black history, some of the weight you please Miss Tan, do not forget this and lose things ...... "

Fan away quietly close your eyes and wait for the men with a left hook followed by a monarch right uppercut to play Mandizhaoya own.


This scenario Honey familiar ......

A strong fist stopped in front of their own at one centimeter, was stopped by another white slender hands, unable to move a tiny bit.

The world is a man with the king to save his own hands from passers-by, but this time to beat their own people is a man with the king, then, you can stop him now, and it was only ......

Nana # Why men should have you? ! #

# Labor at all you do not want to be rescued ah soul light! ! #

# Do not follow the routine the cards are the main men pulled out and shot! #

Fan far heartache to suffocation: "Xiao Wu ...... I was not playing, what is this story crooked ......"

"Bite, the owner of the said lines have been finished, was beaten to reflect the male counterpart care of the household of affection, the degree of distortion should not large, but ......"

Hear turn, Fan Yuangang put down the heart and lift.

"According to the original, the male was later learned that the original owners say the words to excessive care of the household, severely reprimanded the original owners, now this case, it appears that the male is standing on the side of the master, perhaps because the male to female controls currently the goodwill is not enough, so I chose to support closer to the people. "

Fan Xinrusihui far, "I have only one question, why taking a nap in the male, she will suddenly appear here?!"

Fifth: "......"

I do not know the other side came out of the male, and the male is aggressive confrontation with where.

"Min Tzu Hang, what you count, also dared to touch him?"

Supporting Actor Jun Min Tzu Hang white with rage, he hurled back fist, grinding his teeth and said: "? He insulted the small Aya, should not play."

Fan far acquiesced in my heart, yes ah yes ah, he said so much, then do the fight, the male concept of normal please you three points ah!

Just listen Three views are not normal men should sneer, sharp eyes of various domineering side leakage, "he just said, which sentence does not?"

Fan Yuan: "............" Even if help does not help the pro-science, the male you are too unreasonable a! This is simply vexatious ah!

Care of the household Tan Ling also a pair of beautiful eyes widened with amazement, the next moment muzzled ran out crying, Min Tzu Hang Seeing this, quickly chased out, before he also harsh glare of the eye and the far side Xu Fan.

Fan care of the household back away quietly looked bleak outward ran, and my heart is simply more than men with anger, but he soon Huanguo Lai, because he suddenly remembered, women she was shaking m ah! Things there room for turning back.

He thought for a moment, the other in earnest Xu said: "You say that a girl is not right, we are all circles, is still the same crew, he looked not bow to see, or else call her and apologize ...... "

Fang Xu Xie Ni at him, mouth hanging grin, "What do I say it? Those are the words you say, but I agree with nothing, go apologize, do not you do."

Fan far ((⊙o⊙)?): "............"Fifth head could not bear: "Ding, who set up the master you collapse."

# In order to save on the story and the people set collapse of sorrow #

# On the plot did not come back to save the people set up and collapse of sorrow #

# On their own have not noticed already, set by the collapse of sorrow #

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