Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.3

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Although male match took care of the household is gone, and Star Television company in front of the building there are still many fans and reporters did not leave, seeing the contract time is coming, Fan far reflects his professionalism as an ultra-high gold broker, quickly pulls out a new cap, sunglasses as well as from the interior storage Gerry masks, neatly placed in front of Xu Fang, the meaning is clear - faster wear.

Fang Xu frowning looking at these things did not move, silent for half a minute, could not ask such question: "? Your car has been prepared with these things."

Fan Fu Fu far frame things by the book and said:. "In order to respond to unexpected situations that may occur, must be well prepared at any time, it is a qualified broker should do."

The male against the seat Xieni him, cool and said:. "I mean, these things you put in the car how long more than twenty-four hours is not sterilized, then I will not wear."

Fan Yuan: "............" Ah you how much trouble!

"Although there is no male main plot crooked, but inexplicable how he wanted to hit people do ......"

"Bite, the male will not only beat people concave set up, will collapse the story, make sure the owner to remain calm."

"I hear what you say, I really calmed down orz"

Fan wooden face to put things away and put it back, stalemate for a moment, he suggested:. "In fact, there is a way."

Xu Fang squinting him, heart suddenly rising burst of foreboding.


Passers-by ignored and entertainment reporters were strange eyes, into the Star TV company building, Fang Xu Fan put away a jacket ripped from his head, teeth and mouth with a hint of a smile, chills voice said: "Don far, too is you, if replaced by others ...... "

Having said that he lived pause, Lengheng soon put that into Fan Yuanhuai black jacket, the Zhuantou Chao elevator door.

Fan was dressing far side maintains Silence followed him to the elevators to go, his face a little bit helpless, and my heart almost to laugh to cramp, and a variety of cool mad tyrant hanging fried days of the male adults every day, with a suit jacket cover the head and face, like an old lady like fans to avoid a scene, he felt he could laugh a year!

"Ding, his master senses, followed by the key to the story."

Fan far face a Su, "Yes, I know, but he just looks really funny ah ha ha ha ha!"


Into the conference room, Fan glanced away time, there is still two minutes, finally relieved.

Linzhuo director, producer Wong Tung & Partners, in charge of some eighty-eight people have Qiqi drinking a full cup of tea in the conference room, waiting for the big winner coming out party.

Fang Xu bad mood in the door do not bother to deal with them, he said something just a touch, "downstairs blocked a lot of fans, almost did not come up."

Fan Yuangang door just to hear this one, draw a mouth, too, in a word put the blame on clean, sound like quite a long time before he arrived, the following is to be stopped at the same fans. In the end who is headstrong have to detour to neighborhood cafe buy breakfast ah! Sincerely dare a little! Star did not see the person in charge of public relations department of film and television has been restless yet?

Fang Xu certainly see,But he did not mind guilt, leisurely way until his seat, opened the Yimushixing browsing this contract.

For a time the atmosphere a bit awkward, is not an ordinary artist Xu Fang, in terms of the status of entertainment has become God, but they fear most is not this, but the forces behind him, outsiders do not know, they know, actor Xu Fang Fang family in fact. Hua Guodi all of Fang, who can not afford to offend, Fang third generation of this unique little master, who would not make him happy.

General manager of Star TV wiped cold sweat, full of apologies and said: "This is our ill-considered, is not unrelated persons outside the company cleared up, Mr. Fang wasted time, after our company will send someone to visit their home to apologize, but also hope not the impact of this cooperation. "

Fang Xu mouth a hook, he put this contract dozen pages of random thrown on the table, "Sam too serious, but a small thing, like exposed in the past."

Listen to him say no accountability, that Sam face a loose, just to say a few nice words scenes, but Xu Fang listen to yo said:. "I have just little things to bother Sam"

Sam cautiously asked: "I do not know what it was?"

"I just saw downstairs a female artist, seems to be called Tan Ling, right, and her daughter in this script II temperament is very similar, it is better to let her play it."

Fan away silently gulped, though the male is the important story is gone, but the way does not seem like the script? ? ? He should Linzhuo director and sincerely recommend, by the way let the care of the household where the director plus one plus favorability fishes ah! !

Fifth sharp pointed truth: "bite, most likely because the owner of the male forced to do something he does not like, he makes a bad mood, changed the plot ways to go."

Fan Far instant fried hair: "I blame and I'm not afraid ?? slightly late for the male did not say what the script can be late!!"

"Ding, Xiao Wu felt the same direction as long as the main story, the details do not tangle."

Fan Ning choke away quietly: "Although the words to say, but now as long as there is any place and not on the script, I would feel uneasy, worried out of any accident, I was not nervous breakdown ah qaq"

Fifth: "......"

Zhao Xu Fang there listening to the words, only slightly hesitated a moment, immediately readily agreed, "Since the parties have recommended the actor, it is certainly no problem."

There Linzhuo laughed, smooth things over: "The first square Xu recommendation actor, it seems this woman number two thing is worth the wait."

Fang Xu This look some mild, slightly nodded and said:. "Forest guide, along with the wish to shoot a good work."

"Of course, of course, you have to join, certainly no problem."

Scene and harmonious atmosphere instantly up a group of people a lot of discussion on a number of issues on the contract, then signed a contract party big winner in the eyes of everyone looking forward.

Everything has become a foregone conclusion.


So a month later after another, relying on men with thick gold Jun thigh, women from the original people cry Scheming female form, transformed into a new and hard effort, took a good ad, Circle a lot of powder.

The male to provide her with "dark Mountain" two female characters,Although it is a villain, but it is definitely appealing, no doubt to her olive branch.

"Dark Mountain" is part spy war film, is the story of the struggle between the two major parties Republic of China, the male role is played by a spy sneaked into the enemy camp, he had a love Girls _ total _ in the film Party members, namely the female lead, but because the task had to hide the truth to her, so that girls love misunderstanding that he was a traitor.

And Tan Ling plays female II _ people _ is the country someone important party leader's daughter, male main job is close to her, get her trust, to obtain information from her.

Some silly woman and two pre-sweet white, later found the couple in fact is the enemy, when close to their own ulterior motives, began blackened, were planning a strike in _ and to revenge the male, and finally she took the gun pointed at the male head, I want a shot him.

Men should only glanced at the black hole, pointing to the temple, face no Ju Yi, but close your eyes reluctantly said:. "How are you crying, so to look good."

TWO angrily hit him a slap in the face, but you can not open the gun, and finally put him to leave.

Finally, of course, the male and female together a, untied a misunderstanding, the two together in order to build a new country _ the common struggle with.

Power to the movies that day, Fan far dragging a heavy suitcase to go along with the male crew, although Xu Fang identity could never live this crew, but only occasionally used while filming the lounge, but also replace all to his own things, not even a cup pad refused to let go. Yes, that is so headstrong! It is so ridiculous!

But now Fan far been calm, followed by such a toxic adult men should fast for two months, he said, let the storm to more severe and no, that, that!

The first day of shooting, women are escorted the crew of the aircraft in Min Tzu, the two men stand together perfect match, giving a feeling of actually very board pairs.

Fan away silently glanced home the male, he was leaning against make sense to concentrate on his chair, cheeks slightly tilted, only the side of the Yen is already a stunning Allure, when unsuspecting sleeping posture, even more thumping natural heart. But far Fan clearly the nature of this guy, in fact, patients with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder a belly full of black ink! Care of the household you have the number of degrees of myopia, will give up the big men and men with warm, opting instead for the deep ice? ?

Tan Ling is indeed the care of the household, although the former walk-on has been, never acted in any serious role, but play very full sense, ng start a few games, back over almost a forest guide nodded, she seems to be very satisfaction.

And other men should make up a sleep, Lin lead directly to the aforementioned shooting his scenes.

Tan Ling will not from God saw men acting excitement Huanguo Lai, he was the director took attendance, let them play match play, she suddenly scared pale, talk a little shiver, "lead director, I, I played ah?! "

Lin asked her to listen to nonsense guide was immediately replied: "?!! I can not play you do to prepare to play fast."

Tan Ling swallow swallowing, she secretly glanced Xu Fang, scared legs tremble, "the director, I can not ...... That was Fangda God ......"

Linzhuo director was a firecracker temper,Listen to her so good for nothing, then suddenly angry, "not play are you doing here? Waste our time? Had he recommend Xu Fang ......"

"Lin guide," Fang Xu paced slowly forward, interrupting their conversation, "why not let me and Aya Tan Tell me."

Linzhuo immediately laughed: "Well, it is to you, let's decorating the venue."

People gradually dispersed, Tan Ling Xu still head down, afraid to look square.

Fan far away to see the male care of the household to help rescue, quietly put down the heart of stone, heart to say no problem, no problem, then on things to kill, and then the male soft words to comfort a few words, let the care of the household foster self-confidence, even if today's story complete it!

"Xiao Wu, the story developed so smoothly, so I really am not quite adapt to it!"

Fifth: "......"

I saw Xu Fang looked for a moment staring at the women inside, straight see care of the household ears are flush, and he frowned, looking dissatisfaction opening, "Miss Tan, I told you this role is to guide the forest, I think you have the ability to perform, you want to prove to everybody is, we Xu makes mistakes it? "

Fan far: "............" whatareyou get what le? ? ?

# My pants off you let me look at this! ! #

# Only the male monkey you are invited tease than you? ? #

# Man the Lord thy tender where to attribute the dog ate it? ! #

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