Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1

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"Star Fan 123" is the first gear high-end star talk live show, the host is the industry veteran Song Yiming, there is a very high prestige in circles, contacts too broad, general artists even then red, to him the program, but also respectfully called him out "Song teacher."

Although he retained in the program with the basic principles and bottom line, but always free to play, think of what to say, usually stepping point to the column group, never deliberately do anything to prepare ahead of time, not to mention the back lines of this novice do, this was the first time to two hours earlier, took the director to look at the script over and over again, but also serious than the pro forma candidates.

Tan Ling is one of the hop r opening dance, her eighteen itself is a small line of actors, mixed for several years have not acted in any serious role, but has refused to give up and insisted to move forward in the show on the road. This is temporary because a girl broke his leg, she was only a phone call brokers come and do the bench.

No one thought suddenly see such a big shot Song Yiming, she was pleasantly surprised, and whispered the girl next to the road: "Song teacher so big host, went so far as to advance, and also so carefully prepared, it really is dedicated ah!"

The girl looked at her a little dislike, curl one's lip and said:? "You are silly or fool, did not see the whole crew toes are you today to come to the guests, with the previous second-tier and third tier artists are very different, and if the what was wrong who can afford to be magnanimous. you will be paying attention to the point, after having failed to make out of trouble is fear in circles. "

Tan Ling strange and said: "Who invited guests today I thought Song teacher has a great brand, and who is also worse than he ah??"

The girl hum laugh, "not even show your guests who do not know, you're OK, tell Hello, today people want to come, Fangda is God."

Then they continue to rehearse twisting.

Tan Ling has solidly been shocked ...... Fangda God, is it the actor Xu Fang? ! The youngest Oscar winner Xu Fang! That was only 27 years old has to take over all the awards at home and abroad talented actor! Forbes China celebrity list the country for seven consecutive years ranked in the top of the party Xu!

Gosh, when she ran a substitute men of God, God blessing her too, until the end of the program she will have to find men of God to be signed ah!

She uphold intoxicated with, just did not see the girl frowned at her charming face, finally revealing a hidden sinister smile.


To ten minutes before the first program, a low-key black sports car parked outside the studio slowly, opened the door of the driver's seat, out of a man wearing rimless eye, he neatly dressed in a black suit, blue Obscure neatly tie lines, covered in a clean and tidy to fold at all.

Serious, rigid, his first impression.

He shut the door with a straight face, walked to the other side bend open the door body, a handsome man suffocating to come out from the car, his face wearing a pale smile, whispered a sentence toward the black man. " Thank you ", even the voice is good to hear like sounds of nature. He gently towards staff onlookers nod,The first to walk into the studio in the crowd's attention.

The man left behind him quietly pulled, pushed his rimless glasses, has been no wave no Lan's face finally reveal the slightest smile.

"Xiao Wu, the main man looked very tricky like ah, I feel motivated."

"Bite, owner please do not casually set a flag, the last lesson still fresh in our memory, be sure to learn a lesson from the master."


Fan far followed into the studio, the male adults Xu Fang is part group and director of apology.

"Sorry, traffic jam on the road, did not want to cause too much trouble to you."

He only micro frowning, eyelids slightly lowered, but people think that heart would pull up, could not help but feel bad for him. Forty-year-old Ben is about to fifty lady director, a reversal of the usual stern and harsh, filled with maternal love almost overflowed, let alone blame, and straight to turn to comfort him.

And artists like Fang Xu this level, really is not too late for anything, let alone people not late yet.

She smiled broadly and said: "This is nothing, who can not think of such a thing traffic jams, traffic empire is a big problem, Fang actor is able to give me a big face as well as a few minutes on air, among advanced live your cup of tea water, rest. a break. "

Fan Xu Fang far behind the listening, the amount of help suppress the urge to think, the male attributes this evil is really helpless people, obviously do not think that anyone stay in bed, but also to push traffic jam, to put it in all seriousness, people even suspect He did not mind, say it is indeed the winner ......

Fang Xu and director said a few words, this studio headed toward, suddenly looked back and said:. "Tang Yuan, send me over a cup of warm water."

Fanyuan Li That should be a cry, as a broker, he is also responsible for the assistant's job, no way, the male adult personality too finicky, assistant company to arrange all he drove away, he was the only act meticulous, serious character and stereotypical gay male match was stayed.

Fast out of the bag from the side of the winner special cup, pour a glass of hot water temperature appropriate to send in the past.

In a few minutes the program at any moment, the lights suddenly dimmed, colorful lights flash head was dizzy, he stood off always pay attention to the stage, care of the household in the middle of a dozen jump girl opening dance, a will be able to see her, after all, so much r, she looks the most outstanding, watery eyes very God, people can not ignore her presence.

This is, of course, if there is no condition excellent hardware support, the male gold thick thighs again, women have no alternative in the entertainment mix of wind and water, a new generation of national goddess.

That is something, as it is currently far ...... Fan touch his chin, if nothing else, then, should wait for the next accident.

Halfway through the opening dance, the audience suddenly some commotion, Fan far closer look, and sure enough, women's dress had been tampered with, a shoulder strap suddenly cut off, she responds very quickly to hold on, but you can not We can not continue to jump, and this would certainly emptied.

She first encountered this situation, this is a live show, at this moment I do not know how many viewers watched her in front of the TV, audience, several hundred spectators, while the guest gallery sat her male side of God Xu,He's been looking forward to her idol, this situation how could she do, she was almost about to cry flawless.

Fan eagle eyes have looked far side Xu, was talking about: the male adults ah Come on, this is your future wife, do not let me down ah!

After half a minute, Tan Ling was like experiencing a century, she helplessly in horror on stage, several other girls completely regardless of her only when she is not present, still danced the opening dance rehearsal for a long time.

As she turned and fled thinking to do, when suddenly a black jacket was put on her shoulders, Tan Ling looked up in disbelief, under the colorful stage lights, she saw only one God most carefully portrayed face, her male side of God Xu, moving her to reveal a warm smile, that moment she felt resplendent, dazzling almost made her want to cry.

She bowed his head afraid to look at, whispered Well Well said:. "Thank you."

Then turned off the stage, Xu Fang do not care, directly back to their guest chair, just as if nothing had happened.

Fan watching it all away with a straight face, deep eyes from across the handsome face of the male, he pushed his glasses with the index finger, conceal a touch of dark eyes.

How tangled appearance did not say, at the moment his heart very excited, excitedly for fifth said: "finally put down the heart, since experienced on a world, I'm afraid crooked particular story, again my little heart really could not bear the! Fortunately, this man is on the main road Well, well worth the reward chicken plus just look! "

"Bite, abstinence is the owner of the system set up big Mensao people, as long as the owner does not exhaust seduce the male, the story should continue to be maintained in the normal direction."

"Hey, fifth What do you mean, when I seduce the male, it was I volunteered to do, it is in an accident ah! Besides, the past let him past it, we open a new chapter, Imagine what a better future is not it? "

"Ding, is the owner of the world's first lift, just down the fifth owner of the words."



At the moment Royal Park International Airport, inside and out by countless fans crowded around, because of high international supermodel dream Han, back home today from the French.

As the first widely reported by foreign media praise Chinese national supermodel, high dream Han not only leading the world of fashion, it is more than a guest role in Hollywood movies, and even won international awards for best female had assigned in the country We have a large number of fans.

Sitting in the airport wearing a dark blue cap and black sunglasses woman who just have to sit there, they show not the same gas field, conservatively dressed and then also could not block her impressive figure, her thumb through working on of a fashion magazine.

But I heard around exclaimed, she looked up and saw what "Star Fan 123" live on airport display.

She saw him glance, like a god that man, he is more mature than before, also looks increasingly outstanding, hanging refined smile, his coat off, gentleman draped over a girl who, with the eyes she had not seen the tender, only one action a look,He has almost lost her senses.

"Fang Xu ......"

That this new fashion magazine cover gradually being twisted out of a distinct crease.

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