Chapter 12 special episode (Zhao Yu Hao)

Chapter 12 special episode (Zhao Yu Hao)

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Five years later.

Zhao Yu Hao once again into this cemetery, this time it is the height of summer, the sun burning coke popular, but he sank like water - just step into here, close to the boy, he would feel very happy and peaceful.

These five years he would often come over here, happy, sad, and when drunk.

Photo on the tombstone is a black and white side of makeup, still thrilling beauty, the only flaw is probably not see his facial eyes seemed to speak, and his angelic smile.

The boy does not love taking pictures, which he later heard that know of. Such perfect face does not want to leave any traces in the world, why, he can not figure out the reason, as he can not figure out why he would choose to leave this world that way, so decisive, so cruel, poignant.

Zhao Gongzi always elegant image without sitting beside the tombstone, his own handpicked bouquet of daisies on the ground gently, almost sad eyes Yancangbuzhu. The boy in the blossoming spring never left, but he never met him in early spring with memories not been out from that.

In the boy's eyes, he was just a stranger had side of the edge, he never knows when he feels like a spirit, in his moment before, I never leave from his heart .

At that time, he regarded him as a girl, love at first sight for him. The boy just like laughing at his stupidity in general exposed sly smile, towards Qi Gu behind him shouted "brother", when he has been smart brain blank for a whole minute.

For the first time the heart was wrong to pay the object, he should be angry, but he can not do, the boy is to have this magic, he seems to make no matter how bad things should be forgiven, he seems to be angry, that is, a sin.

When the bird soft little hand without bone on the grip, he felt strong from malicious Gu Qi, but he stubbornly refused to let go, even if more than one second or, it is the first time he had so strongly to a certain kind of thing attachment.

The boy was unaware that his complex mind, but towards him crack a smile he said:. "Pleased to meet you in the future, Yu Hao brother"

Until that moment, he knew he could fit inside.

A boy or a girl, what relationship, as long as the boy is willing to laugh at him, he is willing to call out "Yu Hao man" willing to be with him, he was even willing to give up everything, even confrontation with the world, the expense.

In the eyes of all flawless noble prince Zhao Yu Hao, went so far reduced to a wretched perverted stalker and voyeur, he says even he could not believe the things, but he really did it.

Tracking the boy to and from school every day, watching him carefully holding his brother's hand, secretly happy smile; he looked shy but cheerful with adoring eyes quietly looked at him spoiled excessive brother; the vast most of the time, his eyes are sad, with unspeakable dark, as if hope in sight.

He knew the reason, fall in love with a man, or his brother, this is not London Love _ not everyone can withstand the,Moreover, he was just a purely sentimental sixteen-year-old boy.

The boy, chose a path full of thorns, no one can go for him, he only make the trip alone, even if it is sharp thorns cut too scarred, do not want to back down. Stubborn, obstinate, but it confused and engaging.

How he would have said to him, as so hard to just give up, do not stop to look at that individual body, and I look back, as long as you want, I can give up together, only to change your smile. But he can not, the boy sensitive and fragile than the porcelain dolls also fine you can not burst his hard shell, or else his world to collapse, crushing his soul, that's what he loved the boy, he knows of.

Later, he did not go to his attention, love the boy too desperate, even just watching, has made him feel unbearable, trapped boy how painful, difficult for him to resemble.

He needs to let himself out of the maze, called Gu away, no longer absurd to go.

Qiu met Mimi was an accident, she is a good strong girl, although sometimes people feel ridiculous, Our Lady too far, but her innocent eyes and that he does not fit the boy slightly similar, so he letting her close to their own, let her brazenly broke their own world, perhaps in his heart of hearts, in fact, is looking forward to this girl could have delivered him from the boy's spell in.

But Qiu Mimi did not succeed, the more we get along, the more he clearly felt she was different from that of the boy he loved.

Later, Guyuan Yong far left, along with his love of the boy died away completely, he could not do flirtation, could not do forced a laugh, he even Lianku cry, because he do not have that position, do not have that qualification.

- they are just strangers.

Fan far off that day he also participated in the funeral, Gu Qi as a friend, he stood in the crowd, watching Gu Gu Qi holding the ashes away, his face not a shred of expression, seems to have no feelings of being a human being.

Gary and Mrs Gu Gu holding funerary far, cry into tears, Zhao Yu Hao line of sight across the photo of the boy pale smile, eyes suddenly a burst of sour, has been dry eyes even tears left, he was stricken amazed for a moment, only to be choked with tears.

Later, Yu family's little master appeared at the funeral, he was wearing a gown, followed by a group of doctors and nurses, probably escaped from the hospital, he was like a madman rushed over to snatch away the ashes Gu, Gu Qi is a slap in the face beaten senseless.

Zhao Yu Hao between trance hear Gu Qi said only one sentence.

"Who killed little far, do not you know."

Then Yu Kay fell to his knees, his head frantically hit the ground, a bloody forehead, regardless of whether he was, what the mouth could not help saying, "I did not mean to, I'm sorry ......"

Finally, Yu Kai collapsed exhausted, Yu family had been taken away.

Zhao Yu Hao heard later sent to fight, and only know that Kai Yu Gu far classmate, had a disagreement happened in class, what else are finding out.

He went to the hospital looked Yu Kai, he wants to know the truth,How deep he was on the minds of the boys lost their lives, who want to get an answer.

Yu Kai did not give him an answer, he has been his own crazy, no matter what he asked, he would forever with nervous smile, innocently: "I can change the date of birth, you can change the name, you want me to do what I do, okay Gu far ...... yes, I am sick, all my fault, not yours, do not be angry, I'll be good, no noise no trouble do not bother you, Guyuan, Gu far you go ah ...... "

Zhao Yu Haohuai doubt, this is the day to say Qi Gu purpose of that sentence, effortlessly, just let Yu Kai alive than dead as worse.

Unfortunately, he could not find Gu Qi verify the truth, because after Guyuan funeral, Gary and Mrs Gu white-haired people who sent hair, you want to leave this sad, they whole family emigrated to foreign countries, never He came back, just in time to take care of the Trustee care far cemetery.

Zhao Yu Hao with a handkerchief and gently wiped away funerary care, light smiled and said:. "Think your brother what, he never came to see you, did you think I should not blame him for it, so you stubborn people, like a person is a lifetime thing, no matter how he to you, you will not be angry with him a few days ago I saw him in the newspaper, guess you want to know the news of him, so I'll tell you loudly. he had a very good, successful career, is the world's leading entrepreneurs, was named the world's most women want to marry diamond bachelor, but unfortunately he has not married, or a relationship are not, uh, there are people I wonder if he was gay. "

"I know Gu Qi a long time, he has always been arrogant personality, playful love to laugh like excitement, but since you had gone, he is like a different person than people, more like a precision machinery, daily life and work flawlessly, it seems to have been set up as you say, his soul is not carried away by you, you are not already in another world reunited. I was not too I can let go. "

"There is a girl, her name is Qiu Mimi, and you have the same beautiful eyes, of course, she did not look good in your eyes. She waited for me for five years, few days ago I told her about you, she said she willing to accept, so I thought I should also try a new life. "

"Today should be the last time I come here to see you, after I did not bother, you will not feel lonely, will occasionally think of me, I will not miss the nagging ......"

Here he choked slightly, he looked up to the sky, let the tears welling going to slowly flow back.

"Small, remote, your next life you must be happy."

Zhao Yu Hao Fu Xiashen slowly kiss that picture, stop for a moment in the care of distant cheek, he suddenly got up and strode away without looking back, seems to stay a while longer, he would lose all determination.

Zhao Yu Hao behind, a slight breeze, swaying him that Daisy spent beam wind, white petals fluttered by the wind into the sky, Xiangxie go the distance.

Daisy flower florid: pure beauty, and deep in the heart of love.

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