Chapter 1 .9 (End)

Chapter 1 .9 (End)

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One second to move one hundred meters is what the concept.

If this is in the comprehension, casually a person can do it, anyone can become immortal after all, what else can not do. Or into the future world of interstellar era, nor is it a big deal, after all the high-tech possibilities are virtually endless.

The key, which is a modern Mary Sue bg text, Teleport is a normal person capable of such a thing do?

Fan said he was a little far side.

He quietly looked at his eyes a look of indifference of the male adults, still goes Junlian, action is still tender, but somehow feel back hair cool, he swallowed, the heart it must be psychological.

"Xiao Wu, there may be a system error, the male he looks pretty normal ah, if he has an exception, how you may not be detected."

"The possibility of bite, system error is minimal, but the male does not detect abnormalities, all aspects of the nature and degree of the original owner one hundred percent match, outsiders can not achieve this level. However, if you exclude this possibility can not explain the male iso the ability of ordinary people. "

"He is the main man Mody, Yen value Guards, Guards force value, perhaps meter race results Guards also do."

Fifth: "......"

Fan far micro embarrassed this reason he can not even believe it.


Back home, the father Gu Gu mother went to the field trip, the family only a few servants.

Qi Gu Fan Far be brought directly to the bathroom, hot water poured down about face, he will subconsciously want to escape, but was Gu Qi firmly locked in place, can only endure clothes slowly wet.

He could not resist the water by hand to block his face, anxious and said: "Brother, why are you ah, so I do not feel."

Gu Qi locked him in his arms, his voice hoarse, as if trying to suppress something: "Brother know you are not comfortable, but small, remote, brother also very uncomfortable."

He's tough to put away Gu hand on his chest, let him hear his own heart beating warmly. "You hear me, my heck, you know why, because, you little far, was hit others a. "

"......" Mao thought he was wrong with this sentence?

Gu Qi continues to throw bombs, chills his tone and said: "? Where he touched you."

School uniform jacket instantly torn open, buttons landing sound is particularly unexpected in an enclosed space, far Fan looked up at him in surprise, but crashed into a pair of black whirlpool-like deep black eyes, like you want to devour human souls black. Recovered, has only a thin tunic, long been soaked in water to become transparent, the inside of the scene looming.

Gu Qi stroking his smooth flawless neck, eyes dull, stressing each syllable: "The? Here it is."

Fan far not aware of the situation somewhat, but was wanted back Gu Qi firmly trapped, unable to move.

His seven meters tall in his early, Gu Qi shorter than the nearly 20 cm, weak and struggling against almost negligible, delicate facial features reveals a moment of panic, but the strong self-calm, weak in with stubborn, damn temptation exudes from the inside out, in the eyes of Gu Qi is undoubtedly a deadly poison _ medicine.

Fan away not knowing, he struggled not open, had to test the soft words and said: "Brother,How do you, like you I am a little scared. "

Gu Qi long fingers back and forth wipe the neck at the Fan far, there is the Yu Kai kiss to the place, he gently ambiguous movement, flatly said:. "I should just kill him."

No one doubts the authenticity of his words, today's horrors Yu Kai has a glance. Even if he then focus a little start, Yu Kai may now have passed away.

Gu Qi clasp his chin on his flawless eyes, Mouzhong storm died down, he Gouzhao mouth and said: "This is the eyes, the day you came out of the bathroom nude, obviously have such a seductive body, eyes but so pure, then I was thinking, this is how the world would be so nice pair of eyes, if he has always belonged to me how wonderful. "

"...... Brother, are you kidding me ......"

This, this is what happens ......

Gu Qi did not answer his question, but directly to demonstrate that, he hung his head and gently kissed Fan pair of bright eyes widened far, that action can not tell tempting tender, love and cherish them heavy even slow as far Fan It can be clearly felt, a reaction time actually can not.

Gu Qi gently against his forehead, nose rub the rub his cheek, "small, remote, I do not want so fast, but there are people who think and I grab you, get rid of a yet another really annoying you can also find irritating is not it, that we have been together since childhood, they should, too. "

"But my brother, we are all men, but also brothers, you later want to marry and have children, have their own life, and I ......"

Qi Gu Fan Far out finger before lips, he went on to say that to stop him do not like it, slowly rubbing his cherry-colored lips, "our blood the different blood, which they considered what brothers. What about the man, not the small, remote, like my brother, and brother always wanted with it, brother promise you, from now on, there will be no other people between us, okay only to each other? "

Fan far closed eyes, Yan Qu struggle eyes.

"Never mind, brother know you're confused, brother can wait, but do not make me wait too long, my patience is limited."

When he finished, Gu Qi kissed his face, then turned and left the bathroom, leaving far Fan innocently standing still.

After a long time, far Fan finally found his sanity, his trembling voice said: "Xiao Wu, I seem to have accidentally breaking the male bent ......"

"Bite, I can see."


Gu Qi back to his room, first rushed a cold shower, only to be dispersed Nazhen Xiehuo a bathroom, poured a glass of red wine went to the window, sipping a small mouth.

"Congratulations to wake up the owner, Rose pull for your dedicated service ^ _ ^"

And fifth similar mechanical voice, but with obvious joy emotional, intelligent systems is closely linked with the rank, with obvious emotion system is definitely very advanced.

Gu Qi reminding us of scenes did not hear, he saw the night view from afar, the eyes with the intricacies of emotions, it took a long while before coldly:. "How the situation over there like it."

"Because the owner of this accident, now 乱成一锅粥, Li Yanlong adults repeatedly tried to contact the owner,I do give a reply. "

"Temporarily do not need him. Now those who prefer downtown to let them fill trouble, I just took the opportunity to leave."

"Rose will not pull against hosts leave, but in the meantime you have destroyed three successive plays, one of the world completely collapsed, two other story is continuing confusion. According to this trend, Li adults found only a matter of time."

"You have a problem with me?"

Rose pulled one second change counsel, "trained, trained, trained Nujia can not just worry about Well ~ ~ Nujia"

Gu Qi Landelikuai him, put the glass on the coffee table, and turned to go get a towel wrung her hair, but in an instant to turn around, hear the sound of breaking glass, red wine poured a moment, the color spread quickly stained carpet, flirtatious as fire like lotus.

He was slightly surprised a moment, walked a few steps, suddenly felt sudden cardiac pain, the pain is no stranger once, he had a profound experience.

Gu Qi Fan rushed like crazy like distant room, kick open the door, surprised to find he was lying in the bathtub, white, delicate skin soaked in red hot water, such as lying on the warm blooming rose bush Sleeping beauty, beautiful people feel suffocated. However, a pair of bright eyes never closed opened.

He was one step too late ......


Fan accomplishment far back cabin.

"Bite, funk act for the owner, fifth to give serious contempt."

"Not funk but also how, the male are bent ah, who set up according to the original owners of infatuation, if I die, in relation with the male Enenaiai grow old! See for yourself what the story is twisted into a, care of the household and the men with private life, boss did not grow up to be men and the main waste, not only bend the male and gay men want to be together forever with my stay in the sense that what the world, anyway, the original owner is cut wrist death, I also considered it a worthy death, good and bad points to give the plot points of it, but really sore wrists. "

"Bite, although the owner did not want to strike, but up and down two plays simultaneously collapse, as the main responsibility of the owner who will not accept the punishment is unknown, plot points still do not think."

Fan incredibly far and said: "Why would I be the primary responsibility, the story collapse was my fault it, everyone got ooc I can stop it, the whole world I am the only one normal person, in order to help the male to go my story there are also recessed who set the wood, but also not good, please talk about the truth ah! "

"Bite, good, the owner and fifth reason. Male host is the master of breaking bent, because the encounter with a male main talent early resuscitation, boss is a radical move because the owner was turned to the pursuit blatant from the crush, if ...... "

Fan far forehead twitched, his small wings of the butterfly bit too much to force it, so just a fan blowing the story get lost. He did not completely lost his temper, "Well do not say, I know that was wrong. I will pay attention to the next world, and never in front of another naked protagonist, it will not make any impulsive act in rage, nothing will not out swinging blind, so you can begin ...... "

"Bite, hope the owner says it will do. Evaluation results of the owner of this mission have been published, the original owner of the plot did not finish,Mission failed energy incentives halved, ooc serious deduct half the experience, while indirectly led to collapse two story, read the owner bother to try to restore the plot, only to give a warning. Does the task immediately open the next world. "

"Wait, let me slow a slow qaq"

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