Chapter 1.8

Chapter 1.8

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Fan Back home away physically and mentally fatigued, even to cope with the male mind are not directly got into bed Tingshi bedroom.

"Xiao Wu, now the story progress is ......"

"Bite now the story has progressed one percent."

Fan Close your eyes away bunk, surprisingly, the male that perennial losers, he would not walk away from the story, to have progress strange.

"Today to see the future boss of male owners and fierce battle, a moment, I even had one of my illusion of actually walking route care of the household, you said I was not crazy ah fifth."

"......" it chooses to remain silent.

Fan all the way: "Even crazy and it was forced to Gu Qi, had never encountered such a situation, male owners and female controls strangers, pulled by men with the red line just met, all the plot into a cloud, which is not too it is reasonable. "

"Bite, indeed unreasonable, when a deviation occurs world Drama Under normal circumstances, the world will automatically repair and promote the progress of the plot, if the male owners and female controls acquaintance missed, the next story will be entered automatically for the acquaintance, will not allow male and female primary has been stopped at the stage of strangers. "

"But such a thing happens happens, there is no possibility of this world have outsiders interfering with the story."

"Bite, outsider indeed possible intervention in the plot, sometimes resulting in a greater impact on the story, but the power of individuals is limited, and rules can not be hostile to the whole world, if the story can completely ineffective, only shows his strength away the world is much greater than the sum of energy, this task will no meaning. "

"What do you mean?"

"Ding, the world although the inferior planes, but can hold up a world of energy is extremely large, single-handedly if someone would contend, to the owner of the now totally inadequate level of each other stick to your teeth, preferably directly give up the task, leave this world, or is likely to be discovered by outsiders and denied. "


"Bite, the owner need not fear, based on the system detects that the world did not find any traces of foreign, may be temporarily relieved."

Fan anger accusing it away: "Why is only temporary!"

# My system I do not fly often gray good side _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

Fan time even to eat dinner away thoughts are not, but as an actor he has no right to choose, and nothing should bite the bullet and appetite chops a few mouthfuls of rice.

Gu Qi holds the gills see him dine, loss of appetite to see him, he graciously helped him soup, spoiled the mood like in a soothing fried hair cat, "small, remote, today is my brother wrong, you finally With friends, his brother should not have to be so rude, you forgive brother, OK? "

Do not forgive! Do not forgive! Determined not to forgive! Special What you did not realize he was wrong in what ah! Fan Tucao far and now even his thoughts are not, to maintain a straight face stiff who set was his biggest concession can do, so do not live up to expectations of the male he has given up.

"Bite, owner of what you think is dangerous."

Fan far fried hair: "Danger peat, the lives I have not guaranteed, and dare me to mention dangerous!"

Fifth silent installation dumb.

He did not speak keep our noses to the sound, Gu Gu mother but the father surprises,Gu happy mother and said: "!? Small yet far today, make friends, good is what kind of child, how about character, how temperament, you have a common interest with you."

Fan mouth of a pumping away, a headache, he reluctantly said:. "Mom, I'm not looking for a girlfriend and friends, you ask what is so specific to do."

Gu mother does not think so, she insisted:. "You kids have never had a friend, now people do not understand the sinister, mother is afraid of you being cheated, of course, wanted to make sure we go Gu Qi you are, and your brother rarely made friends, how can you ...... "

Gu Qi coldly interrupted:. "The man is Father's only son Yu Yu Kai"

Sure enough, Gu Gu father mother suddenly do not speak, the Yu family is mixed with the underworld, they Gu business empire is pure white, and closer political relations, with the Yu family has involved not a good thing.

Gu father put down the chopsticks, after a long while serious and said: "small, remote, your child make friends, our parents did not want to intervene, and if you feel that your child and like-minded, Yu is not the home it does not matter, you happy most important, we Gu the children do not feel bound to do everything, like a heart. "

Fan face far behaved nodded thanks, felt crashes, riding a horse, he does not want to Kai Yu gladly make friends ah! The guy bent him sleep it!

Gu Qi looking motionless stirred his own bowl of soup, cover your eyelids hanging a touch of dark Mans.


Unconsciously two months later.

The Halfway through this story only went to five percent. This is far Fan of credit because self-esteem super care of the household as a girl, do not care charity second-generation ancestor, the male host meet a particular school, I took a stack of money returned to their owners. Then, there is no then the.

But added Yu Hao Zhao Jun male with care of the household and the house on fire, as if there is a tendency to men with the counter-attack. Not that good hang of it? He said keeping good relations with the sister school seniors are not salty is not short of it? It sent stamp paper open the window to determine the relationship between the good, not good! You can not be reserved man with a little?

But for detection fifth over, he would suspect that this man is not fit to be worn, ah!

Fan far looked almost dead story, cold smile, not with male owners and female controls, according to the story he has to do to harm her? No reason to harm a girl does not know, he in the end is how insane to do such a thing ......

And now according to the male pet him this attitude, really no reason to kill him if the care of the household, the male is estimated to be handed a knife in the side, the way to help bury the bodies. So, I ask who is going to care of the household rescued in distress? By men with you? The male with male will do it together!

Yes, that is so cruel.

No hair still Tuomohengfei math teacher lectures, Fan far lying on the table, empty eyes to look out the window, give serious consideration to the, no matter what is the story progress, dedication to finish his route, then the dog Hi skin belt, or save it and then finally the story.

Yu Kai Zhesi do not know why he would turn into the same table, it has been a never-ending nagging next. He is now serious doubts, the original primary reason for insanity, blackening metamorphosis, this guy has to bear responsibility for more than half!

Yu Kai Minato dedicated to his ear and asked: "Gu far you make it clear,I have what point can not compare Gu Qi, looks, ability, or wealth and power, as long as you can say it, I assure you no longer entangled. "

Gu far to restrain the impulse to want to cover their ears, he turned coldly spit Liang Zi: "age."

Yu Kai: "............"

Ear finally quiet, and far Fan slept very satisfying nap, under the refreshing, he decided to make a final effort for the plot, if the special What this also not to force Oh, he would just go its own route, play a serious neuropathy.

Look around, people have almost gone, seems to have a school. He is also ready to pack up and leave, the male adults is estimated at the school gate waiting for it. Gu Qi this man, do not take the plot in addition to this, other aspects of the model is simply a brother (?), Perfect was impeccable.

Yu Kai This guy not to go, was about to go to Gu far stopped, eyes firmly said:. "I went to change the date of birth."

"...... You can also put the name has changed Gu Qi."

He hesitated for a moment, screw screwed eyebrow and said:. "The need to discuss it with my dad."

Fan far he wanted to beat angry, angrily: "Yu Kai, I think you should go and see Brain, you called sick!"

Yu Kai grabbed him put him against the wall, so that he could not move, his eyes reveals a crazy, dangerous cheerful tone said: "Yes, I was sick, but my disease is not known who killed you? know, never met you before, I might What is a normal person, just like a woman's normal! you turned me into this, would like to be spared? tell you, the door did not! "

His face slowly close Fan far, that eyes with fascination and desire _ hope, occupation meaning is obvious. No matter how far Fan struggle, they can not break away from his bonds, the sense of powerlessness that can help people almost crazy when feel Yu Kai lips linger on his neck, hot breath spray in his ear, Fan far could not fried hair up.

"What special off my hair thing ah! Original owners in the end what did this metamorphosis provoke! Fifth change quickly and vigorously pills, I want to punch wallop him!"

"Bite, physical pills visual invalid, props can only enhance the original owners within a certain range of physical basis, many will be stronger than the average person, but the force value Mary Sue text male owners boss is a bug, do not want the owner fearless struggle. "

"Damn it, I do not struggle on the man?! Labor is straight! If not straight, what I especially do not want to be on people, ah!"

"Bite, the owner need not worry, according to the detection ......" men have appeared within hundred meters.

Fan far only feel suddenly a loose, just still imprisoned his own Yu Kai left out, fell heavily to the ground, suddenly spit a mouthful of blood.

Then the next second, he was a man in her arms, waist lock arms like steel, greater efforts almost put him rub his body.

Gu Qi. Gu Qi to rescue him.

Fan body slightly away some trembling, as a man, in the face of violations of the same sex deep sense of powerlessness made him feel very upset.

Since gay male match play, although he always grab objects with various care of the household, but never succeeded, so it does not experience before a matter between man and man.Of course, he does not want to understand, this was completely suppressed feeling worse than he imagined.

After a long pause, he slowly calm down, shook Gu Qi, a small channel:. "Brother, we go back."

Gu Qi whispered ah a bit, low voice, as if coming from far away, far Fan barely hear, Gu Qi was brought out in his arms. Pro out, he casually glanced down to the ground Yu Kai, he was before the posture, the body seemed to tremble, as if by a heavy injury.

boss turned out to be vulnerable to man before the Lord, this situation is not quite right, the male force value will be higher to the point where it?

"Bite, there's something to report fifth master."


"The system detects that men should appear within a hundred meters in time, and men should appear at the time of the classroom, before and after the interval less than a second, or even less."

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