Chapter 1.7

Chapter 1.7

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Fan fact not far from the kind of impulsive, played so many roles, he is actually better than most people to be patient, no matter how colorful inner world, on the surface he is always able to sustain people set up, called the actor-level acting, otherwise it will not be promoted up to play in a group of hundreds of thousands, do men with the task.

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But this time the situation is slightly different, because one after another accident, he should for the first time in the implementation of the tasks ooc! And the way people set style collapse of the Qing Qi ...... very dedicated industry for the industry, Fan love far, this is simply a great insult! This is his interpretation of the career of a major stain! His indelible black history!

In the negative thoughts 破罐子破摔, thinking anyway people are set to collapse, and take this opportunity to vent Ye Hao, full of anger that otherwise he can not get out of his cramped.

He looked blankly Yu Kai, on the fifth track in my mind: "Xiao Wu, help me exchange a bottle of physical medicine from the mall."

Mall Mall refers to a system, where the goods can be used to exchange experience, Fan walk-away for so many years, accumulated the most is experience, be a big experience.

System wide range of goods inside the mall, there are four main categories, namely physical, mental, spiritual force and special utility classes. Fitness classes generally do not need a lot of experience, mostly consumables, that time, the effect will disappear over time. Intellectual class to be slightly more expensive, this commodity is not fast people improve IQ, but increased dramatically over time the memory and learning ability, very suitable for the novice to understand the world of human knowledge. Commodities spiritual power is more senior, experienced the desired value is generally higher to no friends, but to where the planes Fan far, little opportunity to use, so far he has not been redeemed.

Fan is the most far-exchange special utility class of goods, he used to isolated pain pills pain fall into this category in the world, the role of the actor sometimes encountered relatively hard to force, such as a car accident, had cancer, or tortured like in ancient times, this time pain pills is simply too good not to use. But the pain is very isolated test of acting, a bad will ooc, that God is not far Fan acting generally not used.

"Bite, physical medicine has been redeemed, the owner will force the value of 999 in ten seconds, the duration of thirty minutes."

Fan away secretly nod, he bent to the ground to pick up their own people to throw that book, language textbooks, not particularly heavy but there is absolutely thick, smashing his face just think about the people feel pain. He just keep that book wrinkled footer smooth, sound plain water, "how do you say that I can, but do not mention my brother, because you do not deserve."

Yu Kai with the back rub under the cheeks, looked up to see far Fan, mixed with his own eyes are not aware of the warm, he made a sudden stood up, the body under the chair crashed down.

Seeing students in the classroom situation, went out one by one, for fear of being implicated, one of the two underworld Taizi Ye, is a wealthy family of little master, in case of accidental injury, cry no cry go.

Fan away quietly looking out for Yu Kai,See the other side took a step toward his eyes that made him suddenly was a kind of wolf eyeing illusion. He frowning, waiting for the next attack each other.

Yu Kai suddenly bent down slowly, he subconsciously wanted to escape, but in the next second was holding his shoulders, he moved his ...... turned out to be totally immobile!

"...... fifth you explain to me, force value is not 999 yet, how would beat him! Ah this is not the main man nor men with it, for the gross value of force can be rolled me!"

"Bite, according to the results obtained by the query system, Yu Kai is" Campus Cinderella "in the lower part of the boss."

"Under the lower?! What the lower part of why I have not received the script!"

"Bite, because the owner of the scenes in the upper part has ended, the lower part of the script without any help of the owner, so there is no import."

"You kill me you made it ...... I knew he was the boss which dare challenge him, loaded grandson is better than being Zoubian qaq"

"Bite, the owner need not worry, according to the contents of the lower, in fact, Yu Kai has been a crush of origin, after the original owner's death, the original owners to help avenge, male owners and female controls began to unfold retaliation, in the final was only the male cannon fodder. So he is not the master of Zoubian. "

Fan far shivers, "crush? I said he looked at me how could such a warm, original special What I wanted! Minato shameless! He might as well beat me out of it!"


Fan is far Ascension of time, Yu Kai has been leans his ear, voice Diya ambiguous, with only two of them can hear the voice said: "Gu away, you are really getting on my appetite, do not look at me with this look, I'm afraid they will not help. "

This is where special What a crush on, are so obvious molested, he sent did not put him down on the bed went to the bar! Fan far frowning Chen Sheng said: "let go."

Yu Kai chuckled, patting his cheek, then let go, turned out of the classroom.

His younger brother a few extremely surprised, stunned for a while to think of it chased out.

"Kaige, so let this kid ah?"

"This kid care far too timid, dare to hit Kaige textbook you use, the less is the lesson ......"


Fan far looked around his seat in ruins, could not resist a headache, I thought the story could not go in the school, you can rest assured Biao acting, I did not expect an invisible branch waiting for him. The boss is simply not growing too scary Okay, he is not the male bear does not come ah tot

Finally coming to school, Fan far packed the table was about to leave, he was immediately taken away from the back of the bag, do not look back and he knows who he is, who in addition to finding fault everywhere underworld Taizi Ye, the entire class who would grab his bag .

He do not bother with his head back, his right hand stretched backward, cold channel: "Give me back my bag."

Yu Kai course is not given, his hook lip smile, collected his ear ambiguous and said: "I just want to come back to the bag."

Fan silently watched him far beyond himself and went out, he followed a few steps, and saw that in this direction should be to go to the roof.

The roof of this place, in almost all campus novels may have been fully made use of, in fact, fight the Holy Land dating smoking campus gambling,Is the kind of ignorant punks' favorite places far Fan felt as a good student, not necessarily to go, otherwise it is set up people collapse ah! Bags this kind of thing is important to pay him to collapse who set it? Obviously, not worth it.

Looking at growing small boss to leave the back, he shook his head, then walked to the opposite direction.

Bouncing no pressure at all what this is owed to the two young child ah.

Out of the school gate, Fan glance look far to his brother's car, a time feel very tangled, you know sage high school and high school song really too far away, his brother and a school in this waiting, it is clear that this is skipping ah. But skipping is not the key, the key is, he is not a story yet to fly it? !

Fan far very melancholy 45-degree angle at the sky, do not pass by the bathroom door after the male school, who put out the care of the household, women mainly do tonight in the toilet overnight yet. This plot how to help him go? Could it be that the male I suddenly want to go to visit your school toilets do! Simply bored! Just perverted! The male can advance sent him to a mental hospital wood there!

From the moment Fan far out of school, Gu Qi's brother controlled accurately detected on radar, he quickly out of the car walked over toward his brother, he was surprised to find a look of worry Sandinista heaven, a cold heart, does anyone bully his brother up?

Decisive unforgivable.

"Small, remote ......"

"Gu far!"

At the same time the two voice that sounded far Fan slightly startled, he looked up to see a male host brother came toward him, behind him is a blatant put pigeons Yu Kai, felt dizzy - growing boss encounters ahead the male, which is a kind of fatal attraction!

According to the male's brother-controlled properties now, if I know of his brother Yu Kai kept a kind of wretched mind, certainly will not let go, they might put the future * oss, ahead strangled in the cradle. Too, the lower part of the plot to fly direct, the upper part of this story would not have gone directly gameover it.

Fan away silently breath and his brother launched towards a bright smile, was suddenly stunned God directly Gu Qi, "Brother, you wait for me."

Then he went quickly in front of Yu Kai, tightlipped and said: "Yu classmates, thank you for helping me get the bag, my brother came to pick me up, please return to me." In order to secure your life, dashing speed to leave!

Yu Kai squinting him for a moment, suddenly an arm around his shoulder and walked toward the Gu Qi, smiling and said: "Good care of seniors, have been transferred to a specially take a small far-ah, really affectionate brother, but I'm curious, since the shuttle to and from school or that this is not the same as before it, the care of seniors change schools, what is the significance? "

Fan Yuan: "He Tucao Nima well justified, just want to give a warm applause from the male adult beg you to hurry on line IQ!!"

Gu Qi Yu Kai stared at his arm round the dog care far shoulder, eyes reveals a chill, and after a few seconds he suddenly smiled, Chanafanghua Marie, a little reluctantly said: "This is no way, Who I am is small far older brother, one would not him, there is a fear that he would not be bullied. after all, dishonest people too much. "

Then he opened Yu Hui Kai's hand,The Fan pulled away back to his side.

"And this is something we Gu, Yu Xuedi is not some nosy."

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