Chapter 1.6

Chapter 1.6

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"Never mind, let me down it does not matter, as long as you are you, I'll always love you ......."

The male said.

Fan far silent for a moment, I thought the world of men should really sensational, Yiyanbuge nauseating, to speak out with his brother's confession with the lover-like, listen to him goose bumps to be up, but for the story at hand, know the male is not a more straight straight straight men, he might have misunderstood it. Ok, you know the pain brother okay!

Fan far back to shoot a shy smile, a small channel: "Brother, you are so kind to me."

Fifth: "......" Silence is a good thing.

Gu Qi: "............" I love riding horses some words to the deaf listening to you!


In any case, far below the Fan efforts, and finally to avoid the tragedy to change schools, the plot yet surely, the local walk in the right (?) On the road.

Quickly ushered in the school, it is time to officially start the story.

Fan far as a pre-transparent with gay men can be said to go completely without drama, as long as the men from time to time in front of the main brush sense of presence, and then step by step to go to school, and other male patient with primary care of the household meet the parents back on the line, there is no pressure there are wood!

However, when eating breakfast, the male insisted on sending him to school the moment, he finally not calm, because male owners and female controls that ordained encounter just this morning!

When wealthy people driving a luxury car opened a ditch, dirty Cinderella piece of new school uniform skirt, not a word I'm sorry, not even a look bothered to charity, dropped from the window of a stack of red money, and then left without looking back.

But her care of the household and those sexy bitch outside is not the same, though she was poor, but she's not the money, she wants is respect, serious! The male gave her a stack of money, which is playing shining in her face, which was making fun of her money! This is absolutely not tolerate ah! So remember the men and women inside from the main piece of fried handsome, though the sky was terrifying face.

Do not ask why men should carry so much cash this problem spicy fish lips, because he was very rich ah!

But this is not the key issue, the question now is, does not this predestined encounter, women how men should have got the idea, but how will always provoke him? ! Care of the household does not provoke the male, and how he found her different? ! This story should not go up!

Fan pulled away the male's arm, preventing him to continue to go out of action, sincere look and said: "My brother, do not bother you, let the driver to take you on the line today, the first day of the new school, being late is not right. "

Gu Qi took his hand, laughed some frustration, "little fool, you forgot it, Zanba is sage High School Council."

Fan far longer sentence block speechless, this evil privileged society!

"Bite, Yangming Road where there is a Goubuli shop, the owner can let the male to go over there and buy buns, so you do not miss the care of the household."

Fan shines far, worship and said: "! Well done V"

Sure enough, the male one brother would like bun, apart from anything else I agreed, after he got help care far seatbelts, ambiguous McCain laughed and said: "Brother to know so little breakfast famished stomach small, remote ,Really have to go out foraging up. "

Fan far corners of the mouth a pumping, "Ha ...... brother still know me." Peat labor is not a food goods ah!

Seeing going to that house bun shop, the heart is called a far Fan frantically, he glanced leisurely beside the male adults, the first time to understand what is called the emperor is not urgent eunuch urgent! Special What he was just a gay man with ah, but also part-time playing matchmaker for the hair! Do not give a raise!

"Bite, according to the detection, care of the household just in front of the 100 Meters, please master Shaoanwuzao."

Fan telecentric next song, sighed and said: "Xiao Wu, it is my illusion, how feel particularly this task, sudden ah."

"Bite, are highly susceptible to the story, there may be unknown factors interfere with the story. Please owner make persistent efforts for the early end of the task."

Fan Yuangang would like to answer a good character, you see the male and the female host of luxury cars passing, without leaving the slightest trace.

Fan far: (⊙o⊙)?

Fifth: ..................

Say good pressure puddles of it? ! Throw it that good bill? ! Are you male host that day just pain free eggs talent out that kind of thing do? ! Can you be sure the eggs and then pain again! !


Qi Gu look somehow stepped on the brakes, good-natured pat Gu far little head, smiled and said: "? How, you are not do not want to eat dumplings, want to change the pattern, ah."

A change in the pattern peat ah! Did you know that you almost can change the wife!

Gu look far back in the rearview mirror and found not see the shadow of care of the household. He pulled the male adult's hand, a look of sincerity and asked: "? Brother, just let pass by a girl dressed in school uniforms sage that, you see it."

Qi Gu glanced took his little hands, absently nodded and said:. "Ah, there seems to be so personal."

"Can we go back to the car, I have something to find her!"

Gu Qi confused, his brother what sort of person he is of course better than anyone, how could know what the girl, but to see his attitude insisted, had no choice but to put the car to the back, but fortunately did not open too far, Qiu Mimi has himself to keep up.

Fan groping for a moment away from the car, she found a stack of bills, is this, male owners and female controls Dingqingzhiwu!

Fan put away the male pulled the car out, then dragged Gu Qi walked over care of the household, a look of arrogant, airs, the spoiled a second-generation ancestor played vivid image.

"Ding, the owner ...... concave person you set up."

"Do you think I want it?! If we do not act, the whole story on the fly ah! Directly on the task failed Okay?! To reward buckle to buckle it tot"

"Bite ......" Xiao Wu speechless.

Gu Qi has already stared, has always been like a little sheep, like well-behaved brother, suddenly turned into a haughty arrogant cat, really want, people in her arms never let go ......

Qiu Mimi seeing going to be late, but was stopped by two strangers, either to see their face value she had high anger, okay, bear with her temper and said: "Well, you can I do it, I should You do not know you, right? "

Fan far they think it stood for so long,Adequate care of the household should keep in mind the male's face, and he grunted heavily, his face playfully said: "!! Do not know me is to see you unhappy."

Qiu Mimi: "?????"

Fan hand on the far bank notes heavy hand on care of the household, "Grandpa reward you! Sadly the poor!"

Qiu Mimi: "!!!!!"

She looked stunned Qi Gu Gu away and drove luxury cars pull away, her hand holding a stack of money that a long time back, but God, the heart: It means the rich show off their wealth, really getting difficult to understand!


Back in the car Gu Ge far exhausted to paralysis, these days when men with really bad, we still have to go to help the male story qaq this sort of broken things in the end be? !

Gu Qi funny watching him, rubbed his soft hair, fingers touch the cool earth to make him comfortable squint squinting.

"Just little cat has claws, how suddenly wilt. Girl how you, so for people?"

Gu far shook his head and forced back sad and said:. "I just see her in a bad mood."

Gu Qi irrepressible smile: "This ah, but you hate the way people can be really special, no reason to send people a lot of money, do not know yet that you love her too."

"I take the money that is an insult to her!"


Do not look look like something to do with the ah Hey! Who do you think are the victims ah / (tot) / ~~

"Bite, the owner well done, please make persistent efforts."

Fan Yuan: "......" I chose the dog!


Ode to really drive to the high school door, already ten minutes to class, but far Fan is not worried, because his father home in this school is a large shareholder, yes, the rich world is so emboldened!

Say goodbye to the male adults, Fan finally turned away a copy of the campus, as a good actor, he said that although the content is not the story inside, but he was still good to excellent play of origin.

"Xiao Wu, the original owners usually have any activities in school."

"Ding, from the bookstore to buy comic books to the library to read comics."

"anything else?"

"Bite, no more."

"......... good." As a professional actor, even though the original owners of simple everyday gray often, he would vivid interpretation!

To the classroom, it is the morning reading time, no teacher in the classroom. Fan far to find their seats to sit down memory according to the original owners.

Ill a few boys walked beside him, flew around, people let out of his seat, went to the other place to sit.

Not wearing a school uniform jacket boys sitting across from him, peering at him, and several other people were standing, it is clear that he led.

These people not mentioned in the script, the Fan is far from the original owner to find memory for a while to find, that sitting is called Yu Kai, a gang prince, next to several of his henchmen, I like to find the original owner stubble, but because of fear Gu Qi, has dared too much.

Qi Gu is now gone, that he can be bullied?

A chewing gum of the boys said: "Fan away, I heard your brother to change schools, is it because you're too annoying and we have to go?"

Another echoed: "It must be right,You not only long face Zhang woman, and even say things are like women, for no one can not stand. Gu Qi seniors also too bad, you have this soft foot shrimp brother, there is no use just drag. "

Several other people laugh together, it seems to be a very interesting topic.

Fan took away books hand slightly meal, then calmly continue to come up with a book from the bag, it seems absolutely no interference, but careful observation, he will be able to see micro can not check trembling.

Yu Kai did not speak laugh loudly, He squinted at him for a moment, then scrape his ear and said: "You look really poor ah, one less _ Lv, the way your brother can not satisfy you, it is better to come to me what."

Fan Far eyes of a cold, the next second hand book already fell in the past, being hit in the Jun Yu Kai goes spanking face.

The classroom was quiet, even breathing owners are afraid to enlarge.

"Bite, owner ......"

Fan far coldly interrupted: "! I know I collapse, anyway, has been a collapse, the second time I did not care"

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