Chapter 1.5

Chapter 1.5

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Zhao Yu Hao always thought he was a genius IQ EQ double high, can not distinguish between men and women is definitely such a thing can not happen in your life.

However, in the afternoon of that day, he met a girl looks delicate, she stood shivering in the cold wind (gas), juvenile delinquents face bullying, although she was still afraid to argue, unwilling to yield (and not), her innocent eyes as springs like clarity, adorable trembling eyelids, lips, such as micro-sipping March peach (......) ......

Zhao Yu Hao feel the heartbeat of some disorders, the eyes of the world have brought a pink filter, the heart and said this must be the legendary love at first sight.

But the first time he generated the feeling of the heart of the girl, but with the sweetest smile, called Gu Qi out "brother."

So, this beautiful love, has not really started, so was brutally killed.

He glanced Gu turned stiffly away, then turned to look at Gu Qi, brought some of his own voice did not tremble perceived.

"Gu Qi, he is your ...... brother?"

Gu Qi mouth a hook, with some evil smile store: "No brother, sister, what is it."


He waved away towards care, in the eyes with obvious spoiled, "small, remote, come."

Gu far should be a cry, Gu Qi Pidianpidian ran around, saw Zhao Yu Hao integrity stared at his face, as if trying to see through his general from the inside out. Gu far corners of the mouth drawn, almost unable to stretch cute appearance, thrown straight to slap his face, growled: "!! Look hair look, labor is a man's man."

But he did not have the guts, dare to think about it in my heart. Endure for a long while he looked offset from the face to avoid his gaze, Gu Qi said: "Brother, just f class punks finding fault, Zhao seniors helped me."

Gu Qi Zhao Yu Hao glanced meaningfully, and the light smiled and said:. "? It does not matter, Zhao seniors is the brother of a friend, a little help is to be a right, Yu Hao"

Zhao Yu Hao they recovered, he was forced to hang a smile, all the way to care:. "This is certainly small, remote sorry, I Yanzhuo, and we know about it again, I am your brother basketball club of friends, and soon will be his new alumni, you call me Yu Hao brother on the line. "

Gu towards Then he stretched out his right hand away, which is meant to shake hands.

Fan think he is very far on the road, it rectifies can improve the hell is going on, he was not the kind of grabbed hold of someone at the wrong person, they are cast aside Jun dignified man with an apology, and he that gay men do not hurry along with slope down.

He took off his glove, and he shook, a slight chuckle:. "Nothing, please advise the future, Yu Hao brother."

Shake hands with moments of confusion in the eyes of Zhao Yu Hao gradually dispersed, his smile broadened into a decent, but the recovery has become self-confident and elegant warmth of your son, he softly said:. "Pleased to meet you, little far"

Gu Qi frowned, the tender care of the little far out of hand come close to help him put on gloves, inconsistent with the action is gentle, his voice almost reveals nuggets, "I want to go back with a small, remote the day after tomorrow school to see. "

Zhao Yu Hao slowly clenched fist, to keep the share Rouni touch,Smile did not move anything, "school see. Small, remote, goodbye."

Gu far totally do not understand their confrontation, silly Road sentence:. "Ah, good-bye."

Then it was his brother carry the car.


On the way back, Fan Yuanming significantly feel the male adults a good mood, but in any case can not figure out the reason, and normally male with male owners and contradictions are caused by the care of the household, care of the household now, so it was exactly what they should two brothers a good time, this is tit for tat trouble like what?

Fifth mixed feelings listening to the analysis of the owner, and finally decided to put his pairing male male owners and favorability, high bit unusual things silently swallow. On the male world of Gao Yu also occurred in this case, the care of the household and later appeared, everything will return to normal, this world is so ...... surely it.

Gu Qi is indeed very unhappy, hero to the rescue of classic plot so was robbed, for who will be unhappy, and moreover this person also with him that it had unclean hands, pull a little tender hand of his own brother, simply can not endure. Though he is not a once small like-minded partners, dare to have such a small, remote wretched idea, so hypocrite friend decisive friendcompletely. Did not waste his hand, it was his merciful!

# Of friendship, said the boat turn to turn #

# My brother is watching others can only edge #

# Innocence must always easy to relent brother can rest assured watching #

Qi Gu glanced obediently sitting on the edge of Guyuan, gently cough twice, suddenly asked:. "Small, remote, do you want to turn sage, and his brother went to school together."

Fan far (look ignorant force): "Ha ????"

Gu Qi Yan Qu Mouzhong naked, clear sky and said: "Ode to you today is really small fry eye, and those people are very tough, and if after placing an order inevitably will not be bullied, his brother also not really care less Chung you. and little far from always want to do together with my brother, sage transferred to high school, you can every day and brother together, do not you? "

The male casually a few words like a bomb dropped into the water, far Fan bombed by surprise, only to hear "duang ~" to cry, and then he would hear anything.

"Xiao Wu, who set infatuation help !!! I can not collapse, how to prevent the collapse of the male story !!! qaq"

"Ding ding ...... ...... please the owner refueling."

"I now know that was wrong, I might see what what what movie to see the movie! Do not go to the movies will not encounter such a thing, f class that a few small fry'd better not let me come, or else to labor Zoubian them! flat is no longer flat so far! "

"Ding, calm and please the owner, the male still waiting for your reply."


Fan away silently swallowed the old blood, he slightly shy little eyes secretly glanced at the male, and then look out the window, over half a minute, just look a little lost and said: "If we can, as well, of course, but last night I thought about it carefully, my parents and my brother has always been to protect me, to leave you, I feel like I can not live, so I was not too bad some, I was not the learn to grow up, instead you have been hiding under holed up with wings,Maybe leaving brother to me, it is a better choice, after all, my brother also has its own life, I can not be too selfish, I have a brother burden. "

Having FAN away quietly relieved, to say who set it should not collapse, but also clearly rejected the proposal of the male, well worth to give a praise his wit point.

Suddenly the car was parked on the roadside suddenly, Gu Qi looked at the front, at the moment it is sunset, a Hongxia blooming up half the sky.

"Small, remote, not a burden on your brother's, was not, is not, and will not be."

Fan far bowed his head, the eyes of the helpless Yan Qu, if he is far away care, he will lead a sub-divided to a good brother, he will never become a burden on the Qi Gu. Unfortunately, he is not, he was just an actor acting in accordance with play in the near future, he will become unreasonable, he will stop at nothing hurt Qiu Mimi, let Gu Qi embarrassed, he had become a stumbling block removed.

By that time, Gu Qi whether it was a rude awakening for him to see missed it today.

"Xiao Wu, do you think if replaced Gu away, hear favorite brother that kind of commitment, his mood would be like."

"Ding, Xiao Wu felt that the original owner will be very happy."

Fan away shaking his head, quite some regret and said: "So humans and systems are still differences, although've been through so much in the world, you just put every world as a mission, and every time I tangled uncomfortable, because you can not identify with people's feelings, and I will not only sympathy but also generate empathy, is human empathy ah. "

Fifth mechanical sound of protest:. "Bites, although fifth do not understand the complexity of human emotions, but according to the analysis, human beings are like to be cherished, not to mention the original owners in love with the male, will feel happy."

"You're right, the original owner will feel happy, but happy at the same time, he will feel more sad, because he had feelings for her brother taboo, in this emotional, the face of her brother's attention, though he felt happy, but more afraid when the secret is revealed, he will not lose it all good, then, how should he do. fears for the future and worry about the outcome, will cover the rapture. "

"Bite, human emotions too complex, even joy can not be pure, fifth I feel a lot of trouble."

Fan Far hook the hook lip, it's not too much trouble, but what do. He turned to look at Gu Qi, Qi Gu being looked at him earnestly, as if asking him to believe in yourself.

Fan far blinked hard to see the Mouzhong conceal emotions, he gently biting his lower lip, slowly, carefully and said:. "I believe my brother, my brother said, then I will believe, however, little brother, do not be too sure far, because my brother can see, not all of me, maybe one day, I will let my brother down ...... "

At the moment the sun is completely down, the horizon Hongxia become like blood crimson sky clouds infected with gold, this is the last evening of the carnival, gorgeous, and cruel.

At this time, Gu Qi low magnetic voice sounded softly, like an old phonograph spinning melody playing, what about tapping Fan distant heart.

"Never mind, let me down it does not matter,As long as you are you, I'll always love you ....... "

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