Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.4

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Fan far selected movie is a contemporary science fiction film aggressively, alien invasion of Earth cliche story, excellent acting male and female full-length movie makes a lot of grace, coupled with sophisticated production, the director is good at using light and shadow effects, is able to attract people.

Originally order to pin down the male, not the story collapse, the result is far from Fan consciously attracted to the story, there was also seriously to see the end.

Out of the cinema, he also immersed in the story, the could not help but laments: "In fact, the male can not be dead, there is no effect on the development of the story, partial let him in the last st virus infection What, finally had take the spacecraft out of Earth from outer space to fend for themselves, screenwriter too hard, whatever the outcome, save the planet, why not put him a way out ah. "

Gu Qi patted his head, smiled and said:. "Silly not stupid, so if you do not shoot, how can there be so many people sigh sigh, give the impression that also greatly reduced."

Fan far can not agree with, "Do not let the audience to impress, a person will be able to arbitrarily deny the existence of what, this is too cold up."

"Small, remote, this is just a movie at the box office for the purpose."

Fan the far silent silent, he knew Gu Qi was right, it was just a story, and read it nothing left. Only his little world in thousands of back and forth for many years, these people exist in the virtual world presented in front of him one by one, their emotions he is within sight, can no longer see virtual characters look at they.

After a moment he was depressed and said: "I know this is a movie, but the creators of each character creation time, have given their lives, in our eyes, maybe they are just a minor role, but in their own world, they are real people, will hurt, will be sad, would want to live. If the story needs, he had to die, I can understand, but if his death is worthless, just to die the death of the man who died really willing it. "

Gu Qi shimmering eyes, he gazed Fanyuan Cheng Che's eyes, complex tone and said:. "Reconciled, but also how small, remote, or too naive you are, you feel the protagonist die not worth it, how do you know villain they are willing to die? those who have been affected to the lives of innocent people, how should count? this world is rarely fair, some people are born to shine plus body, and some people destined to anything, and some people can not even name to stay at only truly powerful people can not be bound by the shackles of these innate, your life can not call the shots, not even the capital are not willing. "

Fan far is he the words, emotions, his eyes blazing ignite a small flame, excited and said: "You're right, no one is willing to live under the domination of others, in order to master their own life, their own need to change powerful."

Qi Gu Fan Far pleased to tweak white and tender little face, lip hook and said:. "Ruzaikejiao, brother to pick up the car, wait for me in this."

Fan far obediently nodded, watched Gu Qi away, he impassioned said: "Xiao Wu, I think men should rightly said that, starting today, I want to senior law enforcement adviser for the ultimate goal,Work hard and strive to become stronger, to embark on the pinnacle of life! Never again play without knowing its name a passerby! Never involuntarily also have played such a gay mental illness! "


"Xiao Wu, did you hear what I say yet, fifth, fifth!"

After a long while, fifth mechanical voice sounded: "bite, according to the results of a comprehensive evaluation of the ability to master all aspects of the display, which is an impossible task to please the owner down to earth, to develop an achievable goal.."

Fan Yuan: "......" He just establish self-confidence, dare not be so hurt people!

In fact, you can not blame fifth too poisonous tongue, so far as Fan ran various space-time, the actor plays the implementation of tasks, such as stars, and these people have been implanted system managed by the origin of the world, once the origin of the world to stop the supply of energy, play will not have enough energy to travel through time, you can only fall into sleep, spiritual body will gradually dissipate, which is the real death.

And these people have a special class of people, that senior law enforcement adviser, said to a total of no more than ten. They have the power to get energy directly from the origin of the world, but also need to guard the normal operation of the origin of the world, sometimes enter a world mission, depends on their preferences, totally unfettered, it is truly free actor.

Senior Law Enforcement Advisor is standing presence of top actor, a senior law enforcement advisors generate new, meaning that there is a legacy of the fallen. Even if it is the primary group of men who do not dare to become a senior law enforcement adviser to the goal, Fan far as a gay man with the actor, but easily say this is the case, it can only be said to be overconfident.

After a burst of enthusiasm that far Fan retreat, my mind can wake up a little point, think of what you just said rhetoric, a shame to think Behind his time: "I'm just saying, you do not really ......"

"Bite, the owner Please be assured that the kind of nonsense that no one will take it seriously."



Fan bored and so far the main man back, was suddenly pushed from behind a handful, he somehow turned three Huangmaoxiaozai positive leering at him.

"Xiao Wu, this is Who."

"Bite, according to the detection, these are students Ode to a really high f class."

Fan Far touch his chin: "f class ah, that the name of the class bully ......"

A loud one arm shoulder presses on Guyuan, a surge of smoke stabbed him speak frowned, "Hey Gu far out to see a movie ah, did not have any money, aid to aid Ge Jige chant. "

Fan Far touch their own pocket, innocent shook his head, "no."

That a few people from each other as the one, there is a tall boy opening:!. "Who do you Mongolian school who does not know you are homely little master, how could I not take money out of your home so rich, not even this pocket money are not willing to it. "

"Really I did not bring, but ......" Fan far put on the shoulders of the hand pushed to himself, bit his lip quietly protested: "Even if I have money, why give you, that was my parents earned."

"Bite, the owner, so you are likely to provoke them a beating."

Fan away angry and said: "There are other ways ...... I do?The original owner was a nerd, stiff and shy otaku, special What I'd like nibbling a Dali Wan, every minute spike these small fry, I can do? ! The male how to pick up the car for so long? Aventure is forgotten brother? "

"Bite, the owner careful ......"

Fan Kankan answered a God far away, they saw a dark fist towards his face hit, he subconsciously wanted to hide it, abruptly Renxia, ​​close your eyes and silently said: I am physically very weak otaku, it is absolutely not immune to this in your face in!


"...... fifth, you change me the pain pills?"

"Bite, not enough time to exchange ...... however, you should not need a master."

Ok? Fan far cautiously opened his eyes and saw the bird fist stop at a decimeter in front of him, was a slender joints distinct hand grasp, can no longer move nothing.

Fan far looked and looked and saw dressed in a white coat fluttering in the cold, the man smiled at him against the light in the sun, with a smile like a Healing Light, reminiscent some long pair of white wings wonderful creatures, still wearing the kind of aperture.

All the time with the male hegemony of the gas emitted very different, this person has a sunny smile taste, temperament, such as blue, is a near-perfect man.

Supporting Actor Yu Hao Zhao Jun ...... ...... Why is he here? !

I saw the whole body comes with warm light male monarch slowly swung her groping, turned increasingly gentle smile, the eyes are shining coldness: "Three boys bullying a girl, is not it too did not grace the. "

Fan far (black senseless force face) :? ? ? ?

That big voice before seeing the man with fists Jun scared back again and again, to say the very trembling in two lines: "You are a sage high school Zhao Yu Hao special What really unlucky, brothers brisk walking, we mess with this man! We can not afford! "

A few people that Zhao Yu Hao's name immediately face became pale and hurried U-turn and ran away from the □□ meters then turned towards us and shouted: "Gu far you wait, next time let us meet not so good luck! "

He finished just run away and never looking back toward the setting sun.

Fan Yuan: "......" he bother anyone? !

Zhao Yu Hao bent down and hung his trademark smile in the eye, face, "Do not worry, you later if they find trouble, you reported my name, it should be very good use."

Face savior, Fan far have not made the air, silently endured a long while before the sentence:. "Well, thank you."

Unfortunately, that is not reasonable man with the king, did not understand the mood at the moment far Fan tangled want to paste his face blood, continue to ask:? "You called Guyuan does not sound like a girl's name, saying that it happened, my friend's brother is also called Gu far, I have not seen him, but I heard a little otaku ha ha ha ...... "

Fan away the wood at him expressionless face, suddenly a migraine to look behind him, smiled and shouted the sentence:. "Brother"

Zhao Yu Hao by her sweet smile was suddenly surprised a moment, turned blankly, but to see his friend being squint at them, that look quite unspeakable mean, so he was back slightly cold.

"My brother ...... brother ...... brother ......"Gu distant voice echoed in my mind slowly, that moment he seemed to hear his heartbreaking voice.

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