Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3

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Leave school a few days, the weather is not too cold, occasionally floating a few flakes of snow, fell to the ground quickly melted, the wind is actually very large. Because the New Year did in the past few days, still in flavor, from the pedestrian street or with a lot.

Fan far forced the two sets of sweaters and a thick down jacket, wrapped into a rice dumplings, revealing only a pair of eyes inside and out, was the father Gu Gu release house mother.

And Gu Qi dressed only in a slightly thin black coat, a black denim slacks, so go out.

Qi Gu Gu away holding holding a stuffed glove sets of hands on the car, but also gray often close to help him fasten seat belt.

Fan away the face of the Lord's Spirit beauty man can not help feeling silence, the main character is the protagonist, how handsome or how handsome, completely protected from the weather, I'll wait for mortal obediently put on cotton trousers, lest frozen into the old cold legs.

However, when the Yen value burst table, the Soviet Union broke sky men should start the car, gray often cool posture speeding went out, he had only one question.

"Xiao Wu, the male driver's license he had it."

"Bite, the male short of two months before the age of eighteen should be no driver's license."


Fan away silently to check again to see if the seat belt fastened, and my heart cried a river. What no special driver's license to dare to hit the road, but also so fast, that men should not be able to comply with the law yet! Hell comes protagonist aura also die in a car accident, amnesia stems up to play, but his story did not finish, can not readily be dog with ah!

Gu Qi was not really aware at the moment of the appearance of calm brother, the heart as a large number of mud horse had trampled grassland, appalling. I just feel he sat quietly in the passenger seat of cute abnormal appearance, could not help empty out a hand and gently patted his little head, light laugh: "! Feel good."

"Yes peat ah! Ah brother looked at the road!"

Of course, as a crush on her brother's otaku brother control, he only dared to roar in their hearts, or on the surface and obedient as a small white rabbit, Gu Qi gently towards embarrassed smile, whispered cautioned: "Brother, you look at the road. "Do not always stare at me ah, you're not gay, I'm not care of the household, can you professional point!

See my brother so naive, Gu Qi can not help but evoke the mouth, softly: "Well, listen to your brother we wait for the next to find a place to eat breakfast, you look up there with the phone in the vicinity of what to eat, we direct. past."

Fan shines far, secretly swallow swallowing, Gu Qi pretend casually asked: "? I want to eat everything okay"

Gu Qi unsuspecting nodded, "Of course ah, brother treat."

Xiao Wu know bad, say anything to stop immediately:. "Bites, the owner please enough is enough."

Fan far piteously replied: "Xiao Wu, the original owners of this world, and finally thrown into a mental hospital until a full three months, psychiatric hospitals is what you know, there are crazy ah, not only was forced to drink a variety of day weird drugs, patients have to endure the torture, is simply still tough world cancer than chemotherapy! the story so short, I did not enjoy a few days, you really have the heart to stop me? I assure you , after today will be serious work,Absolutely do not do unnecessary things! "

Fifth: "......" how it felt the last sentence there is something familiar → _ →

Dutifully fifth, and ultimately failed to stop living soul food goods awakening masters, only silently for the male point of a row of candles, it really tried, amen.


After half an hour.

Fan crab yellow far hand carrying a bag, a bag holding arms Nanxiang steamed dumplings, lotus seed his mouth a pastry bag, greasy claws pinching a paper read to vague GU Qi listen, "buy the next Cong fire, Crab dumpling, chestnut Double Ninth cake, spiced tied hoof, ice meat pastry ......"

Fifth: "......" shame throw home, this is someone's owner quickly led away, it does not want it.

Gu Qi is a man worthy of the Lord, has slowly began to calm down from a surprise, only spoiled laughed: "Well, we buy."

# Lit eat goods become property of his brother Meng Meng da:) #

It took nearly all morning, the two finally under one roof Gu Yuanqing a single point in the name of all the snacks, Guyuan Xing excitedly gave the male adults and a big hug, and warm these days so patience is running out of oil brother ! The male can simply go to a good selection of Chinese brother! Even after he put himself into a mental hospital, he could forgive him ^ 0 ^

Gu Gu Qi silk do not mind far greasy paw rubs up against his own clean coat, brother flew into his arms that moment, he just felt a little abnormal heart beat faster, the male adult secret coughed, dig his pocket a paper towel, Gu detailed help clean glossy emitting far paws.

Wipe paws have to help him wipe his mouth, Fan pouted Pakistan let him rub far, the world is accustomed to high Yu out of the bad habits ......

Qi Gu complex eyes staring at him shining shiny cherry color lips, suddenly felt a little hand trembling hands pause, he put the paper towels inside to Gu away, leaving only three words.

"Rub yourself."

Gu Qi quickly turned around, not to look at his face somehow Gu far, just that moment, he even had the urge to kiss up, he must be crazy! That was his brother ah ......

Fan took away their own paper towels wiped his mouth, the male adults feel a little unusual, hot and cold, is it because adolescent mood swings?

He was thinking not to try and straighten Gu Qi, after all, he is someone who has experienced ah, but that more people set to collapse, and people really tangled ah, suddenly silent reminder fifth.

"Bite, the owner Please note that according to the detection, women and men in the northwest direction with the 100 Meters, shortening the distance in continuing."

"Damn it will not be so unlucky, casually stroll can be met, is this pit father of the protagonist of the law of attraction it! This is not the time to be positive and male care of the household with parents to help children find it? Inattentive take the story came here to do what?"

"Bite, according to the story, the children should eat KFC, so take him to eat together with male and female controls."


Fan far one looked up to see the familiar white hair old man, kfc few letters greets, special What they had in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken! This in the end is a kind of ape dung ah!He angrily said: "female and male with too naive, and even with so little friends to eat unhealthy food, do not know what to affect the development of a cup of milk to eat a few fritters is not very good!!"

"Bite, please do not tangle the owner of these details, and men should avoid fast, male owners are familiar with men, encounter will lead to male owners and female controls to meet in advance, seriously affect the plot."

"...... good." He just wanted to quietly eat and stuff, there, this, what, difficult, you!

Qi Gu is still very tangled, he has never been a man of indecision, if any care far into a girl he knew what to do. Even into one of the other boys, he will not hesitate to pursue, but why this person is a child, he saw the big brother ......

Suddenly pulled his right hand was a little soft and delicate hand, Qi Gu Leng Leng look at the past, far from being bent lip care watching him smile, the sun of his fair-skinned, almost transparent, pair of eyes bright and clever, than the stars also gorgeous sea.

Suddenly, the heart of what seem to have been heavily knocked about, what is quietly recovering from the bottom of my heart somewhere.

"My brother, recently, it seems a good look at the movie, you go with me optimistic about the bad?"

"it is good."

Gu Qi hear yourself replied. In fact, no matter what the problem is far Gu, his answer is always the word.

As if, spoil him, down him, love him, has become a habit, an instinct.

They have not gone two minutes, women and men with Mimi Qiu Hao Zhao Yu, led a five-year-old boy to the KFC door.

According to the original, women were not first tempted the male, but has a male monarch Prince with gentle temperament and character.

This is because the two had met and help a lost boy, Qiu Mimi never seen such good boys, of course, the heart of the earth, especially to go after school, he found himself with a school seniors, the girl's romantic play the role that this man meant to necessarily own the real thing, and began to pursue a variety of crush.

However, men with Jun Zhao Yu Hao is very slow, has yet to find Qiu Mimi's mind, and always maintain relations salt is not short of seniors and school girl with her, he recovered and found his mind when, women I have fallen in love with the male, beloved woman into his brother's arms.

So gentle man with only silently blessing the king, have been guarding the care of the household.

This is a man with Minato Jun Wei, large and deep, love! Most people do not understand you!

But at the moment, but they are only first encounter fills those love-hate also did not happen.


And while the male into the cinema Fan away at the moment are in a trance state unknown sleep Li, who can tell him, the male from the beginning has been holding his little hand is swollen and tender what's going on?

Is it because his skin is smooth and delicate? That would not have been holding good cutting! This is really an eyesore ah! I did not see the next several sister has been in some obscure eyes looked at them secretly unspeakable thing? From time to time muzzled laugh and what a girl you spicy penetrate ...... what brutal family man does not?

Really good good shame shame!"Bite, the owner, as the main crush of gay men with men, you show the original owners of the business and shy chuckle, do not put on a look of indecent assault of expression, so to buckle reward."


Yes, that is so not Day parade did not limit!

Where no one can see, Gu Qi mouth gently brought back, that smile, gentle spoiled in the past is completely different, but with evil, exert its utmost meaning.

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