Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

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Dinner, facing a table of food, far side of Gu quietly dining with the fastest speed, while also dissatisfied with the performance of the original owners of lost and deduce the highest state of grief into appetite, acting almost hit a peak .

Poor little look to see him, Gu Gu mom dad heart very apologetic, only one side comforting him, while his bowl to bowl. Gu Qi also looked worried him, to cajole the past few chopsticks before they agree to hyperactivity brother, suddenly become big eaters, as the brother can not worry about it?

However, most are not worried about this house parents and brothers, but a lot of trouble as far Fan Xiao Wu heart.

"Bite, please note that the owner of appetite, then eat it will ooc, and the reward is to be deducted."

"Wait fifth, let me eat two sweet and sour pork, because the world of cancer chemotherapy, eat a big meal six months no water, you let me satisfy desires it, I guarantee that after tonight I had a good job . "

Fifth: "......"

Eating the last bite of tenderloin, Guyuan suppress an impulse to burp, gently wiped his mouth with a napkin, dad of male owners and Gu Gu mother said: "Mom and Dad, brother, I'm sorry to make you worry, brother and I said those words, I seriously thought about, and I know my personality problems, since both my parents and my brother wanted me to grow up, I'll strive to grow up, so you can rest assured. "

Having said secretly glanced at his own brother, that look quite some praise seek meaning, Gu Qi secretly smile, with your fingers gently wiped his stick on the cheek soup, quipped: "I said to grow, even to eat You can eat the face, how I assured my parents, ah? "

Gu Gu mom dad laugh They are interactive, and finally put down the heart.

Gu away naturally follow Oh giggle, but my mind was Tucao, how the men should not follow the routine the cards ah! Promised by his remarks touched and encouraged it! So against his brother really okay? ! It really is not elder brother!

This reflects the fifth time I do believe reason pro noble sentiments, it pointed sharp truth:. "Bites, because the original owners did not put the soup gets on his face."

Gu away a choke, not words.

After dinner Gu Gu Qi far along together on the floor, room by two brothers together, separated by a wall.

Gu Gu Yuangang afraid as a child to life, step by Gu Qi can not do without, but also sleep together and Gu Qi, Gu Gu mother not the father, the only two rooms beds are against this wall, each as far away as Gu here knocking on the wall, Gu Qi also knock over there, so that he can sleep peacefully.

Gu far "reluctantly." Watched the brother entered the room, before they entered his bedroom.

When he first entered the house, they have given rise to a feeling of repressed. The color of the room in gray and black, the layout is also very uncomfortable, the windows dark curtains cover tightly, the house is stocked with novels and comics many dark lines on the walls a simulation skeleton clock ...... it is consistent with the pursuit of exciting hobby two teenagers. Only afford to live long, normal spirit it was strange.

According to the original introduced as far childhood care sensitive mind, and fatherless young, his family can not care for him too much interference, in addition to cleaning the room maid,Other people should not come in, naturally, will not think to persuade him to change. It seems that he and his late psychopathic early autistic depression have a great relationship.

But did not clearly written on the script, of course, do not have far Fan wronged their own lives in this environment, he went to the window to pull the curtains, to see the lights in the distant, starry sky, beautiful Night, presumably the original owners never pay attention too.

Different options, the result will be different. Although he knew the original owners but is a Mary Sue article in the gay male match, but still on his suicidal act can not understand, or even believe inexcusable.

Given that they live well, how can easily choose death.

How many people mad efforts, but also to like a normal person, you can indulge breathe this air.

Fan far call the aggregate of the mouth, he turned and walked into the bathroom.


Gu is indeed the super-rich, luxurious bathroom of this degree, should be sufficient in the luxury area of ​​the city, buy a three bedroom apartment a hardcover edition.

Fan Far think about that as a gay male match is also good, and occasionally the light stick man of the Lord, welfare simply not very good, on a world that is not in the protagonist of the aura of Gao Yu, live Xiaoxiao Sasa it.

This is a world front, although not so long, there are half a year, he also took the opportunity to enjoy some high-quality life.

Comfortably soak in a hot bath, Fan far out from the bathtub, think of it forgot to come in pajamas, but it does not matter, anyway, no one would enter his room, Fan far even bother to wrap towels, so no preparedness to open the door.

"Bite, owner of the male he ......" less than the fifth stop, the bathroom door has been opened.



After a few seconds of shock, Fan answered a God far Kankan, quickly returned to the bathroom and shut the door, countless brain Pentium capitalized "wtf", FML What is the situation? ! For the hair the male was in his room? ! That good little respect for his sensitive mind it? ! The script did not say gay men should be men Interview with ah! The most basic interpersonal trust it? !

"Bite, the owner, you're a man."

Fan away suddenly startled, after a moment sad to suffocation, "Xiao Wu, you said I was not unusual, and obviously is a man, how I was feeling kind of an advantage."

Fifth: "......"

Gu Qi recovered, red fruit's brother had disappeared, he was feeling a little complicated Qiaoliaoliangxia door.

"Small, remote."

"Brother, how you will come to my room."

Gu far trying to make his voice sound normal that play gay for a long time, he really was affected, but he believes he still essentially a straight straight straight man!

Gu Qi leaning on the door, rubbed his brow and whispered:. "I'm sorry, my brother knocked on the door, you might not hear in the bath, I did not lock the janitor came in his brother could have been a little worried, looking for you to talk chat did not expect to encounter ...... "

Fan far do not want to continue this dialogue, quickly interrupted: "Ha ha, all right all right, what we are all men, no big deal, you do not have to worry about my brother, I know you care and thought.I am willing to make friends, willing to go out of their small world, as long as my brother wanted me to do, I can do it, you do not hate me just fine as long as my brother. "

Gu Qi shimmering eyes, "I have it so important to you?"

Fan far in their hearts turned a big white eyes, this grew to see their big brother, personally sent the male adult mental hospital, ran so late in his room, was looking for a sense of presence was it?

He was silent for a moment, the boy with the development of low and unique sound, a single word:. "Brother, for me, the most important thing."

Yes ah, whom willing to give up his dream, willing to become a terrible evil, life can dedicate even go out, how can unimportant? How would unimportant?

Gu Qi feel what the heart is gently struck it, this is a warm swell of feeling familiar and unfamiliar, he sounds dumb Shibuya said:. "Small, remote, to your brother, it is also the most important."


Fan far soulful expression would almost collapse continue, [this] is the most important period too short a bit, a few less than half the time, he complained of the object will change a person.

Fortunately, his professionalism perfect, far from trying to use Fan with joy and shy voice said:. "Brother, good night."

"Well, go to bed earlier, tomorrow morning you go out with my brother, you a holiday home, but also the activities of the event."

"Ah, I listen to my brother's."

Fan away his ear to the door, came out to hear the sound of the door closing, this calm down and went out.

He dressed side side and said:. "Said the male with the original owners have to go out shopping yet on the fifth, plays, how I did this impression."

"Bite, according to the script, tomorrow is the care of the household and the men Petty encounter the day, not to mention rest gay men with male owners of."

"Oh, that is free to play the chant."

"Bite, yes, and they do not ooc affect the plot, the owner can take."

"Yo Oh! Great, I'll want to enjoy all of the city's cuisine! Damn otaku property, there is no chance over after tomorrow, I have to time to eat enough of this!"

"......" say yes after some good work tonight it? We should not have this insane owners have too much to expect.


Gu Qi back to his room, took a set of pajamas into the bathroom, he had no clothes off, open the cold water directly open to the maximum, although large enough to house heating, instant cold water poured down from the beginning, he still felt bitter chill, his abnormal brain a little sober tonight finally some.

He always knew his brother very beautiful, but never thought that one day he would be deluded.

Gu far glistening with vain inch strand of hair, just as it appeared in front of him, he is just a little stupidly, but in the next second he lost that look innocent look, perfect with a flirtatious color of the body, but has so Paradise pure eyes, the kind of contradiction and sexy beauty, even the gods have possessed him.

Gu far today, and usually very different.

As God's eyes, not normally stiff and female duck, clever, and full of life, people can not help but soft-hearted, and even a heavy word can not bear said to him,Just want to make people holding spoil.

Gu Qi calm down slowly under agitation *, to calm himself down. The boy was sixteen years old, and his brother, no matter what the reason, he can not.

Can not.

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