Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1

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"Bite, the owner has successfully entered the body of origin, data import, the countdown starts: Five, four, three, two, one, complete."

Fifth mechanical voice sounded in my mind, far Fan felt a splitting headache, this task is to play him most do not like a place, when introduced into the original data and the original primary memory, his body will feel some discomfort, of course, points circumstances, such as the last time he enters a child's body, this does not apply on a little weaker, but this is the body retains a strong self-will of adults, so there will be some of the more uncomfortable.

He tried to relax, the story of this world over again in my mind.

This is a traditional campus Mary Sue bg text, inspirational Cinderella Qiu Mimi in school, but because of financial difficulties often subjected to bullying at school, but she often gray inspirational and strong, has been forbear, until one day the prince met campus Gu Qi. Gu Qi as the son of the school chairman, Yan Guards and wealthy family values ​​make him sought after by the parties, and therefore the character of arrogant, defiant. Qiu Mimi could not understand his pride, he again and again provocation, Gu Qi finally noticed this unusual girl, and started the pursuit. A series of ridiculous things happened, finally empathy, become lovers.

But how could such a simple happiness on hand, it does not able to see through the storm how the rainbow! This time the male invisible man his brother, that is, the original patrons far, he has become a stumbling block on the way towards the protagonists of happiness.

In fact, far from Gu and Gu Qi no blood, his parents died by accident many years ago, was a close friend of the parents Gu Gu mother parent adoption, all these years to take care of her own child, men should also look at him as a younger brother has always been high-handed arrogance of the male, in front of their own this only brother is very gentle and considerate so far has been on his twelfth care dependency.

As has been seen as god's brother, looks back to a normal general temperament girl, smiled and said that he hoped to get his blessing when he is not far away, said Gu Hi Sen, and he was sick Johnson, his blackened, because he dense loved his brother, he can not allow anyone to take away!

Blackening disease Jiao brother again framed his beloved girl, Gu Qi finally angry, he took care to look for evidence away, asked him why he does it.

Gu away with a nervous smile, affectionate and said: "Why? Because I do not want you as my brother, ah, I do not want you to do and brothers, in fact, I have loved you."

Gu Qi only coldly back his words, "You're sick, go the hospital cure."

The next morning, the Qi Gu Gu sent away to a mental hospital for treatment.

Three months later, male owners and female controls sensation throughout the country held a grand wedding, Gu away watching their favorite TV screen brother holding a woman's hand and went into the hall, smiled and left wrist cut dead.

Do not ask why just graduated from high school male owners and female controls can get married, and do not care about the father Gu Gu Gu mother cared so much about how far he'd wanna see a mental hospital, not a mental illness is concerned about how to get the blade wrists ,All these issues at Mary Sue's aura, all are stupid and unnecessary!

Had finished the story, but also relieve a lot of pain, Fan relax a little far for fifth said: "how do I feel that this world is not the original owners gay ah, at best, is a little love serious brother complex, and the later mental normal, will do those horrible things. "

"Bite, please do not attempt to distort the role of master of nature, dedicated to gay male match play good."

Fan Yuan: "...... good."

# My home system is not only not sell Meng also very cold poison tongue _ (: 3 」∠) _ #

Fan far glanced around, this is a comic room, surrounded by neatly on the shelves stocked with various types of cartoons, almost every present has two sets, a set of often looked at the scene, set It is brand new, is to see pure collection.

The original owner's dream is to become a good cartoonist, he spends plenty of time and effort, but unfortunately, his dream in front of crazy emotions, eventually backed down.

Fan tiptoe away from the shelf out of two looks very interesting comic books, get to lie down on the side of the beige sofa, slowly read it.

Height This problem has been far too lazy Fan tangled, experienced so many of the world he has fully learned, and gay men with male match, it sounds like, but poor treatment and conditions of the galaxy. Men with men is the Lord's standard version, while gay men with the men with the low version, do not say the hardware, software and even far worse. Yes, that is so real! What short count, he not only short, he looks pretty motherfucker!

It is also the world he had never until now, is not thought to look at the reasons for their appearance. That was the original brief description of the specific enough.

"Fair skin, clear bright eyes, soft black burst droop in the ear, like a delicate beautiful girl ......"

Fan far that he even played a woman, which, considered, one, hair!

Bored looking through comic books, as a very professional comic book fans, Fan far can be sure these cartoons are unique to this world, at least he has not seen in the other world, the content is not really much fun, to pass the time quite equal no problem.

The original owner of this character more particularly, after the latter becoming blackened and bloody metamorphosis, but it is early to quiet some stiff otaku, shy introverted to dialogue with strangers will stammer. So in addition to his classes, adhesion brother, the other almost all the time spent watching and learning on comic painting. Fan of course happy to idle away free, original owners do not like the whole unitary moths, he also saved a lot of trouble.

"Buttoned buckle ......"

Is the male, according to the story, the male should be a good discussion and their parents, to tell him things they have to change schools.

Qi Gu Gu away and had studied in the same high school, and third year respectively next higher, but because the original owners rely too much on the male, a semester did not find a friend that Gu Gu father worried mother, decided to let Gu Qi brother to leave, let him learn to be independent.

Gu far shouted: "Come in."

Gu Qi opened the door, saw Gu far was lying on the couch watching cartoons, like a lazy cat, eyes unconsciously softened a lot.

Sit far side of Gu,Comic book out of his hand on the side of the table, softly:. "Small, remote, comics, etc. will look, my brother has something to tell you."

Gu far to hear his brother something to say, naturally flew up, sit obediently waiting for him to say, look to be more obedient addition obedient.

Gu Qi obedient brother eyes, he looked at the moment is secretly, Gee heart sighs: indeed the male adults with air transport of the whole world plus body, covered own lighting system, the whole of a moving light source ah.

Gu Qi Hushanhushan see his eyes, could not help but rubbed his soft hair, hesitated and said: "You are now a high school student, and always want to learn to grow up, learn to be independent for the job, not always followed his brother, you have to have your own friends, their own lives. "

Gu far stared at him, eyes that was very innocent, Gu Qi could not go on much as a feeling.

"...... In fact, my parents talked to me just now, and we want you to multi-intersections of friends, so his brother next semester, you may want to transfer to the sage of high school, you will after a person in the song really read anymore."

Gu Gu Qi sleeves pulled away, pray and said: "? Do not transfer my brother, okay I do not want to leave his brother, a man, I will not do ......"

Gu Qi has always been the most loving brother, where willing to see him sad. He has always been sloppy, but for his parents mention, he could not think his brother has been growing, and there is always married one day, he maintained protect moment, I could not care. He must learn to let go to grow.

He severely heart, a rare tough: "This matter has been set up, you really study hard in song, pay a few friends, and slowly you will not feel lonely."

Gu Gu Qi sleeves pulled far refused to release, stubborn and said:. "I do not want to make friends ...... I just want my brother to accompany me."

Gu Qi frowned and said: "What nonsense, you are no longer small, children are not allowed to play temper."

See Gu far seemed injured, and put soft voice said: "Everyone should have a friend, you see my brother not have friends your life road is still long, my brother can not always be with you, you will encounter in the future? a lot of people, so do not be afraid, learn to accept others, you will be accepted by others. is one such person to person, and slowly you will find that the world is much more than you think too broad. "

See Gu far deflated mouth reluctantly nodded, Gu Qi That grin, patted his head and left the room.

Until he left, Fan away wondering: "...... fifth, the male is not allowed to add more drama, and should not follow the script, the original owners do not let the male children playing temper, and then went straight away a? force-fed so much chicken soup, is not in line with the male mad tyrants pull cool gas field ah! "

"Bite, the plot is affected by many factors, as a master actor, as long as it has completed its own part of the story ok, now the owner of other things to rights and ability, want to control too busy."

Fan far felt in the chest and an arrow, he quietly swallowed the old blood, "Xiao Wu, believe it or not, I will not charge you to upgrade the energy."

"Bite, do not believe."

"......" As an owner does not have any dignity tired heart _ (: 3 」∠) _**********

Gu Qi went out he saw his father and mother hiding in the corridor, is eagerly looking at him, reluctantly nodded toward them, that they had a hit pleased to palm, then quietly went downstairs.

Gu Qi lifted his right hand, just that soft touch still in the palm of the hand, he quietly clenched hands, mouth evoke a pale smile.

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