Chapter One

Chapter One

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Pure white room, filled the air with the smell of disinfectant, a variety of therapeutic instruments cold and furnishings at the bedside. Out the window a linden tree with yellow leaves drift, Germany ushered in the late autumn.

A handsome man by sitting on the bed, his face thin, pale Rongse, there is no human face angry. Dull eyes staring straight in front of the phone, a beep sound in a quiet room is particularly harsh. After a moment, the phone prompts:

"Sorry, you dialed can not be connected .sorry, thenumberw."

He held out his slender fingers to press the dial again, still did not get through. He seemed masochistic general, repeated over and over again, even the slightest expression had not changed, terribly stubborn.

Side of the nurse, could not advised: "Mr. Fan, the other maybe just busy or phone battery died, you quickly lie down and rest, go on like this, the disease will increase, and you know your body, if then What happened ...... "

Fan far did not bother her, she just quietly close your eyes and let the body freely into the white pillow, the hands are clasped firmly that phone, as if it was his last straw.

So sad, so sad, but as stubborn.

The nurse could not help but shed tears of sadness, anger can not help, who is so heartless, Mr. Fan refused to take a phone call that his life was coming to an end, ah, even this last point he refused to meet the aspirations of small What ......

And now seemingly deserting despair Fan far, but their own systems and exchange in mind.

"Xiao Wu, you see me acting there is no progress today than yesterday?"

"Bite, the owner has always been God's acting, if not the owner of illness isolated pain pills, the more realistically."

"...... You have to want to kill me, ah, you know how painful chemotherapy? Yes, I was not going to die today?"

"Bite, yes, according to the script, the owner will be cheerful today sadly died in despair and solitude."

"......" Do you want to say so specific!

"The world really a little reluctant, even unknowingly on over twenty years, time flies too fast. Gao Yu do not know now how, whatever the outcome, grew up together, not even one last time before leaving We have not see, well sorry ah. "

"Bite, although the owner is a gay man who plays with, but do not have a real affection for any of the male, not to produce a certain nostalgia for the world, otherwise the consequences will be very serious."

"...... Once again, I am a straight man ah! Ah produce wool feelings of the male! Even if there are only brothers and mutual affection! Besides, that guy so good to me, I could not bear him it is normal!"

Fifth mechanical voice said without emotion: "bite, the owner, you are not forgotten, Gao Yu care of the household in order to kick open you this good brother, you are terminally ill would not even come to see you one last time, and eventually refused to take a phone call. "

Fan in a stone's throw away feeling his chest, he bitterly said:? "Xiao Wu, since you always call me master, it can leave me a little bit of dignity owner Okay, you're right, that guy see the color Gao Yu Wang Yi, but I still think he is quite good.If it were not in the original Fan base is far, maybe could have been happily when the junior partner do ...... you think, ah, there are a few men can tolerate his brother misses his [brother]? Into me, and I fell. "

Fifth: "......"

"So, Gao Yu He actually be a very nice person, at least when the brothers impress. Do you remember that three days, I accidentally spilled kerosene lamp, the entire lab was almost burned me , and he got on top of me sin, by his dad played for several days stuck atop a bed. that also climbing, I scraped his leg, and he gave me the whole back down the mountain, for I had hit 110 , and anyway not do such a stupid thing. there's also ...... "

Fan far are talking energetically, sounding suddenly interrupted him fifth.

"Bite, the owner, you're dead."

"I say, you just die, so you have to speak of it ......"

Fan far paused, suddenly surprised, found himself out of that suffering with the pain and suffering of the body, it becomes a form of semi-transparent floating in midair. His body still maintain a posture just lying there, not a trace of change, even aside accompany nurses are not aware of.

He really dead. Unknowingly off the gas.

Suddenly a burst of sad attack on the heart.

In fact, the task performed so many times, how many times he was dead can remember. Do not talk about the past play a small role when the time is then transferred with a group of men, to and fro also died no less than ten times.

But this time was a little different. Because this is a world of great length describes the male juvenile time, as he would naturally grew childhood began to play, then he was like five or six, the young are most of the modern feel, and the male went to school together , slapstick, trouble together, to struggle together ...... Over time, he almost sees himself as a man of the world.

Men should take care of men with very early age, with men and therefore he had a love for the novel, which is a passing episode, describing the hazy and fuzzy. However, Fan far but surly entity will go to, to take care of this [what] to what extent.

Chongni so gentle treatment, if a woman is far Fan, will be tempted. Even if he is not a woman, it is a straight straight straight man, inevitably Yu had a high sense of dependence. He also finally understand why the men have with their brothers had forbidden _ avoid feelings.

After all, it is not who he has such a strong willpower → _ →

Well in fact, thanks to the fifth has been dedicated to remind him that sooner or later encounter the male care of the household, then he weekdays this heartless brothers will be converted into infatuation property of the male stalker, until the other side completely rejected him so far. Fan far these engraved in my mind, always remind myself not to lose myself, this has been straight down.

However, the world's most pit father, this set is a terminal illness. Frustrated with men flee a foreign country, but suddenly found himself got ill, his despair and fear to find their Chikuma, I hope someone can accompany him in the last period of days. However, the other only retorted: "Do not come back to me."

Male match was alone in the double torment and pain of lost love,So he passed away. What a cup of life.

Now the cup of life finally ended, I feel sad Fan far apart have a kind of relief.

Finally, he looked at his two decades with the body, emaciated hands still tightly holding the phone, waiting for the phone people can back a single word.

Unfortunately, he can not wait forever. Original, male and female controls at the moment is the main holiday villa on the island.

"Xiao Wu, let's go."

"Bite, receive."

Earlier he left this world, his life is endless, each a world for him, just a post Bale.

The former coaching inn and is different is that he stay longer, this inn are more friendly. In addition there is no other.


Back to the accomplishment cabin, Fan absorb the origin of the world came away energy, it is his task reward, he ran various world need to rely on this to maintain.

Since the revolution groups have to say, he obtained energy is much higher than in the past. Former walk-on to get the energy to support him to complete the next task is strenuous, there is still excess energy used to upgrade fifth.

The higher the level of the system, will naturally more intelligent, help in carrying out its mandate to provide owners are also more. And to a very high level of time, but also filter tasks, and even change slightly advanced planes are possible. Planes where he is now regarded in the lower planes, he felt already high energy incentives, in other planes do not even stick to your teeth are not enough. So take fifth upgrade to that extent, it is very difficult.

Although it looks very far away, but the stick is always hope.

Fan qualities far a: optimist.

As he absorbs energy while asking fifth: "the original owners of the world, where to go?"

He asked that the novel had just had a gay male match, although the actor ran various world can play the role, but can only enter those corrupted data, that lost the role of the soul, in order to maintain the world stability and balance. Their mission is simple, as long as no ooc, and completed the full story, will be able to freely choose fate.

The original is left in the old world of pleasure until natural death, or are they leaving, energy use enough to support the original owners live life, all with his own decision. Of course, like the dead in this story in the task are also many, fate will not help him.

It took a long while before fifth replied: "Ding, seems to be that the world has been a massive shock that damaged some of the specific reasons for data loss, need higher privileges to query, fifth grade is not enough, please upgrade refueling owner. "

"...... You do not change the law reminds me, I know I will work hard!"

"Forget it, I still have left to ask why this this time we have a good rest of it, after the group has been busy transfer tasks, it is time to give yourself a break up."

"Bite, agreed."


Just in time away happily Fan holiday, the origin of the world has undergone tremendous shock. That he had just completed the story of the world, completely destroyed.The reason is unknown.

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