Chapter 1 wedge

Chapter 1 wedge

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As a shuttle three thousand wonderful little world to play a variety of roles Tiger Balm, Fan finally ushered in far-life promotion and pay rise for the first time, he was finally able to play full-time with the man!

Men with men and with ah, what a wonderful role. As we all know, Mary Sue bg-ri principle of abuse of women with body and mind, male child with the heart, with men generally as noble, powerful gas field, Yen value Guards, sufficient capacity to compete with the male host, but each times are worse then a stint, eventually defeated in the male hands.

Although inevitably be lost to the male care of the household lost, but said he was far from complete a Fan. This lovable character for him simply, but right then, but it is to be male owners and female controls show of affection flash blind eye dog it, Jiabu Zhu men with high quality of life, ah, man with luxury cars cuisine, but also with men Yan high value good temperament, and occasionally frustrated young men to play in front of what male care of the household, count, what, what? He often gray confident he can successfully complete the task.

Mix for so many years has finally made it mixed, Fan was moved almost to tears away, although he is now a no entity will not shed tears of people ......

"Xiao Wu Xiao Wu, fast reply, saying that I agree with ah! I agree with the group into men, men with a mission to accept to play!"

"Bite, good, receive."

A sound mind machine appears. Xiao Wu is a system bound him, his name was also taken, with him gone through a number of the world. Each system can only bind an actor, that is to say Once bound, the system will serve as the service life for. The system is the hub of the actor associated with the origin of the world, as well as energy and information delivery tools.


"What the hell?! Gay male match what the hell?! I've never heard of men with sub-species also ah! Labor is the straight man ah!"

"Bite, the owner, you are not the person, so there is no difference between gay and straight men of the." Replied the fifth stiff in my mind.

Fan distant look depressed, "there is room for revolving ...... What now?"

"Bite, for the record, did not accept the task after-refundable, unless ......"

Hear turn, Fan telecentric has raised the hope, dress down and said: "Unless what?"

"Bite, please do not interrupt fifth owner speak unless owners pay for promotion again, into the male group or boss group."

Fan Yuansheng no love sighed, "easier said than done ah ...... I rose through the walk-on to male match ...... gay male match ...... do not know how many years it took, think up another one, hopeless future ......"

"Bite, the owner's life is unlimited, so do not worry there is no hope."

Fan distant thought, it seems true. Anyway, always continue to perform a task, a little better than no hope, though what he sounds like when men should pay for no interest, however, promotion is very beautiful.

And I heard male owners and boss do not play a mission Mary Sue bg fiction section, in a broader and complete three thousand World. He would have wanted to go over there to see, and it is regrettable enough authority, often inaccessible.

Now that hope is in front of gay to gay, not that affectionate object becomes the male from the female controls it! What, it is not, the!He plays to perform tasks not know how many years, even the women are played, not afraid to play a gay?

"Xiao Wu, the first task in the world, to go from."

"Bite, receive task a start."

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