Invincible Level Up Wǔ Huā Niú

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Invincible upgrade profile: Qin Tian accidental crossing, the body is weak and sick, the body Dantian is broken, unable to cultivate Qigong, God pity, give a set of upgrade system.
waste? That is the past tense...
Killing monsters to upgrade, easy and free, no need to worry about cultivation.
Killing monsters can be upgraded, killing people still upgrade, in the eyes of others, unattainable, the master of the prestige, in his eyes is the golden BOSS...
I can upgrade, I am afraid of who, when the so-called genius encounters bottlenecks can not break through, I only need to kill a few more monsters, of course, the door owner, the sovereign, the landlord ... is even better.
Dedicating your life for my Chengdao Avenue!
Invincible 1 group: 103305042 (full) invincible 2 groups: 105233521, invincible VIP group: 197748724 (requires subscription screenshot)


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