Parallel space, China. A: First, wait for Ye Fei to start broadcasting. B: What kind of food does Yeh God want to broadcast today? Guess the right prize. C: This is really hard to guess, he will do too much. D: Mom, Ye Fei’s brother is about to start broadcasting soon. Give me a bowl of instant noodles. E: Xiaofei is going to start broadcasting? Old man, don't play cards, go home and watch this kid play live. F: Xiaogao, I can't see it when Ye Fei broadcasts live. There are a few billion projects to talk with customers. So, you help me to list his section of this issue. After I leave the customer, I have to look at it first. Just see his live broadcast. A cockroach stood on Century Square, looked up and stared at a huge LCD screen, then took out half of the black gimmick from his pocket and took a bite and satisfied: "Ye Fei's food live broadcast really It’s amazing, watching his show, even if it’s a soaring, you can eat the taste of the sea and the sea.”....Email feedback

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