One Piece's Talent System

By Ye Nan Ting Feng

Double sword and Demon Sheriff

Double sword and Demon Sheriff

The place distance seacoast of shipbuilding is not far.

Finishes in the ship thoroughly, after Ross and Robin have also looked, old Fizes then directs many boatmen, holds on the thick long cordelle separately, prepares to draw the seacoast the ship.

Ross looks that they entrain there furiously shook the head, arrive at the position of stern, according to the stern, proceeds to push single-handed.


A troop boatman went all out to entrain, the ship that can bit by bit proceed to transfer, was promoted by Ross single-handed, slides on the sand forward.



Numerous boatmen and porters who in front entrains realized that has not suited, turns head to look discovered the entire ship is proceeding unceasing transferring, cannot help but cries out strangely is shunting toward the both sides.

When numerous boatmen and porters noticed that Ross is supporting the stern single-handed, drives the entire ship proceeds to move the time, Boss who cannot help but the eye stares.

„This fellow...... Person?!”

„A person ship promoting, this is any strength, the Giants is also mediocre!”

A short time ago had naval battle near north bank, their these boatmen and porters, although knows, but actually did not know the concrete details, has thought was one group of pirates and Marine exchanges fire, finally Marine killing.


Ross pushes fast, a moment later, his both hands that the ship is moving according to the stern, push furiously, the entire ship then fiercely forward runs out, cuts open the ocean waves, has crashed in the sea water.

After the ship enters the sea, old Fizes boards the ship once more, arrived at the ship's bottom to inspect, after not discovering any issue, returned to the shore.

The porter and odd job on Ross of ship shore, is transporting various types of cargos hurriedly, majority is food fresh water, there is the junks on beforehand hooker.

Arrived noon, all have handled finally.

„Bon voyage!”

Old Fizes stands in the harbor wharf, to haunching the ship's sail, waved in Ghost Shadow Ship that under promotion of wind power is far away from gradually.

In the pupil of his pollution flashes through clear, if as expected, this should be his last ship of construction sails to the sea.

Ross is looking at shore old Fizes slightly Issho, after looking gradually changed the small harbor wharf, has turned around, looks at the vision to the distant place boundless sea level.


„In the world the speed quickest sailing ship is going on stage in light of this, World Government also has Marine, regards the fellows of unimportant person me can destroy completely conveniently, does not know that you prepared not......”


After the half a month.

The west cliff edge in West Blue somewhere islands.

Nico Robin arrived at the cliff edge, looks below not far away was stopping Ghost Shadow Ship, jumps to leap, the innumerable arms spread to depart from her arm, combine a small wing, fans along with the whereabouts.

After removing impulse that tenesmuss, Robin dexterous falling to deck.

„Came back.”

Ross is sitting one set of furniture that places before the deck, looks Robin dexterous falls, by the chairback, the thigh muscle that collapses also once more relaxes.

„Thanks to your, this luck is very good, two information had the whereabouts completely.” Robin walked, on the face shows a smile.

„Renders meritorious service to enjoy.”

Ross sat straight the body, a chuckle voice said.

Robin with a smile looks to him, said: „Rewards?”

„Next time will approach shore, gives you to compensate the bookshelf of study room.”

Ross hit a sound to refer.

„That first apologized Captain.”

After Robin slightly Issho, restored the serious expression, to the Ross stern say/way: „About double sword pirate group, yesterday, Hyatt sea area had an important matter, double sword pirate group has beaten the Marine T6 branch base fleet.”


The Ross vision dodges slightly, said: „ Can rout the West Blue branch base,

This double sword pirate group strength is actually good. ” Present West Blue, hung the bounty 30 Million above pirate already not that many, because by Ross killing many, above 20 Million also similarly was cut to kill one by Ross in large numbers, the pirate influence entered the winter.

But in this time, double sword pirate group actually defeats the Marine fleet, this has inspired and roused the West Blue evil forces without doubt once more.

„No, not only strength issue.”

Robin shook the head, vision slightly serious saying: „This double sword pirate group from rising to running amuck West Blue, is more than three years of time, these time defeats the Marine fleet at the same time, exposed an important intelligence.”

„What information?”

Ross asked.

Robin responded: „Double sword pirate group Captain, the bounty 59 Million Berries pirate ‚double sword’, double sword pirate group true Captain, double sword pirate group also has hidden by no means in secret existence.”

„A little meaning.”

Look that on the Ross face reveals having a relish.

Robin deeply inspired, vision serious say/way: „That secret existence, is on Grand Line ‚clever sword pirate group’ Captain...... Clever sword!”

„Three years ago clever sword pirate group encounters the Marine ambush in Grand Line, but the rout, Marine said that clever sword pirate group has been annihilated, may in fact the Captain clever sword not die in battle, but fled Grand Line, returned to West Blue, and as exists secretly, established double sword pirate group.”

„It once hanging bounty was...... 9800 ten thousand Berries!”

Here, Robin serious and earnest looked to Ross, said: „We must change the goal, not with the double sword pirate group front impact?”

She knows that Ross stares at double sword pirate group, but this double sword pirate group obvious issue was very big, its Captain can under Marine encircled returns to West Blue, saying nothing supported one ‚West Blue first pirate group’, the scheme and strength were obviously highly regarded.

„No, still as scheduled carried on.”

Ross chuckle, said: „Because if defeated troops on Grand Line must change the goal, how that also does go to Grand Line?”

Robin knows oneself are mostly impossible to change the decision of Ross, has not shown the expression of any accident/surprise, instead is slightly Issho, said:

„Then is the second information, about Demon Sheriff Laffitte, he once was a security officer, because abused the violence, afterward was deported by the country......”

„What coincidence is, this once sheriff mister, with double sword pirate group at present position, in same sea area.”

„Isn't that just right?”

Ross has stood, takes out the sea map tranquil opens the mouth saying: „Completes two goals to be good one time, which sea area are they at?”

„Wort Gauld sea area.” Robin responded in a soft voice.

Ross nodded, after on sea map looked, puts out the compass to judge the position, said: „Distance is actually not far, at the Ghost Shadow Ship speed, if the full speed advance, within five days can arrive.”

„That...... Steer, hangs the full sail, goes to Wort Gauld!”

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