Profound Heaven Evil Venerable

By Wu Shan Yun Yu

Profound Heaven Evil Venerable Chapter 329

Profound Heaven Evil Venerable Chapter 329

Longxiang Valley, Longjing! Ok, 乖乖jiao, the deity can make you die a little faster! Said the old man.

Obviously, the three Divine Dao powerhouse did not worry at all, their gods have already locked Yang Tianlei. In their thoughts, Yang Tianlei has been completely under their control, and she is not afraid of what Yang Tianlei can play.

The reason for meeting Yang Tianlei is that the powerful aura of the clear glass bottle is indeed something they have never seen before. In the end, there is no such ability as Yang Tianlei to step into the luan stream of time and space, and they are not sure.

Therefore, in order to be on the safe side, the requirements of Yang Tianlei were agreed.

Anyway, regardless of whether Yang Tianlei is true or not, he is dead.

“Longjing! It turned out to be him! Then,” dare to ask three famous names? I respect you, who took me, ka-cha, too? Yang Tianlei once again asked, the black scorpion’s eyes, at this time, like two swords, suddenly uttered two strong jing light!

“The deity is Longxiong! These two are elephants, elephants!”, “Long xiong, like a pig, like a dog… Hahaha,” “Yang Tianlei suddenly laughed at the sky, at the moment of laughter, his The body suddenly exuded the five-series Huaguang, which was as dazzling as the scorching sun, and even cut off the gods of the three Divine Dao masters!

The three Divine Dao masters were shocked at the same time!

“You can’t think of any of my treasures! Explosion!” At this moment, Yang Tianlei’s voice suddenly came out.

“hōng lóng!” A loud bang, which broke out in an instant, was cut off by the three Divine Dao masters, and it was too late to stop, and the five se Huaguang disappeared moments. They saw an extremely shocking scene!

The skull, body, and limbs are as big as rotten watermelons.

“Explosion and death?” the three said shocked.

After a short embarrassment, the old man named Longxiong suddenly burst into the jing light and said: “No! This explosive body is just a dead body” is not that xiaozi! Unexpectedly, he was able to disconnect our minds, it seems that the treasure is indeed very powerful! Otherwise, it’s just that Innate Realm’s “How could he make such a powerful power? And, when he was shocked, he was able to hide his own aura!”, “Luo” Xiaozi, just like this, just think Escape from the palm of our hand? ”

In the moment of three people, when they were swayed, they directly turned into three long rainbows, “the gods of the majestic”, and directly trained Changhong into a piece, which quickly fell down!

They have already laid the barriers on the top of the abyss. They are not afraid of Yang Tianlei to flee. The direction he can escape is only downward!

Downward, there are endless demons. They don’t know how deep they are, but they know that “Yang Tianlei at this time is the best!”

嗖唉…sōu sōu —……, the three Divine Dao powerhouses are amazingly fast, with their cultivation base “seeing the baby’s hand, how could they let go? If so let Yang Tianlei’s blind eye fool”, they also I am Divine Dao powerhouse!

“cao, I really can’t lie to these three old guys!” Yang Tianlei lightning flew down “in the mind angrily said. The explosive body, but the right person” was the first to kill the devils in the magic field The space is obtained from the ring. I did a very good job. I didn’t expect to have fooled three Divine Dao powerhouses.

“It’s good to be able to win time and get rid of it for a while!” With their eyes, how could they lie? Although I can hide your aura, I can’t hide it for a long time! I hope that this abyss is not desperate, otherwise…” Ling Xi said a little worried in Yang Tianlei’s mind.

“Afraid of what” can’t beat them, brother wants to escape. “They can’t stop it! Rest assured,” Yang Tianlei said with great certainty, and the way to escape at the same time was suddenly captured by Ling Xi, in a quiet glass bottle. Ling Xi suddenly stared wide-eyed, after a moment, the flawless jiao Yan Lu was a surprise.

“Tianlei, why didn’t you just escape?” Ling Xi asked.

“If Baoshan is empty-handed, it is not the brother’s xing grid! How come to the bottom of this abyss!”

Yang Tianlei was completely concealed by Ling Xi. The whole body is like a snake. In the group of the gods, “the magic is not worn!”

In the twinkling of an eye, thousands of feet have landed. Three quarters faster than the three Divine Dao powerhouses that have been chased down!

“I rely! There is nothing!” When Yang Tianlei was about to fall to the bottom of the abyss, there was nothing in the eyes except the dense demon lying on the bottom of the abyss. It seems that this abyss is a space dedicated to the closure of the demon. .

“Tianlei, rushing out, they have been pressed down!”, Ling Xi said.

“Well. I knew that I just rushed out, lang fee, eh?” Yang Tianlei said while “slowing down to the bottom of the abyss. Just when his body touched the bottom of the moment” a strange feeling suddenly poured into In his body, let him refrain from whispering.

In an instant, Yang Tianlei’s mysterious Dantian actually went crazy, and the mysterious energy that seemed to have been integrated into Jindan was separated from Jindan by himself. In the blink of an eye, it was integrated into every cell of Yang Tianlei. !

Lou, Great Perfection, every cell has a prototype of the big world, which contains all kinds of energy, has reached a delicate balance, but when this mysterious energy is integrated into it, Yang Tianlei’s body The cells suddenly boiled!

Just then, a path of colorful light, emitted from every cell in the body of Yang Tianlei!

“What’s wrong, Tianlei?”, Ling Xi waited for Yang Tianlei to enter the quiet glass bottle, but after a while, Yang Tianlei “Yi” gave a cry, and then he couldn’t help but ask.

“嘶”, just when Yang Tianlei exudes a colorful radiance, “his body is actually “squeaky,” and it is directly integrated into the rock that seems to be hard at the bottom of the abyss!

“Ah? What is going on?” Ling Xi sensed the state of Yang Tianlei and asked in shock. At this moment, Yang Tianlei’s body actually walked through the seemingly hard rock, without any resistance, as if falling naturally!

“Boom!” After a slight break, Yang Tianlei felt that the surrounding aura suddenly changed. A cool breeze blew dang to him. He went through a rock like a severe hundred zhang and appeared again. in the air!

“Palace? Treasure?”

Yang Tianlei looked down, almost did not 〖Xing〗 excitement exclaimed!

“What the hell is this going on? Brother…, is it the grandson of the earth?” Yang Tianlei looked up and the boundless heavy rock was above him, at this moment he entered a huge Naturally dissolved in dong.

“Is this the core of the real relic?”

“Tianlei, what’s going on? I can’t sense the three aura!” Ling Xi said in surprise.

“Ling Xi, you come out and see, Mom, we are big! Hahaha! Big Destiny, big chance! Is this the big Destiny of the brother, big chance?” Yang Tianlei 〖Xing〗 screams Gazing at the huge underground palace underneath, he said.

I saw that the palace was so huge that it exudes an extremely heavy aura. In the sense of Yang Tianlei, this huge palace seems to be the general refining. Just the crystal light, it is sure that this is definitely Made of extremely precious materials.

Full of luxury, exquisite workmanship, beautiful and beautiful!

A white light flashed, Ling Xi fell in love with the city, and the flawless figure appeared in front of Yang Tianlei!

Her beautiful eyes sparkling with five sehuaguang, when she saw the scene under her body, she was shocked stared wide-eyed. Powder nen powder nen cherry xiao mouth, Zhang became “0” type!

“Ling Xi! Receive! Receive! Fuck” into our quiet glass bottle! Hahahahaha! “Yang Tianlei 〖Xing〗 said furiously. Well, I want to hold Ling Xi full of youhuo.

However, Ling Xi’s figure was swaying, so he took a step and flew to the palace underneath!

In a white dress, she did not step on any swords, light, and she was hunting like a dress, like the nine Heavenly Immortal women. The whole person floated to the palace!

Rao is Yang Tianlei in the Xing〗 Fen. “I saw this beautiful picture, I can see it! I suddenly turned into a streamer, and I quickly chased Ling Xi!

“Tianjingshi! Tianlei, this palace turned out to be a crystal refining!” When Yang Tianlei chased Ling Xi, Ling Xi was shocked.

“Astrorite? Is it very strong and powerful?”

“Very precious! Any device, you want to incorporate the law of time and space, refining, you need the crystal spar! Although there are many cultivation world devices, but the device with the law of starting space and time” is very rare. Take your Space Cutting Sword Sect, and only the Xuan Huangqi has this function! It is not difficult to integrate time and space, but because it is too difficult to find! And this palace,”, “Hahaha! Still hesitating? Ling Xi, let’s start collecting! “Yang Tianlei suddenly said that Xing said.”

“Yeah!” Ling Xi nodded, and in a flash he turned into a white light that blended into Yang Tianlei’s eyebrows.

The two people suddenly joined together, and Yang Tianlei directly sacrificed the clear glass bottle for the first time without any reservation. In a moment, it turned into a huge yu, bottle that exudes the five-series Huaguang, lightning-like A huge palace!

“Ming Xuan Treasure?”, Yang Tianlei flew directly to the entrance of the palace, wanting to devour from the entrance. When he flew to the palace gate, he suddenly saw four golden letters!

Let Yang Tianlei stop the figure in shock, stared wide-eyed, staring at the four characters!

Tightly, it is the four gold se characters, but let Yang Tianlei feel the arrogant and powerful aura of “the heavens and the earth, the only ones”.

This kind of aura is like a sharp and unparalleled sword, directly into the depths of Yang Tianlei!


Terrifying !

It’s just four words, but the feeling of bringing Yang Tianlei goes beyond any powerhouse he has ever seen!


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