Story 242 "Catan" November 12, 2018


The story this time is longer than usual. About about twice as many times as usual, please be careful when reading.

In addition, although it is a rule of Catan, since the author is wrong and the local rules are mixed, it may be fine mistakes or contradictions but I think that you can acknowledge it.

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー – ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

“According to this rule book, each player uses pieces of his favorite color, then I will use this” red piece “!”

“If so, why do not you make it a” yellow piece “? Ufuf ♪ Papa has” blue “and” green “but which is good?”

“… …!”

(Papa should be blue!)

“I thought so … Yes” Green piece “♪ Dad really like green?


(Well, well … …)

“Well then, Ando-kun is” a blue piece “♪

“Oh, yeah …. Thank you, Mr. Asakura”

(Dad is outrageous …).

“So you can put your pieces in turn on the trout on this board and put the trout you put in your land,”

“Afterwards you can make two turns of dice with turns and you can get the resources written on the trout by the player who takes the square of the number allocated to the outgoing eyes ……”

“Oh no, it sounds like a difficult rule?”

“Tentatively, for the time being …” …

(I’m not sure about Daddy, but let’s try it for now) ♪

“” Yes, Papa ♪ “”


(Hmm … well, the winning method is -)

In tens of minutes

“My turn! Fun! Because the eyes of dice are 6 and 1, you get the resources of” 7 “mass!”

(Huhun! With this, my resources are “Earth” is seven and “Tree” is eight! That means that we can only make “Way” Oh Oh!

Already! I can not make “house” or “town” that will be a point if there is no “iron” resources Oh! )

“Is it a mass of” 7 “… OK, I got resources for” iron “and” sheep “and” wheat ”

“Oh no … – Mom can also get two” wood “and” sheep “? Uhufu ♪”

“…………” Gogogogot!

(Papa has no chest in “7” trout so it is not harvested … …) Shobourne

“Fu, Huhun … I see, I see, if there is so much resources, it’s a perfect hand!”

(Well, what shall we do …. Even if we use resources we can make only “Way”! “Road” will not be a point even if made, so if you use resources as much as you can I want to use resources for “house” and “town”, but I do not have enough resources for “iron” …. Well, whatever I am, “12” or “2” comes out with a dice and “iron” resources I wish I could get it ~!

When it comes to this–)

“Oh, Ando-kun ♪ I wonder what resources I want … … just because my resources have” wood “and” soil “a little, if the resources that Ando-kun is not needed … … for example” iron Or if you do, you never have to exchange resources? ”

(Yes, this is “negotiate”!) This game is a game where you can negotiate resources among players! For example, even if resources are not available you negotiate resources that are missing -)

“Thank you, Mr. Asakura, but there is not much resources we do not need, so it will be fine ♪”

“- え!? そ, そ う …… But, Ando-kun! The resources of” wood “or” soil “are quite important! Because if you have this resource you can say” road “or” road ” You can make “road”, you think there is no loss!

“No, but at the present time that resource is not very important for me, is that … Maybe Asakura-san, are you having trouble with resources?”

“Well, that’s not true!”

“That’s right, because, I said,” It’s a perfect hand! “♪”

“Well, that’s right …… Ahha ~”

(And I failed … …)

“But if Mr. Asakura tells me that much, will I exchange it?”

“Ando-kun! Ho, really!?”

“Yeah, yes … I can only show these two from me, but Mr. Asakura should give me the cards I like”

“Thank you, Mr. Ando-kun! Then I’ll give one tree of” wood “and” earth “one by one ♪ So, the card that Ando-kun gave me –

(“Sheep” and “Wheat” ‥ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

“Asakura-san, are you sorry? I am also short of iron resources.”

“Ahaha …… you have no problem, because I said that I will” exchange resources I do not need “… Ahah … ….”

(If this happens, you can exchange it for gambling card using the resources you got! Huhun, Katan can randomly draw “evolution card” with various effects using fixed resources Well, this is my future!

“School One Bishoujo” is shown! Perfect draw! )

Cards drawn “Roadside Construction” Effect: Two “Roads” can be made without using resources

“… ……….” Scaun

“Mr. Asakura, do you like drawing a gambling card?”

“Well, okay, then, next time is your mama’s number, oh, oh, uh, the eyes of dice are 1 and 4 … Is the total eyes ‘5’?”

“5”! The trout of “5” on my land … … It is Aataka! The resources available are “tree” and “soil” …

“I am iron and wheat”

“Oh no, Mama gets resources for” sheep “and” earth “,”

“…………” Gogogogot!

(Dad is nothing … ….) Shobourne

“Well, will Mama get a development card with the resources he got?” Now the mom’s turn is over. “Uhufu ♪”

“When … … … … Kita!”

(Well, this time it’s your daddy ♪ Oh yeah, Papa will reverse a lot from here! Eh! The eyes of the dice … … 2 and 1 So it’s “3” ♪ I did it Because it’s a mass of “3”, you can get resources for your daddy with this! Eh, um, you have three “wood” and “soil” resources available!

“The trout of” Eh “3” … …. Hatred! The resources available are “trees” and “soil” …

“Well, I do not have any” 3 “squares on my land so this time there is nothing.”

“Oh no, Mama has only one” wheat ”

“Resources …… use …… all in all … ….!” ZOGO GOOGO!

(Well, then Papa is going to seriously soon, first of all I will make three “roads” using all the resources)

“What is going to be done by making three” dogs “in such a meaningless place in such a meaning?” Road “can not be a point even if it makes anything, replace the remaining material with another material You should save it as a resource to make “house” or “town”? ”

“No, Mr. Asakura … It looks like they can not say that … That’s why my dad’s” Road “is” connected six! ”

“Well, Mr. Ando, ​​how am I supposed to say that?”

“Kisama … I noticed …?”

(Wow!? Ando-kun, you know what Papa is going to do!? Wow, I’m sorry, but my dad will not stop and I will let you do as it is ♪

As my daughter said, “Way” alone is not a point, but in this rule book the player who achieved “certain conditions” has written that you can get a bonus point ♪

That’s the “longest trading card”!

This is a special card that can receive “the player who connected the most roads” when a player who connected five or more “road” on the map appears, and “2 points” is given to the player who has this Because! )

“With this … … Turn end”

“Well, next is my turn, the eyes of the dice are 2 and 4″ 6 ”

“I can receive one resource of” wood “”

“Oh no, Mama has two” soils. “Uhufu ♪”

“…………” Gogogogot!

(Dad is nothing … ….) Shobourne

“Well, I have two pieces of” iron “and one piece of” soil “and two pieces of” sheep “…”

(By the way, the winning condition of Katan certainly was that the person who earned “10 points” earlier by making a house or a city on his own land won …. Asakura says “2 points” Mom is “3 points”, Dad is “3 points”, I is “5 points” ….

You won! Actually, I have done it if you do it. That’s why I naturally know how to win.

Katan is a game that spreads the land to make a city and earn points!

If you make a home or city, points accumulate, but that has resources. So, players have to make way and spread out their land to get more resources.

And, to make a way, it is necessary to decide “resources” to decide to make a house or a city.

Katan is a resource that is a game of games. I can tell by looking at the map well, but actually this map …. “Iron” resource is difficult to obtain quite a lot. Because the eyes of iron where you get iron resources are extremely low or high numbers. Katan becomes a “squirrel” in which resources that can be taken out are stocked by adding the number of eyes that waved out two dice … …

So, why do not you think about it here?

When shaking two dice and adding out eyes, which number is easy to get out?



The answer is naturally “8”. Because the pattern that makes the dice shake “2” is only when both dice are “1”. On the other hand, the possibility of becoming “8” is that there are two or more patterns of two dice “2 and 6” or “4 and 4”.

So, in this case the expected value of “8” mass is high, and on the contrary the extreme numbers such as “2” or “12” are low or high, the expected value that the resource will take is low.

This game is set to be difficult to obtain only “iron” resources. And in this game “Iron” resources are indispensable resources for building the “house” and “town” which will be points if built … But then I thought of one strategy.

Then you just have to monopolize the resources of “iron”? )

“Well, I got valuable” iron “But what should I do … OK, I still want to accumulate resources here so I will give Mr. Asakura a turn.”

“Well then, next time is my turn!

(So ​​at the beginning of this game, I picked up the high grid square which the resource of “iron” comes out in my place beforehand, and I chose the “iron” of other expectation high Mass that resource comes out also makes a way to block other players from coming in and the remaining mass of “iron” resources will create a situation where all expectation values ​​are low, secretly ” I succeeded in playing monopolizing the resources of “iron”.

By the way, my now





The breakdown is “Iron” Eight “Sat” Two Sheep “Two Sheets” Wood “One piece of” Wheat “with this feeling. Well, if this is the case next time I can build a town and house at once and wonder if I can go up with “10 points”? )

“The eyes are” 4 and 5 “… … the squares are” 9 “! Well, I get one” sheep “and two” wheat “!”

“I’m a piece of” iron ”

“Oh no, Mama is two pieces of” wood “and” soil ”

“…………” Gogogogot!

(Dad is nothing … ….) Shobourne

(Okay, I will deflate resources other than “iron” soon)

(Wow, I do not have enough resources for “iron” …. But Ando-kun seems to have “iron”, maybe I will negotiate?

“Oh, Ando-kun, if it’s okay … will you exchange my” sheep “and” wheat “resources with” iron “…?

“Yeah, that’s OK. Mr. Asakura”

“True! Ando-kun, there is -”

“Well then may we exchange two pieces of” sheep “and” wheat “and one piece of” iron “?”

“- To, to two, is not it …?”

“Mr. Asakura, sorry, since even this” precious “resource of iron is … ….”

“Well, that’s right! Well …. I got it, then I ask you,”

Current rate “Iron” piece = “Sheep” piece + “Wheat” piece

“Mai There is ~ ♪”

“Ando-kun, did you say such a cheerful voice?”

(Mr. Asakura, sorry, …. I am sad, but this is it





What is it?

“Mumumu … Well then I will end the turn with this earlier development card” Victory Point “!”

Evolution card “Victory point” effect: treat this card as “1 point”

Mr. Asakura’s current score 2 → Score 3 points! ← It is a sound that the score went up

“My … … turn … …” Gogogogo!

(Well, my dad’s dice is “1 and 2” So it’s “3” ♪ I did it! Finally I got resources for daddy! Because the squares are 3, so there are three “wood” and “soil” I got it!

“Um, I … …” Trees “and” Sat “are each one … ….”

“I have no trout of” 3 “,”

“Oh no, Mama has only one” wheat “.” Uhufu ♪ ”

“…………” Gogogogot!

(Well, but I wonder what I should do ~ Dad’s





Because there are only “wood” and “soil”, we can only make “ways” … …. That’s it! If Ando-kun, if you negotiate gently, you may get “iron” resources! )

“Take out … … … …”

“Hey … …!”

(Ando-kun, I wonder if you will exchange the resources of “Daddy’s” Trees “and” Da “with two” Iron “resources)

(Ikanikan … … Do not be deceived by the look of your father … Ando, ​​Calm down And you will be calm … When you talk with your father, open your mind’s eyes … OK!

“Dad, I’m sorry, because the resources of” iron “are precious now …. Is the number of cards that I can deliver on, is not it OK?”

“What … is that?” Googogogot!

(Chiha ~, after all two resources of “iron” is not good ♪ It can not be helped ♪ Ando – kun, let ‘s exchange one piece of resources of “daughter” and “wood” of dad and Ando – kun’ s “iron” Or ♪)

“Oh, Dad, I’m sorry, so if you exchange it, the rate will be exchanged for a total of eight resources,” wood “and” soil “, one for” iron “resources.”

Current rate “Iron” piece = “Three” four pieces + “Saturday” Four pieces

“What if …?!?” Googogogot!

(Oh, Ando-kun, that’s not it! Because, in exchange with my daughter I was exchanging two other resources on one “iron”!)

“No, as it was a resource other than” wood “and” earth “… so now



My hand


“Trees” and “Sat” resources are overflowing. ”

“Sorry …. ….”

(Fua – An, Ando – kun, do something there … …)

“… Well, but, as it is between me and my dad, it is not right! Well now it’s a service that plus one resource of” iron “plus one for each of the four” wood “and” soil “resources, I will put out a total of two cards! ”

“…… っ!?”

(Ando-kun, really! Yeah! Well then, let’s exchange it ~ ♪)

“Mai there is ♪ ~ ♪”

Current rate “Iron” two pieces = “Three” four pieces + “Saturday” Four pieces

“Oh no … … Uhufu ♪

Well, next time is your mom’s turn? Oh, the eyes that went out were “1 and 4” so “5” ne ”

“In my land … … It’s okay! Resources available are” wood “and” earth “…

“Oh no, Mama gets resources for” sheep “and” earth “,”

“I am iron and wheat”

“…………” Gogogogot!

(Dad is nothing … ….) Shobourne

(Huh, my hand is “Iron” six sheets “Sat” six pieces “Wood” Five pieces “Sheep” Three “Wheat” Three sheets … … If you accumulate resources up to here, Make two “towns” and “house” to agari with a total of 10 points -)

“Oh no …… Ando-kun, I guess it’s a little overdue … … U-fu ♪”

“Oh … oh mother … What is that?”

“Oh no … … Do you fall for Ando-kun? ~ Uhufu ♪”

“Saka … well … I do not know what that is ….”

(And yabai … … No way, Mr. Asakura’s mother I notice that I monopolize iron?

(Uhufu … … ♪)

“What is your mother saying?”

“… …?”

(What is she talking about?

“Well, if you do not understand Ando-kun … … Is it ok if mommy can move?

Well, Mama will let you use the development card that she had preserved … here.

First of all it is from now ♪ ”

Evolution card “Construction of highway” effect: Two “road” can be made without using resources

“With this, Mama made two new” Roads “…… High, Mama’s” Road “of the land was connected, so Daddy’s” Longest Trade Pass Card “gets Mama ♪ ♪ ”

“Longest trade route card” effect: Special cards that the player who connected the most roads gets, “2 points” to the player who has this card

“Eh, what ?! Even if Mama connects five” Ways “, Dad has six” Ways “, so Dad is more” Way “?”

“Mr. Asakura, that is not the case, because” the longest trade route card “is the card that the player who” connected “the most many ways … … and look carefully where the mother set the way?”

“This is … … Daddy’s” way “is being divided on the way by Mama’s newly made” way “!”

“Oh no … … I carelessly ♪”

“…, yes, due to this mother’s” inadvertent “, the way my father made has become” not connected “so it is the mother who is connecting the road for the longest time now”

Did you think that Mr. Asakura’s mother was aiming at this from the beginning!? It certainly is this arrangement, the father whose resource can only get “wood” and “soil” is “the longest trading road card If you intend to aim for the aim, you will make a way across the map of the land of your mother.The mother made a father “longest trading way card” on purpose on purpose in anticipation!

Later I divided the road to preempt the score of the “longest trade route card” … …)

“Oh no, Uhufu ♪”


(What happened to Daddy … …?) Pocahn

Asakura Mama, current score 3 points → 5 points

Asakura Dad, current 3 points → 1 point

“Oh no … … then, then shall we use this development card?”

Development card “Monopoly” effect: To declare one resource of your choice. Other players will pass that resource to all players on this card

“The resource to declare …” “Iron”? Hey, Hey, Ando-kun …. Do you have it? Uhufu ♪ ”


(No way, it is said that Mr. Asakura’s mother hidden such cards! Well, no way … … Mother was swimming me after knowing everything! Mother’s movements are unnatural if you think about it To … … In order to earn points, you only have to make “house” and “town.” However, mother alone is trying to gather resources of “iron” essential to make those facilities from the beginning I was not … …. Yes, remembering, my mother was pulling all the development cards, which I thought was because I do not understand the rules well, but it is different!

Before this game started, Mom knew the kind of evolution card that was randomly in and knew in advance that there was that card! So I noticed that I would monopolize “iron” from the location of the map and gave up on the resources of “iron”!

Yes, everything is to collect the resources of “iron” overflowing with that card! )

“Everyone will give me” iron “that I have in mama? Uhufu ♪”

“… … Ku!”

“Want to replace it from Ando-kun” Iron “?”

“…… っ!?”

(“Iron” which has exchanged all the resources of daddy !?)

“Oh no ……” Iron “is gathered, but with this it’s still not enough resources to make” town “… … Shall I use this, too?”

Development card “Harvest” effect: Add two favorite resources to your hand

“With this” wheat “and” sheep “together … Yes, Mama will make two” towns “♪

Asakura Mama, current score 5 points → 9 points

(Yaba! With this, “Masaka Asakura ‘s victory is decided again with” 1 point “!?? If you look closely it is one development card that you do not use yet … Is not it!

“Oh no … … I forgot to use a card, then I will use this card to hold it ♪”

Evolution card “Victory point” effect: treat this card as “1 point”

Asukura Mama’s score 9 points → 10 points

“Mom’s win is not it?” Uhufu ♪ ”

(Mr. Asakura’s mother …… It’s not just things.)

“Ando-kun … …. a bit, is it OK?”

“What’s going on, Asakura Sayin …?”

“Uhufu ♪ Ando-kun … It seems that I had quite a bit of” iron “although I was saying … … Would you let me explain in my room …?” Scank! ← sound of Ando-kun’s head locked

“Oh, this headlock nostalgic! Neither … maybe …… Asakura-san are angry?”

“Oh no … … Why am I getting angry …?, Hey, Ando-kun … …” Geechy!

“Atakuta! Understood! Asakura-san! I apologize! Because I apologize, I will start with this head lock -”

“Oh no …… Both of us ~ ♪ I will keep quiet in the room ~ Uhufu ♪”

Final result

Asakura Mama 10 points

Ando-kun 5 points

Mr. Asakura 2 points

Asakura Dad 1 point


(Papa …… only one point ……) Shobourne

【Next notice】

“Thank you for always supporting us! Chairperson ♪

Did everyone know? It seems that trial reading of “Why is it” is made public if it is mail magazine of MF Bunko J? ”

“In addition, although it is a trial reading, the sentences are not on … …”

“Ando-kun! Why are you coming to the world of foreword next time! Please leave it because this is my world!”

“But phew……”

“Well, then, then,” What’s wrong? ”

Next time ‘still undecided’ thank you!

“Well, I will start the usual” Petroline janken “! Have you decided which hand to put out? Of course I’m deciding, then, is not it?

Petapeta · Pettarin ♪ じ ゃ ん · け ん · ポ ン ♪ ”


“Everyone’s comment, evaluation, I’m waiting ♪”

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