Chapter 170—The scheming queen and the poisonous woman

Chapter 170—The scheming queen and the poisonous woman

The four princess's repentance book shows that she really did because she was ugly in the last time, and she hated it. I wanted to put her to death, but the father and the other did not help her, so she had to threaten her four brothers to help. Wang Haiji, who found Rong Yunhe’s men, said that Yun Yunhe had let him murder the emperor’s mind and marry him. She learned that on the New Year's Day, the emperor wanted to recruit female medical teams into the palace, so more than a dozen of her guards had already prepared for the palace. Just wait for her to order, then go to meet Wang Haiji ambushing outside, and the rivers and lakes killer he bought, enter the palace to assassinate the emperor, and marry the Yun Yun crane, so that he is forced to commit suicide, this matter has nothing to do with the four emperors. He is only being coerced.

The four princes’ repentance books are simpler. Just a few words, “I have committed a great crime, I am sorry for my father, and my children are guilty of death!”

When the emperor saw the suicide note, he jumped his feet and screamed, "The beast, in order to retaliate, even the father was ignored. It’s damn!"

I was so anxious that I didn’t even think about a selfish person like Shangguan Lingluo. How could I be willing to commit suicide? The decree was to abolish her as a monk, and she hurriedly buried her in a smack, and did not let her into the royal cemetery.

The four emperors were better than her, and they were buried on the edge of the royal cemetery, but no tombstones were standing.

The "Yahua Palace" slaves were all shackles, and even Yun Yunhe and Rong Yu were sentenced to exile.

After the Shangguan Linglu was buried, the Queen came to ask the Prince of An, and slammed the slap in the face, and sadly said, "You are too disappointed! This kind of confused thing can also be done. Let your father know, you Does this Prince want to do it?"

The prince squinted at his face and pretended not to understand. "After the mother, the child does not know what you are saying. What did the minister make, so that you are so angry?"

"Do you still want to marry me?" The Queen hated the iron and did not make a steel. "Which woman do you want, do you want to be with the Shangguan Lingluo?" How dangerous is this, do you know? I said That dead girl, how painful and hate purple, it turned out to be like this. Originally she arranged all this, I am happy to see it. I really want her to be degraded, I took the opportunity to take over the military rights of the old man. I didn't expect you..."

The prince was stunned and looked at the Queen and asked incredulously, "How did you know after the mother?"

The Queen looked at him with a contemptuous look. "If you want to know people, unless you have nothing to do. Do you think that you are doing seamlessly? In fact, as long as others carefully scrutinize, you know what happened. How can your secret guard and Shangguan Lingluo At the time of the incident, where did you go? You saw the slaves of Yaohua Palace, but you can see you out? There are so many loopholes, your father has only thought that you will be chaotic... ...and I want to understand, can you still sit in the position of the Prince? Idiot!媲"

"What should I do?" The Prince was so scared that he was crying and screaming at the Queen. "After the mother, after the mother, you have to help the children. The minister does not want to lose the position of the Prince."The queen saw her son desperately licking his head and did not stop it. For a while, the yin test said, "Okay, I have cleaned up for you. The useless thing, killing Shangguan Lingluo, and keeping Shangguan Botao, you are not afraid that he knows between you. The scandal? The grass does not remove the roots, and the spring breeze blows again."

The prince looked at the empresslessly and muttered, "Shangguan Bo Tao was originally sent to kill you? God! I thought..."

"Why are you why?" The Queen sneered at the sneer "How many times have you told me to do things, don't leave a tail. But look at yourself!"

Prince Edward’s bowed his head, thinking about not understanding, and looked up and asked, “Since you already know the children and the spirit... her business, why do you ask your grandfather to keep her?”

"Idiot!" The Queen once again dissatisfied with the export slogan "Who is your father? Can you easily fool the past? He is so skeptical that I don't ask your grandfather to stir up, confuse, give him a true and false holiday, Do you think he will not doubt your relationship? Once you doubt your relationship, the death of Shangguan Lingluo and Shangguan Botao, he will once again suspect that you are going to kill people. Your grandfather is desperate to save the official spirit, doing it in the face. On, he will think that I am not so stupid. If you have an improper relationship with Shangguan Lingluo, the first person to kill her must be me, and you will not want your grandfather to fight against Mu Junyuan. I will protect her. At the same time, I will feel that I am really sincere to Shangguan Lingluo. At this time, if you come forward to preside over justice, you will not only give your father a good impression, but even other ministers will feel that you are upright and selfless. Mu Junyuan is dissatisfied with your grandfather."

With so many bends and turns, the prince heard the words and looked at the queen with a look of adoration. "You are too powerful!"

The Queen looked at the Prince, a cold smile, and said with a long heart, "Son, don't do anything in the future, think twice before everything. Also, stay away from the purple purple, don't be confused by her, I always feel that Shangguan Lingluo The death, she can't get rid of her relationship."

"Ling Luo is the one I sent to kill." The Prince apparently wanted to defend the purple quilt. "The dead girl is too crazy to leave her. This has nothing to do with You."

"Yeer?" The Queen heard the words and sneered again and again. "Haha, it’s really kind. But do you know who brought people to rape? It’s her!"

"Impossible!" Prince screamed "Ming Ming is the third and second sister. After the mother, you also said that Yun Luo resentful to the children, even resentfully joined forces with the third. It must be that they want their children to lose face, only to bring people Into the "Yaohua Palace."

"Say you stupid, you still don't admit it!" The Queen yelled, "There is no admiration of the purple sorrow to ask Shangguan Lingluo, and where are the things behind? I am afraid that even the third child is used by her. Your second sister It’s a silly thing, and I’m talking to her everywhere. You must be careful in front of her. And the Shangguan Lingran, I always think that he is not simple, can use Apple to fight assassins.

Eyes, can you not martial arts? And the relationship with Mu Ziyou is not necessarily the same as the surface, giving the impression that it is a pair of friends. You know, when you end up in a pair, you are often a family. ”This time, the Prince did not rebut the purple secluded, and looked up to the Queen and said, "Shangguan Ling had to get rid of him sooner or later, and there was a double-swimming royal family on his head. It was only him, and the children were worried. Just in case, Even if he doesn't have martial arts, he has to get rid of him. After the mother, you can rest assured that the children will not let you down again. If Mu Ziyou really dare to count the children, the children will not spare her."

"Yeah." The Queen waved her hand and finally let go of the Prince.

General General. After returning from the palace, the old general said to the purple secluded and Mu Yingyi that "the woman can no longer stay. The last time the purple sorrow entered the mountain, this time the female medical team went out, it must be her letter to Shangguan Ling Luotong. I want to keep my child in the dead, I will never let her go."

Purple quiet thought for a while and asked, "What grandfather are you going to do with her? Can't you kill her? She is a bastard, and is also the father's wife. Hugh her, let her go out and continue to harm people?"

The old general heard the disapproval of his granddaughter, imagined her performance in the palace, could not help but ask, "What do you mean, send her into the temple?"

Purple chilling sneer "Why is she a shameless and poisonous person, how can she be sent to the temple? Can she still expect her to lay down the knife and become a Buddha? She will not be able to contact her outsiders and pretend to be a victim. The way she cried, she was too miserable by her ex-wife’s daughter and public servant, and the little uncle’s family, so that the woman was still under the eyes...”

"Old lord." Purple singer has not finished, some people knocked on the door. "The big man and the big lady asked to see, it was a negative sin."

How about the purple sneer? I knew that she wouldn’t sit still and wait. This is coming, the news is really fast enough.

The old-fashioned slapstick case "call them in, I want to see this poison woman, how to defend?"

Mu Yingrui led Wang Yiping in. The two men wrapped their heads and looked a bit funny. But tears and a heart-wrenching look are not like they are loaded.

When they saw Ziyou, they rushed over together and cried. "Sorry, secluded children, they all blame the mother for being bad. They have not disciplined their own slaves. You have been in danger for a while, no wonder you will misunderstand your mother. It is really a mother's fault. It!"

"You are not good for my father. I didn't expect Wei Ma as a poison woman. Even the four princesses have repeatedly hurt you. If she didn't tell the truth today, my mother and I still don't know why you hate us."

The two had super high acting, tears and a snot. They were completely stunned by their own children. The children who were harmed were wronged, and they were so sad that they regretted their appearance.

Wang Yiping is even more confrontation with the generals of the old man. "Father, it’s the daughter-in-law who was damned. I was deceived by the milky lady. It turns out that she has been cheating on her daughter. She is playing tricks in front of her daughter-in-law. She can’t stand the pain until today. And taking drugs to commit suicide, the daughter-in-law knows that she sent a letter to the four princesses, murdering the secluded child. Father, daughter-in-law recognizes the unclear, and stunned the secluded child. Again and again, she blamed her, even gave birth... My heart, my daughter-in-law is really dead and blameless."The old general looked at her and she believed her words. Actually, the exporter asked, "When you gave medicine to You, causing her to have a fever, is it also what Wei Ma told you to do? You have no brains, she told you to harm people, you will harm people?"

Wang Yiping cried in the liver and intestines, and he couldn't make a cry. "I don't know if my daughter is so... I don't know that the medicine is so powerful. You and me... and I have never been kissed. I am in a hurry, only when I got on Wei Ma. And... and Qin Tai doctor repeatedly promised that the drug has no toxic side effects, so ... so the child is only... oh... father, the child is wrong, the mistake is too outrageous. You... let the grandfather take a break... take a break, or Yes... or killing a daughter!"

After that, the old generals rushed to the head like a chicken. The cloth on the head was also smashed, and the scalp was broken.

Mu Yingyi first couldn't stand it anymore. He looked at Ziyou and immediately said to Mu Yingrui, "Big brother, this is something you are wrong with. You can't help yourself with young people..."

"Yes is." Mu Yingrui's attitude at this time, sincerely reached the extreme "This incident does not complain about your nephew. At that time she asked me, I agreed. I also think about the child and her mother, as soon as possible It’s a stalemate, isn’t it a thing? This is anxious, it loses reason and goes to others.”

After explaining with Mu Yingyi, I immediately pleaded with the pity of the old general. "Father, Pinger already knows the mistake. I just learned from Wei Ma’s mouth that the four males mainly incited the female doctors to assassinate the emperor and eagerly let the son enter the palace. Sending the letter, but the son just left, you will be back. Pinger regrets that he wants to meet, feels no face to come and sin, but I want to take her off. But... but the son is already married twice, really If she is taken off, her son’s reputation will be ruined. Father, you are a large number of adults, forgive us once. In the future, we must treat the secluded child. Father, son’s marriage is counted again and again?”

Speaking of this, Mu Yingrui, a big man, also cried awkwardly. "I said that Pinger is so young and took her off. What can she do in the future? Our generals, there is no such thing as a person, and no one can correct mistakes." ?"

Ziyou looked at the wonderful performances of the two people, and they would like to clap their hands and praise them. In particular, her dregs, deep in the grandfather's soft and hard-hearted, kind-hearted nature. A sentence "can not allow others to correct the mistakes", and sure enough, let Grandpa have a little shake.

The old general sighed and thought for a while, then said again, "You dare to swear, the last time the purple sorrow entered the mountain, this time the female medical team went to the market, isn't Wang's let Wei Ma tell the four princesses?"

Mu Yingrui also stunned, and Wang Yiping immediately licked his hair and swears, "If it’s really a child, let’s not let her die."

While talking, one side cursed the old general old bastard in my heart! You must not die. I have to live for thousands of years, watching you and your baby granddaughter all go to hell! I am not your daughter-in-law, I am the one who comes to you and your granddaughter!

Purple Yiyi swears for Wang Yiping, can't help but sigh! This is a sinister person who can also get a chance to start. Not afraid of being retribution?If it is not purple, after a lifetime, Ziyou may have to be deceived by Wang Yiping. However, the pain of past lives is too deep, reminding her all the time, do not believe anyone.

But Grandpa obviously believes in this shameless poisonous woman. Because the vows in this era will make many people convinced.

Purple faintly looked up, and she saw her grandfather with a sly look at her...

The next two chapters ravage the scum male poisonous woman. Thanks to the snow-capped flying leopards who sent the purse! Thanks to the parents who sent the tickets and flowers, Xiao Bing can't see the name, can't name it, but will bless you in my heart!

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