Chapter 743 finale (XII)

Chapter 743 finale (XII)

The woman did not speak.

Evening among the cafe looked tense scene, under cold voice.

"An hour later, I heard my mother's safety message."

"Otherwise what?" The woman asked with a smile.

"Then we go die together your plan will fail from me. Of course, you can find another executor, but I think you found me, there must be a reason I can not find a non ...... I refused, .. certainly not so close that you think carefully about your own mind it put my mom, you do not lose - after what happened today, I already have a handle on your hand, you do not be afraid I'll embarrass a few defection why. innocent middle-aged women, which is what you said for good, not the contrary? "

Xiang Wan soon as he finished, another group of police rushed in.


"This is ...... what?"

They shocked, hurriedly ran into the room.

Xiang Wan turned, Chen Sheng said: ".. An hour, if my mother did not give me cheap rate I would be clean breast of everything, you break with the death."

Woman pondered sneer, "I will not only do you really have the heart to kill your loved ones, mostly -?. Make them roadkill"

Xiang Wan:!.? "Oh, if they are bound to have such an outcome, even if it's just sooner or later I'll help you kill more people, they can not escape, how could I continue to ill do not do something good as dead before fight next life cast a good tire. I tell you, I'm not doing it out of people. "

Her voice was small, but firm, when angry, a little shiver.

See, she has been a great shock.

Woman seemed to hesitate.

Almost took a minute or so, she slowly Xiaotan.

"Good. But you have to remember that you dare to betray me, everything you do will appear at the police desk."

Xiang Wan bowed his head, unable to lie on the table, it seems to have been drained of strength in general.

"Oh, you've seen it? I want to die. I do not want to let Bai Muchuan disappointed."

Women no longer nonsense: "An hour later, she'll call you."


Cafe in ruins.

Epidemic prevention station staff soon arrived.

Almost with their front and rear legs, Bai Muchuan also received messages to the scene.

Another person a patient, the medical staff was carrying, leaning away from cafes, on the bus to the hospital.

Sirens a long sharp pass all the way.

This Guikulanghao picture, and finally disappeared.

Evening among breathed and sat there until Bai Muchuan head came toward her.

"Small evening among?" He frowned, "how can you be here?"

Evening among the poor eye, "I see a family has to thank Red Red duffel bags, gave Xie assistant to come here."

Bai Muchuan look slightly cold, toward the side of Ding Yifan pointed, beckoned him to go over there to do the investigation, the evening among themselves a people come around.

"Why did you lie?"

Evening among the confused looked up, looked at him blankly, "I do not ......"

Bai Muchuan voice slips worse, "our house, no thank Red Red things."

Xiang Wan: "......"

"There." After thinking for a few seconds,Her eyes fixed on his slow voice said:. "Debris would put our family room, I do not want you to see, secretly throw inside, you usually do not pay attention ......"

Bai Muchuan eyes Shen Shen, "That's why these days you uneasy?"

"Ah." Evening among his hair, "you found?"

Baimu Chuan Leng Heng: "I know you do not want to find is immune.."

Xiang Wan took a deep breath, "Yes, I was not feeling well. Thank Red Red missing, your whole Huangde with something, take a day, do not give me a telephone. Every time her what was wrong you are the one run ahead of it a ...... sometimes I do not want to understand, Bai Muchuan, she is your wife in the end, or I ah? "

Bai Muchuan eyes half whole family, with a very unusual calm statement, "I am the police. Drew on, you should not pull this with me. I think you understand me."

Xiang Wan holding his head, bowed his head, down to the desktop, like being a little anxious after shock Chelsea, wished he could immediately put her safety in the woods, had to face her inquiry.

"Yes, you have every reason to. I do not want you to pull, have been telling myself to understanding you. Because no matter what advice I have in front of you over the life of friendship, I like a jealous wife vexatious. But Bai Muchuan ...... I was really uncomfortable, very uncomfortable ...... I'm not that generous, they had filled a large degree. would not say that, did not dare ask, do not want to become the kind of stingy woman in front of you, even I could not help but find it too ...... "

"Xiang Wan!" Bai Muchuan interrupted her eyes suddenly crimson, slowly, pointing to those who were carried away to go, "You know how those people yet?"

Xiang Wan hesitated, shaking his head.

Bai Muchuan: "There may be ...... in the Wrath virus!"

Xiang Wan pursed his mouth, do not say anything.

Bai Muchuan: "You know how much I worry you to see you here, I'm almost to scared to death, you know??"

Evening among the silent.

Bai Muchuan growl, "You actually told me that I was worried about her, and more than you worry about?"

Xiang Wan looked at the ceiling, tugged the hair, but also appropriated the side, slowly he said:? "You do not know it they are eating something that I bring ...... Xie

Red Red bag to stay at home, she has to do ...... sugar is to eat them like candy that only made the disease. Could it be that ...... thank Red Red is really Wrath executor? "

Bai Muchuan stare at her, suddenly strangle her wrist, "Now do not say this. You told me to go to the hospital to check. See if the body has no problem!"

Xiang Wan struggled a little, "I'm fine, I'm not going!"

Bai Muchuan: "I must go."

Xiang Wan: "......"

She fail to beat him, only a small run to keep up.

Bai Muchuan seems simmering gas, it goes very fast, with evening among too breathless, barely keep up with his pace.

"I do not ...... you let go."

Her weak weak to resist, is Bai Muchuan cold stare back.

He told her no nonsense, directly to carry on her car, like carry chicks like Aberdeen lost in the Fujia position, pressing anger got. Look cool looks very appalling.

Xiang Wan looked at his face, did not speak.

Bai Muchuan driving the car, also speak a word not talk to Xiang Wan.The atmosphere in the car, cold stunning.

Xiang Wan bowed his head in silence.

Two people so a stalemate to the hospital.

120 sent to the nearest hospital patients, Bai Muchuan fear overwhelmed, chose a familiar hospital.

To the hospital, he went to register directly with her upstairs.

The doctor looked at the evening among the cases, did not say much, so she opened the list to check urine, blood.

The whole process, the evening among the very fit.

Bai Muchuan but still with a straight face, not talking to her.

In this awkward silence, got the test results, the doctor explained that when nothing Xiang Wan was relieved.

"You see, I said nothing, right?"

Bai Muchuan looked at her coldly, "the body is not sick, but I think your brain, and very sick!"

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