Chapter 287, a group of people missing (a more)

Chapter 287, a group of people missing (a more)

"The right team! You Come!" Xiang Wan shouted.

Postings, there are a few with pictures.

Blood, dead bodies, a mess ......

Bai Muchuan no photo, there is no a policeman.

There is a bloody close-up passport - Don Yuanchu.

The man in the picture, handsome face with a smile, young officers, vibrant,

He smiled at the edge of the lips, a touch of blood splashed up, dyed on the brow, shoulders, contrast was very dazzling.

So, naturally comes the physical network red police officer, another way to deter the very same day boarded the headlines, has become a hot topic of Internet users figure -

Photo small, almost all local.

But enough to describe the tragic scene of the vulture mouth ......

Blood stimulated nerve.

Teng less severely right brow of a challenge.


"Let them rate a little!"

"how much longer?"


A roar site.


Finally, as the last piece of boulder rolled down a steep road finally open.

Proton launch vehicle weights less rapidly, mad hooting.



time is life.

Race against time, is to save lives.

Instructed the team, a new start.

Less right Teng concentrate on driving, Cheng is studying the evening among the forward posts, he did not express any opinion.

To Cheng Xin, dutifully sent the link to the post of "serious cases One" working group, let intelligence team to follow up the investigation.

This time, the team quickly.

The atmosphere in the car, but also a lot more than just imposing.

Don Yuanchu injured photographs, shocking, no one can pretended nothing had happened.

At the moment everyone with vultures mouth colleagues, completely unable to establish communication links.

In other words, what their current situation, who also did not know.

Even more frightening it is, but also to stay in touch before entering the vultures with their mouth Zhang team, with a line of seven police riding, is also in a state of breakdown in communications.

Vulture mouth, suddenly became a terrible off-limits.

A synonym of terror.


Xiang Wan has been sitting on Fujia, wood look south of the mountain peaks.

The window was open.

Cold wind blowing in, like a knife, a little cold.

Her face frozen body numb, but perception disorders, do not feel anything.

"Hey, you can close the window?"

Behind, came the voice of discontent Cheng Xin slightly.

"Very cold hey!"

South Wood in December, is a bit cold bones.

Evening among react, look at her apologetically, "Sorry, I forgot."

See that post, she is less inner calm, which remembers these things?

Then, she reached out to press the windows, but the hands are stiff weak, press several times not move -

Teng drove no less right to note that the positive process of sight but quietly fell on her hands.

Then, remove the scarf around his neck, he handed over.

"Phi about it."

She froze, need warmth.

Can at this moment, watching the evening among the positive processes in the face, but do not want to accept these points concern.

"I'm not cold, thank you!"

Cheng positive squinted,"You need."

"I do not need."

"Pale skin, blue lips, feeling abnormal, superficial skin has frostbite ...... If you do not warm to the blood circulation, heart and breathing rate, blood pressure ...... Also, skin necrosis of tissue at different depths. you girls, do not have beauty? "

He said in front of so many sentences, not as good as the last sentence lethal.

Prior to the evening among, without taking into account South Wood County's mountainous terrain and temperature, the clothes are not thin, it can be warm and clearly insufficient.

She silently take the process of being scarf, headband wrapped neck, like a cold wind northeast old aunt, lying quietly on a chair, she did not speak.

Scarf is warm, but also with the process being body breath, a little weird.

But the evening among those not considered at the moment.

Her heart has been flying vultures mouth.

Intuition told her bald eagles mouth, there is a big conspiracy.

121 cases was behind, certainly will not be the weights brother.

Even say that, brother and weights them the same, but the man in the hands of a chess.

The man - he put a big chess game. If they are albino, weights brother is sunspots, and their weights brother killing life and death on the board, and that the people playing chess, some smiling, waiting for the acceptance of their results and derive pleasure he wants.

"To believe in white!"

This sentence, Tang little more than the right to say this once.

Bai Muchuan evening among willing to believe.

But he is a man, not God.

But all people, is the mortal flesh, he will die.

A sparse hundred secret there.

In the face of death, the probability of only 0 and 100% of the time difference between the times ......


When reaching the mouth of the vultures,

News came over.

That person posting child, and found it.

Is a villager in the village near the mouth of vultures, he said that first heard the gunfire attracted attention. Then, he secretly turned over the mountain to see what was found vultures mouth that place, leaving only a messy picture.

He also said that in addition to the bodies, did not see a living.


Not a living.

The early Yuan Dynasty and Tang Bai Muchuan that they ......?

Heart severely evening among a collection.


And ten minutes, their car arrived vultures mouth, weights brother villa.

Here, the evening among saw a group of police officers, as well as follow up with the police all the way to the mountains Meng Chi, and several of his assistants.

However, this vulture mouth, and post in the description that exactly the same -

Remove heavy scene Xuexing Qi secret door and the bodies of several dead, I did not see a living.

Too tragic it!

A thriller too!

Can be puzzling is - the rest of the people are gone?

Suddenly disappear? Arrested or transferred?


Evening among heart sank to the bottom.

Vultures mouth became a silent slaughterhouse.

Photo sender threatened her round to the people, after she arrived, and no longer sound -

A group of people, almost villa over with, no clue.

Sudden, unexpected one after another!

Can not find the missing man, we all know are beating the drum.

However, the scene has people from various units,Like a mess, it is difficult to coordinate.

"We must immediately organize personnel to quickly find rescue!"

"Police dogs do? Quickly find someone!"

Thus, reporting parent organization, quickly approved.

South Wood One police with heavy case team members, set up a temporary command of the rescue, do on-site disposal.

The vultures mouth weights brother's house site, became a temporary command post of office space.

One serious cases superiors appointed captain of action right little Teng, in command, has overall responsibility for search and rescue work, Hassan, deputy director of the county bureau of South Wood, vice command, responsible for coordinating on-site personnel, maneuvering, logistics and so on.

Good distribution of tasks, all units carry out their duties.

Count the bodies, to verify the identity of people died.

Of course, the main finding of this group, who inexplicably disappeared in Vulture mouth -


With the command of chaos eased.

Vulture mouth area, almost all of the trapdoor of people to evacuate.

Police trying to find local people to understand the situation of the time of the incident.

However, little gain.

Posting child on the Internet that people have is where the nearest of the - ah, about ten miles road.

Day here, especially in silence. Because the secret door tangled with evil forces in this event, this is called "vulture mouth" where almost no indigenous people, also have been the nightmare of South Muren.

Therefore, the incident was, what happened, nothing.

Right after less Teng et al., Site survey, it happened here broke the news, shootings.

But they searched the nearby villa and found no trace of these people to leave -

At the same time, only one road.

By the way, it is Duzhe before.

Continue the road to the mountains, the mountains where the police had set up according to the requirements of Bai Muchuan card interception.

Not only did not Baimu Chuan said the bike off-road vehicles appear almost no cars go out -

In other words, Bai Muchuan, weights brother these people are suddenly disappear in the mouth vultures?


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