Chapter 245

Chapter 245

Leave "One mansion" when, still occupies the evening among the color send back.

Do not say! Dinner with psychology experts, is good for something.

Even accounting for the color did not bother preaching to her, but did not really like her as a psychiatrist do counseling, but the words dialogue between subtle pass out information, very rich in content, and other memorable evening among the over, you can still digest for a long time.

The cell door, accounting for color stopped the car, but did not leave.

"Go, I look at you."

Xiang Wan: "......"

Look accounted color like a joke, she pop out a laugh.

"How can so exaggerated ah! You go, senior sister apprentice, I can."

Accounting for color chuckle, "I am not making your house white is too exaggerated. I was told, you have to look into the security area before being allowed to leave."

Think of Bai Muchuan, accounting for color in addition to sweet and warm heart, still a little shy.

"He is such, always do not trust me, as if I easily ran off like a wolf ......"

"You are very likely to be walked so soft wolf Diao Mei, do not say white, and then I saw a woman, can not wait for you carrying back the nest, eating into the belly -!"

puff! Evening among described by her laugh.

Who does not know the praise it? She also likes.

Xiang Wan smile, unwittingly open into flowers, bright colors too bright accounted for eyes.

"Ah! You really find good-looking, ever more beautiful ...... I suddenly understood the white."

Xiang Wan, smiling: "You're really good-looking senior sister apprentice, I would like to say, you are so beautiful, running around on the outside, I am afraid that her husband did not worry ......"

"! Have you and I called each other commercial blow" accounts laughed color, which in turn grabbing live look, said gravely: "But he does not quite trust ...... afraid of those good-looking little brother would have been my murderous ...... "

"!" Xiang Wan laughed not, waved red color accounted for, "Well, I went in. You go back the way senior sister apprentice, drive carefully."

"I will." Accounted color Knut mouth, "Go."


And then returned home, accounting for color mood is not the same as when you leave.

Bud on the balcony, wrapped in bright this season.

She was holding a computer sitting in the sunshine swing, there is a ray of sunshine coming through, the weather was nice and warm, she suddenly had the desire a little code word.

Plot, feeling place, getting a God.

This chapter is her since so many days, write the fastest, smoothest chapter.

Update finished, see the book reviews area a burst of applause, in the evening among the balcony had a lazy stretch waist.

Sure enough, the creation of this kind of thing, you must first write to impress themselves, their satisfaction, and satisfaction to the reader, will have a sense of substitution.

And the evening among the small sum up, the experience wrote the memo, then shook swing, to Bai Muchuan message.

"Honey, what to eat at night?"

"Eat You." He answered simply agile.

Ah, this is Bai Muchuan style.

Evening among the lips unconsciously raised a smile.

"Well, steamed, braised or boiled ......"

"Is not boiled would be more white?"

"!" Evening among almost laughed out loud, "would be more spicy!"

"Well, then boiled!"

"Yes, it is a deal."

Close your eyes and lying on the evening among the swing rack, scenic moment the cell, changed clothes and went out to jump off to the supermarket.

In recent days, she actually fell in love with cooking.

Which in the past, it is impossible, even imagined -

The original is a beloved man, make a meal, waiting for him to work, but also a pleasant thing.

Pick and choose in the market, her patience and careful, go home and then carefully cooking, her serious and persistent, this is not a meal, a meal of love.


Bai Muchuan came back, she left the last dish.

With smoking pot, the kitchen filled with the aroma of food, Bai Muchuan changed the shoes came in, looked for a long time standing in the kitchen door, crept walked over, hugged her waist from behind.



Evening among the back is stiff.

Formalize the relationship for so long, Bai Muchuan a variety of call, that is not called the "wife", which soon came suddenly, like my heart was hit by warm evening among a bit overwhelmed, but with a little touch of modesty.

"Come back is almost silent, but for his family, to like a thief."

"You are a thief!" Bai Muchuan head down on her shoulder, grunted.

Xiang Wan hesitated and sweep him back, "...... yes, this is your home ......"

"Closer thief!" Bai Muchuan supplement.

Then, take advantage of the occasion of the evening among the stunned, slowly side head, will be branded a kiss on her cheek.

"Thank you, my little evening among."


A handsome man soulful fried day.

Oh, the evening among the heart rate, he soon made a Jiaoruan.

"Do not blow in my ear, itching ......" Then, she elbows him, "Go, Cook on the table, the dinner we can."

Bai Muchuan hum laugh, then pat her on the back, obediently complied.

Aside to serve later, while he kept repeating.


I look at everything ah! Hey, Shuizhuroupian? "

"Yes Well, Shuizhuroupian white ah!" While the evening among the soup, laughing.

Bai Muchuan: "......"

The kitchen, the table, the sound of pots and pans, like some kind of family symphony, in ordinary people is commonplace, it may be for the evening among, there is a sense of warmth returning to the -

Bai Muchuan behind her speak, "idiot ah, do so much! Just the two of us, which eat up?"

"Well go to West City tomorrow, we eat good today."

Look evening among the fruits of labor on a table, smiling very happy, washed his hands out, went over to a smell, smile Ming Yan Yan, "Sure enough, or their own home the most delicious thing ah!"

A "home", and instantly lit Bai Muchuan eyes.

She looked at the food on the table, eager, he looked at her profile, deep eyes.

"Sit ah, preparing to eat." Xiang Wan said, gently tease about long hair, exposing a length of white slender neck, small rounded ears, with a touch of pink, like the clear kind of magic, Bai Muchuan stimulate the adrenal glands ......

Students from his heart a fire.

He did not sit down, do not blink of an eye.He looked straight into her, can not help but reach out and hug her over, pressed tightly in his arms, great strength, overbearing and arrogant.

"Baby, tired to cook?"

His heart, in the evening among the ear, burning her heart.

"Not tired." She looked up, looked at him laughing softly, "how is it? I moved ah?"

"Do not you willing tired!" Bai Muchuan down her back, and slowly took her hand and gently rub, treasures of love and affection like touching the world, "this will not cook, we hire a nanny you want do it, do it. "

Evening among smiled: "how can there be so exaggerated ah, I can not so Jingui!"

Bai Muchuan insisted, "This house is not small, cleaning, doing the housework, but also the needs of people."

Love is a man, not a woman does not like.

May be more loved, a woman more likely to moths, anxious to put heart out to the man.

"Bai Muchuan, I could do."

"You can not." Bai Muchuan cold swept her playfully with a handsome face, "my wife's hand, is used to create, not to cook in."


Xiang Wan did not speak, just to see him.

With eyes as soft, attachment, love, gratitude.

Two people so embrace, and there was a long pause he did not speak.

"Dish going cold."

Despite the sadness, the evening among not bear to waste their efforts.

"Ah." Bai Muchuan reluctantly let go of her, as she pulled a chair. "His wife sit down!"

"Poof!" Xiang Wan looked up at him, "Your wife is not it ......"

I did not marry him, called his wife ......

She thought my heart, my mind has begun fantasy.

Who she is the one who sells word of it? Abstract, filled with white roses wedding -

Unexpectedly, Bai Muchuan sit down the first sentence is, "Road to the west of the city, may not be good to go."


In short, other than wander thousands of miles away ah.

Evening among aside for him and take their food, while down his topic, "how? Do not get approval?"

Bai Muchuan shook his head, "got."

In other words, serious cases can take over the number one case of?

Not the origin of the evening among with interest, "That's not good thing? Why say that? The court is very complicated?"

Bai Muchuan: "just."

Xiang Wan: "the difficulty is not in the case?"

Bai Muchuan ah soon, and will be determined gaze fell on her face, "So, I'm thinking, I do not go with you."

Almost no hesitation, on the evening among biting off chopsticks yell, "I must go, ah."

Bai Muchuan: "...... unsafe."

Xiang Wan: "together, when security told you about."


Long, Bai Muchuan sighed.

"I can not give you a sense of security?"

"Not." Evening among a strong desire to survive forget, the first time it was denied and soul-searching and find a reason to go with a non-him, "Do you think, ah, I'm such a physical person Conan , I go, where was hurt. in addition to the chances on your side, where there alive? "


"grown ups,But to save your life! "

"...... little fool."

Bai Muchuan she was amused.

The smile, the evening among the mind at ease.

Ah, I can sometimes feel about the man thought, or very interesting.

Because it is sufficient to prove that this man - care about her.


Pro walking the last meal, two people eat very slowly.

In the evening among Choi Heung around, enjoying the warmth of the family ......

And Bai Muchuan, heart Huo Liaoyuan has long been ......

After the initiative to undertake the dishes and clean up the kitchen of household responsibilities, he took a shower, came out to see in the evening among the cut fruit for him, flew up seeking reward.

"Small drew on, go and see, I washed usually used in negative net?"

Evening among tease him, smiling lips

"Clean! Also cleaner than your own!"

"Nonsense, I can be clean and fragrant!" Said Bai Muchuan left over, squinted, smiled and rubs up against her, "Do you smell ...... ah?"


Men shower gel with fragrance flavor sprayed on the ear, hot wipe the body to suffer to suffer, while shock was the evening among the skin tight.

"I cut the fruit in it, the edges go ......"

"Ah." Bai Muchuan sit a little bit remote, but that was not parked one hand, stroking her waist, moving slowly up and down ......

He was the evening among the confused, hot cheeks, the ears are hot again.

"Why ah? ...... like a small dog-like."

"What do you think?" Bai Muchuan have eyes like flames.

"I do not know." Xiang Wan head down, not looking at him.

He suddenly looked down, breathing branded on her neck, "I want you."

Emotional kind of thing, is the most difficult to suppress the expression of it, will be received -

Evening among the knife hand flick, "Bai Muchuan, Oh you have a problem today."


"Special show!"


Bai Muchuan forced to hold fast to her, "do not show me someday?"

He asked, magnetic sound and deep, husky and there were sexy, so the evening among heart could not help but follow the rhythm of his swing ......

"Bai Muchuan -" she called out his name.

Sound shallow, eyes blurred, his hands slowly slid in front, little by little movement from his shoulders, as if his hand had the same Ge in her body.

"You know the way you show up ...... how handsome?"


The adjective, Mr. White is difficult to answer ah.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

"Like ah!" Xiang Wan slightly looked up, came over to escape his lips, does not dwell with him, let him account for more active again in turn hand on his shoulder, just like a massage for him , a little bit of pressure, little by little pinch, man is good enough, comfortable hum or two, gradually heavy breathing, wheezing like a hand rubbing her tight, like she can not wait to rub into the body, the more action increasingly presumptuous -

Two people's lips, arrived together.

Temptations like a light touch, kiss slowly together.

Fire burning in space, the heart pound wildly.

"Bai Muchuan!"

Evening among the children suddenly gasped, looked up from his arms.

One pair of black and white deer-like eyes, staring at him, managed to stabilize the mind, breath, "tomorrow we do not want to get up early?Now it seems inappropriate Ai ...... "

Then with a sigh, she suddenly reached out, to just cut a piece of fruit stuffed in his mouth.

Big piece!

Bai Muchuan biting the apple, looked at him a while to finish chewing swallowed.

"You're a woman, deliberate!"

"For ah, I mean it, you hit me ah!"

"I am not responsible tease finish the fight!"

I go! When she tease him proud.

Simply his own, he began to come back to show!

Ah, so she could not help ...... tease a bit.

"Well, you eat it!" Again evening among a fruit stuffed in his mouth, "I went to take a bath!"


Bai Muchuan eating something, stare speechless.

Towards evening among his throwing flirtatious, floating it so I walked bedroom.

While before he heard shouting outside.

"I wash my call, I eat -"

"Poof!" Xiang Wan back, open the shower, looked at the water crashed smile on his face, "You idiot!"


The next day.

Xiang Wan with luggage arrived with Bai Muchuan airport only to find, this time to the west of the city people, in addition to him, there are several other people -

One of them is right she knew little Teng.

"Yeah!" She was a little surprised, "You go to West City do?"

Tang little slow right off his glasses, gave her a crooked smile, "Yes ah, such a big a handsome light bulb, welcome it?"

"Haha, of course ......" evening among the words have not yet finished, it was Bai Muchuan a football in the past, "not welcome!"



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