Eternal Martial Sovereign

By Demon Moony Night

The tiger king is not weak

The tiger king is not weak


Sees only in the middle of that formation flag, four fierce tiger condense suddenly, after sending out a tiger's roar, then goes toward front flame wing tiger King Pu.

Some fierce tiger have found out giant palm, strikes directly to the front, some exude one to roar, has flame to change into the rainbow, resembles to pierce void.

Immediately, four person take action, like that the imposing manner, causes the front that mountain valley together void shivered.

That terrifying fluctuation, making distant place hundred inside and outside cultivator feel fearful and apprehensive.


Sees only the mountain valley to be void, the flame wing of flame wing tiger king sweeps, hits with fierce tiger together.

A bang resounds through, immediately erupted the astonishing fluctuation.

fierce tiger that four formation flag condense into is defeated and dispersed, but flame wing tiger king that offensive is also blocked.

Actually sees above its flame wing the flame to be defeated and dispersed, then to glittering the iron wing of scarlet flame is dodging, fierce reclamation.

Even, on several pieces of plume feathers, that crack aggravates, the piece of direct disintegrations, break from above fall under.

Like that the appearance, actually appears has several points of dismal.

Solemn flame wing tiger king, Mt. Longhu lineage/vein King, actually by several quasi- Yuan Soul Realm cultivator attacks, but also plume feather.

Moreover, its Huwei also dodges, after routing tiger of the formation flag has taken back hastily.

„Scarlet tiger day blade!” But in this time, that is Mr. Wang Clan of head pupil light concentrates, early has offered a sacrifice to handle treasure blade.

This blade ruler allow Chang, that hilt is the tiger head, the knife is also carving the totem of tiger, takes a quick look around, simply such as is the tiger shape spirit blade.

This is too the flame Wang Clan older generation takes one a handle scarlet tiger day blade that impressively achieves Palace Realm the bone of refinement of scarlet flame tiger becomes.

This scarlet tiger blade has just like achieved the Heaven Rank spiritual weapon top level spiritual weapon rank.

Is also containing that scarlet flame tiger strength of the Bloodlines in the blade, if stimulates to movement, the might is infinite.

This old person, is actually too the flame Wang Clan present age Patriarch son, named King Tianhu, is quasi- Yuan Soul Realm powerhouse.

Usually King Patriarch as well as Supreme Elder are all closing up, the thing in clan is also governed by this King Tianhu, he is also Wang Clan generation of Patriarch.

Therefore this handle scarlet tiger day blade, was controlled by him.

When this scarlet tiger day blade appears, his both hands fierce hauling, within the body was has the strength of boundless Bloodlines to pour into this handle Heaven Rank spirit blade.

Then, the long blade dodges, turned toward front that flame wing tiger King Zhan directly in the past.

Whoosh !

This blade light cracks spatially, swift and fierce incomparable, merely is the twinkling, it appears in completely flame wing tiger King Shenqian who front that has not stood firm the personal appearance.


Flame wing tiger king eye socket cracked, exuded one to roar, its back wings swept away, cut toward that blade rainbow.


Metal common impact noise resounds, the wings of flame wing tiger king shakes, was shaken to draw back.

Even, above its flame wing, but also has the plume feather break.

That billowing flame, cannot burn to extinguish that blade rainbow.

However, the imposing manner of that blade rainbow has also been weaken.


Under creating to press, flame wing tiger King finds out the arisaema heterophyllum hastily, strikes toward that blade rainbow.


Sees only an arisaema heterophyllum to find out, middle flame tumbles, the twinkling changed into one to have the huge flame arisaema heterophyllums of two hundred zhang (333m) sizes to fall.


The arisaema heterophyllum falls, makes that piece void tremble directly, such as wants the disintegration.

Then, that blade glow has been defeated and dispersed finally.

The astonishing strength that but, that erupts as well as shakes in the middle of that arisaema heterophyllum flame bursts, making the flame wing tiger king to take back the arisaema heterophyllum.


The arisaema heterophyllum takes back, that vast fallout is wreaks havoc to come, just like from antique fierce tiger impact on its that gigantic tiger body.


Immediately, flame wing tiger king body shakes, was shaken directly has flown upside down 800 meters, in the middle of its fingers/tiger's mouth, has big mouth fresh blood to put out.

In the middle of this flame wing tiger king that eye pupil rays of light was also slightly gloomy several points.

Originally injured it, after several take action, not only has towed the old wound, but also aggravated the injury.


Flame wing tiger king stands firm the personal appearance, fierce exudes one to roar.

„Humanity, you when really this King is good to bully?” Flame wing tiger king that such as basin big fingers/tiger's mouth opened, has made the angry sound.

After achieving Yuan Soul Realm, Monster Beast just like has been able speak human's words, that wisdom, does not lower many compared with humanity.

„Ha Ha, this time, old man to cope with you, but in even/including Clan Heaven Rank spirit blade invited, must take your tiger life.” King Tianhu smiles lightly, regarding flame wing tiger king who that gets angry, as if has not cared, when his eye narrows, takes a look to the front a face is fiery.

If obtained Yuan Soul Realm tiger king blood essence, had scarlet flame tiger Bloodlines quasi- Yuan Soul Realm cultivator regarding this, but there is an opportunity to attack Yuan Soul Realm!

„Concentrates five tiger blood energy, concentrates my day blade scarlet tiger!” After smiles loudly, King Tianhu a pupil light cold, low and deep voice resounds through the horizon in vain.

When this sound resounds, his both hands hauling, boundless blood energy pours into formation flag before body.

„Yes!” Immediately, in the middle of nearby four mountain peaks cultivator accepted.

Actually saw that four cultivator to stimulate within the body scarlet flame tiger blood energy, has poured into the middle of front formation flag.


Immediately, in the middle of that formation flag, there is a scarlet flame tiger to kick out, flies to that mountain valley void middle that handle float in the scarlet tiger day blade.

Roar, roar, roar, roar, roar!

Suddenly, five tiger's roar resound, then five fierce tiger submerged in the middle of a day of blade.

This fierce tiger, is quasi- Yuan Soul Realm cultivator that boundless blood energy, is coordinating formation flag to condense, the essence that contains is vast.

When five tigers integrate in the day blade, on that handle day blade the light runes twinkle, a terror incomparable aura, then bursts out from middle immediately.

Immediately, on this handle day blade, a huge scarlet flame day tiger evolves.

This scarlet flame day tiger high energy has the hundred zhang (333m), the tiger fresh prestige, the bird's eye view world, like that the power and influence, making people scared.

„Stimulated Ancient Beast remains strength of change-form Bloodlines!” Sees this, that flame wing tiger king has also revealed whole face color with deep veneration.

This grade of method, it does not dare to belittle.

„Cuts!” In this time, King Tianhu that low and deep voice resounds.

Actually sees his both hands to direct, that handle scarlet flame day blade fierce goes toward flame wing tiger King Zhan.

Follows also the scarlet flame tiger of big hundred zhang (333m) throws.

Like that the imposing manner, shakes eight sides, cultivator of distant place is scared.

„This too flame Wang Clan, actually some methods!” Xiao Zhantian that forward this catches up with relies on formidable mind to receive all these in the eye.

The power and influence of these five tiger day blades, making him also feel that dreads incomparably.

This method, cultivator of Yuan Soul middle-stage boundary must evade its point.

„No wonder this too flame Wang Clan dares to clear here.” Meanwhile, why Xiao Zhantian also understood this too flame Wang Clan so overbearingly.

„Some this too flame Wang Clan indeed methods, but, they want such easily to strike to kill this flame wing tiger king not to be easy.” pill sovereign lightly saying.

„Um!” Xiao Zhantian nods, once and he of many Yuan Soul Realm cultivator wars, naturally knew the Yuan Soul Realm powerhouse fierce place.

The intention moves, he continues to go forward.

„To kill this King, takes my Bloodlines?” At this time, that flame wing tiger king pupil light one cold, is taking a fast look around King Tianhu, saying every single word or phrase.

„, this King then makes you know that Yuan Soul Realm powerhouse, is not weak!”

When this words fall, actually sees in the place of its abdomen Dantian fiercely has the terror strength to erupt.

„Combustion, the strength of my Yuan Soul source!” The ice-cold sound resounds, strength of combustion a terrifying Yuan Soul, changed into the fire of Yuan Soul.

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