The Outcast

By Mao Ni

We are the smelly stones

We are the smelly stones

Chapter 166 we are the smelly stones

When is the attorney most convincing argument, after participating in government, spoke most can touch the will of the people, in President Pabou who tonight so time can still calm speak with confidence clearly, after permits Le sent out this interrogation, finally first time was peaceful, that pair straight such as in the thick eyebrows of ruler, in that pair of deep bright especially firm eye pupil, does not know when appeared such one wipes the extremely pale downcast unexpectedly, generally was he occasionally some peaceful night, will remember a late scorpion Yunnei fireworks, did the heart live feeling sorry?

The facial expression that notes the president, permits Le the lip opening and closing, wanted to say anything slightly, was only no use and sadly has spread eventually actually out both hands.

He listened to the president to raise that Under-Secretary Di's evening banquet, the president and bell Shouhu on the dinner table had an intense dispute, about attacking empire about a lot, the viewpoints of two people have the enormous difference, bell Shouhu the federal government are weakening attempt of Xilin military power, and intends to the current situation to hold the post to attack the empire main force by the fourth military region differently.

After this argument, President Pabou finally set firm resolve probably, already started that was only waiting for the plot plan of authorization, moved the outer space for the background stage officially.

Originally, that is a final supper.

permits Le stands in transparent wall head lonelily, both hands booth by the body, he killed Medellin to shut in the beautiful woman detention barracks weak in the past, that old gentleman still fishes in Philadelphia has not met, the entire federal complete silence, seven everybody are the politicians of head hopes that he dies immediately, only then Mr. President and Xilin that tiger bright revealed that returns the manner of protecting, finally......

„Did Mr. President, you still remember that year the speech in nebula prize? Afterward I look to come to see specially.” permits Le raised the head, looks at President Pabou after wall, said in a soft voice: „At that time the matter about Medellin, you had spoken such several words: The people die and are inferior to the lamp to extinguish, the lamp has the light, according to the place that does not see is dark, has made the mistake the matter, must pay the price.”

„Then you said: Perhaps I am not a mature statesman, but I am rigid federal law worshipping piously...... If I died, you can dig up my grave, actually in looks is any color, regarding certain died person, I similarly am this manner.”

In room a peace, after permits Le stop moment, asked: „You have not died now, but as if we can ask ahead of time: When you decided when Commander bell husband and wife and on ancient Zhonghao the lives of these soldiers betrays to the empire fleet, was the federal law that you worship piously where placed? Actually in the future your in the grave is what color? If you have made the mistake the matter, should pay the price?”

President Pabou sips the thick lip, the lower jaw is appearing several points gets sucked, silent after long time, he replied: „I acknowledged that I makes has surmounted the criterion the matter, however for this federation, the price that after I am going to pay must offers, I had already prepared for by historical trial psychology.”

permits Lewang he was taunting said: „If makes the history place on trial, the Empire Expeditionary force can also say like this, we do not need to resist. Medellin can also say like this, we do not need to pay attention. Commander bell had the reason to say like this.”

„Mr. President, you did not think that this excuse is shameless and false? If only then the history has the qualifications to try you, how you also do have the qualifications to try others?”

In foreheads of President Pabou heavy gradually presently, talked to this time, permits Le the words have enraged him finally successfully, he stood up from the chair on slowly, before arriving at that transparent wall, looks near at hand actually in left day permits Le, every single word or phrase said:

„Shameless? False? Colonel permits Le, please do not forget, you also in the situation of once in without the court determining guilt, held into the pen of throat to try Medellin with your!”

Is away from the transparent and ice-cold wall, President permits cheerful Pabou face-to-face stands, winks is opening the eye, with insisting the vision gazes at the eye that the enemy is insisting.

President Pabou is pointing at permits Le the face, the calm face said: „Your experience should make you compared with most people clearer, the federal law cannot protect the weak one perfectly, in most times, it can only protect the powerful official to escape the proper penalty, therefore the Medellin special case was terminated, Ministry of Justice is badly battered, therefore...... You meet to play the role of judge!”

„Federal government is the government of popular election, is facing the danger of empire invasion, actually must be vigilant the matter that frequently the warlord in Xilin, Zhong and these families breaks the law was short? Which Prosecutors Office but also has to send in the prison them successfully? The federation has the brilliance of charter, but has the innumerable whipping boys in these, even has been familiar with carry the whipping boy along, in front of powerful official who momentarily deals with the charter localization, is actually the law what?”

permits Le looks that the president complains angrily, the eye has narrowed the eyes, that thin-bladed knife light that because of the crime and charter brilliance four characters, remembers many years ago Hushan said and full is Prosecutors Office of spring day peach blossom, in the heart acknowledged this that silently he said is the fact.

„You kill Medellin time, does not need the law to do to prepare the book for you, what qualifications request government need has?” President Pabou the expression sinks to congeal to visit him, said: „I appreciate you and uses/gives Qinghai the reason, is manner that you work, but this is also my this lives report/give Chi the manner.”

„Evil must pay the price, to practice final fair and justness, the good people should not at any cost, because the morals are one need by the frail thing that the strength protects carefully.”

„In the past I, because that public welfare lawsuit was dismissed the law office, was laughed to expel the residence with the wife by these people, raises the tattered box to roam about when the floating snow street, seeks for the small black room that can rent, I confirmed these, even if will be buried in the grave in the future, I have a clear conscience.”

Anger of President Pabou because of these words, but is tranquil gradually, he places on the generous palm the transparent wall, looks at permits Le to say extremely calmly:

„We are not the sorrow country knight groups of Schiller writing, moreover we are not radical, we did not plan that goes to sweep away all with the army crazily, when the federal reform meets these family crazed putting up a last-ditch struggle, the army will be the federal government most effective safeguard.”

„We have long-term detail plan, this government promoted the parliament to adopt the finance to gather the algorithm, in the following five years, I and companions will draw support from the current war situation to promote passing of more bill.”

„In the plan, I and government will promote enhances the common people student to accept the higher education and employment opportunity equal rights bill and bicyclic medical insurance bill and income tax collection revision bill, then the government will make the fund stockholder's rights replacement bill to pass diligently.”

President Pabou the slightly supine lower jaw, the vision is firm and profound: „The successive governments are unable to clarify, that seven families actually through these many such as the foundation of sea fish, is having many resources, they hide the truth from the government to monitor, can be related to the federal safety the industry to serve with the lethality influence to, but my tenure must complete these matters.”

„George Carlin has said that the asymmetric information is the federal society unfair root, we want to do, opens wide these information, carries on effectively the most direct supervision by the federal ordinary citizen.”

„permits Le, does not need to worry that the federal government will turn into the military government, we will welcome a brand-new genuine elected by the people government.”

Pabou takes back the vision, is looking at silent speechless permits Le tranquilly, said: „You are active to the federation, I do not want to give you any unfair treatment, I only hope that you can be calmer, can stand in the highest level, own interests consideration for federal people.”

„I know, this hear is one only exists in the people likely fantasizes the Republic of Plato, but...... The ideal distance reality like today so is never near.”

„This is the federal best opportunity.”

„Our idealist? Liberal? Pragmaticist? No, we are insisted own fights to the end correctly the person.” President Pabou looks at permits Le, the sinking sound was saying: „In our bones is the same, we are the block from Donglin are smelly and hard stone.”

The president holds up the right arm to point at Li and Du Shaoqing, tranquil, but the extremely influential vision penetration invisible wall, falls on the permits happy face.

„Joins us, permits Le.”



Really to that day, no, on the day of will have really? permits Le is listening silent, in the subconsciousness is pondering, has not said own question, he thought suddenly oneself brain somewhat cannot turn around, originally kills in these person of bones that and in Medellin detest is the same people? But Medellin and can that tiger be equal to?

„On your paths, the people of many dying was innocent.” He frowns, the sound slightly said mutely: „This is not right.”

„In the world never has perfect justice.” President Pabou said silently: „For a long-term goal, always needs some people to sacrifice.”

permits Le recalls the words of Professor Shen in the heart silently, in the universe is never having any truth, therefore asked: „Why wasn't that you or I sacrificed?”

President Pabou silent moment, then said: „Schiller wrote a romance long ago, in the book has narrated one regarding the war of Xiangcheng, when his old age, had written a soldier story, narrated in the middle of the war, was pulled to come to become the innocent dead of shield, the death of soldier to save the hero in that Xiangcheng by the male leading character conveniently, has saved hundreds of thousands of people indirectly, however regarding him, actually so sorrowful.”

„I think that this story, can answer your formerly issue.”

„I have looked at this story, in my opinion the death of this soldier was not the sacrifice, because and nobody had inquired his opinion, this was the sorrowful source.”

permits Lemi the eye was saying: „Similarly, you had not inquired female server near Zhugai stadium, on ancient Zhonghao does the Xilin soldier, want, for your great plans died.”

„Therefore, this was not the sacrifice, throughout murdered.”



„In that foundation building, dies in you and these secret service agents under uses/gives Qinghai spear/gun, should be the sacrifice, was murdered by you?”

The vision of President Pabou suddenly becomes extremely sharp, the constriction to stare at permits Le the eyes fully, the sinking sound is interrogating: „If these innocent secret service agents can be sacrificed in your eyes, why bell Shouhu these people can't sacrifice for the federation?”

This points to the interrogation of innermost feelings sharply, permits Le the eyes have narrowed the eyes, the eye pupil reduces suddenly, silent after long time, his tight sips lip raises the head, said: „Several years ago I had said to a girl in the iron tower, needs to sacrifice the justice that the innocent person gains is not the justice.”

„We and your differences where? The difference is I and uses/gives Qinghai has not injured the subjective evil intention of innocent person, in secret service agents including these foundation buildings.”

„Perhaps this listens to quibble in you. Regardless of because has the subjective evil intention, has created the result of same death, such that but after the snow in thought like the charter square of past, I always insisted...... The motive is more important than the result.”

„Possibly some naive fools, but please allow me to insist.”

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