quick transmigration cannon fodder’s record of counterattacks Hen Shi Jiao Qing

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He ningshu be dead, and good luck for the task who become cannon fodder hard to force the counter-attack. So, in a world Ningshu another world, playing all kinds of life, encounter various 'You heartless, you cold, you vexatious' people. White Lotus encounter a wide variety of bulk sale, green tea bitch, bitch effort, the world can not be a bit Sound of Music! ? Ningshu roar, these slag slag you, I just wanted to counter-attack, do not interfere with my job done. Through the protagonist, the protagonist of rebirth, only the task of those who do not work hard, do not pry the protagonist can not afford aura. Ningshu have to be a hard to force the world to pick up a World Day parade. Group number: 54556


  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Cultivation
  • Calm Protagonist
  • Adapted to Manhua
  • Clever Protagonist
  • Appearance Changes
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ancient China
  • Apocalypse
  • Bullying
  • Proactive Protagonist
  • Famous Protagonist
  • Episodic
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